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«In the book of Acts of the Bible, the fifth book in the New Testament, Chapter2; Verse 17, we read how God will speck, and to whom He will share His ...»

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The Holy Spirit has shown this to be true. Many, and I say many believers today around the world, especially the western world, appear to love the Lord for what they can get out of Him, all they only give Him is 1½ hours on a Sunday morning or evening, but live as they please for the rest of the week.

They are glued to the T.V., as the children of the devil are, they read the same devilish books and papers that the children of the devil read, and play the same sports that the children of the devil play.

Do you think that God is pleased with such behaviour? I tell you a thousand times, no, never!

John was inspired by the Holy Spirit to say in 1 John 2:15, “If anyone loves the world, that is, what the world does and sees, then the love of the Father in Heaven is not resident in him.” God the Father does not want us to leave the world and become a hermit, or to hide in a forest and wait for this age to end, or to wait until the new age will begin. He commands us to leave alone the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. I repeat, everything that the world wants and is proud of, he says all of this will pass away, just like the fashion of the day, but he that obeys and does the will of God lives forever.

God commands us to leave the world and its lusts alone, it is an implicit command! He does not ask us, He tells us! Jesus said, “He that loves Me, obeys My teaching, he that does not love Me, does not obey My teaching.” Simple isn’t it? Then do it to save your soul or else be destroyed in the end time calamities. The choice is yours. Choose God’s way or the Devil’s. You will win or lose by the way that you choose.

When a person repents and receives Jesus as His Saviour, he is then washed by the blood of Jesus. That is, his sins in his conscience are washed away, and he is made clean, with resulting peace entering his soul from God. That is, the Holy Spirit has come to dwell in his heart.

That is what the Bible calls “born again”. The person’s spirit is born again, no part of his body is born again. Naturally, the person still looks the same.

The soul of the person has received life from God in his inner nature, the inner man, which is the human spirit. From then on there is to be a gradual progress, morally and spiritually, in our lives, until we have grown spiritually, and sufficiently enough for God to use us in something that nobody else can adequately do.

What I mean is that He has a job for us to do if we allow Him to train us for it. Failing that, we are no good to Him.

If we fail to grow, by neglecting and failing to obey Jesus’ teaching which was passed on by His Disciples through His Word, The Bible, we would then be like the man in Jesus’ Parable in Matthew 7:24.

This man or woman may be you, who heard Jesus’ Word but never wanted to obey it, and Jesus gave us an insight as to what will happen to this rebellious, foolish person, who heard and was warned, but had no time to obey and be saved. Instead, he suffered a great loss of life, unnecessarily.

I warn you tenderly and sternly, my brothers and sisters alike, these people that I saw in the dream worshipping, were such people. Happy in their mimic worship on a Sunday morning and that is all, but lived like the devil would want them to live, the rest of the week. These people may believe the false doctrine of the Rapture before the Tribulation. That is, the belief that all Christians will be removed supernaturally before the great tribulation to come.

So these believers were never instructed, to read and totally believe the Bible for themselves, and be instructed by the Holy Spirit, who is ready and willing to teach and instruct whosoever (I John 2:27, John 14:26) desires so, as to what is right or wrong, true or false. They were Sunday worshippers and Sunday learners only, and were destroyed on a Monday.

If what I’ve said so far, fits you style of life, then take note and change immediately, today, not tomorrow. Don’t put it off, repent, seek God’s forgiveness and begin to alter your life right now.

These worshippers never had seen, or been made to see, that they needed to prepare and be made clean and pure, that is to forsake their former lives and cling with all their heart and soul, in obedience to the commands of Jesus. Perhaps they were fed weekly sermons on the deep meaning of this or that passage of the Scriptures, and led deeper into spiritual stupor by the phoney pastors and teachers, who themselves are still in the world and disobedient to Christ’s commands.

