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«In the book of Acts of the Bible, the fifth book in the New Testament, Chapter2; Verse 17, we read how God will speck, and to whom He will share His ...»

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Up till now, the fast oncoming mass of low black clouds, was continually coming, skimming the water and gathering speed, - while the inhabitants in the town, on the beach, and the worshippers in the church, were totally unaware and unconcerned. I turned my back from this awful scene and began to scurry up the hill, moving up and away, until I reached the crest of the hill, practically level with the church building. I suddenly stopped, and turned to look for the last time, when all of a sudden the quick moving mass of swirling clouds was nearly on top of the beach people.

Then the clouds suddenly began to part at the middle, just above the water, and all the way to the top. (Just like a huge theatre curtain). As they parted, there was revealed a huge mountain of a wave, literally as high as a mountain, just in front of the swimmers, the beach and the houses situated peacefully on the side of the hill and it was directly about to swallow them all up! This mountain-sized wave as not visible, because the clouds were too black and thick. They created a wall through which you could not see or imagine, that there would be such a hungry monster behind it.

I did not know, nor could the people have known, until that huge tidal wave was upon them, no more than 50 metres or so away, and it was completely revealed. No time for running. No time for goodbyes or farewells. It was time for wipe out.

This wave was two times higher than the hill and the church, and the place from where I was present, looking at all this. I knew that in one second or less, we would be not more, all would be washed away. I was petrified, unable to move, staring down the mouth of this hungry monster of wave, which was about to swallow all of us up.

–  –  –

If any dream is given by God, then only God can give the meaning of what to do with the dream, or the knowledge of it’s application.

The Bible says in the Book of Acts 2:17 – 21m that old men shall have dreams. But god is the one who gives it, and the interpretation of it.

So I earnestly prayed and waited for God to give me the answer to what I saw in the dream. In other words, I sought God for its meaning, and in two weeks time, it came in the early morning. Just before coming awake, these words, unmistakenly given by God – “Wipe out”, “Wipe out”, “Wipe out”, kept on repeating before me, in my mind.

God just gave me the title of the huge destructive wave, a very apt title, and then He began to inspire me, from His word alone, as to where to fill in the rest.

To sum up – The black clouds represent the calamities that are about to strike this selfish, apathetic country of ours. We’ve had it so good for so long, but now these good things are about to be removed forever.

Let these troubles that are about to hit this nation of ours, be a warning to you – believer in Christ and sinner alike – to stop and turn from your evil ways, or else, in the end, it will be wipe out, total oblivion! Just like the Bible says, God will turn our cities into a desert, a place where no one lives.

Isaiah 24; 1-5 “The Lord is going to devastate this earth and leave it totally desolate. He will twist the earth’s surface and scatter the remainder of its people.” Everyone will meet the same fate. Leaders and common people alike, slaves and masters, buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, rich and poor. The earth will lie shattered, in ruins.

The Lord has spoken, and it will be done. God spoke to me early in the morning – From now on I will begin to punish the earth with droughts and famines. You might say, “This country has seen drought before, it is nothing unusual.” But let me tell you – this will be world wide!

You see, God sends rain in due season, to produce crops. But when God begins to withhold the rain at the time we need it, and allows it to fall at the time we don’t need it, it will be just as devastating. Our crops will rot in the field from either too much water, or lack of it. God will disrupt our weather pattern, resulting in widespread famines, where they have never happened before. Africa and Ethiopia have arrested our attention to their misery and plight. But I tell you it will happen here, to this country of ours, also America, Europe, Russia and China.

Everywhere there will be shortages of food. Today we are fighting to undercut each other, to sell our wheat abroad, but soon our silos will be empty, our land will be dry and left idle. Food prices will soar and scarcity will abound.

In the last book of the Bible, called Revelations, we find many prophecies that are yet to happen. This book is yet to be lived out in life, it is just about to begin before our very eyes. We are going to perhaps have nuclear wars and more of other, limited wars.

Revelations 6;1. Here Jesus reveals the scenario before the end. The four horses of doom and destruction – All of these horses and riders are symbolic of, or represent a soon happening world scene. In a way they are self-explanatory. (1) The first white house and its rider was given power as a conqueror, this rider has in mind to conquer the world. The second red house appears and its rider had the power to take peace from the earth by commencing World War 3. The answer to this rider is found in Verse 3, “A planet involved in war, a total world war, where every nation will be affected.” Just like World Wars 1 and 2. But this time its for keeps. There will be no winners or losers.

After this war, shifting power and nations, there will follow, a black horse. Its rider has a pair of scales in his hand, doling out the tucker. A quart of wheat for a day’s wage, and 3 quarts of barley for a day’s wage.

But do not damage the olive trees and the vineyards – implying, let us not hurt or destroy any tree that produces fruit or oil or grain. Because they will be so scarce, and no doubt priceless, because of it. Verse 7 tells us the result of war is scarcity.

Now the fourth horse was pale coloured, and on its back, had a rider whose name was death, and hell followed to claim its victims. So the people of the earth were struck down with war, famines, resulting diseases, and wild animals. Your might think there are no wild animals in this country. Think again, my friend. Ponder on this – there are hundreds of thousands of dogs in this country, which we keep as pets, to bog our streets, and dig holes and chase cats, and now and then to bite people.

In the future when these troubles hit us, there will be little food for us people. Do you think there will be any food for our pets – your faithful fido? I tell you now, there will not be any. In many cases people will eat their dogs, if the dogs do not get them first!

I believe some owners will not kill their dogs, hoping that times will change, so these packs of dogs will begin to revert, and go wild, and roam the streets to look for food. But there is no wild game in our city streets, apart from hunger reduced and weak, two legged creatures, called humans.

