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«Team Rector The Rev'd Stephen Edwards Team Vicar: The Rev'd Margaret Young Chairman Parochial Church Wardens: Irene Foden (16) Brian Powell (17) PCC ...»

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St Luke the Physician Church, Benchill Annual Report of the Parochial

Church Council for Year Ended 31st December 2014

Administrative information

St Luke's Church is situated in Benchill, Wythenshawe. It is part of the Diocese of Manchester

within the Church of England, The correspondence address is St Luke's Vicarage, Brownley

Road, Benchill.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity excepted from registration with the Charity


PCC members who have served from 1 January 2014 until the date this report was approved are Team Rector The Rev'd Stephen Edwards Team Vicar: The Rev'd Margaret Young Chairman Parochial Church Wardens: Irene Foden (16) Brian Powell (17) PCC Secretary: Kim Brannan until June 2014 Samantha Mills from June 2014 PCC Treasurer Sue Ransley Co opted Representatives on the Henry Adams (17) Deanery Synod (14-17) Ray Foden (17) PCC members Sheila Arundale,(17) Kath Forden (17), Mary Preston, (17) Lynda Powell, (17) Tracey Rawlins (15), Lay Chair Denise Turtle, (16) Kieran Addison (16) Lorraine Clover (16) Andrea Bradley (16) Joan Longworth co opted from April 2014 Structure, governance and management The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules. All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC.

Objectives and activities St Luke's PCC has the responsibility for co-operating with the team vicar, the Rev'd Margaret Young and, in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic social and ecumenical. It also has maintenance responsibilities for the church, the church hall, the flat and the house on the Brownley Road complex.

Achievements and performance Church Attendance There are 55 parishioners on the Church Electoral Role. The average weekly attendance counted during October was 37.0 adult and 9 children, but this number increased at Remembrance Sunday and Festivals.

Review of year The full PCC met 8 times during the year with an average attendance of 88%. Committees met between meetings and minutes of their deliberations were received by the full PCC and discussed where necessary.

The Rev'd Robin Usher was appointed as team vicar of St Martin's and Priest in Charge of St Michael with all Angels in Northern Moor. The team remains as a team but St Michael’s with all Angels is workingvery closely with us.

In June, Caroline Greenwood was ordained Deacon and will be serving her first title post Assistant Curate under the supervision. Rev'd Donna Williams at St George's Church, Unsworth and St Andrew's Church, Hillock. Aidan, her husband was also accepted for training for ministry and he started his course in September. We wish both of them and their children every success.

Adam Dickson was ordained as Deacon and is assistant curate for the Wythenshawe team under the supervision of Stephen Edwards.

Funding secured by the team has allowed for the employment of a community development worker across the team. Mrs Tracey Rawlins was appointed. Since her appointment, Tracey has secured many grants for different projects across the team.

This year has had the excitement of the church’s 75th Anniversary. There were many events during the year, such as there was a special birthday weekend and previous members of the church were invited for this, there was an Easter egg hunt, teddy bear’s picnic, and a games evening. There events were very popular and everyone involved is to be thanked. Coinciding with this was us receiving a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the repair of the church clock.

The Karate group that stopped using our hall in the previous year have returned are now using the hall twice a week. The Deliverance church has taken over the office space above the small hall. They also use the small hall for worship on a Sunday. We still have a steady flow of occasional users using the large and small hall.

The churches flat and house – The tenants of the flat complained to the council about the amount of damp. Measures were taken to address this issue and the damp is now under control. The rent of the house was increased in April. The flat’s rent was reduced but the gas was no longer included. This has since been revised, and the rent is no longer reduced. The tenants of the house have moved on. The house became vacant in August and was filled in Sept. The flat became vacant in November and new tenants are being sought. The flat has had some of its rooms repainted in readiness for its new occupier. Thank you to everyone especially Brian and Charlie for their help with this.

We are very grateful to a legacy that we were left from the late Doris Whittaker. It was decided to spend this on new hymns books, church roof repair, church lights and a new boiler for the house.

Grants We purchased a strimmer with the grant received in the previous year from Parkway Green now Wythenshawe Community Housing Development. This has been extremely useful for the gardening in the grounds.

Grants have been received have been for an individual from the St Martin's Trust, this has helped greatly with our doorstep ministry.

The church hall was painted with the help of a £500 grant and volunteers from Barclays bank.

See community Development worker report for other news on grants.

Doorstep Ministry We have been fortunate enough to have had a couple of anonymous donations, for the church and doorstep ministry.

Also, please see Community Development Worker Report Food The number of people knocking on the vicarage door asking for food has increased dramatically. It became impossible to run this from the vicarage door. Volunteers from St Luke’s agreed to run this from the church hall three times a week. This has been a he asset to the people of the area. Thank you to all of the volunteers.

Many people donated money, food and time to help. Local schools were asked to donate their Harvest Festivals to this cause. Rachel Preston was instrumental in encouraging other agencies, such as local business to donate food and money. The company that she works for donated food so that a hot meal could be provided one evening.

This is an area that the newly formed Jonah group, consisting of church leaders across Wythenshawe, are taking a keen interest in and it is hoped that further development will take place in the near future.

Building Development in the Neighbourhood.

Margaret, along with support from the Diocese, objected to an 8 storey block of flats being built on the boundary of the vicarage garden. They were unsuccessful and the development has started.

In addition to the 75th Anniversary activities the social committee provided us with a Summer Fair and a Christmas Fair, the fairs were a huge success, this is due to the hard work of many people. The Jumble Sales took place on the last Saturday of most months and continues to provide a welcome steady income from hard working group of people. Congratulations must go to everyone involved in these functions.

