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May 2006

IFPI, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, represents the recording

industry worldwide, with a membership that includes more than 1,400 producers and

distributors in over 70 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific,

and Africa. IFPI’s membership includes the major multinational recording companies, hundreds of independent record companies, large and small, located throughout the world, and 48 national affiliated industry associations. The members of IFPI are involved in the production and distribution of sound recordings representing human musical impression of all kinds, popular, classical and culture, jazz, and folklore.

An important aspect of IFPI’s mission is to promote the value of music worldwide and to work closely with governments, legislators and enforcement authorities around the world.

IFPI dedicates substantial resources to education and public awareness of decision makers and the general public. IFPI develops teaching and educational materials and programs and contributes to the training of law enforcement officers.

The following report explains the work of IFPI’s enforcement team in raising awareness and training law enforcement agencies, and then sets out in more detail IFPI’s educational campaigns as part of IFPI’s PR and communications work.



IFPI's international office in London, and the national groups in each country provide a valuable resource to governments on a wide range of industry issues. IFPI participates in consultation processes and comments on draft laws, providing the global recording industry perspectives and experience on a wide range of issues involving copyright and enforcement.

In reaction to physical piracy, i.e. the infringing production and dissemination of music carriers on e.g. CDs, DVDs, or burnt CD-Rs, IFPI develops publications targeted at raising awareness to the piracy problem in different countries of the world. One example is IFPI’s Enforcement Bulletin, now published three times a year, and sent to enforcement authorities worldwide bringing up-to-date information about investigations and cooperation with local enforcement agencies.

IFPI’s enforcement department publishes guides aimed at educating a broad range of people to recognise pirate product. IFPI also carries out surveys on the efficiency of investigation and enforcement techniques which are later used to produce instruction manuals.


IFPI devotes substantial resources to the training of law enforcement officials at training seminars and conferences. While we organise and run seminars, we more often contribute to seminars organised by our national groups and participate in seminars organised by third parties. Training is occasionally sponsored and cooperated with other creative industries such as the MPA, BSA and Microsoft. IFPI has a particularly close relationship with the MPA and frequently share platforms with this organisation.

A significant amount of training and liaison has been conducted by IFPI’s secretariat with IFPI national groups, to ensure the quality of cooperation of national industry bodies with customs authorities in particular.

An intranet based training programme has been rolled out and is available to national recording industry bodies. This programme is currently updated to include versions in Spanish and Portuguese following demand from IFPI Latin America.

For enforcement purposes, IFPI maintains an optical disc forensics lab, which is recognised by many specialist law enforcement units around the world. IFPI has trained many national law enforcement units by inviting personnel for training or by visiting their respective countries to advise specialist forensic teams in setting up laboratories.

Regional IFPI offices and national industry bodies take responsibility for training programmes in their respective regions, assisted with product support, presentations, videos and other material from the central office in London. Where such individually sponsored programmes are conducted they are now more frequently targeted at specific training needs such as ‘Optical Disc Forensics’ and assisting specialist training units to establish training facilities in their own country. Training programs often include visits to IFPI’s office for a period of intensive training or by IFPI personnel visiting the country concerned.

Training seminars organised by third parties with IFPI participation include programmes in cooperation with the EU, WCO (World Customs Organisation), Interpol, and UNESCO. Training is regularly carried out with members of EU customs and the WCO. Training techniques aim to create an interactive environment, encouraging participation of the students in problem solving exercises. Close working relationships have been built up with DG Taxud of the EU and joint training programmes specifically targeted at customs officers have been among the best prepared and resourced events. We have also conducted training seminars under various other EU sponsored programmes such as CARDS, PHARE and SECI.

The majority of training programmes organised by IFPI are targeted at law enforcement and administrative bodies with IP powers but a significant number of attendees come from the judiciary and prosecutors departments. Where possible, training is targeted at the trainers within training establishments in the sole called ‘Training the Trainers’ events.

Training the trainer.

This concept is designed to enhance the effectiveness of training conducted by IFPI and other rights holders teaching those responsible for training in LEA academies and training schools, thereby multiplying the effect of individual training sessions. The idea has been around for some years now and has been used by IFPI on several occasions. Other organisations such as the WCO and UNESCO also use this method bringing in recognised trainers for intensive 3 and 4 day courses designed to cover all aspects of IPR enforcement.

One such training session organised by UNESCO took place in Sofia, Bulgaria in May 2004 for representatives from seven S.E. European countries. IFPI played a very active role in the preparation and delivery of this seminar, which was widely seen as being a model for other regional programmes. One of the effects of this particular programme was that those attending were encouraged to conduct seminars within their own countries within one year.

As a result training sessions were conducted in Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro, Macedonia and Romania. In each of these follow up sessions IFPI either provided some training material and publications or was invited to attend.

Booklets and material.