So I leave the rest of this scene for you to think about. To ponder on and make preparation to meet your maker, one way or another.

I would like to add that as recently as 1945, Stalingrad, in Russia, was a city under siege by the invading Germans, and had been completely surrounded in a vice of steel. For a period of time in the siege, no one could go in or out, to relieve the people from hunger.

But in parts of the city, you could, on the black market, buy fresh meat, if you did not ask as to where it came from. In short, human beings were hunted and butchered and sold for food. It has happened before and it will happen again, world wide – even in this country, when God will have demolished this nation’s source of food supply.

It won’t come overnight, but you will see it year by year, as the years go by, just ahead of us. I declare the Lord has a case against this nation and the world. He wants you to know that He has seen your idolatry, that He has seen the blood of the innocent. He has seen our immorality. He has seen our robbing and our cheating, and the stench has reached high into heaven, his nostrils are full of it. But in spite of all this, you may say (you, who are quilty) “I’m innocent of all this!” “Surely, if there is a God, He is not angry with me?” But the Lord declares, “I will punish you, because you have denied that you are a sinner, and have called God a liar.” I call you to repent, and fear the Lord, and dedicate your life to Him.

If you don’t, His anger will burn like fire, because of the things you have done and thought to do. I warn you Australia, God says He has seen you aborting, In America, In China! Heaven only knows the world total!

Jesus the Son of God has made known how he feels towards this.

I challenge you to gaze with intent at the picture on Page 80 for a few minutes and exam carefully the expression on Jesus’ face, and see what is in His hand, and the blotches on the floor beneath His hand.

I want you to know this picture was painted by a woman who never touched canvas or paints before and she was totally guided, God’s feelings are reflected in that picture.

I ask you then reader, how long will it be before God treats us like the people before Noah’s time. We have surpassed their wickedness, and the world is weighed down with this crime. It is rife for the fire of judgment and the sinners of the world are the wood that will burn.

How can He keep back His anger any longer, I don’t know! This is creatures made in God’s Image, and I tell you that God’s anger is burning hot, and when He begins to vent it, and that will be soon, there will be no one who can put it out.

I declare in what I saw! The lord will bring disaster and sorrow and total destruction upon this land. His word declares it – that His fierce anger will burn hot, and it will not end until He has accomplished all the things He has said He would do.

God declares His feelings in His World, The Bible. Do you know, my doomed friends, that He has feelings like you and I? He grieves with pain in His heart, at what He continually sees being committed on this earth.

The Bible says that children are a heritage of the Lord. They are His, they are His – not ours! Whether you are a true believing Christian or not, you are in fact responsible to maintain life and sustain it! One of the sins that God specifically hates and which is extra odious to Him is found in Proverbs 6;17. It’s hands that shed innocent blood.

Revelations 16;6. There you have it in black and white, open your Bible and read it many times for yourself.

It is coming again and if you are still alive and scratching on planet earth, you will see this take place before your eyes. God will turn your drinking water from the rivers, dams, tanks, bottles and cups which contain water, into red putrid stinking blood, like plasma. All the animals and fish which live in, and breathe in the water swell up nice and fat until they choke. But remember, you can escape all of these things if you repent, turn to Jesus and ask His pardon.

He has never turned anybody away who came and called on Him with true sincerity. Judgment is about to fall on such people. Let it come, O Lord! My heart weeps and cringes when I think of this horrible crime that is happening world wide, with such little protest against it. Why is it so? I tell you’re the hearts of the true Christians have become as callous and hard as a rock; indifferent. The rest of the world do not know their left hand from their right, or right from wrong. But God is merciful, and will declare His will and purpose for the last time to this wicked generation.

Those who will acknowledge their sins, repent and call on Jesus will be saved. The rest will be wiped out from the face of the earth. The Lord Himself has pronounced judgment on this earth, because our hearts are seared with a hot iron and are now very callous. The world is weighted down by its sins. It will totter like a drunk man, and fall.

It will begin with war, monetary collapses, civil disturbances, droughts and famines – followed by disease, plagues and pestilence, including our fresh drinking water turned into blood, and then finally, wipe out. I warn you to repent and wash the evil from your hearts through the blood of Jesus, and be saved. No matter what you may have done or committed, Jesus says to you “I came on earth to seek and to save the lost in sin and degradation, that through Me (only Me, Jesus said) they might be forgiven and receive eternal life.” That is what the Bible calls being born again.

If this nation does not heed this warning, and corporately repent and turn from sinning, it will bring these disorders upon itself, because of the way that they have lived and the things that they have done.

I tell you that the Bible thunders and declares that one disaster will follow another, and the whole country will be left in ruins. Suddenly, you will find that your properties, your homes, your assets, will be destroyed.

The word of God informs us to what the rich people of the world will say – James 5;1-6 “You who are rich and wealthy, you will weep and howl like a dog caught in a trap around his haunches.” – will be seeing all of these things unfold before your eyes. All that you have saved up or hoarded away will be lost, either through inflation, or most likely our money will collapse.

You don’t need me to tell you this. You can see it happening before your eyes right now! Our dollar value is gradually sliding down, down and out, and eventually it will be wipe out.

The Word of God says – when you see these things happen, this will be a testimony against you, and it will eat your flesh, as if it were on fire.

You that have heaped together, treasures, properties, gold or silver assets, and fat superannuation which you have saved for the last days.

Verse 5 says, “On earth you have abandoned yourself to soft living, and to the pleasure of self-indulgence and self-gratification. You have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter.” Again it says, “You have condemned, and you have murdered the innocent babies and righteous men.” Christians at present in communist lands are being killed and jailed because they are Christians, and believe that there is a God who made them, and they offer no resistance.

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