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«In the book of Acts of the Bible, the fifth book in the New Testament, Chapter2; Verse 17, we read how God will speck, and to whom He will share His ...»

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He says, “I’m the spring of fresh water, and you have replaced me with cracked water tanks that cannot hold water at all.” I believe and hear the confirmation in my heart, that hundreds of godly men and women, old and young, will rise up in this country to wan this nation with one voice in one accord, declaring the secret thoughts of God for this nation and the world. It will be His work and only His.

This new breed of fearless preachers will talk and breathe fire, the fire that will burn out all sin and corruption. They will be imprisoned, stoned and persecuted, and called outright madmen. They will cry aloud and spare not, calling one and all to repentance before the notable day of Lord comes – when nobody will stand.

The beach scene represents a society indifferent to their soon-coming destruction. The rolling clouds were visible to them but their eyes were not on the horizon. They appeared fat and well-fed and contented, but filly fools – for they were about to be overtaken by the low, rolling black clouds coming fast towards them.

Being naturally puzzled I wondered as to why they behaved as if nothing was approaching, and showed no fear or anxiety. Maybe they were saying to each other, “These clouds will pass away – no worries” or “She’ll be right, mate – we have seen black clouds before, there is no need to worry.

Jesus gives warning in His word, in Luke 21; and Matthew 24; Before My return, He said, the whole world will be indifferent to the things of God, until the very day they are taken out of the way and destroyed.

What He meant was, that generally, people, at the time prior to His return would be busy doing, coming and going. Doing all the things we normally do in life, like buying and selling, building homes, people being married, - right up to the day of their destruction.

Just as happened in the days of Noah, Genesis Chapter 64;18. Now Noah preached to the people of his day, for roughly 100 years, of the soon-coming flood that their Creator would send because they were continually evil. God saw the land full of violence and hatred, and He, our Creator, said that He was sorry for having made man. For God said that man had become a creature that was practicing evil continually, and that He was going to wipe them out from the face of the world. And He did! Did they listen to Noah’s warning? No, they did not. I’m sure they laughed at him for making such ridiculous statements. I’m sure they jeered him continually as the biggest storyteller that ever existed.

They did laugh at him in scorn, until the day the water wiped off their stupid reckless looks, which then turned into dreaded fear. Imagine preaching for 100 years to get people to stop doing evil, and never being able to convince anybody to turn from their sins.

Nevertheless, Noah did what God told him to do, for he was obedient and faithful servant of God and the flood came on time as God said it would, and washed them all away. Jesus left us with the same clues as to what to expect before His return – the same indifference. But His followers, just like Noah, will not stop trying to warn mankind of Jesus return to save and to punish this wicked generation, and to restore peace on this earth where there will be no more war. Men will learn no more how to fight each other by war! Come quickly Lord, I pray!

8. All encompassing white light.

Directly in front of the oncoming, speeding black clouds, there was to be seen this all encompassing, all consuming reaching and moving in all directions, white, soft, fluffy light.

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that this represents an explosion of warnings from God to mankind. God’s last call home, before the crash. But the sad part was, nobody was concerned, or cared, their eyes were not looking at the coming clouds or at the beautiful, dazzling white light, which from my gazing position on the side of the hill were outright phenomenal, - never seen or experienced before just as attention catching as if a whale was winging its way across the sky.

The people on the beach were too engrossed, enjoying themselves likewise, the town inhabitants, which were living at the side of the hill.

These were facing the open, unhindered horizon, but their time was preoccupied with cleaning and repairing their houses, coming and going.

They seemed, and acted as normally as people you would see on any Saturday or Sunday in our own streets. They did not know that soon they would have no house to clean or repair. Nevertheless, that is what I saw in that dream, which I believe was given by the Lord.

This huge light was brighter than white, a whiteness which is not found or seen normally on earth. It was tangible, as if you could touch and handle it, and it was translucent, and appeared to be a living, soft mass of pulsating and radiating rays or beams moving in all directions, just in front, of the face of the clouds – in fact the light was being extinguished by fast – coming clouds.

