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«INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL SCIENCES SRI LANKA – 2013 (ICSS) “Culture, Globalization and the Developing World” 22nd – 23rd November ...»

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Effectiveness of governance and accountability mechanism of the Second Community Development and Livelihood Improvement ProjectError! Bookmark not defined.

Political-economy of decentralized governance: a study of Provincial Council System in Sri Lanka

Polity, policy and good governance

Citizenship, autonomy and political closure: re-examining the accommodation of diversity

Public utility services and corruption in Sri Lanka.......... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Perceived practices and attitudes of the Sri Lanka preschool children pertaining to environmental protection

xxi Emerging approaches of technology for teaching people with special needs.......... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

A study about the feedback given for assignments in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme

Assessing the suitability of methods used for record keeping under the programme of School Based Assessment (SBA)

Teachers‟ motivation in Maldives-influenced by cultural aspectsError! Bookmark not defined.

Bilingual education as a new strategy to teach English in schools: how feasible?.. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Reflective practice during teaching practicum: a study on student teachers‟ reflective notes during professional development programsError! Bookmark not defined.

An analysis of the secondary grade science curriculum for bilingual education based on Content and Language Integrated Learning Model (CLIL)Error! Bookmark not defined.

An analysis of difficulties of Sri Lankan Tamil speakers in acquiring English “articles”:

the case of Northern Sri Lanka

Readiness for the use of e-assessment in continuous assessing for SLIATE evaluation System

An emperical investigation on the effect of emotional labour on theError! Bookmark not defined.

well-being of teachers

The Level of learned helplessness among the undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya

Are online assessment schemes of English skills successful? : a comparative analysis of the UTEL national assessment scheme and the Pre-orientation program (POP)

Indicators of information poverty and their influence over the information access in the context of globalization

An analysis of the secondary grade science curriculum for bilingual education based on Content and Language Integrated Learning Model (CLIL)Error! Bookmark not defined.

Current University Education and Challenges faced by Sri Lankan Undergraduates

British Educational Policies in Colonies: India a Case StudyError! Bookmark not defined.

xxii Integrate interactive activities into classroom teaching in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Sri Lanka

Gender, poverty and globalisation in India

Landless despite laws: land rights of women in post-conflict Nepal and Sri Lanka Error!

Bookmark not defined.

The factors effect on an inadequate female participation of boxing atError! Bookmark not defined.

Muslim women‟s wellbeing and politics of culture and development in India........ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Women work issues in rural development: a case of M.G. Nrega implementation in West Bengal, India

Negative outlook: problems and challenges of female sex workers in Sri Lanka.... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Impact of community empowerment projects in household decision making autonomy of Estate women

An overview on education and gender inequalities in Yunnan and Manipur.......... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

The influence of adult attachment style on marital satisfaction among married couples

The knowledge of the Sri Lankan university students regarding the fundamental rights of Sri Lanka

Health and economic conditions of women scavengers: with special reference to Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP), KarnatakaError! Bookmark not defined.

The role of livelihood activities for empowering elderly women: a study in the Matara District

Looking at rural poverty and aid effectiveness through gender: a case of rural Sri Lanka

An analysis of women‟s empowerment in households: a study of Gampaha D.S. Division

A gender perspective to post conflict development: understanding female headship in eastern Sri Lanka

Representation of motherhood in television advertisementsError! Bookmark not defined.

The slave, drum and the woman: cultural barriers in the implementation of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act................. Error! Bookmark not defined.

xxiii Reopening of the A9 route and the changes that have occurred in the life style of the people of Jaffna- a historical view

Shahbag upswing: contesting religious fundamentalism and charting a new beginning?

Livelihood potentials of those who survived the long-standing war front in Welioya, Sri Lanka

Adaptation puzzle of war widows: the social risk of becoming a (fe)/male............ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

A study on state and society relations in the post-war Eastern Sri Lanka................ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Bringing social development out of the shadows............. Error! Bookmark not defined.

India – Sri Lanka bi-lateral relations: post-civil war era in Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Framework for understanding the practice of identity in relation to nation building via theoretical modules

Socio-economic development of Indian Tamils in Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Identification of ethnic stereotypes held by the students of Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya

The impact of climate change on paddy production in Sri Lanka: with reference to Anuradhapura District

Quantifying disaster risk: the case of Sagar Island, India in the context of “Aila” cyclone, 2009

Disasters in Sri Lanka: not popular yet impact is enormousError! Bookmark not defined.

A false promise? Socio-economic consequences of climate change and health in developing countries

Terminological issues in the field of disaster management: an overview................ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

A sociological study on the influence of foreign employment on family................ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Private sector prospect on the adequacy of art graduates employability in.............. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Sri Lanka

The factors influencing the high quality service environment in the private sector banks in Sri Lanka

xxiv Impact of the Training and Skills Development Program of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

No news is good news: weighing news in foraging and hydraulic civilizations...... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Historiography of Dalit Press: a journey from Phule to the present dayError! Bookmark not defined.

