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«In the book of Acts of the Bible, the fifth book in the New Testament, Chapter2; Verse 17, we read how God will speck, and to whom He will share His ...»

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For further information as to what has happened in the past and is happening now to the Christians behind the Iron Curtain and bamboo curtain, please write to this address: The Voice of the Martyrs, P.O. Box 598, Penrith, Sydney, N.S.W. 2750. If you are interested and concerned, whether you are a true Christian or not, I urge you to write to the above address for further information. Your must know about the crimes committed against our dearly beloved brothers and sisters in chains, If you claim to be a Christian, and you refuse to inform yourself as to their present plight, I call you a heartless phoney. I doubt if you are really born again of the love of Jesus. The Bible says, remember those who are persecuted and jailed for the name of Jesus. That is Help them! Help them in what they need, that is sustenance and clothing for their bodies.

Their Bibles are daily confiscated and destroyed, their printing presses are constantly searched for, and sometimes found and destroyed, and their Christian operators are jailed for 10 to 20 or to 30 years in mental hospitals or in hard labour camps, and are finally destroyed. What happens to their children? Help them! Help them, they need mine and your help. Cod will honour you if you give them any support in funds, and prayer continually.

You can support and build a thousand churches, but God will not (Never, not now, or in the future) say thanks to you. But help anyone in need, whether he is a believer or not, and God will record it, they are the deed that are counted in your favour. Please inform yourself of their plight and help them right now!

The Preachers of this country never speak on these things, they choose to ignore, or are ignorant of, these past and present events affecting our brothers and sisters overseas. How can you be so indifferent to their hunger and thirst and beatings? Are you really born of love, or still a child of the devil? The Bible says that we are to bleed with those who are beaten, and when they are hurt, the pain should be felt in our bodies.

When they cry, we should cry too. We are all part of one body of Jesus and by interconnection, we should be affected! When your toe is stubbed, is not the whole of your body concerned? Do you not begin to take steps to care for that sore toe?

They may be far away, and speak another language, but they are our brothers and sisters, and are in pain and sorrow and they want and need right now!

I tell you, your buildings will soon come crashing down, so why continue to give all of your time and wages for them? Be smart and back a winner, by sustaining God’s children to continue to fight and spread the gospel in Satan-infested, communistic countries, and eventually you will be rewarded by Jesus when you will hear Him say (Matthew 25:36-) “For I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, and you took me in, naked, and you gave me clothes. I was sick and you visited me. I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Then shall the righteous, (those who have done these things for the unfortunate souls whom Jesus said were His brothers and sisters) hear Jesus say “In as much as you have done unto (or helped) one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you have done it unto Me.” But this is what the almighty Lord will say to those fashionable, church-going, tithing (funds for supporting the building of churches) hypocrites or phoneys and sinners alike. “Depart. Get away from Me, you cursed, - into everlasting fires, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Why? Why? Why? The answer is, “For I was hungry, and in jail in communist lands, and my name sounded strange and difficult to say, and you were too busy building churches and having and getting, and never bothered to find out how hungry and thirsty I was, and I died uncared for.

I was a stranger with no home. Because of my love for Jesus, I was hounded from town to town, cold and freezing, and eventually fell sick, and was arrested and left in prison to die, but you never bothered to visit me or bring me warm clothes or food.” Jesus will say to you, “Let’s review your life, - You had a new set of clothes every year, food enough to spare and throw away, comfort in your home, and money in the bank.

But you disregarded My needs, they were My needs. That brother in jail, sick and cold and lonely was Me. I warned you beforehand, in My Word.

It was Me you neglected.” With blazing eyes He will repeat, and point to your selfish-looking, fearful face. “It was Me you neglected. My life does not reside in brick and mortar, I lived in the heart of those souls, and when they bled, I bled, when they were hungry, I was Hungry, when they were lonely and persecuted and tortured, I felt the pain.” Jesus will say this to you at Judgment.

