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«Catalogue of the Pocknell collection of shorthand books in Exeter Central Library Factsheet 18 Edward Pocknell was a professional shorthand writer ...»

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HINTON, E. Stenography: or, an easy system of shorthand... (taking the systems of Lewis and Richardson...) etc...- Chichester, 1826. P30 *HINTON, E. Stenography.... - 2nd ed. - London, 1832.

HODGSON, Edward. Short-hand, on an improved plan. - 2nd ed. - London, [1786]. P27 *HOLDSWORTH, William and ALDRIDGE, W. Natural short-hand etc.. London, [1768?].

*HOW, Thomas.Ideagraphy: being a complete system, with its practical variations arranged progressively. - London, 1836.

*HUNT, Joseph. Aristography: a new system of shorthand writing. - 3rd ed. - Bristol, 1879.

*HUNT, Joseph. Aristography: a new system of shorthand writing. - 3rd ed. - Bristol, 1879.

*HUNTER, Andrew. The system of stenography taught in Hunter's Academy. - 3rd ed. Edinburgh, 1816.

*HUNTER, Andrew. An easy system of short-hand writing. - 12th ed. - London, 1830.

*HUNTER, Samuel. Hunter's new and complete system of phonetic shorthand etc.. - London, 1874.

I INNES, Hugh W. A shorthand decade. - London, 1891. P12 INTERNATIONAL... International Association of Shorthand Writers, proceedings of the fourth annual congress, held at Harrisburg, PA., August 21st and 22nd 1884. - Chicago: Press of the Western Label Co. 1885. P36 INTERNATIONAL... International Convention of Shorthand Writers of the United States and Canada, proceedings, held at the Palmer House, Chicago, 1st and 2nd September 1881. Chicago: Western Label Co, 1881. P36 INTERNATIONAL... International Shorthand Congress, Transactions of the first meeting, held in London from September 26th to October 1st, 1887. - London: Isaac Pitman and Sons, 1888.

P36 J JACKSON, George. Two new and efficient systems of stenography. London, 1823. P12 JANES, Alfred. A practical introduction to shorthand. - London, [n.d.]. P12 JANES, Alfred. Aristos ('The best') shorthand. - Revised edition - London, [1891]. P12 JANES, Alfred. Aristos ('The best') shorthand. - 2nd ed - London, [n.d.]. P12 JANES, Alfred. Phonetic shorthand, new & complete system. - London, 1885. P12 JANES, Alfred. Primer of Aristos ('The best') shorthand. - London, [n.d.]. P12 JANES, Alfred. Reporting supplement to shorthand without complications. - London, [n.d.] P12 JANES, Alfred. Standard stenography; being Taylor's shorthand, improved and adapted to modern requirements. - London, 1882. P12 JANES, Alfred. Shorthand without complications. - 3rd ed. - London, 1889. P12 JANES, Alfred. Shorthand without complications. - 4th ed. - London, 1892. P12 JANES, Alfred. Shorthand without complications, reading book 2 - London, [n.d.]. P12 JANES, Alfred see ANDERSON, T. and PITMAN, Sir I.

JAQUES. A pocket


of Jaques syllable shorthand: a new system of stenography, adapted to the standard of dictionary spelling. - Harrogate, 1879. P12 *JONES, Edward James. A handbook of phonography: being a complete system of phonetic shorthand. - London, 1862. P12 JONES, Edward James. A handbook of phonography.... - [another ed.].- London, 1871. P12 K KATALOG. Katalog der Bibliothek des Konigl Stenographischen Instituts zu Dresden... Dresden: Druck von B.G. Teubner, 1860. P14 KAYSER, Theodor. The adventages of genuine script shorthand in general, with especial reference to the... Stolze system. - London, 1889. P14 KITCHINGMAN. Kitchingman's system of short hand writing.... - Newcastle, 1828. P14 KNIGHT, T.D. The art of shorthand writing on a new principle of contraction etc.. - London, 1828.

P31 KNIGHT, Wilmot. Practical advice to shorthand students. - London, [n.d.]. P14 L LANE, Samuel. The art of short writing, made lineal and legible as the common longhand. London, 1715. P25 *LEONARD, S.W. Shorthand for the people; being a comprehensive system of stenography etc..