It’s glow seemed to unfold and touch all the people resent, and it gave off, or left you with a feeling of peace and warmth within.

In appearance it was entirely different than sunlight. It was God-sent, Holy Spirit light, or knowledge or warning, to a dying world lost in darkness. Matthew 24;14 “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness, and then shall the end come.” I believe with all my heart that this light represents this portion of Scripture. God is saying to sinful, rebellious, selfish mankind, “I’m warning and informing you, to turn from your sins, your evil ways.

Receive Jesus as your Saviour, or be wiped out.” That is what the end means, the end of all those people who will not bow their knees to Jesus. Total knockout, with no compo, or insurance, you are going to be clobbered and you will never rise again.

So take warning as to what the Holy Spirit is saying to this nations of beer-guzzlers, proud, odious. Repent and change, or be destroyed.

If you will not receive Jesus as your Saviour, and repent, in the next few remaining years that there are left on this earth, - I tell you, you will have missed your chance. Then hear what God will do to you, Matthew 13; 40-42, “As therefore the tares or weeds are gathered and burned in fire, so it shall be in the end of this age.” Verse 41 – the son of man, “Jesus, shall send out His angels and they shall gather out of His Kingdom, all things that offend, and those that does evil in God’s sight.” Verse 42 – “And shall cast them into a furnace of fire. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” That for certain is your expected future – you can bank on it! You already have a deposit, a ticket to destruction, and you will collect in full if you do not change roads, and bank somewhere else. Now! Heaven’s bank has no moths, no corruption, no inflation and no monetary crashes, – it’s safe for eternity.

Now I ask you, reader, “Where is your heart?”, “In the World?” Then you have been warned as to your fate.

The Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to touch on the reality of hell itself. It is a real place, Jesus said it was! Jesus was God before He took flesh, that is, He was born from a woman (called Mary) like all of us, but His father was not man.

God in Heaven was the one who placed this divine life in a woman’s womb. God was born and lived amongst us and told us things of Salvation, and Heaven and Hell. Now this Hell, or Hades or the Pit – is a real location in the belly of the earth. Jesus said that hell was made, or hollowed out, to house the devil and his demons. Not for man to go there!

The devil and his cohorts are to be incarcerated there directly after Jesus returns. Michael, the archangel, has the job to sweep up all of these mongrel creatures from space and earth, and toss them into hell and to lock them up there, for 1000 years to start with! Be warned, you sinner, if you have not received Jesus as your Saviour, then you will die in your sins and perish in hell. In hell will be the devil and his demons, so don’t put if off till tomorrow!

If you have been convicted of your need of Jesus as your Saviour, find a body of believers who are alive and hot for Christ and are constantly declaring the good news of Jesus as Saviour from our sins, and ask them what your must do. Do not seek the answer to life in these man made religions and cults Jehovah’s witness, Mormons, Catholics, Christian Science, nor some protestant churches, nor the Muslim way or the including all Eastern Religions and the likes and many other satanic deceptions.

Seek men or women who preach that Christ was crucified for our sins, that He is the risen Saviour, and that you must be born again or you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The devil is behind, and has blinded, all other supposedly religious organizations, who do not preach the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus and that you must receive Him and only Him, Jesus, as your own personal Saviour, by first repenting of your sins.

You must have the desire and commitment to forsake the evil of your life, then confess with your mouth, Jesus as your Saviour, and invite Him into your spirit, then be baptized under water and have hands laid upon you to receive the Holy Spirit into your heart.

If you are not aware of a place where this is said and done, you can be saved all by yourself, right where you are. First be humble and get down on your knees, and declare with your mouth, by specking out loud. “I declare to you, O God, that I am sinful, full of evil desires. Forgive me right now, I believe Jesus did come and die for all the sins of the world, including mine. So now I take Him, Jesus, as my Saviour from Hell, from the devil, and from your anger towards sinners. Dear Father, right now, wash all of my sins away with the blood of your son Jesus.