The Bible calls those pastors and teachers, dumb dogs who cannot bark (Isaiah 56:10-11). A fit description for these mongrel preachers, for there is a pound in the belly of the earth, that awaits them with fire and brimstone and gnashing of teeth.

I want to make this clear. The Word of God speaks of a taking away from this earth of some believers – not all! I also believe there is a worldwide place of safety for God’s children. The Scriptures tell us so (Rev. 3:10, Rev. 12:14). I also believe that these places of safety are only, and I mean only, for those believers who are in tune with God’s Spirit and are clean and worthy, as the Bible says in Luke 21:36. Pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape of these things that are to come upon the earth, and pray also to be worthy to stand before the Son of Man, that is Jesus. Note the word worthy! Those who are worthy, those who are clean!

The Bible says in revelations 3:4 “You have a few names in the Church of Sardis (here again a few only) that have not defiled their garments (that is their character is clean and pure).” Jesus said “They are worthy to walk with me in white,” The rest of the mob were not! There is nothing better than fire to clean all germs from us. If you have no intention to be purified long before Jesus returns to this earth, God will allow you to go through a tribulation fire until all the dross or the filth, is burnt out of your life and made clean through sufferings (II Timothy 3:12). Our God is a Holy God and He desires and wants His children to reflect Him in their daily lives. If we don’t. He will allow tribulations – persecutions and jailings and even martyrdom. Revelations 3:4 says that there were only a few who were living pleasing lives in God’s sight, the rest of the mob were dirty and unclean. Verse 3 says, “Remember as to how you received and heard, and hold fast.” That is, keep on doing what you formerly did after hearing the truth.

Repent! Turn about and change or else!

Even Jesus sys “I will come to you like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come for you” John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, to kill, to cheat, to rob. The thief is the devil, he hates Christians and all mankind.

Christ will allow our enemy to sift us like wheat (Matthew 22:31).

The devil and his demons are God’s dogs on a leash – but He will loose them and they will hunt us and kill us – or inflict our bodies with diseases (Psalms 78:49-50) if we don’t repent and change.

The Bible says it is for our own good. Read only, and I mean only, god’s Word, especially the story of the seven churches in the book of Revelations in the first 4 chapters of this book.

There you will see God’s eyes upon those individuals, as they were living out their lives, and God was taking notes, and He admonished them in no uncertain, clear terms, Change, repent, or else I will fight against you.

It is bad enough to fight against the devil (James 4:7), but when God says He will become your enemy then you have had it (Rew. 2:20-23, Rev. 3:15-16, Luke 19:27). You are a foregone conclusion as the saying goes. God the Father can be on your side of things – if you are on His side of things.

Jesus said “You are either with Me (or for Me) or you are against Me.

You will gather in behind Me, or you will scatter to the four winds.” There is no neutrality in our walk as Christians. Either we are obeying our Creator and living a holy life separated from the world, or we are not.

There is no in-between in God’s eyes, and those in the middle are called luke-warm, and He says He will spew them out as something distasteful not worth keeping alive. Look at Revelations 3:15.

I’m not saying that these people are heading for hell. No, they are not!

That is if they placed their trust in Jesus and applied the blood to their souls and initially repented of their sins by surrendering to Christ as their only Saviour from sin, from hell, and all the power of the devil. They genuinely are saved. That is, their spirit is saved, and when death comes, whether natural or by violent persecution, their spirit will ascend to heaven after the death of the body. On the other hand, if you have not believed in Christ, as to what He said, His purpose of coming on this earth, and what He really offers you, then you are still a spiritual child of the devil and when you die, your spirit will leave your mortal body and there will be demons to meet you and they will drag you down into hell (because you refused the only means that there is to be saved from that awful place called the pit or hell) until Judgment Day.

There you will find as Jesus said, torments and total darkness and gnashing of teeth. It is not worth risking being there, if only for 2 minutes! Not when heaven’s mansion and peace and harmony and joy and eternal life are totally free and given to those who acknowledge their sinful nature and call upon Jesus to save them (Acts 2:21).

