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«Zone Champions Y ear 9 and 10 Debating Team won their third round on the 27th June at Leumeah High School. This win gave them the title of Zone ...»

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Elizabeth Macarthur High School

M A C C H AT 38 Waterworth Drive, Narellan Vale NSW 2567

Phone: 4646 1899 Fax: 4647 1569

Issue 5—August 2013

Zone Champions

Y ear 9 and 10 Debating

Team won their third round

on the 27th June at Leumeah

High School. This win gave them

the title of Zone Champions. The

next round is against Bass Hill

High School on August 13.

The members of the Debating

Team are:

Joshua Costlow, Romel Tallow Samantha Harkness Jordan Schnieder Baladev Dayaram Mohammad Hassan Joshua Atherton Safwaan Rahman Up & Coming Events P & C Meeting 7pm—9pm 19/8 All Welcome E lizabeth Macarthur High School P & C are fundraising and Maths Olympiad 21/8 & 11/9 have organised our first ever School Carnival. The school’s back oval will be transformed into a place with amuseHSC Art Exhibition 22/8

–  –  –

Elizabeth Macarthur P & C wishes to thank the sponsors who have kindly donated to our carnival.


Week 3, Term 3 every year is Education week, where we celebrate the contribution of public

education to our community. Elizabeth Macarthur had so any amazing events to fit into Education Week that we had to make it education month. Some of the events we enjoyed:

 Community of Schools 2567 Showcase. An amazing evening where we celebrated the performing arts with our feeder primary school. Harrington Park Primary, Narellan Primary and Narellan Vale primary.

 Public school ambassador of the year awards ceremony where Mikalya Sawyers was awarded our public school ambassador in ceremony at Revesby workers club.

 HSC Dance, Drama, Music and Art night. These nights showcased the outstanding practical performance pieces of our Year 12 students for the HSC.

 Relieving Director for Public Schools Macarthur, Scott Davidson, toured the school to view lessons and meet the executive. It is great to see our Regional Director being so hands on with the kids and looking at their work in the classrooms. He was very impressed with the standard of work.

 Hosted Moorebank High School and Prairiewood High School in Instructional Rounds. Yet again Elizabeth Macarthur was leading the way with professional reflection and professional training. Meagan Morrissey trained 15 staff across the three schools to observe an element of practice in classrooms and analyse the work of teachers across the school. This is the true strength of public education where as a network we can support each other to constantly improve our practice to ensure that we are delivering the best quality education to students across the state.

 University of Western Sydney Art Exhibition. The University has hung some our students work at Milperra campus.We have also had works hung at Mount Annan Central Shopping Centre where we won the $8000 prize. The community support in putting their dockets into the barrel helped us achieve this target and this money will go to buying new textbooks and resurfacing the basketball courts.

Parent Teacher Nights in Week 2 and 3. This has been the 3rd Parent Teacher Night this  year we have run to ensure that parents are given the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and discuss any issues with their child’s progress. These have been highly successful events that ensure that we are working together to support student progress.


Art display at Mount Annan Central Shopping Centre

HSC I would like to take this opportunity to thank many staff who have worked long hours after school and on weekends and during the last two holidays breaks to work with students on their major HSC works. As I write this on the weekend, teachers from the Technology and Applied Studies Faculty (TAS) - Industrial Arts and Life Technology have students in classrooms completing their major works.

I want to thank all the staff who have generously given their time and to all the parents who have made dashes to Bunnings and Spotlight and have been picking up kids late at night. After the major works are marked it is now time to knuckle down and study for the written exams. Students should be studying 3-4 hours per day at the moment in Year 12. Tuesday afternoons we run a study centre for seniors from 12.40-3.10pm. If Year 12 have part time jobs, it is time to take a break from those shifts until after the HSC exams. Students need to be focusing all their energies on the HSC exams which are only 7 weeks away.

Carnival – 6th September 3pm-10pm This is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Mrs Kim Hope and the P&C Committee are organising the Carnival on the 6th September. This will be a great night for students, parents and the local community to enjoy. There will be carnival rides such as the dodgems and double ranger and tea cups. There will be a side show alley with games and lots of stalls with food and a variety of local stall holders. There will also be fireworks on Elizabeth Park around 9pm. The P&C Committee will be preselling ride arm bands for $30 that allows kids 10 rides. This is a considerable saving as some rides are $3 but others are $8. Pre-sold tickets mean that every ride will only cost you $3. P&C will be preselling armbands on August 29th before school and during the lunch breaks. We hope we can see all parents and students pop in and enjoy the carnival.


We are now half way through Term 3 and stu- basically our website but in an abbreviated dents in Year 12 only have a few weeks left at form for phones with the main areas such our school. We recently celebrated Education as calendars, newsletters and news feeds.

Week and this involved our Annual 2567 Showcase which was held on Wednesday 31st July. It Year 9 was a tremendous success with the hall packed Students in Year 9 will this week have the opto capacity. The showcase involved perfor- portunity of choosing another 100 hour course mances from our three feeder schools Harring- for 2014. An information booklet will be distribton Park, Narellan and Narellan Vale. uted and selection forms given out. I will shortly be having a series of meetings with students in Congratulations to Mikalya Sawyers from Year Year 9 regarding their work progress and their 11 our School Ambassador for 2013 who re- ROSA (Record of School Achievement) for year cently attended the Regional Ambassadors 10. What I would like is for students to underPresentation night at Revesby Workers and re- stand that Year 10 is not a time for students to ceived her certificate. The ceremony involved simply cruise along and move into Year 11 but representation from over 220 schools and Mi- rather work hard to ensure they complete their kayla did our school proud. ROSA and are not forced to repeat Year 10 which will happen if students do not display a As we move towards the end of the term and consistent level of work ethic and commitment.

