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«In the book of Acts of the Bible, the fifth book in the New Testament, Chapter2; Verse 17, we read how God will speck, and to whom He will share His ...»

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Jesus said “I am the way.” He is the only way (John 14:6). If you truly believe that, then you must obey His words. The Bible says! Stand at the crossroads of life, and carefully look and ask for the ancient paths, the old ways that lead to life, and when you have found them, walk continuously therein, and don’t get off to the left or to the right or onto any other road. They all lead to death. They are broad and wide and inviting, these roads that lead to eternal destruction – into Hell. The Bible tells us that there are only a few on the narrow path that leads to life. Are you one of those few? (Matthew 7:13). Don’t be fooled by crafty deceivers and false teachings, before the world is thrown into chaos and the man of sin appears (II Thessalonians 2:1-12). I tell you we are not leaving before all that! There will be a rapture, or removal of God’s people from this planet but in God’s own perfect timing! Not when some earthly deceiver says it from the pulpit or T.V.! But only when God decides to remove us. The Bible tells us in Luke 21: 25-28 “And they shall see the Son of Man, “Jesus”, coming in a cloud, with power and glory.” Then when you begin to see these things take place, or happen, then look up, lift up your heads, for your redemption is very close. Your redemption means your change from mortal to immortal, that is the change that Paul spoke about in 1 Corinthians 15:51-58 “in a twinkling of an eye we will be changed and gone from this earth.” But you must see!

Believe the words of Jesus, not of man! Christ said and warned that we are still here at the beginning of these terrible events. What events is Jesus talking about? Read Luke 21, Verse 25. There shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars and upon the earth, distress and perplexity of nations – the sea and the waves roaring. That is what I saw in my dream, and Jesus said when you begin to see these things, don’t be discouraged, don’t allow your arms to fall down in discouragement. But look up and rejoice and be glad, for your change is about to happen.

Who are you going to believe? Some half-witted pastors or teachers who first believed a lie? Now he is teaching it to you. Or will you believe the Word of God which came from the mouth of Jesus, the true Son of God, in whom there is no deceit, and no lie comes from His mouth. I warn you, we are going to be in the turmoil, before Jesus’ return.

We are the salt, and we should be ever ready to salt and preserve the lives of others, before God’s anger is poured out, which is the latter part of the tribulation, being totally separate. First the tribulation, then comes God’s anger, and that is total wipe out!

Read revelations 6:9-11, especially verse 11 – this has not happened yet, it has not occurred yet, it has not been fulfilled.

Many believers are going to lose their physical lives through ugly and deadly circumstances! You might say – “I don’t like it, I like my story of being raptured better!” I believe with all my heart that the inventor of this false belief is the devil. He is truly behind it. You see, my brothers and sisters, it has created a situation where the believers do not see the need to prepare and be ready, and it therefore renders the body of Jesus useless, as a man’s tit.

Our eyes are on getting away, not on how to save. But as Jesus said, they will suffer loss in the end. You are warned, my brothers and sisters, you are going to be here in cauldron of sorrow and misery and wants, until our clothes are washed and made clean and purified by the blood of the Lamb. Only then can we pass as the spotless bride, fit for Him, worthy for such an occasion. We are going to be joined to God in a marriage.

If you are in the world, that is, doing what the world does, then you are not fit for marriage until you are clean. I believe heaps of fire will do the trick: The fire of Tribulation. What a glorious time that will be!

The Bible declares that the bride has made herself ready, that is, white and clean and pure. God does not force us to be clean, we have to want that. He will give us the power to do it, if we ask for it. But it is us who have to work at it, to keep our thoughts, life and deeds pure before Him continually.

I John 3:3 says He who has this hope (Eternal Life) shall purify himself. Just as Jesus is pure. This purification is an ongoing process, a daily, monthly, year in year out process of cleansing, and remaining clean and pure.

Jesus will not marry an immoral. No! A thousand times No! He will offer His love in marriage to a clean, holy, spotless, unblemished body of holy living believers. Anything less is a stench to His holy nostrils.