You have been warned. You must share and give only where God wants you to share and give. Anywhere else you share and give will not be recorded in your favour. Don’t be conned by deceivers and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Read His Word only, and obey it implicitly and God will bless you now, and reward your effort for eternity. Be wise and choose to obey God’s Word, not man’s.

Here are two addresses for you to send help in money and prayer. The Voice of Martyrs, P.O. Box 598, Penrith, N.S.W. 2750. This is headed by Richard Wurmbrand and his family. A Rumanian brother, who had been imprisoned and tortured for 14 years in Romania, and now is free in the west, mustering help and support for those left behind.

The second is E.C.L. Door of Hope, G.P.O. Box 5191, Sydney, N.S.W. 2001. This is still headed by it’s founder, Harolyn Popov and his family. This man also spent many years in prison and suffered many atrocities committed to him while in prison.

Both of these men have written their story, of their suffering, and families, and also a chronologue suffering of the church in the last 50 years or more, under the boot of communism. Look in the bookstores for these names Harolyn Popov and Richard Wurmbrand, they have written many books. Also, don’t forget to write to the above address and above all, support them!

Recent Prophecy.

In the month of January, on the twelfth day 1986, while praying in the morning with my sweet Anne (that is my wife), the outline map of Australia came into being, and my attention was drawn to the upper part of the northeast territory of Australia, and the north-west tip of Queensland, which the Gulf of Carpentaria separating the two shore lines. I saw the ocean moving and rolling back and forth. Then all of a sudden, from the ocean that separated Australia and New Guinea, there appeared a funnel-like, black twisting tornado, with its heap up in the sky and the bottom touching the water.

As the twister came into the bay, the gulf shoreline, east and west, came into view, and this tornado began to head for the east shoreline on the Queensland side, between Weipa and Normanton, and it struck against the shoreline with force.

Immediately after the tornado struck the coastline, from the point of impact there began what appeared to be fires, which spread only along the coast line on either side of the Gulf. These fires continually spread along both west and east coast of Australia, and it appeared as if a ring of flames was rapidly moving along our coastline.

The vision ended when on one side the flames, fires and lights, ended just before they reached Adelaide, and on the East shore-line, just before they reached Brisbane. My wife wrote this down sometime in January for I did not know what it meant.

Soon after, the Lord gave me a scripture pertaining to this vision – Jeremiah 25;32, which says “The lord almighty says that disaster is coming on one nation after another and a great storm is gathering at the far ends of the earth. On that day the bodies of those whom the Lord has killed will lie scattered from one end of the earth to the other. No one will mourn for them, and they will not be taken away and buried, they will lie on the ground like piles of manure.” But that scripture in itself gave me no specific idea as to what really to expect, in what manner this nation would be visited. I had no real answer to its specific meanings so I left it alone and prayed that the specific detail would be revealed in due time. It came to me roughly 10 months later. These are the word I heard when praying again for the meaning of that vision.

God said “speak up my son, you are my sword, for I will cut this nation to pieces. From the north, they will come to take this land and they will leave it bare. Sound the alarm. The time is near. The day is close.

Judgment is at the door! I will sift this nation like wheat, for they are guilty and loathsome in my sight. Spare not cry loud for their wickedness is heavy upon me. I have blessed this nation with peace and prosperity, but now I will curse it with wants and total destruction.” Say what you want to say and believe what you want to believe, call me mad, loco, or deceived. I don’t care! I have a job to do, and I believe it will be to warn people of what God will do to this country. Again I say, God has not told me that I am a prophet. All I say is that I had these visions whilst in prayer, plus some vivid and unforgettable dreams, which the Bible speaks of. In the last days, his true children will have these visions and dreams.

This book is written because God Himself brought it into being, by moving certain people’s hearts to produce it. That is, providing the equipment and the ink and paper and the expertise to produce it, at a minimal cost.

