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«INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL SCIENCES SRI LANKA – 2013 (ICSS) “Culture, Globalization and the Developing World” 22nd – 23rd November ...»

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“Culture, Globalization and the Developing World”

22nd – 23rd November 2013


The Research Centre for Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Kelaniya


Sri Lanka


© 2013 – Research Centre for Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences,

University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

2nd International Conference on Social Sciences “Culture, Globalization and the Developing World” Responsibility for the contents of the abstracts in this volume remains with the respective authors.

2nd International Conference on Social Sciences Secretariat Research Centre for Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya.

Kelaniya 110067 Sri Lanka.

Web : http://www.kln.ac.lk/socialsciences/web/ICSS2013/ Email : icss2013@kln.ac.lk Tel/ Fax : +94112903815/6 ISBN: 978-955-4563-13-1 Editor-in-Chief : Prof. Piyadasa Ranasinghe Editorial Assistance : Dr. Chamindi Dilkushi Senaratne Wettewe Dr. MG Kularatne Production Credits : Buddhika Gamage Melathi Saldin Sandya Gunasekara Nilantha Ramanayaka Koshalee Kakulandala Anuradha Jayasena Sãnã Medhali Ranasinghe Layout and Cover Design : Nilantha Ramanayaka ii Patron Prof. Sarath Amunugama Vice-Chancellor University of Kelaniya Convener Prof. A.H.M.H. Abayarathne Dean Faculty of Social Sciences University of Kelaniya Organizing Committee Prof. V.G. Kulasena Prof. Piyadasa Ranasinghe Prof. Chandrasiri Rajapaksha Prof. Upali Hettiarachchi Prof. Anura Manatunga Prof. K. Karunathilaka Prof. K.M.P. Kulasekara Prof. U.A. Chandrasena Prof. R.K.L.M. Dharmasiri Prof. Malinga Amarasinghe Prof. W.A. Weerasooriya Prof. H.A. Gamini Kumara Prof. Mapa Thilakarathna Prof. A.A.D. Amarasekara Prof. Daya Edirisinghe Prof. Ajitha Tennakoon Ven. Prof. K. Wimaladhamma Prof. Ranita Rathnayaka Prof. Rohana Laksh

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Chief Coordinator Prof. N.K. Dangalle Prof. Emeritus Faculty of Social Sciences University of Kelaniya 11600 Sri Lanka E-mail: dangalle@kln.ac.lk Tel. / Fax: +94777353127 Coordinators

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Finance & Supply Mr. Jayantha Kalansooriya Mr. W.M.A.M. Jayawardhana Ven. Legumdeniye Piyarathana Mr. Anuradha Jayasena Ven. Kubukandana Rewatha Ms. D.P. Tharangani Mr. W.M.R.K. Weerakoon Mr. Ishara Thilakarathna

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Table of Contents

Message from the Chancellor, University of Kelaniya

Message from the Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education

Message from the Chairperson, University Grants Commission

Message from the Vice-Chancellor, University of Kelaniya

Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Message from the Chief Coordinator of the Conference

Editor‟s Note

Key Note Address

Economy, culture, globalization and that matter of theory:

A view from the South

Abstracts Categories

A historical study of economic life of women from 13th century A. D. to the end of the 15th century

A study on interpretation differences of the meaning of eco resorts by Sri Lankan hoteliers

The role of the traders in monetary transactions in ancient Sri Lanka

Date of the Martello Tower at Hambantota

An exploratory study on archery in Sri Lanka as revealed in Mahawamsa

Heritage site management problem in developing countries: a case study on Temple Town Bishnupur, District Bankura, west Bengal, India

A comparative study of religious teachings for a successful family life

Some esoteric writing methods of demonological manuscripts

Transport system in ancient Sri Lanka

The economic conditions of the Dambadeniya period as depicted by the Royal Donations to the Buddhist Sangha

A study on paintings at Pokunuwita Kithsirimewan Rajamaha Viharaya

A historical overview on flora with reference to the Mahāvamsa

Cultural heritage-treasure hunting in Sri Lanka

Change of topography of Sri Lanka through time: an interactive web based tool........... 14 ix Measures taken by ancient kings to protect animals

