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Music Online has the largest international listing of online digital music services and retailers. This section carries links to scores of music download sites and other sources of information about online music. It also contains news, commentary and a timeline of the music sector’s moves to create an online music business.

Viewpoints features quotes from music specialists, including large and small record labels, music associations, retailers and the media. The section also provides an overview of other campaigns launched by music groups from around the world.

‘Free Music?’ confronts some of the biggest myths about online music piracy.

On Copyright. Copyright is often misunderstood or misrepresented as serving only the interests of big business. ‘On Copyright’ explains why copyright is needed and what the laws mean. This section also provides a more technical explanation on how to reset or uninstall p2p software to stay legal, and provides guidance for companies and colleges who wish to implement policies to avoid copyright theft.

‘Young People, Music and the Internet’ – a guide for parents In June 2005 IFPI and its music sector partners in Pro-music joined up with children’s Internet charity Childnet International to launch a new information campaign aimed at educating parents about file-sharing and music on the internet.

A leaflet – ‘Young People, Music and the Internet - a guide for parents about p2p, file-sharing and downloading’ – was distributed via record stores, supermarkets, schools, libraries and websites in six languages and in 19 countries worldwide.

The guide aims to help parents to keep up with the music downloading habits of their children. While millions of young people are regularly downloading music from legal services and peer-to-peer networks, Childnet believes that many parents are struggling to understand how the technology works and are unable to give advice to their children on how they can stay safe, secure and legal on the internet.

In 2004 alone Childnet worked in over 190 schools across the UK and carried out informal polls with pupils which revealed that in any given class at least 50 per cent of the pupils will have used p2p. This is backed up by research published last year by the London School of Economics which showed that among the 84 per cent of 9-19 year olds who use the internet daily or weekly, 45 per cent download music. The same report also revealed that only one in ten parents, when asked, knew how to download music from the internet.

The campaign was initially launched in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US. This was followed by later roll-outs in Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore and Portugal with launches planned in Iceland, Mexico and Croatia for 2006.

A number of leading charities and non-governmental bodies supported the Childnet campaign including UNICEF and Save the Children in Spain, the Safe Internet Foundation in the Netherlands and The National Association for Childhood Protection in Italy.

In the US, the campaign was launched by MusicUnited at the time of the Grokster decision and supported by the College Parents Association of America.

The guide is available at www.pro-music.org, and linked via a banner from the websites of individual members of Pro-music and of other campaign partners. The banner also appears on the home-pages of the affiliated charities, on online music services, on some record label sites and the websites of reputable parent/children online resources.

The Childnet guide explains what p2p services are, outlines the security and legal risks to children and the family computer as well as the benefits, and gives practical advice to help ensure that children’s enjoyment of music on the internet is safe and legal.

Although seven out of ten consumers are now aware of the illegality in sharing copyrighted material online, many parents are still unaware of the potential wider security and online safety risks such as harmful content, unsolicited advertising, or other ‘malware’ such as spyware and viruses. The guide also gives advice on the rapidly expanding legal online sites now numbering over 300 worldwide - where fans can download music safely and legally.

These sites are listed on the pro-music website, www.promusic.org, which has given advice to Childnet on producing the guide.

Copyright Use and Security Guide for Companies and Governments Originally launched in February 2003, IFPI’s Copyright Use and Security Guide for Companies and Governments was updated and relaunched in September 2005 together with a separate initiative, Digital File Check.

It was designed as a guide for employers, making clear their responsibilities to clean their computer networks from copyright infringement and was distributed to companies internationally.

The guide was issued with a joint ‘call to action’ to company chiefs from John Kennedy, Dan Glickman and Charlotte Lund-Thomsen, respective heads of IFPI, MPA and IVF. The guide was officially endorsed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

In a joint letter launching the guide they wrote: “In a new initiative, our industries are turning to the responsibilities in this area of companies and organisations. Illegal peer-to-peer distribution is not just happening on the home PC. Employees are involved in their work place as well. This not only wastes the organisation’s time and money – it can put them at risk of legal prosecution. Today employers have no excuse for being uninformed of these risks, and for not addressing them in a responsible manner.”

The guide was translated by several National Groups and launched with tailored campaigns:

Spain: Spanish guide was sent to 3,000 Spanish companies and organizations.

Netherlands: Launched Feb 2006 and sent to 4,000 companies, addressing the CEO and the communications representative.

UK: Sent to the IT managers at the top 500 FTSE companies and to 500 local councils Denmark: Launched in digital form by the Danish anti-piracy group.

Greece: Copies of the guide were sent to top Greek companies.

Belgium: Produced with support of the Belgian Authors’ society SABAM, local MPA group, BAF and the Belgian branch of BSA. The guide was launched with a press conference on 6th March 2006 for the campaign “It’s Your Business”. It was also launched on IFPI Belgium’s website and sent to more than 14,000 companies.

The guide has also been launched in Italy and Germany with a Swedish version due to launch later.

Copyright Use and Security Guide for Academic Institutions IFPI’s network of National Groups stepped up their efforts with academic institutions in 2003 with the distribution of Copyright Use and Security Guides to educational establishments in up to 20 countries The guide’s recommendations address the problem of the legal and technical risks they run when copyright material is copied and transmitted over computer networks without permission from the rights owner including injunctions, damages, costs and possible criminal sanctions against the institutions and senior executives where systems are used for copyright theft.