Tourism and web based media in Sri Lanka

Paradox between the media education and media industry in Sri Lanka................. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Semiotics of the language used in Commercials.............. Error! Bookmark not defined.

War crimes and the behaviour of mass media: an analytic study conducted on the behaviour of printed media of Sri Lanka in relation to the LLRC report.... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

3D software based virtual environments construct as an art beyond technology..... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Mediatization of Buddhist sermon “Dharma Deshana” in the recent years............. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

The influence of ICT on professional practice in the Sri Lankan construction industry

Sri Lankan communication roots in order to formulate mass consciousness on the subject of sexual and gender base violence.

A Critical Study on Visual Re-presentation of the Documentary of “Song of Ceylon”

Rethinking the disability: Digital Divide in relations to visual disability in Sri Lanka

The impact of irrigation inequalities on dynamics of technical and allocative efficiency of small-scale rice growers: the case of large-scale irrigation schemes in Sri Lanka

Changing terms of trade of small farming sector in Sri Lanka: with special reference to paddy, vegetable and fruit cultivation................. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Determinants of income diversification of flue cured tobacco barn owners in Sri Lanka

Contribution of paddy cultivation to domestic consumption of rural people........... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Eco-friendly urban agriculture and Food Security........... Error! Bookmark not defined.

The case of Colombo city in Sri Lanka

xxv Alkaline lipase from rice bran; Purification. Characterization of and evaluation its potential to use as a bio-detergent

An empirical study on access to finance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Export competitiveness of the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Sri Lanka: a case study based on the gem and jewellery sector...... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Cinnamon wood as a substitute for rainforest timber: a case study based on Sri Lanka

Identification of the factors affecting for the productivity of Small and Medium enterprises in Sri Lanka, a case study based on the rubber manufacturing sector in Western province

Social impact assessment for appropriate project planningError! Bookmark not defined.

The study of customer switching behaviour towards carbonated soft drink market Error!

Bookmark not defined.

An empirical investigation of users‟ perception on corporate annual reports in Sri Lanka

Stilt fishing in Southern Sri Lanka: management constraints and future sustainability

Development of Simple Average Price Index (SAPI) in fish markets in Addalaichenai Divisional Secretariat: retail fish sellers‟ point of viewError! Bookmark not defined.

Tourism industry and traditional fishing industry in down south coastal belt of Sri Lanka

The impact of quality management practices on the performance of Small and Medium Scale Industries (SMIs) in Sri Lanka.................. Error! Bookmark not defined.

A study on the economy of the urbanized, less facilitated colonies and their behavioral pattern

Exploring the nature of marketing innovation: case of agribusiness sector in Sri Lanka

Mining and human development in developing countries: a comparative analysis of mining and non-mining districts in India............ Error! Bookmark not defined.

Comparison and review of Environmental Management Systems among the government institutions in Sri Lanka

The effectiveness of current strategies used to build social resilience and reconstruction in Mullaitivu District at Wellamullivykkal......... Error! Bookmark not defined.

xxvi An analysis of fertility decline in India: evidences from Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh

A case study of general external environment of textile A: opportunity and threat analysis

Ruralization of the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry (SLAI): drivers, trends, challenges and prospects: a study based on selected apparel firms to ascertain push and pull factors and their time line dynamics

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Title Index

xxvii Message from the Chancellor, University of Kelaniya

It is with pleasure that I send this congratulatory message to the 2 nd International Conference organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Kelaniya to be held on 22nd and 23rdNovember, 2013, at the Faculty premises of the University. The Conference theme, Culture, Globalization and the Developing World is of much relevance in the context of present day problems faced by the world community. The Conference would provide a forum for academics, researchers, policy makers and implementors to exchange their views on mutually beneficial and rewarding topics.

As I have been informed, the Conference will be attended by a large number of overseas participants, not only from the South Asian region, but also from US, Europe, Southeast and East Asia. This will be a truly international Conference.

Providing opportunities for research and presentation of research findings is a responsibility of a University and I am happy to note that the University of Kelaniya is taking a leading role in that direction. I sincerely hope, that the proceedings of the Conference will be of significance in enhancing the quality of research among the university community. I also hope that the deliberations taking place at the Conference will ultimately contribute to the quality of the graduates produced by the University of Kelaniya.

As Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya I would like to extend my blessings for the successful completion of the Conference.

Most Venerable Dr. Welamitiyawe Kusaladhamma Nayaka Thero, Tripitaka Wageeshwaracharya, Upadhyaya Dhurandhara, Aggamaha Pandit Saddhama Jotika Dhaja, D. Litt.

–  –  –

It is with pleasure that I send this congratulatory message to the 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences 2013 organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Kelaniya. Academic forums like this conference would certainly provide a valuable opportunity for academics, researchers, policy-makers and implementors to meet and exchange their views on mutually beneficial topics. The theme of the Conference, Culture, Globalization and the Developing World encompasses a wide range of disciplines facilitating the participation of a wide variety of academics and researchers. I sincerely hope that the conclusions of the Conference will be of national interest and relevance.

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