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«INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL SCIENCES SRI LANKA – 2013 (ICSS) “Culture, Globalization and the Developing World” 22nd – 23rd November ...»

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A socio - psychological study of the reasons for the high stress level among Advanced Level students in Sri Lanka

A tortured soul: an analysis of women surviving the detrimental effects of psychological abuse by their intimate partners

A study of depression and anxiety problems among IT-professionalsError! Bookmark not defined.

The doctrine of Karma and the empirical attitude in the philosophy of early Buddhism

A study of job satisfaction and job stress among bus drivers of public transport department with reference to Solapur Municipal CorporationError! Bookmark not defined.

xiv The influence of emotional intelligence and self-esteem toward organizational commitment in public sectors

Which one stands firm? Soul or No-Soul theory towards altruism with reference to Bodhicaryaavataara

The philosophical study of logical thinking and communication for conflict resolution

Impact of level of education on poverty: analysis through monthly household income

Impact of poverty on south Asia with special reference to Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Socio-economic status of smallholder paddy farmers in the Batticaloa district....... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Impact of non-farm activities on rural poverty................. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Personal level challenges associated with inability of youth in urban undeserved settlements to gain productive employment........ Error! Bookmark not defined.

Is micro finance an effective tool for poverty alleviation? Evidence from Badulla District, Sri Lanka

The end of the Cold War and the emergence of supranationalism in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Error! Bookmark not defined.

Household poverty determinants and its behaviour over time in the rural sector in Sri Lanka: a comparison between 1990 and 2010.... Error! Bookmark not defined.

A study on the customer orientation of the Sri Lankan Banking SectorError! Bookmark not defined.

A study on relationship between rural poverty and educationError! Bookmark not defined.

Small and medium enterprises and development strategies: a lesson from ASEAN Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Poverty incidence in Sri Lanka: trends and challenges.... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Growth inclusiveness and wellbeing in India: an analysis in terms of relative deprivation

Patterns of expenditure and saving process in rural families in Sri Lanka: a study of Nawagamuwa village in Kegalle District............ Error! Bookmark not defined.

Economic assessment of informal sector economy of Sindh Province of Pakistan and development

The human effects on Baobab trees of Manner Island: a case study in Secretariat Division of Mannar

xv Domestic water consumption and water wastage in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.............. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Green economy: a new path for sustainable agriculture growthError! Bookmark not defined.

Domestication of Exacum trinervium

Forest tenure reforms through implementation of Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006:

evidence from two Indian States

Forest governance in Odisha: cases of implementation of Forest Rights Act.......... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

GIS based groundwater quality mapping and analysis in southern part of Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka

Seasonal feeding patterns of the elephants in the Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka: a geographical survey

Medicinal values of plants that are habitat to coastal area of Sri Lanka: a literary study

Adi Ganga: development vis-à-vis degenerating environment of a heritage river... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Environment of dry zone of Sri Lanka before irrigational systems: a preliminary study

Green Economy: The role of ICT and Agricultural Extensions:Error! Bookmark not defined.

An assessment of the Community Forest Management Project for rural development:

case study related to Kendahena GND................ Error! Bookmark not defined.

Prevalence and determinants of breakfast omission: evidence from undergraduates in Sri Lankan state universities

Revisiting health perceptions of slum dwellers: an indigenous perspective............ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

A sociological study on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients in the North Central province, Sri Lanka (with special reference to the Padawiya area)............ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

A medical geographical study on epidemic and diseases ecology in Sri Lanka: case study in Colombo district

Maternal health of the Sekmai Lois of Manipur, India.... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Social impacts of „Rajarata kidney disease‟: with special reference to Welioya Divisional Secretariat Division

xvi Trends in narcotic consumption among school children in Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Influence of paddy farming behavior on human health in Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Reduction of cigarette use by involving users in saving money and addressing knowledge and attitudes

Improving family based care for mentally ill patients...... Error! Bookmark not defined.

A medical anthropological study on the significance of ritualistic health seeking behaviours among Hindus: a qualitative study focusing on the Navagraha rituals among Hindus living in the Kandy City.............. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Identification of trends in Ayurveda medical practice..... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Need for environmental awareness through education.... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Water demand management and its linkage to Economically Weaker Social Group (EWSG): an analysis of basic issues and perspectivesError! Bookmark not defined.

Impact of marketing on rural poverty: a review of literatureError! Bookmark not defined.

Globalization, gender and governance in irrigation: an inquiry in to preclusion of women participation in Tamil Nadu

Revisiting health perceptions of slum dwellers: an indigenous perspective............ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Traditional food habits in children under three years in Jaffna MOH area: a descriptive cross-sectional study

Safe marriage for thalassemia prevention: gap between knowledge and practice among medical students

Nutrition knowledge, food habits and healthy attitude of graduates on diet related chronic non-communicable disease: a cross sectional study in Southern Eastern University of Sri Lanka

Evaluation of a traditional treatment regime on coronary artery disease: a retrospective study

An analytical study to ascertain the usage of Yoga Asana as a supportive measure in management of haemorrhoids

Evaluation of the efficacy of three Ayurveda regimens in the management of Sidhamakushta on the head (Psoriasis on the head)Error! Bookmark not defined.

xvii The Employee Awareness of Health and Safety Regulations and Its Impact on Reducing Workplace Accident and Occupational Ill-HealthError! Bookmark not defined.