Our youth ministry continues to flourish and our team ensures that the younger people have an age related teachings on Christianity. Wythit our youth church continues to engage our young people and take part in services through readings and music. This year our work has focused on our production of Ruth. The wedding scene was filmed with many of the congregation as the wedding guests. The young people worked very hard on this and the film night was in October.

The main actors received mini Oscars. We are grateful to Stuart Townend for permitting us to use his music for this venture.

Robert Addison along with one of our adults David Daniels took their confirmation here at St Luke’s on 30th Nov 2014.Two of our children, Darcie Bradley and Taylor Mills, were admitted to Communion in April 2014.

Links with the schools continue to flourish, Haveley Hey and Benchill School have visited our church and Margaret Young has visited the schools. Both schools have had a hugely successful Christmas Services here too. Margaret was also made honorary chaplain of Manchester College and started in the Autumn term.

Our policies have been updated and are reviewed annually.

The pastoral team continues, once month cards are sent out to families of those baptised and those bereaved.

Joan our organist plays on the second and fourth Sunday and for any special services. Marc and Abby help out on the third Sunday and the first Sunday is usually CDs. Music is enhanced by the singing group and on occasions Wythit.

Special services attract many people, this year we had the addition of an extra service commemorating WW1. At the Remembrance Service the church was full to bursting, the Christingle and Harvest, Easter and Christmas services are well attended. Co operation between St John's and St Luke's continues to flourish with a joint Lent group, a joint Good Friday service and a joint memorial service which was sponsored by Wythenshawe Funeral services. Many thanks to them.

The inside of the church on the upper levels was painted with a grant from the Diocese, as paint was flaking off the walls. The architect Nick Rank visited the church and advised that the walls be scraped and allowed to dry and then painted with breathable paint. This was done but unfortunately the paint had started to flake again. This is an on-going problem for the year 2015.

Our Curate Adam has continue the links ecumenically for the team and there was a successful Christmas event in the Civic before Christmas.

The team website at http://www.wythenshawe-anglican.org attracts hits and this year went on to Facebook and twitter, Stephen Edwards, Robin Usher, Tracey Rawlins and Margaret Young update this regularly.

The Mother's Union meets once a month and provides a valuable service of collecting for students and generally supporting the church in any way in which it can.

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides use the church Hall weekly. The lunch club use the hall once a fortnight and this runs straight after the weekly Wednesday Welcome Service which is much appreciated by those who attend.

In August, the Apostolic found a new home and no longer use our church.

In September, unfortunately we lost a longstanding member of the congregation Barry Days, our thoughts and prayers are for his wife Carole and their family.

Children's Ministry Our children’s ministry work usually takes place during Sunday morning services under the title of Footprints. Attendance was low in the first half of this year but average attendance is now 10 per week (ages 3-11) We have 5 regular volunteers on the team who plan and run sessions with extra helpers at various points in the year. Our older young people’s group BigKidz has stopped meeting regularly due to changes in the rota and personal work patterns but all the BigKidz are engaged in other things. We recently trialled a film night called Film and Fries which we will endeavour to run at least once a term. A regular feature of the year is our annual Celebration Service which takes place in July. This is usually an interactive service with a difference and was well attended by the congregation which means a lot to the Team and of course to our children. Children and young people contribute to our all age worship regularly through readings, music and prayers. We anticipate at least two new volunteers joining the Team in September. They will be subject to the usual mandatory checks and support and training. We will continue to pray for more male workers to join our Team. The PCC makes a regular financial contribution to this work which enables us to buy new materials and resources and reward the children with a gift or appropriate trip once a year at little or no cost to families.

Tracey Rawlins Pastoral Ministry We continue to attend Vestry Hour in the vicarage once a month on a rota basis, and we send out the cards to families on the anniversary of a Baptism, and to those families who have been bereaved to let them know we are thinking of them.

We visit members of our congregation at home and in hospital. Please let us know if you hear of anyone in our congregation or parish who would welcome a visit.

The Diocese have appointed a Chaplain to the ALM’s. She is Revd Helen Scanlon from Heaton Chapel. We had our first fellowship evening at the Diocese last November where we talked about how things were going in our churches in our various electives, and the evening ended with a time of worship. There are going to be regular evenings arranged, probably quarterly.

I have attended an interesting day at 90 Deansgate all about the ministry of baptisms and funerals. Two very different sessions but most informative and enjoyable.

–  –  –

Financial Review - 2014 Financial Review – 2014 Total receipts on ordinary unrestricted funds was £47,205.55 and are detailed in the financial statements. £46,430.87 was spent to provide the Christian ministry from St Luke’s Church, including our contribution to the Diocesan Parish Share at £12,121.00, which largely provides the stipends and housing for the Clergy. Our Share reduced by £109. The sum that the churches in the Deanery have to find is shared between the churches according to a formula that is based on a head count of the congregation and their individual incomes. This information is anonymous.

We had an increase of just over 5% in our Church running expenses and a reduction of around 8.5% in our Hall running expenses. We continue to have a steady flow of one-off hirers of our Hall, and regular weekly groups. Our total giving to St Lukes, including the tax refund on our Gift Aid, showed an increase overall of almost £500. We hold within our Hall Account a “Contingency Fund” to which we allocate £250 a month to allow for any unexpected urgent repairs.

The net result for the year on unrestricted funds was an excess of receipts over payments of £774.68. After adding back the bank balance brought forward at 1st January 2014, the balance carried forward at 31st December 2014 for unrestricted funds totalled £15,935.23. This is the total for our Church and Hall accounts combined.

Reserves Policy We try to keep a balance in our accounts to cover standing orders and direct debits on a monthly basis. Ideally we would like to keep a balance to cover 6 months payments but we do not have the income to do this.

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