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«In the book of Acts of the Bible, the fifth book in the New Testament, Chapter2; Verse 17, we read how God will speck, and to whom He will share His ...»

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As I was watching this destruction some of the youths were throwing up at me, bits of broken furniture and other debris, because I was there present watching the destruction, and I was constantly swerwing and dodging the thrown debris that was aimed at me, and I noticed that the youngest of them all had this glow of hatred in their eyes, all bent on vengeance and destruction and shouting verbal abuse at me and smashing and burning everything in their sight.

All of a sudden the older youth began to run out of the front door, while leaving the young ones to continue in their destruction, and eventually they too left in a hurry through the front door.

I slowly walked down the stairway to see the damage that they have done, all of a sudden there were other youths amongst the broken debris, but these youths were different in their looks, they merely were looking at chaos of smashed up things, they were totally silent and surprised that this could happen, they had different peaceful look in their eyes a different spirit was in their heart, so we were all silently gazing at this smoldering mess I heard a loud voice saying!

(They knew what they were doing.) I observed that they smashed the plastic casing of the electrical tools in order to render them useless, by starting fire in the wiring of the motors, therefore these young men boys were programmed to smash burn and destroy.

How could this programming of their minds happen, it is not hard to see, and to understand the influence of the television & videos and other mind altering games that you can buy in any video shop or watch television for a while day & night and there you will see what goes in the mind of the youths of today. So it is obvious that movies & television & videos has been the teacher of hatred and violence, programming our young ones to behave that way.

And God will permit & use these youths to bring to this nation & every nation on earth a time civil disorder chaos & destruction on our streets and homes.

Psalm Chapter 75 verse 6 to 8 tells us it is God who will bring these events to being Zechariah Chapter 8 Verse 10.

There was no peace from the enemy for whoever went out and whoever came in for I set all men everywhere against his neighbour.

This has happened before, to a nation called Israel because they forgotten their Creator and became worse than the nation around, them look at the book of Isaiah Chapter 3 the whole chapter.

Here the almighty is Judging the whole nation and bringing destruction upon them for their disobedience. Towards Him.

Verse 4 I will give children to be their rulers and little ones will rule over them every one will be oppressed.

Verse 12 as for my people, children are their oppressors, and women will rule over them. There you have it. This happened before and it will happen again. Matthew 24 Verse 21.

For there will be great tribulation, such that has not being since the beginning of the world until this time nor ever shall be again.

Luke 21, verse 16 talking about true Christians you will be betrayed even by your loved ones members of your family.

Before these things happens, they were lay hands on you and persecute you.

So the true Christians, those are born again of the sprit of God, they too are about to face the hatred of the world including a violent youthful society.

The nations of the world will reap what they have sown, they deserve it.

Let it come, I pray, for the true Christians, this will separate the sheep from the greedy unloving self-centered lazy, fashionable church going people.

They are so called goats.

Read Matthew Chapter 25: 31 to 46 if you are a Christian (a true one) Check yourself against this chapter above.

Please go where there is a need and make Jesus known where ever you go.

To summaries, the nations of the world including Australia has planted in the mind of the youths, seeds of evil doing and they will reap a harvest of destruction. The harvest is ripe.

13. The End-With a New Beginning Following It.

When I had written about 100 pages of this book, I thought I had covered everything there was to cover on this subject, and so put an end to it.

But I felt within me that there was something I had omitted, although I could not place my finger on what it was that I had missed.

All I knew was that there was something yet to be added to this book, it was not complete. I prayed to God through Jesus, asking Him as to what it could be, but I received no answer.

One-and a-half weeks later, a new sister in Christ, who had recently been giving her help in bringing this book to being, by typing the manuscript, came to me and said she had awoken that morning, with a page number of her Bible imprinted on her mind. When she had read this page in her Bible, she felt it was a confirmation to her about the book I was writing.

After she had related this to me, we immediately began to read the page from her Bible, it was Isaiah, Chapter 2. I knew instantly that the last chapter of this book was to be extracted from what the Lord had revealed to her. God did answer me, in his own perfect timing. To Him be the glory and honour and majesty! God wants to involve all the believers to do His work on this earth.

Now as for me, I’m not a writer at all! All my working life has been in the building trade. I can build you a house, but I have never put pen to paper to write anything of substance before. It was God who inspired me, He placed the desire there, To Him only be the Glory!

The Bible says in 2 Peter 3;10 that at the close of the age, God is going to shake this planet and completely upturn it, so that all of man’s endeavours will be utterly shattered into dust. All our cities will be flattened all our roads will be made impassable, all our dams will be cracked open and their life giving water spilt out.

Tidal waves will roar across the oceans and most of our ships will be sunk, and the remainder will be scuttled by waves, and driven into the rocks.

Read Revelations 8;9. Now Peter was inspired to state in 2 Peter 3;9-13 Verse 11 says “Since all of these things be destroyed in this way, what kind of people should you be?” “Your lives should be Holy, and dedicated to God, as you wait for the day that Jesus will appear. That is do your best to make it come soon.