Now ask yourselves; are you living a clean, holy life, pleasing unto God, clean in thoughts and actions? Then you are ready. If not, then repent and change and be washed by the blood of Jesus or face the fire of your enemies. There is little time left.

More scriptures and reasons about troubles and possible martyrdom for believers at the end of time before Jesus’ glorious return are found in Revelations 7:9-17 especially verse 13-14. I ask you the reader as to where do you suppose that this last verse is to happen?

The word of God explains it clearly; they came out of the great tribulation, and that is it, it is self-explanatory.

Don’t be fooled by men or women who claim to know different, they are deceivers. Jesus warned you about them. Only read His word and you will come to the truth sooner or later.

But if all you do is listen to preachers, and if you are not established in the Word of God, I tell you, you are going to be ensnared like a bird.

If you have a Bible, ready continually. Memorize portions of scripture pertaining to the end time. You will need them to keep you sane. Here are some, Matthew 24; and the latter part of Matthew 25; 32-46; Luke 21;

Luke 17; 22-37; Acts 2; 17-21; 1 Corinthians 15 Verse 20-28; - 2 Thessalonians 2; Mark Chapter 13. Re-read these portions of scriptures and commit them to memory as much as possible, and then you won’t be deceived.

Revelations 9;4 says that we are still here, and you had better be sealed, if you are not, you are a gonner and will be literally tormented by demons, through diseases and plagues.

Just like the first-born of every Egyptian family, males and females were killed when the death angel came to destroy Exodus 11:4-7, Exodus 12:12, Psalms 69:49-50. The death angel is the devil himself, and his coworkers, the demons.

The children of God then had to apply the blood of a lamb to their doorpost, so they would be safe inside. The demons were forbidden by God, to kill anybody with blood on the doorpost of their house. Have you applied the blood of Jesus to the door of your heart? If not, that is your destiny. You will be tormented by invisible demons for 5 months if you happen to survive. There still is more to come.

Remember what you have read here! They are true words, base on the Bible. You will see them in the near future. Don’t be stubborn, bow your knees and surrender your total will and life to God and He will save you when you call out to Him, no matter where you are, or what you have done.

Don’t believe the lies of the devil that we are going to be removed before all the calamities begin to happen, or during them. The harvest time is the best time for a true believer; the gathering in of multitudes of souls. Not all will reject Christ. Millions will sincerely turn to Christ; in the tribulation they will hear the message of salvation. How sweet it will be to their lost bewildered big ears.

Welcome aboard, my brothers and sisters, we must be prepared for work. I see a lot of work to do in the near future. Revelations 14;12 “The saints are still here, when the beast is in full power; It says, “Here is the patience of the saints who are keeping the commands of God, and the faith of Jesus.” Verse 13 says, “Blessed are those who are about to die in the Lord (born again believers) from this time forward; that they may rest from their labours, their works do follow them.” Jesus calls those who are working and leading people to Christ, and are butchered and martyred for His cause. He, Jesus, declared them blessed. These believers were not looking to be taken away secretly, they were busy and obedient to what the Lord had instructed them to do, in all aspects of what He, Jesus said and commanded in the writing of the gospels, those obedient and busy believers were continually led and guided by the Holy Spirit in their service for God. Romans 8;14 says, “For as many that are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” Jesus said: “my sheep nears My voice.” In other words, this lot of believers were in tune to God’s guidance, and not man’s. They knew what to do and say to this needy, lost world.

They had God’s word in their heart, and a two-edged sword in their hand, and were busy working to gather in the harvest.

You too can prepare to be a worker in the last harvest gathering. Now, are you still planning to vacate this earth? Or preparing to serve the Lord by serving man, so that he may find his way to Christ, by constant prayer and fervent witnessing. If you stay aloof, or not interested, that is do your own thing and disregard all that Jesus has said and warned in His teachings, you will certainly perish in the tribulation, with no works to follow you and be recorded in your favour.