prepare for the final Year 12 assembly we have purchased academic gowns with a red colour Year 11 stole with the initials EMHS ready for all stu- Students in Year 11 need to ensure that they dents in Year 12 to wear. These will add to the have all their work completed and any outoccasion and make the ceremony even more standing N awards attended to. I have been special. Information will be distributed shortly conducting interviews with students who have to all students. multiple awards and invited parents to make an appointment with me to discuss their child’s Communication at Elizabeth Macarthur High progress. The Preliminary course must be sucSchool cessfully completed by the end of the term to The school has expanded the number of ways ensure students are able to progress onto Year that communication can take place and I would 12 at the start of Term 4.

like to detail these below and invite parents to The term is also important for students in Year make use of these. 11 for other reasons, shortly they will be the  SMS messaging Senior Year group in the school when the cur School APP for IPhones an app will shortly rent Year 12 cohort finishes at the end of the be released for smart phones such as Sam- term and we are currently in the process of sung and HTC as well as an update on our electing the new prefect body for 2014. Stucurrent app dents who are successful in gaining a Prefect  School website position will then have the opportunity of ap eDiary plying for one of the three senior leadership  Electronic sign at the front of the school positions, Captain, Vice- Captain and Senior Pre Newsletters fect. This will involve each student presenting a  A new school website app that is shortly to 5 minute speech to the School Executive in be released by the department, which is Week 8 of the term, with the announcement to take place during the Year 12 Graduation As- does take a lot of hard work, discipline and the sembly. motivation to want to achieve success at Students in Year 11 and 12 face many challeng- school.

es as part of their final years at school. It is of As we move into Year 12, I will be supporting vital importance that all students direct all their Year 11 students as much as I can and I know energies towards their school work to not only Ms Bowring has also been working tirelessly to ensure everything is completed but also all support all students as their Year Advisor. If stuwork is produced of the highest standard. We dents need assistance they MUST ask for it and understand there are pressures and also some it will be provided. As a school we are here to students may become anxious as they get clos- support students and make their journey as er to the HSC trials and examinations but it smooth as possible but students must also does not have to be this way. It is important meet us half way and work hard.

that a regular study pattern is developed and time management is mapped out very early. Angelo Stasos Students need to be able to also enjoy their Deputy Principal senior years and it is possible to do both but it

–  –  –

Student medical forms During Terms 3 and 4 we will be updating our medical records systems to ensure we have the most up-to-date information on your child‘s health.

If you have a child with a medical condition you will receive a copy of the new forms in the mail and will need to fill them out and return them to us as soon as you can.

The good news is we have already started collecting some of this information, which means less for you to do.

The new forms will help us collect your child‘s important medical information and the introduction of new systems will mean we'll be able to better manage the daily and emergency health needs of your child.

We appreciate your support as we start collecting the information, and if you have any questions please call the office on 4646 1899.

Mrs Edmunds School Administrative Manager YEAR 8 Welcome back to Term 3, hope you all enjoyed the break.

Another busy term for Year 8 students and parents. It was lovely to see so many of you at the Parent Teacher interviews at the beginning of the term. I received some really positive feedback from parents and teachers about the change in classes and students are happy and working hard.

Well done to the Year 8 boys who competed in the rugby league gala day earlier this term.

Mr Meads spoke very highly of your behaviour and efforts.

This term Year 8 will be completing the final component of the High Resolves Program which is Surrounding Justice. This will be taking place on the 29th and 30th August in the school hall. I received some excellent feedback from the presenter of the program who was happy with student behaviour and involvement in the program.

I encourage all students to develop a regular study plan to prepare them for Yearly examinations that are coming up in Term 4. Regular revision of class notes and practising writing extended response to questions will improve your results and confidence in examinations.

Don’t forget to check the Elizabeth Macarthur High School website for the school calendar (upcoming events), assessment schedules in eDiary, Moodle and other important information.

Hope you have an enjoyable Term 3.

Miss Pilley Year 8 Advisor YEAR 9 This term is fairly quiet for Year 9 with the absence of formal examinations. Hopefully, they are taking advantage of the downtime to focus on their submitted assessments and setting up a revision routine in preparation for Yearly examinations next term. Year 9 students will commence their ROSA next year and the study habits they form this year will determine how they perform in this stage of their schooling Uniform has been quite good this term. However, we take this opportunity to remind students and guardians that Year 9 is not to be wearing the blue senior jumper. Many students are wearing non-uniform jumpers, saying they are waiting to buy the blue senior jumper for next year. Year 10 students are not seniors, and current Year 9 students will be expected to wear the red junior jumper until the end of next year.

Fast forward students were presented with certificates at assembly this week, and also participated in a workshop to build the goal-setting skills. Having a vision for the future, and having small, achievable goals is important in achieving post-school success and the Fast Forward students got a chance to seriously consider their post-school goals. On September 6th (Friday, Week 8), the Fast Forward students will be participating in a University day to experience a day in the life of a University student. It is a great opportunity for students to see a University campus and compare the responsibilities of a University student to their own.

We’d like to finish off with a feel-good story and congratulate Joshua Beezem and Morgan Londero for their honesty. The boys found a mobile phone on the playground and took it to the office, hoping to have it returned to the owner. Well done boys!

Ms Rico and Ms Fernandez Year 9 Advisors YEAR 10 Congratulations to Samantha Harkness in her efforts in the South Western Sydney Regional Public Speaking competition. Both her and Joshua Costlow presented outstanding speeches on the day. Good luck to Josh, who is competing on August 14 in the semi-final.

Good luck to Katie Dickey and Payton Davis who are participating in the “Connecting Women’s Project” this term at Currans Hill. The girls will be working one-on-one with contemporary artists to develop life skills through art therapy.

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