- Cheltenham, 1838.

LEVY, Matthias. Addenda to catalogue. - London: Institute of Shorthand Writers, 1903. P14 LEVY, Matthias. The history of shorthand writing. - London, 1862. P14 *LEVY, Matthias. Shakespeare and shorthand. - London, 1884.

*LEVY, Matthias. Shorthand: its history and its prospects. - Printed by the Institute of Shorthand Writers: London, 1885.

*LEWIS, James Henry. The ready writer: or, ne plus ultra of shorthand. - London, 1812.

LEWIS, James Henry. An historical account of the rise and progress of shorthand etc.. - London, [1816?]. P14 *LEWIS, James Henry. Lewis's cranio-logical lecture on shorthand. [Title on cover]: The Lewisian system of shorthand...taught in six easy lessons.... - 63rd ed. - London, 1835.

*LEWIS, James Henry. The ready writer and interpreter of the Royal Lewisian system of shorthand etc.. - 95th ed. London, [n.d.].

*LEWIS, James Henry. The Lewisian system of shorthand displayed at a glance. Altered and revised... by... A.L. Lewis. - London, 1880.

*LEWIS, James Henry. Extracts from the Royal Lewisian system of shorthand etc.. - London, [n.d.].

LEWIS, James Henry see HINTON, E.

*LINDSLEY, David Philip. The elements of tachygraphy etc.. - Boston Mass., 1869.

*LINEOGRAPHY. Lineography; a practical shorthand (Taylor improved).A complete system of stenography. - Glasgow, 1889.

List. List of voters upon the Vowel Scale, [a poll taken by Isaac Pitman] - London, 1858. P14 LOCK, Francis John. The rapid shorthand writer. - Leicester, 1882. P14 LOCKETT, A.B. Lockett's shorthand instructor. - 2nd ed. - London, 1886. P14 LOCKETT, A.B. Lockett's shorthand instructor. - 3rd ed. London, 1886. P14 LOCKETT, A.B. Lockett's shorthand instructor. - 4th ed. - London, 1887. P14 LOCKETT, A.B. Lockett's shorthand instructor. - 5th ed. London, 1888. P14 LONGLEY, Elais. American manual of phonography: being a complete guide to the acquisition of Pitman's phonetic shorthand. Cincinnati, 1857. P14 LONGLEY, Elias. Electric manual of phonography: a complete guide to the acquisition of Pitman's phonetic shorthand. - Cincinnati, 1880. P14 LORD'S. The Lord's Prayer in shorthand, according to one hundred authors... Compiled by E.N.

Miner - New York, 1886. P14 LOWES, John D. Stenography: or, shorthand writing without a master. - London, 1883. P31 LOWES, John D. Stenography.... - London, 1884. P14 LYLE, David. The art of shorthand etc.. - London, 1762. P27 LYLE, David see POCKNELL, E.

M MACAULAY, Aulay. Polygraphy: or, shorthand made easy to the meanest capacity. - 2nd ed. London, 1747. P26 MACAULAY, Aulay. Polygraphy.... - 3rd ed. - London, 1756. P26 MACDOUGAL, Duncan. An improved system of shorthand... with an appendix... also, observations on the art of teaching. - 3rd ed. - London, 1835. P15 *MACKENZIE, Eneas. Shorthand made easy. - London, [n.d.].

*MACLAGAN, Henry. Phonostenography. - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1881.

Malham-Dembleby, John. Malham-Dembleby's new art of real shorthand. - Bradford: John Malham-Dembleby, 1919. P15 *MARCHANT, W.T. [Biography of David Hammond], [mss.]. - London, [n.d.].

*MARES, Georg Carl. Rational shorthand etc... - 2nd ed. London, 1889.

*MARES, Georg Carl. National stenography: being an entirely new system of shorthand etc. Part

1. The corresponding style. Plaistow, 1890.

*MARES, Georg Carl. Mares national stenography. - London, 1890 [mss.].

*MARTIN, Jean P.A. La cursive Francaise. - Paris, 1887.

MASON, William. Arts advancement: or, the most lineal, swift, short and easy method of shorthand writing hitherto extant. 3rd ed. - London, 1699. P25 MASON, William. La plume volante: or, the art of shorthand improved etc... - 5th ed. - London, [n.d.]. P25 *MAVOR, William Fordyce. A concise system of universal stenography. - Cirencester, 1778.

