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8. I chose to study French because of my high school teacher. In sixth grade, Madame O'Hara came to speak with my class about studying a foreign language. Using simple French, gestures, and cognates, she taught us phrases, colors, and numbers. I was thrilled to understand this language despite never having previously studied it, and chose to study French in middle and high school to learn more. In class, we not only studied grammar, but explored French and Francophone culture with movies, songs, cooking, and play-acting. When I decided to study French in middle school, I did not realize that this choice would dictate not only my fourth period class, but the rest of my life. The more I learned about the Francophone world, aided by Madame O'Hara and other outstanding teachers, the more I wanted to know. Because of this interest and a desire to keep learning every day, I chose to teach languages. I entered college as French major in the hopes of continuing the legacy of my high-school teachers and one day teaching at the secondary level.

9. On one hot late-summer day when I was in high school, my parents came back from a shopping trip with a surprise present for me: the legendary board game. Diplomacy. At first I scoffed at such an old-fashioned game. Who would want to waste glorious sunny days moving armies around a map of pre-World War I Europe, pretending to be Bismarck or Disraeli? But after playing the game once, I became absolutely riveted by the nuances of statecraft, and soon began losing sleep as I tried to craft clever diplomatic gambits, hatch devious schemes, and better understand the game's ever-changing dynamics. As my friends

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10. I decided that I wanted to be a scientist while I was still in elementary school, but even in high school where I was praised for my academic successes, my relatives were still against the whole idea. My grandma still asks me every Christmas what my major is and once I start telling her about earthquakes and mountain formation, she quickly changes the subject. Coming from a small town in Mythic County and being only the second person on either side of my family to attend college, it has been an ongoing issue to convince my family that a person, let alone a woman, can make a living doing geologic research.

11. At the age of twelve, I visited my parents' home country of Lebanon. Confined to my grandfather's apartment due to a heavy Syrian military presence outside (and the drivers are particularly wild), I decided to use the elevator and get a view of the world outside. As the slow Otis elevator ground to a halt, the elevator door opened to reveal an entire story that was no longer in existence. Rubble was everywhere, and my mind, already processing the bullet holes that marked almost every building that did not get the fashionable facelift of downtown, was reeling as I stared from the edge of the 9th floor to the ground below. The devastation and destruction wrought by years of ethnic and religious conflict had a deep impression on my psyche. I could not imagine how such appalling acts could occur or how people could live in such an atmosphere of apprehension. Returning to her old mountain home overlooking Beirut a few days later, my mother could only cry as she saw old rusted bullets in her bedroom, and she could only scream at us in Arabic to stay away from the rockets in the bathroom. To help ease my apparent distress, my father gave me a hug, telling me, "You are safe in America. It is our new home. Just remember this: Anger does not solve anything, an eye for an eye and the world goes blind."

Sample Closing Paragraphs Writers often struggle with closing paragraphs and resort to tacking on a conclusion that adds little to the discussion. Like introductory paragraphs, just remember that different writing occasions call for different ending paragraphs. As you read and compare the paragraphs listed below, keep in mind that a

good conclusion will do the following:

 Speak to the writing occasion and to the audience.

 Bring the discussion to a close, tie up loose ends, and/or put the subject in a meaningful perspective.

 Engage readers with something specific or “concrete” (e.g., a brief example or quote) and is free of clichés, platitudes, generalizations, and unnecessary summary or repetition.

 End with a memorable accent sentence.

1. Outside pure academics and leadership roles, I lift weights five times a week for an hour each day. In addition, I play singles for my school's varsity tennis team. Because I find extraordinary satisfaction in nature and have dedicated my life to its understanding, I enjoy

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2. In the summer of 1994, I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania on an SSRC Predissertation Grant to begin to establish affiliation, research clearance and possible field sites. I have also made contacts at the district level with officials and academics in the area.

Though I already speak Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania, I also have made arrangements to study Maa, the language of the Kisongo Maasai and WaArusha who live in the district in which I will be working. I am looking forward to working in Tanzania not only because of its political stability and unique history as a nation, but also because of the opportunity to generate information about children and education in pastoral communities there, a topic which is still under-researched despite the restructuring of national curriculum in recent years.

3. Engineers are often stereotyped as being human calculators, unreceptive to the social parameters surrounding the project at hand, crafting quilts with squares organized into grids preventing any overlap. In many aspects, regions of Ghana seemed to be the photonegative of the large city situation where underdevelopment, nature, and the community could define the face of technology. This curiosity motivated me to return to graduate school and explore how water treatment and purification can occur under monetary and chemical-resource limitations. My current experience as a graduate research assistant for a NSF-funded project on global research ethics will help me further shape my research by examining the cultural impacts filtration infrastructure imparts and what ethical responsibilities an engineer has to the community. Thus, I will continue to map the existing boundaries between nature, the built environment, and culture.