Developing Archaeological tourism in prehistoric cave sites of Sri Lanka: potentials and pitfalls

Intercultural influences on the architectural traditions of Jaffna Peninsula: a study focused on the architectural remains of the Manthiri Manai

Palm leaf manuscript culture in Sri Lanka

The digital „Durga‟: tracing religio-cultural development through Willaim Blake‟s mythopoeic structures

Memory, History and Materiality: Seventy-two Horse Riding Deities of Kutch............. 20 The eternity of Kautilya's Mandala theory in the context of establishing the inter-state relationships

Changing patterns of food consumption with special reference to egg, fish and meat in India

Environmental purification through revival of Sacred Groves: an approach within religion practices

A modernist approach to individual differences versus traditional class-based standpoint about adult learners of English from rural backgrounds

The Afrikan Sri Lankans: culture, community and continuity

An analysis of ancient Sri Lankan female clothing details depicted in temple paintings:

Anuradhapura era to the end of the 19th century

Acceptance and rejection in Buddhist monasticism: spatial organization in Nalanda monasteries in Bihar

Studies on Sri Lankan folk drama and ritualistic ceremonies in the Colonial era: a content analysis

Orchestrated celebration: performing a reconstructed identity in the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland (India)

Religious associations and development in India: a study of the Ramakrishna Mission. 30 Ethnic diversity as revealed from the language used in Inscriptions

(3rd B.C. to 10th A.D.)

A comparative study on Mahayana Sutra of the World Father (loka pitṛu) and the Christian Gospels‟ Universal Father

An investigation on the origin of the concept of “God Natha” in Sri Lanka

A study on the communication competence depicted in ''Buthsarana''

Navagraha Shanthikarma (Nine planet ritual) in Southern Province, Sri Lanka............. 35 Organization and management of Buddhist verbal knowledge tradition

x Buddhist point of view on married life

Explanation of resource use pattern between North Central and Northern part of central highland in the early historic Sri Lanka

Judicial administration in ancient Sri Lanka

A historical analysis of laws relating to commercial activities and hospital management in ancient Sri Lanka

Play of novice monks before and after being ordained: an exploratory study................. 41 “Bokken ranga pāmuda”: gut feeling, instinct and rhetoric of Sri Lankan actor learning

Decency movement (Sovaniya Andolan): timeless movement from Odisha, India.........

43 Guidance provided by Buddhism to properly utilize human labour:

a study based on the Sutta Pitaka

Religious associations and development in India: a study of the Ramakrishna Mission. 45 A review on few Sanskrit song compositions of Mahabaleshvara Shastree: with special reference to the Sambhashana sandesha monthly Sanskrit medium journal....... 46 A modernist approach to individual differences versus traditional class-based standpoint about adult learners of English from rural backgrounds

Buddhism in Early Medieval North India (6th Century CE to 13th Century CE).............. 48 Topsy-turvy Exegeses & Theravada Confraternity: A Critical Examination of DA‟s Interpretation on appa-rajakkha

Inter-commentarial Discrepancies & Theravada Confraternity: A Critical Scrutiny on assāsa & passāsa Exegesis in Pali Commentaries

Practice of Transhumance among the Bhotiyas of Central Himalaya- A Case Study...... 51 The Making of Womanhood in Early India: Pativrata in the Mahabharata and Ramayana

Re-emergence of Buddhism in Colonial Bengal.............. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Effects of software development methodologies on outsourced software development projects in Sri Lanka

A survey and comparison of Iranian teachers on knowledge management and social capital: a case study

Subscription libraries in Ceylon in the 19th century: special reference to the Colombo Library, the Ceylon United Service Library and the Colombo Pettah Library

Multi-ethnicity and inclusive development: an inquiry into the catalytic role of framing by media

xi A functionality model for the university library building in Sri LankaError! Bookmark not defined.