A pilot study of re-pigmentation patterns with selected Ayurveda treatment modality in 100 patches of Sivtra (vitiliginous patches) on pair of calf of lower extremities

Perceived distress in college: problem in adjustment in a social and cultural context

Social conflicts in Bakun Hydroelectric and Kelau Dam Projects in Malaysia: an institutional perspective

Prevention of mosquito breeding and building a social safeguard: special reference to the prevention of mosquito breeding in Sri Lanka and its legal aspects........... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Role of family as a social institution on children‟s wellbeingError! Bookmark not defined.

Current trends of suicide attempts in Jaffna: a medical sociological study.............. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Metamorphosed social safeguard as a wing of development: a case study on Onge tribe of Little Andaman Island, India.

The impact of population ageing on the economy of Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Rehabilitation and aftercare of drug related women prisoners in Sri Lanka............ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Social and symbolic roles of Sri Lankan traditional food cultureError! Bookmark not defined.

A sociological analysis about differences of food behavior between selected two ethnic groups in Sri Lanka

Social Conflict in Bakun Hydroelectric and Kelau Dam Projects in Malaysia: An institutionalist Perspective

An anthropological study on attitudes of university students‟ towards marriage.... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

The contribution of rural cultural tourism on community development of Anuradhapura district

Factors affecting to sport participation of Secondary Education in rural schools: with special reference to the Sooriyawewa educational zone, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

xviii Impact of organizational culture on employees job related attitudes: with special reference to NOC and MBGR in Sri Lanka........ Error! Bookmark not defined.

An examination of the stimuli of the stadium facilities accessibility on spectator satisfaction

The cricket fans satisfaction: with special reference to sport facilities at the R. Premadasa International Cricket Stadium, Colombo, Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

A study about the rural dramatic arts in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Which batsmen should be sent to the pitch? : a probability analysis of run scoring process and wicket process

Attributes and issues of tourism development in Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum and its contribution towards the tourism industry

Winning medals at Olympic Games: socio-economic, demographic, political and environmental influences

The use of forbidden drinks in playing games: with special reference to the Olympic Games

Providing for a diverse range of outdoor recreation opportunities: a WALROS approach

“Sri Lankan gastronomy” as a strategy to attract more French touristsError! Bookmark not defined.

Sacred Geography of Chalukya Temples

Vulnerability of sports administration of Sri Lankan popular sportsError! Bookmark not defined.

The effects of migration on the nuclear family................ Error! Bookmark not defined.

The impact of migration on the marital relations and personal development: with reference five villages in Walallawita Regional Secretary Division, Matugama

Quality of life of rural migrants in India: a case study of migrant workers in the construction sector

Impact of women labor migration on savings and investments in Sri Lanka........... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Migration of agricultural labours & its impact on farming sectorError! Bookmark not defined.

xix National security dilemmas of developing small states: a study of Sri Lanka......... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

North Korea's national security strategy and its impact on development................ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

An evaluation of India‟s approach towards Northeast IndiaError! Bookmark not defined.

On the borders: an array of security threats in North-east IndiaError! Bookmark not defined.

Small arms and light weapons proliferation and its implication for West African regional security

Naval competition in South East Asia; India, China and USAError! Bookmark not defined.

Dragon for the rescue: Sri Lanka‟s external policy toward China after 2005.......... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Regionalization of security: the case of South Asia......... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Why program teams do not effectively participate in Knowledge Management (KM):

with special reference to sharing of knowledge.. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Sri Lankan post-war tourism: socio-cultural and environmental impacts................ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Globalised poverty-localized prescriptions: an Indian perspectiveError! Bookmark not defined.

Impact of development strategies in response to globalisation on the Onge tribal society, Little Andaman Island, India

The impact of trade liberalization on the employment level in Sri Lanka............... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Towards fundamentalism: globalization, moral order and the case of Iran............. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Neoliberalism or nothing? : a comment on the choice of economic policy measures for developingcountries in the WTO system, with special reference to trade in services

Financial liberalization index for Sri Lanka

The golden drink goes global: does it bring gold to the local? The effect of globalization on Sri Lanka‟s tea plantations

Neo liberalism and the developing world

Local-global shifts in Sri Lankan society under the globalization process.............. Error!

Bookmark not defined.




Small states in International Relations Theory: theory and practiceError! Bookmark not defined.

Citizenship, autonomy and political closure: re-examining the accommodation of diversity

Relevance of two level game theory in analyzing Sri Lanka's foreign policy (1983-1995)

Democratic system and good governance in Indian perspectiveError! Bookmark not defined.

The effectiveness of the communication in community development projects implemented by the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Sri Lanka

Local governance in Sri Lanka is in crisis

Good governance and land service delivery in Sri Lanka Error! Bookmark not defined.

Sustainability of participatory development projects in local government areas of Sri Lanka: the cases of Community Governance Projects in Nikaweratiya and Navithanvelli Divisional councils

Devolution of power in Sri Lanka and good governance: a study on the contribution of Provincial Councils

Politicization of community organizations and development process in rural Sri Lanka: a case study of Northwestern Sri Lanka................. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Bypassing the state for its own good: the role of NGOs in voicing Southern concerns in global environmental governance

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