*MAVOR, Willaim. Universal stenography: or, a new complete system of short writing. - New [3rd] ed. - London, 1792.

*MAVOR, William. Universal stenography.... - 5th ed. London, 1801.

*MAVOR, Willaim. Universal stenography.... - 8th ed. London, 1807.

*MAVOR, William. Universal stenography.... - New [10th ed.].- London, 1807.

*MAVOR, Willaim. Secret writing: Mavor's short-hand, improved etc... - London, [n.d.].

MAVOR, Willaim see CLIVE, J.H.

McEWAN, Oliver. A press career. an introductory guide to journalism. - London, 1888. P15 McEWAN, Oliver. Script phonography v. Pitman's: being a manifesto. - London, [n.d.]. P15 McEWAN, Oliver. Verbatim reporting. - London, [n.d.]. P15 McEWAN, Oliver see Script Phonography Co.

METCALFE, Theophilus. Short writing: the most easie, exact lineall and speedy method that hath ever yet been obtained etc... - 55th ed. - London, [1756]. P26 MEYSMANS,Jules. Stenographie Meysmans... - Bruxelles [Brussels]: Institut National De Stenographie, 1939. P31 *MICHAELIS, Gustav. The little Tiro. A practical compendium of English shorthand. - Lond and Berlin [printed], 1864.

*MICHAELIS, Gustav. Shorthand made easy. A simplified system of English stenography on the principles of W. Stolze. - 3rd ed. - Berlin, 1890.

*MICHELL, W.J.O. A universal system of shorthand (founded on the system of Taylor)... with an introduction by T. Michell - London, 1885.

*MIDY, E. Stenographie nouvelle. - Paris, 1839.

*MILLER, R.E. Lessons in shorthand, on Gurney's system (improved) etc.. - London, 1884.

*MITCHELL, James. An easy system of short hand. - London, 1815.

*MITCHELL, James. An easy system of shorthand. - 2nd ed. London, [n.d.].

*MITCHELL, James. An easy system of shorthand. - 3rd ed. London, 1821.

*MITCHELL, John. The elements of shorthand, founded on the principles of nature, grammar and true philosophy etc.. - London, 1784.

*MITCHELL, Thomas. Shorthand phonography for the million: a new system of Kyriological phonography. - Lansingburgh, N.Y., 1858.

*MITZSCHKE,Paul. Der brief des Justus Lipsius "De notis". [Leipzig?], 1882.

*MITZSCHKE,Paul. Eine griechische Kurzshrift aus dem vieten vorchristlichen Jahrhundert. Leipzig, 1885.

*MOAT, Thomas. The shorthand standard etc.. - London, 1833.

*MOLINEUX, Thomas. The short-hand instructor: or, stenographical copy book etc. - London, 1813.

MOLINEUX, Thomas.An introduction to Byrom's universal English short-hand. - 5th ed. London, 1821. P15 *MOLINEUX, Thomas. The stenographical copy-book: or, short-hand instructor etc...Macclesfield, 1838.

MOLINEUX, Thomas see BYROM, J. and ROFFE, R.C.


*MOOR, John C. What is to be the future of the Phonetic Society? respectfully addressed to Mr.

Isaac Pitman, the members of the Phonetic Society and phonographers generally. - Blyth, 1875.

*MORRIS, F.G. The phrase. A monograph. - Easthampton, Mass., 1885.

*MOUGEOT, J.D. Petite methode de stenographie Francaise etc... - Nouvelle ed. - Paris, 1885.

*MULLER,Eg.C.H.. Liederkranz fur stenotachygraphen. - Offenbach, 1890.

*MUNSON, James E. The complete phonographer. - New York, 1867.

N NATIONAL... National Shorthand Reporters' Association, proceedings of the annual meeting at Chautauqua, N.Y., August 15, 16, 17 and 18, 1905. -Trenton, N.J.: The John L. Murphy Publishing Company, 1906. P37 NATIONAL... National Stenographer, Vol. IV July, August and September 1893. - Chicago: The National Stenography Company. P37 NEEDHAM, Clement R. Eezee: or, Needham's shorthand. - London, 1889. P15 *NEEDHAM, Clement R. How to master shorthand etc.. - London, 1889. (tract).

