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«COMMUNICATOR YLISSB CONVENTION HAVE YOU MADE YOUR RESERVATIONS 1-800-932-2151 MARCH 2013 ISSUE 191 President’s Report by Rose KL7FQQ Greetings From ...»









1-800-932-2151 MARCH 2013 ISSUE 191 President’s Report by Rose KL7FQQ Greetings From Texas March 20 First day of Spring AWARDS The Birthday Award was earned by: W4JMJ, KK4AED, K4KRK, N1PVT, K5ZMX, KI4TXP, KK4YL, KN4AA, K9DIG, KL7FQQ, W9OO, VE1JIM and VE7AAV. The Old Timer Award was earned by K9DIG and KB7CSX; The Veteran’s Award was earned by K4KRK, K54ZMX and VE7AAV; the Stars of the Southern Cross was earned by KC7KPG; Apollo by K5ZMX; Belt of Orion by K5ZMX and One in a Million by VE7AAV.

Congratulations to all.

NEW TFO’S The Top Flight Operator award is one of the highest awards that a member can be


given. It shows that the member displays high standards as a Radio Amateur, and at least 10 member of the YLISSB have noticed his or her above average operating practices. This month we are happy to announce 3 new TFO holders: KB9GFX Doc, was System Information 2 awarded #508; KK4AED Howard, was awarded #509 and KB3ITJ Jerry was awarded #510. Congratulations to all.

Bits & Pieces 3 CONVENTION 2014 Apollo Days 4 Still looking for someone to host the 2014 Convention. Want to try? Send an e-mail to any Board member.

WA4RRR Obit 5


Vet’s Info 6 The following have been elected to serve on the 2013-2015 Board of Directors:

W7AJP Bill has been elected as Treasurer; W7WTQ Ralph has been elected as Assistant Treasurer; W4ZGH Brian has been elected as Secretary: and VE1JIM has Vet’s Info 7 been elected as Director. Also, KB5YQ was elected to serve on the Emeritus Council, and the proposed Bylaws changes were approved. Thanks to all who voted, and conVet’s Info 8 gratulations to our Elected members.

KI4TXP Report 9


When checking into the YLISSB, please give your call phonetically. This is especially WA9BXB Spotlight 10 i

–  –  –

In a recent conversation with K4ZDH, Ri- http://www.qsl.net/kk4yl/veterans.html ley Hollingsworth, I was told that we should cease using the email address we * * * * * were given to report interference to FCC. In an email with AD5D, Steve, I have deIt is my understanding that this address is termined that Ray WB5BRD is doing well no longer valid. I do not know at this point but still on oxygen and visiting with VA for if we will be given a new address or new checkups. He says he misses all his method to report such activities. friends on the YL System.

–  –  –

Our Birthday Celebration continues. Apollo days honor our TFO holders, as well as those that have been awarded the Rigel Trophy and the TFO of the Year Award. If you accumulate 20 points on March 8, 2013, on any of the YLISSB frequencies, you will be eligible to receive a Special Birthday Apollo Award. We have issued 510 TFO numbers through our 50 years of existence. We have issued at least 106 Rigel trophy’s or plaques to our wonderful System Controls. Many of them are SK’s, but many are still going strong. And, we have issued at least 45 TFO of the Year Awards. This means that we have a lot of members that will qualify as a contact, and K4ICA, YLISSB #1 (our Memorial Call) will be active.

So, the rules are: you receive one point for contacting a TFO member, and you can only use that member once, even if they also hold a different award. EXCEPT that the following 16 members will count as 2 points, since they hold the Rigel, The TFO of the Year, and are TFO’s, or are our Club Call: K3CDQ; K9WFE; K9DIG; KB5YQ; KE5ZI;



All logs are to be sent to: Barbara Neiman, KE5ZI, 4257 SW 7th Ave. Rd., Ocala, FL 34471-7497, with your check for $5.00. Remember that any member that qualifies for all 12 of our special days will receive a surprise at the following convention.

Hi Folks, As you may have heard, I have taken over the compiling of the Biographies from our Armed Forces Veteran members of the YL System. To date we have well over 100 veterans listed. Please pass the word to your YL System friends that if they are veterans, or are currently on active duty, either State Side or DX, to send their branch of service, years of active duty and any biographical information they wish to share, to me at kk4yl@yahoo.com We have a nice award for working our YL System Veterans listed on our www.ylsystem.org page under Awards, with a link there to the list of known vets to work. The List and the Veteran’s Bios page continues to grow so check back often to see any updates. Both the List and the Bios Page can be seen on my web page at http://www.qsl.net.kk4yl/veterans.html.

73, Sally, KK4YL We regret learning of the loss of a long time friend and Old Timer on the System. Alice WA4RRR was a very active member in years past.

