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«President MWO Mark Stephens, CD April 2015 Immediate Past President LCol John Burns, CD TO: ALL PARTICIPANTS OF THE WARRIORS' DAY PARADE Past ...»

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1921– 2015 … 94 years … and still marching


Honorary Patron Honorary Chairman

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, OC, OOnt Mr. Knox Henry

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario


MWO Mark Stephens, CD April 2015 Immediate Past President LCol John Burns, CD


Past Presidents P/0 Donald Cameron Cpl William Gordon Re: 94th Anniversary Warriors' Day Parade, LCol Jack Lee, CD Saturday, 22 August 2015 Maj Donald Duthie, SBStJ, CD Capt Mort Lightstone, CD The Warriors’ Day Parade is pleased to continue the tradition started after World Vice-President Operations Maj Sandra Bullock, CD War I of honouring our Veterans in celebration of various events. This year we commemorate Victory in World War II, Celebrating the 70th Anniversary.

Vice-President Administration Mr. Glenn Mills We also honour all of the volunteers, including Veterans, members of Canada's Armed Forces and citizens who have made this event possible year after year.

General Secretary Ms. Marjorie Harding Our Reviewing Officer will be announced when confirmed.

Treasurer Capt Carlo Jeffery, CD

Enclosed please find the following information in regard to this year’s Parade:

Directors Mr. John Hymers Capt Stewart Kellock, MOM, OStJ, CD (a) 2015 Parade Order [four pages], Capt Rose McGuire, CD (b) Application for Family Tickets [two pages], 2Lt Michael Perreault, CD (c) An attractive Poster with general Parade details, Members of Council (e) Registration form.

CWO Brian Budden Maj Hal Buller Mr. David Burns We look forward to Saturday, 22 August 2015 and our 94th Warriors' Day Lt. Wayne Closs Mr. Sean Conlin Parade, the longest continuous Parade of its type, which will once again Mrs. Sarah Rose Duthie remind Canadians of the importanc

–  –  –

For a complete list please check our website at www.thewarriorsdayparade.ca for updates from transit providers within the GTA.

This is the 137th year of the Canadian National Exhibition and we wish to acknowledge our integral relationship with the CNE Staff and Board.

The Warriors' Day Parade Council looks forward to your participation in this year's Parade on Saturday, 22 August 2015. It is the intention of the Warriors' Day Parade Council to continue to hold this annual Parade as long as there are participants and support.

See you on August 22nd.

Mark Stephens, MWO (Ret’d), CD President Warriors’ Day Parade Council c/o 496 Mortimer Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4J 2G7 Phone: (H) 416-465-7291 Email: marjorie.harding@sympatico.ca (Secretary)

–  –  –

1. WHEN: Saturday, August 22nd, 2015. Markers will form up at 1000 hours. The Parade moves off at 1030 hours sharp.

Please Note - Parking is very limited - Arrive early at the CNE. Veterans in uniform or having an Ontario Veteran’s license plate will be afforded free parking underground at the Direct Energy Centre, off Strachan Avenue.

2. ASSEMBLY AREA: Gore Park, south of Fort York Armoury, between Fleet Street and Lakeshore Boulevard, east of the Princes' Gates at the C.N.E., and west of Fort York Boulevard.

NOTE Buses will NOT be allowed in Gore Park for safety reasons. Buses are to unload on Fort York Blvd. Fort York Blvd. is just to the east of Gore Park. Buses are to unload and then move directly to the bus parking area within the CNE grounds entering via Ontario Drive.

3. PARADE ROUTE: The Parade will move off from Gore Park, west on Lakeshore Blvd, through the Princes' Gates, along Princes' Blvd, in front of The Direct Energy Centre. The parade will continue west along Princes' Blvd and disperse in the parking lot west of the Stanley Barracks. (The dispersal location is subject to change due to construction on the CNE grounds)

4. SALUTING DAIS: The reviewing stand will be located on the North side of Princes’ Blvd, opposite the Allstream Centre

5. DISPERSAL AREA: (The dispersal location is subject to change due to construction on the CNE grounds) The dispersal for marchers (only) will be in the parking lot west of Stanley Barracks • Vehicles will proceed west and exit via Nunavut Drive onto Lakeshore Blvd.

• Buses will move along Lakeshore after contingents have dismounted in Gore Park (Ft York • Blvd) and RV with their groups in the Ontario Drive parking lot.

Sunnybrook vets, etc. will be seated on the north side of Princes' Blvd, in shade and in tentage, • with bleachers set up on the south side in front of the Allstream Centre for members of the general public.

The buses used by the vets will move to Canada Drive for pick up after the parade.

6. REGISTRATION: Participation in the Warriors' Day Parade is open to military, para-military marching contingents, military and para-military bands, veterans’ contingents and militarythemed living history/re-enactor contingents. Each participating contingent must be registered at the Registration Tables, located at the west end of Gore Park. Please register as early as possible.

We encourage contingents to register in advance using the enclosed Registration Form or On-line at www.thewarriorsdayparade.ca Please review the information printed on the form carefully.

Contingents, who choose to register in advance are still required to check in at the Registration Tables on the morning of the Parade to complete the registration process and obtain a registration number.

Please Note: Parking is very limited - arrive early at the CNE.

Registration commences at 08:00 hours and closes promptly at 10:00 hours.

Only ONE person per contingent should register. The person registering should be familiar with the full name of the contingent and the representative's name, address and telephone number.

-2– Upon reporting to the registration table, the individual representing the contingent will be issued a standard showing the registration number assigned to that particular contingent. This registration number serves two purposes. The first is to identify the contingent’s name to the announcer during the march past and the second, for judging purposes. Please ensure this registration number is visible and carried for the full length of the Parade Route. As the judges are all positioned on south side of Princes’ Blvd, markers are to be carried by the left marker. Please return the marker at the end of the parade.