It also highlighted the security and practical concerns when copyright material is copied and transmitted indiscriminately on the systems of academic institutions. It advised that it is in

their interest to address such activities, which:

• clog universities' computers and internet bandwidth, impairing the legitimate academic pursuits of staff and students

• expose academic systems to viruses and other harmful programs

• bring other types of illegal material onto their systems

• damage their reputation and send the wrong message to students who are expected to avoid plagiarism in their academic work and otherwise obey the law.



Austria: Following the distribution of the brochure to 115 universities and teaching institutions in Austria, IFPI Austria is cooperating with universities and infringements are brought to the attention of the university or institute.

Canada: The Canadian group CRIA made contact with the head of the association of Universities and Colleges of Canada to help further cooperation and understanding between students and the music industry.

Czech Republic: There has been a particular problem at Prague University’s dormitories (called Silicon Hill by students), which was the biggest and fastest downloading hub in the capital. As a result of pressure from the industry, the university introduced measures and policies to address the infringement of rights.

Italy: Following a comprehensive mail-out, there were follow-up meetings with managers of a number of Regional Educational Offices. Some Regional Educational Offices instructed schools in their region to adopt measures to address the sale of pirate CDs and measures to prevent use of unauthorised music files on the institutions’ servers.

Netherlands: The anti-piracy wing Brein agreed with technical universities (after finding widespread infringing files and related activities on their servers) to implement policies and procedures. NVPI and Brein also gave presentations to students at various universities and worked on a copyright awareness campaign for schools.

Poland: The Polish group ZPAV engaged in an information campaign. In the first stage letters were sent both to 84 academic institutions and to 627 large businesses.

Sweden: The guides triggered responses from institutions and IFPI had meetings with those responsible for IT security at Sweden’s universities. Some decided to close down all types of file-sharing networks, and others implemented policies.

Digital File Check Launched alongside the Copyright Use and Security Guide for Companies and Governments in September 2005, Digital File Check (DFC) is a simple educational tool that aims to guide computer users, many of whom might be new to the world of online music. Digital File Check helps to show how they, or their families, colleagues and friends, can enjoy music and film legally and responsibly without risking legal action by copyright holders.

Digital File Check helps to remove or block any of the unwanted “file-sharing” programmes commonly used to distribute copyrighted files illegally. It also allows the user to delete copyrighted music and video files from the “shared folders” of the computer from where they are commonly swapped illegally on the internet.

Developed by IFPI in conjunction with the Motion Picture Association, representing the film industry, DFC is available online and on CD in countries including Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

Digital File Check is an initiative aimed at all individual computer users as well as organisations. It could be especially useful for parents who want to encourage their children to enjoy music responsibly on the internet. It is free, voluntary and for private use only and does not tip-off any anti-piracy organisations.

Digital File Check can be downloaded from http://www.ifpi.org/sitecontent/antipiracy/digital-file-check.html which offers a full demonstration of the programme and an FAQ for any queries. The user can select a language option and then follow the simple instructions.

There are three main options within the programme; it can:

1) Identify what file-sharing software is on your computer – which can help you stop illegal file-sharing

2) Find out what files are in your “shared folders” – these are likely to be illegal files

3) Conduct an inventory of all music, video and image files on your computer If a user runs a search on file-sharing software available on the computer, DFC will list what it has found and there is the option to delete the file-sharing software. If someone does choose to delete the software he or she will no longer be file-sharing with others.

There is also an option to delete “shared” files or to move them to another folder so they are no longer available to be ‘shared’ by other people.

The inventory option is a useful tool for checking through all the files on your computer but it will not affect whether you are illegally file-sharing or not.

Copyright Awareness Campaigns around the World Many IFPI National Groups have launched website and audiovisual campaigns promoting awareness of copyright and value of music, many of which can be downloaded from the

following link:

http://www.promusic.org/viewpoints/labelsspeak.htm (select a country under ‘Viewpoints’) These include a video of ‘The Drummer’, available in several languages plus others, some of which are listed below Argentina IFPI’s Argentinian group CAPIF launched an ad campaign promoting the value of music, available to download at the IFPI link above USA RIAA launched the ‘Music United’ website (http://www.musicunited.org/) Singapore The Singapore group RIAS launched a similar campaign promoting the value of music http://www.keepthemusicalive.com/ Japan RIAJ launched a poster campaign promoting the tagline ‘Love Music? Save Music!’ which

drew on the support of several artists:

New Zealand RIANZ produced a series of posters with an anti-piracy message ‘Brn & Get Brnt’ and promoted it as an ‘awareness’ campaign Netherlands NVPI launched a Pro-music initiative in May 2006 called True Fan (http://www.truefan.nl/truefan/home.asp?pagnaam=homepage)

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1) A sample of music education programmes carried out by IFPI national groups

2) Factsheets which accompanied IFPI’s announcement of the latest wave of litigation against file-sharers (4th April 2006)

• Factsheet: Copyright Overview & FAQ

• Factsheet: The Legitimate Digital Music Market Takes Off

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[Summary of national programs as provided by national industry bodies] Austria "The Value of Ideas" ("Ideen sind etwas wert") Educational materials for Austrian schools.

Initiated by IFPI Austria, written by a team of experts, accompanied by a steering committee of teachers/academics supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education.

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