Let me tell you that mankind must choose between God’s way – Result – Heaven, or the Devil’s way –Result – to Hell you will go at death. There is utter darkness there, no light ever shines there, you see, you will be in the belly of the earth. There are no windows there, only spewing volcanoes, spewing out sulphurous gas. That is what you will be breathing, no fresh air! You will be living spiritually and you shall suffer a continuous thirst. This Jesus said. He made Hell. He has been there.

Jesus gave the account in Luke 16:19-31 of the beggar and the rich man.

Both eventually died, as the Bible says, the beggar went to Paradise and the rich man went to Hell.

It says that the beggar was no longer in pain, nor sick, but instead he was enjoying the happiness of paradise. The other mug, who was rich and powerful on earth, The Bible says, was in pain, anguish, torment and was trapped with a mighty thirst for some cool, clear, fresh water to quench this deep thirst in his gullet. But there was no way that he could be helped, there was a separation between the two places and this was uncrossable, a literal gulf of space separating the two beings.

The warning of sinners is this! If you continue as you are, without change, or without a desire to change – what I mean is that if your desires are continually motivated and carried out to do evil, you are destined to go to hell at death. You will meet the same fate as the rich man of the Bible. This man, in his life, had no time for God’s law, or for his salvation. He was too busy having and getting, and living it up, in song and wine and food, and acquiring houses and properties. Just like the world is busy doing today! Are you such a foolish person? If you are, I warn you that is your future destiny.

God says that He is not willing that any man or woman should perish in hell, but that all mankind should come to repentance and be saved from this horrible end (11 Peter 3:9). How can you neglect such a great salvation? – Simply by rejecting Christ and His only offer of salvation, then and only then you will have disqualified yourself from receiving eternal life, here and now, and forever. I tell you it will be horrible in hell. It is total, I mean total with no reversal, complete separation from God – His love- His promises – His power and His freedom. It is a total going without, from everything He made for us to enjoy. Hell was designed for the devil and his demons, not for man. I tell you, to get there, you have to buy a ticket from the devil, and the price for it is your soul! Heaven is real and so is Hell, the choice is yours, choose today, and call on Jesus’ name to save your (Acts 2:21). He will hear your cry and will answer you if you are truly sincere! Remember our Saviour’s words!

You must, you must, be born again (John 3:3, John 5:16), you must be born again, or you cannot enter into Heaven. The formula is – repent of your sins, receive Jesus as your personal Saviour, be baptized (Acts 2:38) under water, and have hands laid upon you to receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:16-18,). For the Holy Spirit is only given to those who obey God (Acts 5:32). That is, to those who have sincerely met these above conditions.

Then you will know and experience this so called spiritual new birth, which is like the downpayment to your eternal home in heaven. Don’t wait or put it off. Choose today!

A warning to backslidden half-hearted, luke-warm, or fashionable church-going people. To you who wear any of these shoes, I dare and warn you to check for personal fitting. If they do seem to fit, you are in trouble, all of these shoes are in fact loose and unfitting, and you will fall on your face and suffer pain.

You may be one of those who came and joined a happy, friendly church situation and you are having a good time, by clapping, and shouting praises, in your mimic worship and praise, but you have never repented or really bowed your knees to God in total subjection. I give you warning, there is no time left to pretend. You are deluding yourself and you are staring destruction in the face. That is what the dream is all about. You will be found out as a phoney and a hypocrite, when the time of testing comes.

You can cultivate a religious walk, a sanctimonious talk and pretence, but when the shaking comes, and it will be soon, you will find planet earth very unstable and unsafe. It may be too late for you to realise your mistake. The storm is over your head, and furious winds of troubles are at your sides, and you the imposter, fool, stand in the middle bewildered and lost in darkness. You will have a great fall (Read Matthew 7:24-29).

Warning from the Spirit of God to all you who fit these descriptions – Get back to the straight and narrow! Repent and begin all over again, look very carefully for where the road begins that leads to life.

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