This will be a day when the heavens (the sky above) will burn up and be destroyed (through atomic warfare) and the heavenly bodies will be melted by the heat.” Verse 13 says (and I believe this is the best part to come) “But we wait and look forward with gladness in our hearts, with expectations for what God has promised.” After this holocaust there will be a new heaven and a new earth were right-living that will bring happiness will be taught and practiced. Where men will no longer learn how to make war, or to make and produce war implements to kill and maim the innocent (Isaiah 2;4).

This is what the Bible calls peace on earth and goodwill to all men. At last! For at least 1000 years (a millennium)!. During this time Jesus will have established His rulership on this planet earth, assisted by the Saints, for the overall benefit of all mankind.

This will be the end of all party politics and all ideologies invented by man, whether they be good or bad. No more carnal, limited, greedy, vain, physical, mortal leaders to rule us. These ambitious men and women will be replaced by force, by Christ and His Saints and angels (Revelations 2;26Will this be welcomed by the leaders of the world? No! Certainly not.

There will be total world-wide opposition to Christ. Read Revelations 19;11When Jesus comes back, He is not coming back as meek and mild and compassionate, to be trodden on, spat upon, beaten and nailed again!

He is coming back with eyes that look like flames of fire (Verse 12), and a crown will be on His head adorning His pierced brow. (The Crown means He will rule as King of Kings). Verse 15 tells us that the nations of this earth will oppose Him and declare war against Him, Jesus. How stupid can you get? A creature opposing his creator?!! You see, at this very time just prior to Jesus’ return, the whole world and all its inhabitants will be under the sway and power of the end times’ world leader, whom the Bible calls “Man of Sin” (2 Thessalonians 2; 3-8).

This man will be totally possessed by the devil himself. The archdeceiver will have taken control supernaturally of the whole world through this charismatic, despotic, world-acclaimed leader, who is soon going to show his ugly head.

Naturally, this man with the devil in his body, will resist Christ as new King of Kings! The devil will inspire this man to gather all the nations together to fight Christ and His heavenly armies!

I tell you it is a foregone conclusion. We have won the total war! It is written for us ahead of time, read revelations 19;19-21. It will be final for the devil and his followers. But we are promised that at the time there will be a new world – a new time – a time of renewal. A new, God-instituted, world order, where mankind will never be afraid again, and peace will reign, and be experienced by all on earth for the first time in human history.

The whole topography of the earth will be altered in this end time war.

But at last the world will be at rest. It will enjoy its Sabbaths once more, no more crying, or sorrows caused by war. The righteous will reign on the earth and they will see that justice is done for all, equally and impartially.

God says in Isiah 2:4 “He, Jesus, will settle disputes amongst great nations.” You see, life will go on. The nations and some of their peoples will still be here, badly mauled but nevertheless, still nations, fewer in numbers, and entering into a glorious new beginning! They, the nations, will hammer their swords into ploughs, and their spears into pruning hooks, and they will never learn as to how to wage war against one another.

Throughout all of man’s history, there was often many a peace-loving man or woman who had sighed and longed for such a time as what we are about to enter into. (By Divine intervention only!) Most men desire to live in peace, but let me tell you that his own perverted, rebellious, greedy, ambitious, devilish nature will not allow him!

Besides all this, the devil himself and all of his demons will be taken out of the earths atmosphere and cast into Hell itself, and there they will be kept for at least one thousand years. (Revelations 20;1-3) Michael the archangel, with all of God’s warring angels, will have the job to clean up this tormenting scum and his mob and jail them up in the pit, where they will cause trouble and sorrow no more!

Soon there will be peace, peace and more peace, for generation after generation to enjoy, in the new age. Do you know why? Man, that is natural man in his fallen unconverted state, which is what we see today in our world leaders in the way they have behaved and are behaving right now – will no longer be boss over us! Isaiah 2;22 says “Do not put your trust in mortal man, he is of no account.” For he is born greedy, selfish, and a murderer at heart and will never, never, absolutely NEVER (a thousand times let it resound NEVER R R R ) rule his own kind on this earth! Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Let it come soon, very soon!

Further, we are told in Micah 4;4 “Everyone will live in peace among his own vineyards and fig trees” (and mango, orange, and banana trees).

Notice it says “his own fig trees”, not belonging to an absentee landlord.

All carnal and physical royalty will be abolished. No more human blood-suckers or parasites, who for thousands of years have bled and trampled the poor and innocent underfoot.

The Bible says in Micah 4;4 “that nobody will ever be afraid again.

“.” Fear will be banished, and love and joy restored. No more will the strong and ruthless gain the upper band, and rule the earth. The Lord Almighty has promised this is to happen, and the new day is nearly upon us!.

I can almost see the sunrays breaking on the horizon, with Joy and Peace written on the beams of light, declaring there is hope for man after the night, with a glorious new day dawning!

I hope and pray you will be there, my dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ; either ruling with Christ or beginning a new life in the peaceful, renewed earth.

You have been warned. I love you all, good and bad alike. Now!

While there is still time left, I plead and beg you, if you are not saved, to call on the Name of Jesus to save your soul, and join me and countless others, in the new world to come. Amen.

Maranatha (which mean’s ‘Jesus is coming back soon’) Author of this book: Nas. Bond servant of Jesus Christ the Creator of all that we see & move and has breath, the only saviour of mankind, soon to appear as Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords, & to take control and rule and restore this polluted planet and all remaining living people forever and ever

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