Now for some final warning to true Christians and sinners alike. God says in His Word, “These people are stupid, they don’t know me. They are all foolish children. They have no understanding, they are expert at doing what it evil, but failures at doing what is right.” The result of such behaviour is this – God declares that He will shake this planet. The Lord declares “ I looked at the earth, it was barren and waste and desolate. There was no light in the sky, I looked at the mountains and they were shaking, and the hills were rocking back and forth. God says that He saw hardly no people left in the land, even the birds and flown away. The fertile land had become a desert, its cities were in ruin.

Because of the Lord’s fierce anger, the whole earth will become a wasteland. But He promised not to completely destroy it. The earth will mourn, the sky will grow dark. The Lord had spoken and He will not change His mind. He has made His decision and He will not retract it.

This nation is full of evil men living amount us, who plan and lay in wait. Like men who lay nets to catch birds, they have set their traps t catch men, women and children.

The Bible says “Just like a hunter fills his cages with birds, these people have filled their houses with ill-gained loots. That is why they are powerful and rich, why they are fat and well fed.

There is no limit to their deeds. But the Lord will punish them for these things. Cod says “I will take revenge on this nation. Just as a well keeps its water fresh, this nation keeps its evil fresh.” God says “ I hear violence and destruction in the cities, sickness, wounds and diseases is all I see.” Dear Friends, when you see these troubles begin, let them be a warning to you, for you to immediately turn to God and change. He declares “I am not willing that anyone could perish in hell.” But instead, He wants and desires, that all mankind should come to repentance and receive His Holy Spirit.

There is another odious stench in God’s sight; and this is leveled at those who call themselves leaders and Pastors of God’s flock. They are robbing God’s people by claiming from the pulpit, that a curse will come upon everyone who does not pay ten percent or more of their wage to these self-imposed thieves.

These men are hungry thieves and robbers. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, interested only in their own welfare, and no doubt they are claiming to live by faith, waiting on God to supply their need. These men are not God’s pastors, their master is the god of their belly, and they serve the demon of financial success.

You’d think they would be ashamed for doing these disgusting things.

Robbing and cheating and placing God’s children under condemnation with a curse to follow, if they do not fork up! Some of these people are going without food at times and clothing for their backs, and shoes for their children, so that they can keep these religious imposters well-oiled, sumptuously fed and looking prosperous, enwrapped in the latest fashion monkey suit.

I tell you (those who are guilty of this crime) God has placed a curse on you and your family. God says you will fall and die when He will punish you. You men who have become corrupt with greed and self-importance, you have served yourselves, you have drunk the clean water and muddied the rest, you have treated God flock with contempt and twisted the eternal word for your own greedy and vain-filled ends.

Make restitution and repent before it’s too late. You have been warned, you men who have done these things. Remember the Bible says that judgment begins at the house of God. It further states that the righteous scarely be saved. You are playing with fire, and you are the wood that will burn.

So in conclusion my dear countrymen, God is saying to you: “The end is close, destruction is near.” Repent you, and call upon the name of Jesus.

The only blessed name given to mankind by which our spirit and soul can be saved from hell, the devil, and eternal death.” Be baptized under water, just as they did in the Bible days, as Jesus, the risen-from-the-dead, Son of God, instructed in the sacred word to obey for all time. Then have hands laid upon you to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. If you do this with all sincerity (that is, from your heart) God will answer you, and you will discover that you have salvation in your soul, with a resulting peace, in the middle of a soon-vanishing, wicked age.

12.They knew what they were doing Dream given to me by God the almighty on Sunday 1:30pm January 29th 2006.

In the dream I was in a double story house it had a stair case in the middle of the house and I was standing next to the rail in the upper part of the house looking down at the lower half of the house, where I saw at least 20 or more youths rainging in age from 18 years down to 7 or 8 years, and they were throwing and breaking apart everything they could lay there hands upon, example, furniture, electrical goods & tools & machinery, and putting them alight.

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