4. This convergence of home and decoration is at the center of the home-painting tradition, practiced by Indian women, which I intend to study. While scholars recognize the richness and complexity of these traditions - the geometric alpana designs are studied by computer scientists - they are also largely personal rituals, passed down from generation to generation and created for private audiences. I am eager to pursue my creative research in the feminine traditions of home arts in India, and to deepen my understanding of the relationship between ritual and life. A year spent in India is an opportunity to catalyze my creative growth, share my art-making process and make lifelong connections. In the future, I look forward to continuing my artistic practice, seeking new challenges in life and in the studio, while pursuing a career teaching at the university level.

5. I think that a Fulbright experience will help me as I look toward the future. My career goal is to apply computer and engineering methods to biology (specifically biochemistry), in order to facilitate the design of better drugs. I would also like to encourage governments to provide cooperative research funding opportunities for drug design efforts. Such opportunities would divide the cost of researching new drugs among North American companies and the government and involve North American academic institutions in the research process. Working together across national and commercial/academia boundaries would be especially rewarding in this field. Drug research is expensive, yet people all over the world realize immense benefits from each new type of drug that becomes available, no matter what country it originates from. I hope that I can be a part of the process that

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6. With this goal in mind, I hope to pursue a law degree and a Master of Public Policy with an emphasis in international development. These degrees will give me the tools to craft and analyze development policy. I will use my experiences and education to hope to shape such policies in Latin America. Later, I plan to teach development studies at the university level.

7. Unlike many students of Polish studies, I cannot lay claim to any Polish ancestry. It is unfortunate that Poland and Polish culture, which have played such a dynamic role in European and world history, are so little understood in the United States among those who have no ethnic connection to Poland. And though Germany and Poland share a common border, one meets very few students of German who also choose to learn Polish. This is one of the reasons why I plan to pursue graduate work in cultural studies with an emphasis on Polish literature, a goal which would be greatly furthered by receiving a Fulbright grant to Poland.

8. If awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in France, I will strive to inspire in my students the same love for learning that my high-school French teacher inspired in me. Upon my return to the United States, my teaching will reflect a greater knowledge of French culture. In my classes, I will incorporate more aspects of French life into my classroom.

Serving as a teaching assistant in France will allow me to contribute to the French school system while growing personally and professionally.

9. Because of my wide range of interests, I have not yet decided what career path to follow into the future. In the short run, I hope to study abroad for a year, in the process immersing myself in another culture, and deepening my personal and academic understanding of international affairs. After studying abroad, my options would include working for a nonprofit organization, entering the corporate world, and attending law school. In the long run, I envision for myself a career straddling the highest levels of international relations, politics, and business. I could achieve this admittedly ambitious goal by advancing within a nonprofit group, think tank, or major international company. Perhaps most appealingly, I could also achieve this goal by entering public service and obtaining some degree of influence over actual foreign policy decisions — that is, becoming a player myself in the real-life game of Diplomacy.

10. In addition, I am very excited to learn more about the Asian culture, which I have taken a special interest in since my short visit to Thailand. I believe I am highly qualified to conduct my proposed research. Although my research interactions will be done in English, I have started Chinese lessons this fall at Mythic University to make my experience in Taiwan even more meaningful. I will have completed Chinese II by the time I graduate and I hope to take personal language lessons over the summer before traveling to Taiwan.

After this experience I plan to obtain my PhD at a geology school in California, integrating the knowledge I obtained in Taiwan to studies on fault zones in the United States.

11. Living in Jordan as a Fulbright Scholar will give me the opportunity to interact with a new generation of young adults, providing me with the opportunity to learn and impart knowledge by acting as a bridge between cultures. As part of my community outreach, I Ohio Wesleyan University Writing Center © 2011 Page 24 will establish a rapport with local schools around my university, in order to engage in community service activities with secondary students. I will also volunteer in the community at hospitals, schools and shelters (in conjunction with the Public Services Club of JUST), much as I did in high-school at Suburban Hospital or Bannockburn Elementary, both located in Bethesda, Maryland. By directly establishing a relationship with secondary students, I will learn how teenagers view democracy and what they see for the future politically. Understanding how younger generations of Jordan will adapt and implement democratic processes is essential in a region that is volatile, since the alternative is death, destruction, and needless suffering.

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