Many will remember her as WA4-Red Red Robin. ISSB #11410

–  –  –

She is survived by her husband of 54 years, William Leroy Blair; a daughter, Pamela Blair Wolfe and Duane of Bowling Green; four sons, William N. “Bill” Berkley of Bowling Green, John David Berkley and his wife, Jo Ann, of Irving, Texas, Charles “Mickey” Berkley and his wife, Dianna, of Bowling Green, and Harold Leroy “Hal” Blair and his wife, Donna, of Bowling Green; 30 grandchildren; 51 great-grandchildren; 16 greatgreat-grandchildren; and nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews.

Funeral was at 1 p.m. today at J.C. Kirby and Son Broadway Chapel, with burial in the Mount Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery.


–  –  –

K2MGL, CHARLES “CHUCK” K ROSWELL, GA, #9607 Veteran: US ARMY 1960 Cold War Europe) K3CDQ, RICHARD MACWILLIAMS, MD #12934, TFO 327 U.S AIR FORCE Security Service. Basic training at Lackland, AFB, TX, fall of 1956. Radio Intercept Training (CW) at Keesler AFB, MS. 6921 Radio Group, Misawa AFB, Japan 1957 – 1960. Monitored Chinese, Korean and Russian CW for nearly three years. Such job description is no longer classified. Honorable Discharge at Travis AFB, CA 1960.

K3MG, MICHAEL R GEORGE, PA #16698 U.S. NAVY, 1963 thru 1968. USS Hugh Purvis DD709 (Destroyer) out of Newport, RI. Radioman Second Class.

K3UMV, BILL DRAGER, MD, #15833 U.S. Air Force Veteran K4KRK, JAMES R. UPCHURCH, KY #16721 U.S. ARMY, 1960-1966, SERVICE IN



AIR FORCE, 1946-1949 K9WFE, GENE L. DELANEY, WI, #11813 U. S. AIR FORCE from 1962 thru 1966. Basic Training and tech school (Communications Center Specialist) in Texas, and then a year in Korea where I was an operator at HL9KH, a club station at Osan Air Base.

I then spent the last two and a half years at Ent AFB, Colorado Springs (now an Olympic training center) and spent the last 6 months participating in the opening of Cheyenne Mountain testing teletype and telephone systems prior to its activation.


KA7UOR, ZANE E DARNER, ID #16663 I served in the U.S. COAST GUARD from 1985-1993; 5 years active duty and 3 reserve as a Telecommunications Specialist (or Radioman.) I had a high speed code certificate and could send and receive at 30 wpm.

There's another Winter project... I miss that speed; well, maybe not that fast, but I'd love to have a solid command of 25 wpm. 12 is tough for me these days.

In those years the USCG was under the Department of Transportation. Today it falls under the Department of Homeland Security. My first ship out of boot camp was a 180' buoy tender stationed out of San Francisco. We managed Aids to Navigation from the Oregon/California border down to San Diego and up to 700 miles out. Then came Telecommunications School (which I loved; I'd had my Novice ticket for about 10 years by that time,) then off to a 270' ship out of Kodiak, AK. We were involved in Search & Rescue and Fisheries Patrols covering the Bering Sea, the island chain, and the Gulf of AK. I ended out my time in the CG at the Group/Air Station in Port Angeles, WA.

KB1CSI, JOHN H. MOORE, NH #16665. U.S. Army, 1978-1987, NG. I went in as a cannon crew and then into food service which is what I like. Developed RA and was given an honorable discharge.

KB3ITJ, JEROLD (JERRY) L. GRAVES, PA #16206 Served in Vietnam approximately 18 months.

KB7CSW, JUSTIN HOLDER, OK, #16628 U.S. Army, 1994 – Present. I am still on active duty. Couple more years and I retire!!

KB9OC, SUS MUSASHI, WI, #7901 I served with the famed unit of all Japanese Americans. I served in France and Germany. Got the Purple Heart and some other medals and was commissioned as a Second Lt. before I got sent home.


KC8TDC, GERALD L SMITH, U.S. NAVY, 1950-1954 aboard the USS Lake Champlain CVA39 in the Sea of Japan. Discharged as P/O 3rd Class.

KDØKPM, RONALD E BURNOR, KS #16653 U. S. AIR FORCE from 24 Apr 67 to 13 Aug 71 and was in Vietnam for 20 months.

KD5LWU, (Fr) JOHNNY L SHEPHERD, CO #16180 U. S. NAVY starting in 1963 as a Photographers Mate.

KD7ADH, JERRY SPALDING, WA #16753 U. S. ARMY 1982 – 1984. Current EMT/ Firefighter.