*NELSON, I. The parliamentary and forensic short-hand-writer etc...- London, 1836.

*NEVILLE, James. Scientific shorthand. - Westminster, 1887.

NEW... New York State Stenographers' Association proceedings, 1902 - 1915. - Albany N.Y.:

Weed-Parsons Printing Company. P39 *NICHOLSON, George. Stenography: or, a new system of shorthand. - London, [1806].

*NIGHTINGALE, Joseph. Stenography, on an improved plan etc.. London, 1823.

O *ODELL, George. Odell's system of short-hand (Taylor improved). 43rd ed. - London, 1851.

*ODELL, George. Odell's system of short-hand... a supplement. London, [n.d.].

ODELL, George see ANDERSON, T.

OLIVER, William. Gurney's system of shorthand... simplified and otherwise greatly improved. Birmingham, 1852. P15 ORME, Henry. A system of shorthand writing. - Edinburgh, 1824. P15 OXFORD. Oxford shorthand, [various publications]. - London, Dover, [various dates]. P31 P PALMER, John. A new scheme of short-hand; being an improvement upon Mr. Byrom's Universal English short-hand. - London, 1774. P27 PARKER, Thomas. The parliamentary system of short-hand, simplified... from the original plans of Mason and Gurney. - 2nd ed. - London, 1834. P15 PARLIAMENTARY VETERAN. Aids to reporting. - London, 1858. P15 PASSMORE, William. Passmore's short-hand in a day. - Rev. ed. - London, [1875?]. P15 *PASSMORE, William. [A different work]. - London, [1875?].

PASSMORE, William. Passmore's short-hand pictorially taught. London, [1878?]. P15 PEACHEY, David Augustus. Shorthand shortened etc.. - London and Northampton (printed),

1882. P15 PEACHEY, David Augustus see ANDERSON, T.

PEACOCK, Anthony. A methodical system of shorthand etc.. - 2nd ed. - London, [1828]. P15 PERNIN, H.M. Pernin's universal phonography etc. [advertisement]. - Detroit, Mich., [1886?].

See also Academies, Detroit, Pernin's...stenographer. P15 PETRIE, James G. Reporting and transcribing machines with special reference to the typewriter. - London, 1882. P15 PHONOGRAPHIC... Phonographic Correspondent, Vol. 2, 1845 -Bath: Isaac Pitman, 1845. P40 PHONOGRAPHIC... Phonographic Examiner, Vol. 3. - London: Henry Swan, 1855. P15 PHONOGRAPHIC... Phonographic Lecturer, Edited by F. Pitman No. 7 Jul 1871, No. 9 Sept 1871, No. 10 Oct 1871, No. 11 Nov 1871, No. 48 Dec 1874, No. 62 Feb 1876 - London: F Pitman. P40 PHONOGRAPHIC... Phonographic Magazine, Edited by Jerome R. Howard, Vol. V No. 1-12, 1891. - Cincinnati: The Phonographic Institute. P43 PHONOGRAPHIC... Phonographic Reporter, Edited by Thomas Allen Reed, 1859 - 1880 (Missing years 1870, 1873-1879). - London: F Pitman. P41 PHONOTYPIC... Phonotypic Journal, Vol. 2 1843, Vol. 3 1844, Vol. 4 1845 - Bath: Isaac Pitman.

P42 PITMAN, Benn. Reporter's first reader. - Cincinnati, [1860?]. P16 PITMAN, Benn. The phrase book [of shorthand]. - Cincinnati, O., [1861]. P16 PITMAN, Benn. The manual of phonography. - Cincinnati, O., [1884?]. P16

PITMAN, Sir Isaac. Pitman's shorthand dictionary. - Eighth (twentieth century) edition - London:

Sir Isaac Pitman and sons, Ltd, [n.d.]. P18 PITMAN, Sir Isaac. Pitman's shorthand instructor: A complete exposition of Sir Isaac Pitman's system of phonography. - Twentieth century edition - London: Sir Isaac Pitman and sons, Ltd, [n.d.]. P18 PITMAN, Sir Isaac. Pitman's shorthand reporter (being part 2 of Pitman's shorthand instructor)...

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