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«Catalogue of the Pocknell collection of shorthand books in Exeter Central Library Factsheet 18 Edward Pocknell was a professional shorthand writer ...»

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STENOGRAPHY. Stenography: or, the art of shorthand being the most easy, exact and Speedy method yet discovered (mss). - [n.d.]. P22 STENOGRAPHY. Stenography: or, the art of shorthand perfected etc.. - London, [1820]. P22 STEVENSON, Robert Louis. The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde: printed in the advanced stage of Pitman's shorthand. New era edition - London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd, [n.d.]. P22 *SUMNER, Charles. Shorthand and reporting. A lecture.. - New ed. - New York, 1882.

*SWAINE, James and SIMMS, Joseph. Cryptography: or, a new and compendious system of shorthand adapted to all the various arts, sciences and professions. - 3rd. ed. - London, 1766.

T *TAILOR, R. Stenography: or, shorthand. - Edinburgh, 1791.

TAPLIN, Henry. Short-hand etc... - London, [1760]. P27 TAYLOR, Samuel. An essay intended to establish a standard for an universal system of stenography, or shorthand writing. - London, 1786. P29 TAYLOR, Samuel. An essay intended to establish a standard for an universal system of stonography.... - 3rd ed. - London, 1801. P23 TAYLOR, Samuel. The universal system of stenography, or shorthand writing. - 4th ed. London, 1807. P23 TAYLOR, Samuel. The universal system of stenography.... - 6th ed. - London, 1826. P32 TAYLOR, Samuel. Systeme universal et complet de stenographie... adapte a la langue Francoise par T. P. Birtin. - 4eme ed. - Paris, an 12 [1804]. P32 TAYLOR, Samuel. Taylor's system of stenography, or short-hand writing. With additional notes... by J.H. Cooke. - New ed. London, 1856. P23 TAYLOR, Samuel see ANDERSON, T.; HARDING, W.; HEATHER, W.; JANES, A.;


TEALE, O. Teale's light-line phonography. - Brooklyn, N.Y., 1888. P23 TEAR, Laming Warren. Short short-hand. - London, 1852. P23 THOMPSON, Alexander Herbert. Stenography: or, a complete system of shorthand. - London, [1868]. P23 THOMPSON, John. Manual of phonography. - London: Phonographic Depot, 1863. P32 THOMPSON, John. Shorthand an how to learn it in twelve lessons... - Edinburgh: John Thompson, 1892. P23 THORNTON, George H. The modern stenographer. - New York, 1883. P23 TIFFIN, William. A new help and improvement of the art of swift writing... - London: The Author, [1750]. P26 "TIMES" REPORTER. Short hints on shorthand etc... - London, 1860. P23 TOWNDROW, Thomas. A complete guide to the art of writing short-hand. - 3rd ed. - Derby,

1837. P23 TOWNDROW, Thomas. A complete guide to the art of writing short-hand. - 3rd ed. - London,

1859. P23 TOWNDROW, Thomas. Towndrow's revised and improved text-book of stenography: or, complete guide to the art of writing shorthand etc... - New York, 1887. P23 TROVATO, Ben. City shorthand: (being the seventh edition of the Oxford system)... - Dover: The Shorthand Co., 1890. P33 *TYSON, A.G. The student's friend. A new and philosophical system of short-hand etc... Scarborough, 1838.

V *VALPY, Francis H. Audeography: the new short-hand. - London, [1885].

*VALPY, Francis H. Audeography... a lecture. - London, 1886.

*VENTRY, E. The stenographic standards; being four improved systems of short-hand...

together with the newly-invented short-hand of Dr. Erdmann. - London, [n.d.].

*VERITY, John Showler. A new system of phonography. - Boston, 1885.

W *WAILES, Robert. The joined-vowel system of phonographic shorthand. - London, 1880.

*WALFORD, Cornelius. The insurance guide and handbook. - 2nd ed. - London, 1867.

*WALFORD, Cornelius. Address on the opening of the first session of the Shorthand Society of London. - London, 1881.

*WALFORD, Cornelius. Statistical review of the literature of shorthand. - London and Bath, 1885.

*WALFORD, Cornelius. Catalogue (sale) of a portion of the... library of the late C.W. - London, 1886.

*WALKER, C. Stenography: or, short hand writing. Comprising an abridgement of the celebrated system by Byrom. - London, 1823.


WALPOLE, George. A text-book of shorthand. - London: Veale Chifferiel & Co Ltd., 1921. P33 *WATT, James Crabb. A monograph on shorthand, especially Scriptaria Geometrica. - London, 1890.

*WEBSTER, Joseph. A system of stenography on a new principle etc...- London, 1836.

WESTBY-GIBSON, John. The bibliography of shorthand. - London: Isaac Pitman & Sons, 1887.

P33 WESTON, James. A new short-hand grammer... - London: The Author, 1749. P26 *WESTON, James. Stenography completed: or, the art of shorthand brought to perfection etc.. London, 1727.

WHITE, Harry. White's Orthographic shorthand, (The Oxford System)... - London: A. Mitchell,

1889. P24 WHITEHEAD, William. Shorthand improved or a new practical system of stenography... London: Simpkin & Marshall, [1835]. P24 WILLIAMS, Charles. An improved system of shorthand etc.. - London, 1838. P24 WILLIAMS, James. The A.B.C. method of shorthand based on the sound of the English language. - Pontypridd, 1878. P24 WILLIAMS, James. Aleography: being an improved system of shorthand... adapted to verbatim reporting. - Pontypridd, 1878. P24 WILLIAMS, James. The manual of alethography: being an improved system of shorthand based upon the spoken sound of the English language and adapted to verbatim reporting. - 3rd ed.

Pontypridd, 1879. P24 *WILLIAMS, James. The manual of alethography.... - 4th ed. -1880.

*WILLIAMS, James. Llaw-fer gymreig yn ol aleographia. - Pontypridd, 1881.

WILLIAMS, James. The reader [shorthand]. - Pontypridd and Cardiff [printed] [n.d.]. P24 *WILLIAMSON, William. Stenography: or, a concise and practical system of short-hand writing. London, 1775.

WILLIS, John. The art of stenographie: or, shortwriting, by spelling characterie. - 13th ed. London, 1644. P25 There is an mss. copy of the 9th ed. of "The art of stenography" in the library.

P24 There is also an mss. copy of the 10th (?) ed. of the "System of shorthand" in the library.


WILLS, G.H. Commercial shorthand: in twelve easy lessons etc... - London, [1874]. P24 WOOD,.Wood's improved parliamentary system of shorthand. 2nd ed. - London, 1834. P24 WOODCOCK, W.H. Modern shorthand, with the outline of a new system. - Warrington, 1892.

P24 WOODHOUSE, Simeon S. A practical system of short-hand writing, on the basis of Taylor's universal stenography. - Hull, 1842. P24 WOOLEN, Henry. Anglian shorthand. - Ipswich: The Author, 1901. P24 WRIGHT, Alexander Tremaine. The Purton System of shorthand. - London, 1887. P24 Y YOUNG, Murdo. Readable short hand. - London, 1869. P24 YOUNG... Young reporter: A practical guide to the art and the profession of short-hand writing...

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