IFPI has published various training materials from a video called ‘Tracking the Music Pirates’ in 2000 to a very comprehensive ‘Manual of Guidance’. Training material has been translated into several languages including Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. Chapter three of this manual which deals with identification of product has been translated into other languages some of which are available of the IFPI website (http://www.ifpi.org/sitecontent/apresources/materials.html).

One of the most popular publications is the Z card, a folding pocket sized guide jointly produced by IFPI and the MPA, that has been published in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Malaysian, Spanish and Thai.

Cooperation with Interpol.

IFPI was one of the original members of the Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Action Group (IIPCAG). As part of the groups’ long term strategy to improve IPR awareness for the Interpol members (Police in 161 countries), the IFPI training unit wrote a generic IPR training manual.

The Interpol manual which has been published in electronic format on CD-R, is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, the four Interpol languages.

Examples from selected countries.

Cyprus IFPI was invited to attend a seminar at the Police academy in Cyprus. Following four days of training, officers were able to obtain search warrants for various sites on the island known to sell infringing products and conduct raids with participation of private sector experts. The Cyprus Police now maintain a small dedicated IPR unit.

Iceland Two training seminars were held for Icelandic customs officers and one third of the islands customs officers received training. Within two days of the seminar customs officers had made a seizure of counterfeit discs in a container.

Spain Due to burgeoning piracy rates training schedules were stepped up. Approximately 3000 officers are trained per year and seizures of illegal product have multiplied. The net result is that street sellers have disappeared from view and sales of genuine product have increased.

Panama IFPI and the Panamanian customs authorities have concluded an MOU. A close working relationship has since been developed.

Thailand The Thai Government is currently exploring the possibility of acquiring an optical disc forensic capability. As part of the project, IFPI undertook to train the Dept. of Intellectual Property and Royal Thai Police officers in exemplar and plant visit protocols and the fundamentals of Optical Disc Forensics. As a direct result of the training, IFPI subsequently participated in a plant visit program, with over 30 optical discs plants inspected under new optical disc laws.


Education and public awareness of copyright have a vital role to play in the future success of the music and creative industries in the digital era. The recording industry has been extremely proactive in this area internationally in recent years. In some countries it has enjoyed significant support from government, in forms ranging from ministerial endorsement of industry initiatives to financial sponsorship.

IFPI has launched a series of multi-country educational projects in the last three years, each aimed at enhancing public awareness of copyright and of the issues surrounding music on the internet among specific audiences. These have variously been cited as best practice by the European Commission, endorsed by the International Chamber of Commerce, and jointly launched by the Governments of Austria, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong and Netherlands.

They include:

• The cross-sector www.pro-music.org campaign branded “Everything You Need To Know About Music Online”. The website, launched in six languages, is the most comprehensive international education resource on legitimate digital services and copyright issues. It is supported by an international alliance of musicians, performers, artists, major and independent record companies and retailers across the music industry.

• A guide produced with children’s welfare charity Childnet International and the music sector’s “pro-music” alliance – ‘Young People, Music and the Internet’ – which has been distributed widely in 11 countries. The guide is cited in the EU Commission’s proposed ‘Charter of Commendable Practices’ needed to stimulate the growth of film online. Available at www.pro-music.org

• A publicly-available software programme, Digital File Check, that helps to remove or block any of the unwanted "file-sharing" programmes commonly used to distribute copyrighted files illegally. It also allows the user to delete copyrighted music and video files from the "shared folders" of the computer from where they are commonly swapped illegally on the internet. The system is available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It can be obtained at www.pro-music.org

• A Copyright and Security Guide for companies, produced jointly by the music, film and video industries and endorsed by the International Chamber of Commerce. The guide has been distributed to companies in the UK and seven other countries.

Pro-music In June 2003 IFPI joined with an alliance of music sector groups to launch www.pro-music.org

- a major educational tool raising awareness of legitimate ways to download music, of the creative processes in making music and of copyright laws internationally. Over the last three years, pro-music has been rolled out in national versions in five countries – Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria and Portugal. Pro-music remains the most authoritative central repository information about legitimate digital music. It provides a library of links to the more than 300 legitimate digital music sites. It is branded “Everything You Need To Know About Music Online”.

Pro-music features a step-by-step guide to the processes in making music and the teams of people involved, viewpoints on the piracy debate from a cross-section of artists, the media and the public, and answers to frequently asked questions about copyright laws for online music.

Content of the Pro-music website The Pro-music site divides into six sections: Making Music, Artists Speak, Music Online, Viewpoints, ‘Free Music?’ and On Copyright.

Making Music takes a look behind the scenes at the specialist skills and practical experience needed to do some of the hundreds of different jobs that help musicians and artists attain their vision and get it out to the world. Making Music also expresses views from across the music-making community, from top successful managers to aspiring music students at the very start of their career.

Artists Speak features a range of artists and musicians, from different genres, and from different countries around the world, explaining how they feel about having their music taken without permission, how it affects the work and livelihoods of all those involved and how it stunts the development of new talent.

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