I declare and believe that Jesus is truly risen and is alive right now, to save me, and I believe in you, because you have promised in your word, the Bible, that whosoever calls upon the name of Jesus shall be saved. I have called and I believe, and now I will baptize myself under water as your have commanded.” Mark 16:16.

Say this to yourself before plunging under water. Place one hand on your head and say out aloud, “I baptize myself in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, Jesus, and of the Holy Spirit,” and then immerse yourself in a bath of water, or a 44 gallon drum, or dive in under water.

One moment it takes to bury your old self. Baptism symbolizes the Death and Burial (Romans 6; 3-4, Colossians 2:12) of all that belongs to selfish, devilish carnal nature.

Then again, lay one hand on your head and ask God to give you’re the Holy Spirit. Say out aloud, “Holy Sprit, come and invade my life, my soul and my spirit.” Then promise with all your heart, to follow and obey Jesus in what He said in His word. Read His word daily, and He will guide your steps. Pray and then seek out and contact, only blood-washed, true believers. Keep away from the rest, they are deceived and are being deceived.

This is very important and needs to be said. – If your are not sincere to follow through and repent of your sins, and to turn from your evil ways (Oh, you might propose this in your head but actually, bodily refuse to comply with God’s word) to stop stealing, stop cheating, or to stop committing immoral acts, and to forsake them (that is, not do them anymore) then you are fooling yourself. But you will not fool God! He can read your heart and knows your desires. He will not save you, or give you the Holy Spirit. Instead, He will eventually destroy you. No repentance, that is, no desire to change from your evil ways and doings and thoughts will result in your being tossed into Hell for all eternity.

The choice is yours. God will not force you, or choose for you. He declares unto man, “Let the wicked person turn from his wickedness, and the unrighteous man or woman turn from his or her evil desires and thoughts.” Only then will He forgive and pardon you, and receive you and make you His child.

Remember we are born spiritually dead, this is, without the life of God in us, that is why we do the terrible things we do, and no baby sprinkling on our fore-head, called “Baptism”, can change our nature.

Nor can going through what is said to be a “first holy communion”, or having “confirmation”. These will not give eternal life, or make you a child of God, nor will receiving the “Last Rites” before death. These religious acts are not recorded in the Bible, therefore they are all lies of the devil, to keep us from knowing our Saviour, and from receiving God’s gift of eternal life.

These teachings are definitely and absolutely not from God.

Therefore, the source of this information can only have come from the arch-deceiver, the devil himself. Read the Bible, I urge all of you, and forget, or put aside men’s traditions, which lead nowhere but to hell.

Jesus said that if you are not born again, you cannot enter, that is, you are still a child of the devil no matter how religious you are. The unconverted religious man or woman who is not born again is still in their nature very much a child of the devil, in words and deeds, and he will claim his own at death.

The Bible says; “Whosoever has received Christ as his Saviour has received life.” The opposite to this is; – Whosoever has not received Christ, has in fact not received eternal life.

If in fact, all you have is religion in you, and not the life of Christ in you, you are right now in danger of being lost forever. Call on Jesus right now to save you. There is little time left.

Remember, the white light represents God’s last call to sinful, rebellious, selfish mankind, to repent and change, or be blasted out, and then to be thrown into hell forever. What a horrible end it is, that awaits all of those who will die in their sins, unprepared. You have been warned.

You have no excuse. You have only yourself to blame.

God loves you so much that He has already punished His only son for your wrong-doing. Now He says, “I am not willing or desiring for you to perish in Hell.” Therefore, stop and listen and appraise what has been said and consider God’s love for you, that is, He wants to spend eternity with you, and to declare His mysteries before you. But not as you are!

You must repent, or perish!

9. Wipe-out.

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