Now, we don’t do this to earn our salvation. This faithful service is recorded in heaven and one day you will hear the word of Jesus say to us, “Well done, you faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord, you have been faithful in all I gave you to do on earth”. To sum up God’s view of us; mankind; He says, “If the righteous scarely be saved, where do the sinners appear?” The next chapter will tell.

6. On the Hill Overlooking the Beach.

There were scrubby-like trees and high tufts of grass on the hill next to the church, with gentle sloping tracks and lanes leading into the town.

The town was situated on the side of the hill overlooking many sea inlets, with pleasant calm beaches facing out to the open sea.

I saw myself frantically moving in and out of these tracks and lanes on the side of the hill. The Holy Spirit has shown quite clearly the role of some of His people, as they will go about proclaiming the good news of repentance and salvation through Jesus, and announcing His imminent return to planet earth.

These believers will be under the control of the Holy Spirit as they go into lanes, roads and tracks and towns and cities, pleading and compelling mankind to repent and receive Jesus as their Saviour, with an urgency in their step because the time of the end of this age is upon us, and they will be busy informing mankind, in any way possible, getting the message out before darkness completely stamps us out.

The word of God tells us to always watch for signs in the world that Jesus said to look for, that would precede His return, and in turn we are to dutifully inform man, whether he is good or bad, of this awesome event.

The true Christians have their eyes and ears open and alert, like a watchman, who is perched high on a tower with a distant view, to see for possible enemy movement or threat, and then to call a warning.

Now God informs us in Amos 3:7, “Surely, the Lord God will do nothing, but he reveals His secrets to his servants the prophets.” That is, before Almighty god does something of importance on this earth, He does inform some of His children. In this vivid dream, I could see all that was fast approaching on the horizon.

Personally, I have been watching for and expecting unusual signs for years, and the Lord had placed in my heart a deep hunger to search His only word, and not so much the opinions of men, and to store His Word in my heart so that I can be used of God to warn my fellow man of this awful cataclysm that is soon coming upon us and the world. God called the leaders or shepherds of Israel; “dumb dogs who cannot bark.” What he meant was that the shepherds of Israel were in a position to see and to warn the flock of their wrongdoings and to repent and avoid God’s judgment. But the shepherds and the priests were asleep. They were too busy with having and getting, like greedy dogs.

They could not read, and could not see the signs, nor was the message of the true prophets heeded, therefore they did not warn God’s people.

Jeremiah said, “Not only the poor and ignorant do not know, but also the leaders and the judges and the religious priests are ignorant of the Lord’s command.” God said, “They behave foolishly, and they do not what God requires, nor what the Lord wants them to do.” The same situation is here today being relived. The same scene is here and now.

7. People young and old frolicking on the beach.

The Holy Spirit has to give the interpretation, we can have a calculated guess, but we will never know exactly, unless guidance comes from above, from God Himself.

This beach scene represents the part of the world caught unprepared before the oncoming storm. This crowd was relaxed and were enjoying themselves.

Now, you may ask, “What is wrong and sinful in that? Is God against us having a good time, and going to the beach to unwind and enjoy a family outing?” No, He is not. He made the beaches, and said to the waves, “This far you come, and no more.” He made the sun for things to grow and to warm us. He put them there for us to enjoy. But let me tell you what the Holy Spirit placed in my little hairy head – The beach, the surf and the sun have become this nation’s new Gods! We give our time to our new beach god, sun god, surf god, sport god, booze god, sex and drugs god, self importance god, and pleasure god. This nation is guilty of exchanging the only true God, for these new gods who are taking up our time interest and thoughts.

This country has been blessed, or I say has been blessed, with honour and wealth and security on all sides, but we abandoned our Maker for the sensual gods of pleasure, sex, sports, booze and greed.

So our Maker says to such people, “I will command the sky to shake with horror and you will be amazed and terrified and astonished, for these selfish people have forgotten their Maker and turned away from Me.

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