KE7BAB, RICHARD (Dick) L GOODRICH, OR #16551 U.S. MARINE from the Korea war.

KE7VSC, JOHN B. DOUGHTON, OR, #16371 U. S. NAVY SEEBEES In August 1956, at the young age of 19, I left our family farm near Lebanon Oregon to join the navy. I Chose the Seabees as I had land clearing, logging and other heavy equipment operating experience as I grew up. After a year I was off to Midway Island. Midway is famous for the Goony birds (Laysan Albatross) of which we had over half a million!

After Midway, I served in the Mobile Construction Battalion in Futema and Okinawa, returning to Midway so I could get married. Alice arrived a few months later, and our daughter was born on Midway. She has her Goony Bird Birth certificate, plus her real one from Hawaii.


PAGE 8 KE7VSC, JOHN B. DOUGHTON - continued: I saw service in Adak, Alaska, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Scotland, Hawaii and Skaggs Island, California, during my 21 year Career with the Seabees. After retirement from the Navy, it was back to where I started from.

KF9GS, RICHARD L HARBEN, IN #16199 U.S. AIR FORCE from 1956-1960 as a Jet Engine Mechanic. Took a 15 year break.

Joined the Ohio & Indiana Air National Guard from 1975-1993 when I retired. I served as a Site Developer in Civil Engineering. I did Drafting and Surveying.

KK4AED, HOWARD HORWITZ, FL #16623 U.S. Air Force 1958-1964.

KK4DWC, DON CORNELIUS, FL #16693. U. S. AIR FORCE, 3 Aug 1953 31 Aug 1973.

I was only an enlisted man, when I finished I was a Tech Sgt. I was in electronics for all of my career. I taught electronics for most of my time. But like many of us, I did go to Vietnam. I finished up at Beale AFB, CA, and came back to Panama City, FL in 1973 and have been here ever since. I am originally from Slippery Rock, PA.

KK6CS, KENNETH "KEN" G. TEUNIS, CO #16656 U. S. ARMY 1948-1951 Korean war - 2nd Engr. Special Brigade (Ssgt) KK7ZB, CHARLES “CHUCK” D PARKER, SR, NV #13314 U.S. NAVY 1965-1971, USCG 1971-1991, VIETNAM AND GULF WAR KL7FQR, STANLEY (STAN) C RYBACHEK, WA #6194 U.S. AIR FORCE—Korean War Veteran Serving in Iceland. Also worked on Teletype Machines.

KM5FF, EDDIE L BRYANT, #15197 U.S. NAVY and U.S. ARMY KN4AA, KEVIN R NEWBERRY, PA #15808 Joined U. S. Navy in 1964, attended Basic Training at San Diego Naval Training facility.

First duty station was Skaggs Island, California (Sonoma County) Transferred to Keflavik Iceland Transferred to Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico Transferred to Home for 4 months Reenlisted and transferred to Edzell, Scotland Transferred to Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet Headquarters, Norfolk, Virginia Transferred to Misawa, Japan Transferred to USS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62) Transferred to Naval Security Group Activity, Chesapeake, VA Transferred to Naval Security Group Activity, Charleston, South Carolina Transferred to Naval Support Activity, Naples Italy (Served as Command Master Chief) E-9 Transferred to Naval Security Group Activity, Chesapeake, Virginia (Retired there in 1991)

–  –  –

Spotlight on: Richard Breckinridge wa9bxb #8791 Hi: I am 65 years old and my birthday is August 31. I just recently returned to the System after being absent for many years. I line in Brookfield, IL which is a Chicago suburb. I just got my first copy of the VOICE and am very impressed with it. A very professional job.

I was first licensed in 1962 as a Novice. I upgraded to General and then to Advanced which I am now. I served with the USAF from 1966 through 1969 as a Security Police Sentry Dog Handler. I was stationed in Texas for initial training, followed by 13 months I Korea. From there I went to SD for a year followed by a one year tour of duty in Viet Nam at Tuy Hoa Air Base. My last six months were spent I ND.

After the service, I was on the local fire department in Palos Hills, IL for one year and then joined a Chicago suburban Police Department where I spend the next 34 years. I retired as the Deputy Chief of Police.

Ham radio interests have always been chasing DX. I have 352 Mixed DXCC entities confirmed all time. I only need North Korea to have them all. I have also enjoyed a little traffic handling in the past. My current station consists of an Icom 756 Pro II and an ALS-600 amp to an old Hy-Gain Triband beam up 56 feet.

I have been helping Jda with the Sunrise portion of the System, looking for check-ins. She is a great person and I enjoy helping her out when I can. I really like meeting all the wonderful people that check-in.

For awards, I am good for the Veteran’s, Solitude and Old Timers Awards and I like reading the

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