As the Warriors’ Day Parade Council cannot predict the number of Cadets and Scouts available for the Parade, you may be required to provide your own registration number bearer to carry your registration number. The registration number must be carried in the front rank and on the left hand side of your unit; and be visible at all times for the judges and the announcer. Wherever possible, cadets or scouts will be assigned to Bands and Colour parties. (See Para 10, JUDGING.) Contingents having few marchers may, if they wish, march together with another group. In these cases only the combined contingent will register and that combined contingent only will be eligible to receive any awards won. Upon amalgamation, the unused registration number(s) must be returned to the registration table. In addition, the combined contingent must decide which name is to be used for judging purposes, for the announcer and the awarding of trophies.

Those individuals unable to march the entire Parade route are invited to ‘fall in’ with their contingents for the march past. This ‘joining up point’ will be just inside the Prince’s Gate.

Registration Tables: Contingents must register at one of the five tables, as listed below:

Table A: Canadian Bands – Brass, Pipes & Drums, Trumpet, Bugle, Fife, Flute, Accordion, etc.

• Table B: Canadian Colour Party/Guard • Table C: Allied and Visiting (Must have Foreign address) • Table D: Royal Canadian Legion, Canadian Veterans’ Associations •

–  –  –

NOTE: Scores are recorded to the Registration Number carried by the appointed person from the contingent. Music performance will not be judged.

11. WINNERS: Winners will be advised as soon as possible following the Parade. A maximum of two representatives per contingent will be invited to the Awards Dinner for presentation of the award.

Competition results will be posted on our website at www.thewarriorsdayparade.ca.

12. AWARDS: The Warriors’ Day Parade Council shall determine the number of awards given in each competition (see page 4).


13. AWARDS DINNER – 3 OCTOBER 2015: Due to space limitations, attendance is by “invitation only” to those contingents being awarded a trophy. Each of the winning organizations receives two (2) tickets only.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. As a result, anyone arriving without a dinner ticket WILL NOT be admitted.

14. PARTICIPATION AWARDS: Entries for the Participation Awards may be obtained at the “Information Officer” table adjacent to the Registration tables. Only those serving or ex-serving personnel marching in the Parade are eligible.

Due to the limited space at the dispersal areas, entries should be completed while in Gore Park and are to be deposited in the drum located at the registration/Information table. A selected number of entries will be drawn. The winners will be notified after the Parade and will receive a cash award by mail.

15. ORDER OF DRESS: At the discretion of participating contingent.

16. MILITARY MEDALS AND DECORATIONS: Military medals and decorations to be worn.

17. ARMS: Arms may be carried. The firing of any weapon, rifle, etc., is prohibited by law and is not permitted. Any infringement will immediately disqualify the contingent from any awards.

18. COLOURS: National colours are not to be ‘dipped’ at any time. Flag Etiquette is as follows:

(a) In a parade, procession or mounted ride, the Canadian flag should be displayed in the position of honour at the marching right or centre front.

–  –  –

(c) When a number of countries are represented, the Canadian flag may be flown at each end of the line of flags.

(d) When three flags are flown together, the Canadian flag should be in the centre position, with the other flags in alphabetical order, as seen by the spectators viewing the flags.

–  –  –

Lord Mayor’s (London, England) Cup Competition Largest Marching Contingent on Parade The Frank Jamieson Memorial Trophy - Parade Champions The contingent obtaining the highest score

–  –  –

Drum Major William MacDougall MacKay, CD Memorial Trophy Awarded in a competition to a Drum Major of a military or non-military pipes and drums band


–  –  –

Please note. Even though you are pre-registering for the parade, one individual representing your contingent MUST check in at the registration tables located on-site in the assembly area on the morning of the parade between 0800 hours and 1000 hours to pick up your Registration Marker.

Contingent Name:

–  –  –

Indicate below any information about your contingent, such as anniversaries, recent trips, awards, etc. that would assist the MC in announcing your contingent.

Electronic submission of this document confirms that I consent to the administrative use by the Canadian National Exhibition Association of my personal information which has been provided to the organizers of the annual Warriors’ Day Parade and understand that the Canadian National Exhibition shall not sell or otherwise provide such information to third parties, except as may be required by law.


–  –  –

2015 APPLICATION FOR FAMILY TICKETS Free Family tickets to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds will be issued to, and are only for the use of Canadian or Allied Veterans, or members and ex-members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and their IMMEDIATE FAMILIES. (Quantities may be limited) Free Family tickets ARE NOT TO BE SOLD, NOR WILL THEY BE HONOURED AFTER 12:00 P.M. on the day of the Parade, as all related activities associated with the Parade will be completed at or before that time.




–  –  –

Organizations requiring large quantities of tickets for their personnel should arrange with the Ticket Chairman to have their tickets picked up. The person requesting tickets must provide the Name of each person and the Name of the Unit, with whom each served.

Please provide the information requested on the attached form no later than Wednesday July 29th, 2015, and send it together with a stamped, selfaddressed envelope [with sufficient postage] to the Ticket Chairman at the address below. Postage rates are as follows: 1 to 11 tickets - $1.00, or 12 to 28 tickets - $1.20

–  –  –

Requests must be received by 29th July 2015.

Postal rates: 1 to 11 tickets - $1.00 - 12 to 28 tickets - $1.20 Organizations requiring large quantities of tickets for their personnel should arrange with the Ticket Chairman to have their tickets picked up from his home, if possible. The person requesting tickets must provide the Name of each Person and the Name of the Unit with whom each served.

Ticket Chairman will not affix postage. Please note parking is very limited at the C.N.E.


–  –  –






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