Sri Lankan research output at international level: a picture from Scopus................ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Scientometric mapping of Down syndrome research output: a social perspective.. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Computer self-efficacy and computer anxiety: a case study of dental undergraduates in Sri Lanka

A bibliographical survey of the palm leaf manuscripts in Ridiviharaya in Kurunegala District & Aluthepola Ganekanda temple, Gampaha DistrictError! Bookmark not defined.

A study on the impact of end user perception on online training in Virtusa Corporation

Marketing of library services in the context of globalization: a study based on the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) library in Sri Lanka. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

A study of the usage of Information Communication Technology in University libraries in Sri Lanka

A national collaboration plan for the development of libraries in Sri Lanka........... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Variation factors of mobile learning over electronic learning in Information and Communication Technology cultures across EducationError! Bookmark not defined.

An analytical study of Sri Lanka National Library's Authority Control over Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Need of information assessment to achieve balanced and relevant collection building in university libraries: a case study of Main Library, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

Social Sciences in the Dewey Decimal Classification: a critiqueError! Bookmark not defined.

Information marketing in special libraries

Designing an automatic speech recognition system to recognize frequently used words in Sinhala

Library services, resources and information needs of the Technical education sector in Sri Lanka

Study of customer choice regarding selected two wheelers with special reference to Pune city

xii Information needs and information seeking behavior of students at higher educational institutes: with special reference to CINEC Maritime campusError! Bookmark not defined.

An analysis of the technology acceptance model in understanding undergraduates‟ usage behavior of digital library: a case study.............. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Information needs and seeking behaviour of library users at Technical Colleges in the Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Provision of library service to prison inmates in Sri Lanka – a social perspective.. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Your morning cuppa and the language of disability: a study of usage, metaphors and attitudes in Telugu news reporting

The missing link in community informatics: an exploration into the dichotomy of ICT4D policy and implementation dynamics in northeast IndiaError! Bookmark not defined.

Effect of tourism on community: a case study on Belihuloya RegionError! Bookmark not defined.

Variation factors of mobile learning over electronic learning in Information and Communication Technology cultures across educationError! Bookmark not defined.

Reflection of „access‟ in ICT4D evaluation: The case of Nenasala telecenter initiative in Sri Lanka

Application of IT in information management at university library, Gondwana University, Gadchiroli in India: a study.............. Error! Bookmark not defined.

Indian environmentalism: discourse, politics and fragmentsError! Bookmark not defined.

Environmental and social safeguard of irrigation tank rehabilitation in dry zone of Sri Lanka

Sustainability through preservation of biodiversity......... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Some insight into the land use issues in the irrigated settlements in Sri Lanka: a study at East-Peraru Colony in the Kanthale Divisional SecretariatError! Bookmark not defined.

The bio-diversity destruction caused by the harmful human activities: with reference to Munnakkaraya area in the neighbourhood of Negombo lagoon................. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Effect of physical and human factors affecting marine environment and coral reefs: a study of the Galle coastal area

xiii Sustainable development framework for an environmentally sensitive area: the case of Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka

Productive efficiency based collective decision on allocating land for sharecropping in village irrigation systems of Sri Lanka................ Error! Bookmark not defined.

A critical reading of Environmental Kuznets Curve: CO2 emissions in a developing country

Evolution of Kandyan landscape and its consequences: an environmental perspective

Schizophrenic factors among the adolescents in relation to socio and educational aspects

Culture and consumer moral reputation: a challenge to crises communication....... Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Moral development: an analysis

A study on psycho-social problems among alcoholic patientsError! Bookmark not defined.

Torturing animals: a social issue as depicted in Anne Ranasinghe‟s poems............ Error!

Bookmark not defined.

Impact of multicultural initiative on individual‟s professional development in multinational corporations operating in Sri Lanka...... Error! Bookmark not defined.

Socio-economic schemata conveyed through physical appearance of a criminal in an eyewitness context

Bio-social features of criminals: an inquiry into the character traits of persons of hateful and deluded temperaments with special reference to the Visuddhimagga.. Error!

Bookmark not defined.

How Sri Lankan television advertisements influence human unconsciousness in order to grasp the audience

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