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«Catalogue of the Pocknell collection of shorthand books in Exeter Central Library Factsheet 18 Edward Pocknell was a professional shorthand writer ...»

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Catalogue of the Pocknell collection of

shorthand books in Exeter Central Library

Factsheet 18

Edward Pocknell was a professional shorthand writer and deviser of the Legible

Shorthand system. He worked for many years in London and was president of the

Shorthand Society. He retired to Exeter and bequeathed his collection of books to

Exeter City Library in 1894.

The present listing is a provisional one, based on the items recorded in the 1901 printed

catalogue of the Royal Albert Museum reference library. Items marked with an asterisk are listed only on the evidence of inclusion in that catalogue. Those without an asterisk have been verified by a shelf check of that part of the collection which survived the 1942 air raids and fuller publication details and the accession number have been added to these entries.

A subsequent inventory of the material in the collection was undertaken in 2006/7 and the list below has been annotated to show which items are still in the collection. The material has been re-boxed by size, and each box has been numbered. Where an item has been found the record is annotated with the box number, e.g. P29.

A ABBOTT, Frederick Faut. Startling shorthand disclosures; being Professor Faut Abbott's reply to Sir Isaac Pitman. London: Jarrold and Sons, 1896. 13363. P1 ABBOTT, Frederick Faut. Swiftograph: a simple shorthand system for the million! - 10th ed. London: Jarrold and Sons, [1895?]. 13379. P1 ABOUT. About short-hand systems: A demonstration by actual comparison of the positive superiority of Haven's Practical Phonography over all other methods of short-hand writing... Philadelphia: Curtis Haven, [n.d.]. P30 AESOP. Aesop's fables in words of one syllable / by M. Godolphin. - London: Printed in shorthand by J. Pitman, 1873. P1

AIDS to reporting or, the student's guide to press occupation.... - New ed., rev. - London:

Groombridge and Sons, [1900?]. 125. P1

ALBRECHT, Karl. Lehrbuch der gabelsbergerschen Stenographie. - 5te Auflage. - Leipzig:

Verlag von Gustav Mayer, 1860. 126. P1 ALSTON, R.C. Treaties on short-hand, A bibliography of the English language from the invention of printing to the year 1880, volume eight. - Leeds: E.J. Arnold & Sons Limited, 1966. P48 ANDERSON, Thomas. Catechism of shorthand. - London: W.H. Allen, 1882. 128. P1 ANDERSON, Thomas. History of shorthand with a review of its present condition and prospects in Europe and America. London, 1882. P1 ANDERSON, Thomas. Shorthand systems. - London: I. Upcott Gill, [1884?]. 129. P1 ANDERSON, Thomas. Synopsis of a new system of short writing. Glasgow: Printed by William Ranklin, 1878. 127. P1 ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl. The complete phonographic class book, containing a strictly inductive exposition of Pitman's Phonography / by S. P. Andrews and Augustus F. Boyle. - 8th ed. - New York: Andrews & Boyle, 1847. 130. P1 ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl. The phonographic reader... / by S. P. Andrews and Augustus F.

Boyle. - 15th ed. - New York: Andrews & Boyle, 1848. 131. P1 ANGELL, John. Stenography; or, shorthand improved... -2nd ed. - London: Printed for and sold by M. Angell, [1766?]. 132. - Alston 231. P27 ANNET, Peter. Annet's shorthand... - London: Printed for George Woodfall, [1752?]. 138. Alston 206. P26 ANNET, Peter. Annet's shorthand perfected... - [2nd ed.]. - London: Printed and sold by J.

Smeeton, [1760?]. 133. - Alston 207. P28 ANNET, Peter. See also HERVEY, T.

ARMITAGE, M. A concise explanation of syllabic writing, or shorthand made easy. - Batley:

H.Armitage, 1885. 136. P2 ARMITAGE, M. A new system of steno phonography. - Batley, 1876. - Manuscript, [1] sheet. 137 P2 ARMITAGE, M. Syllabic writing: or shorthand made easy. A new system of shorthand in which the vowels are implied... Batley: M. Armitage, 1884. 134 & 135. P2 *ARTIS, George L. A shorthand dictionary and stenographical copy book. - 1845.

AXON, William Edward Armitage. The extent of modern shorthand literature. - Manchester: [W.

Axon?], 1889 Paper read at the International Shorthand Congress, Paris, August 1889 and Library Association, London, October, 1889. 139. P2 B BAILEY, Keyes A. A practical exposition of phonography, or writing by sound, being a complete system of shorthand containing a perfect analysis of the English language with a new alphabet.... - New York: K.A. Bailey, 1848. 141. P2 BAILEY, Phineas. Phonography: containing a complete system of shorthand writing. - 6th ed. St. Albans, Vt.: Printed at the Messenger Press, 1852. 143. P2 BAILEY, Phinehas. A pronouncing stenography, containing a complete system of shorthand writing; governed by the analogy of sounds and adapted to every language. - 3rd ed. Burlington [U.S.]: Chauncey Goodrich, 1839. 142. P2 BAILEY, W.R. Bailey’s facile short-hand tutor... - London: Hamilton, Adams & Co., 1885. 140. P2 BALES, Peter. The writing schoolemaster: conteigning three bookes in one, the first teaching swift writing; the second, true writing; the third, faire writing... - 1590. Ms Copy. 144. P2 BARLOW, W.H. Normal phonography; an essay of the vowell representation of phonography. Philadelphia: Printed by J.B. Lippincott, 1889. 145. P2 BARLOW, W.H. Normal phonography adapted to all styles of reporting.... - 2nd ed. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1889. 146. P2 BARMBY, Henry. Shorthand unmasks’d; or an easy elegant character illustrated and explained... - [London]: [Stanley Crowder; Richardson & Urquhart, [1772?]. - Lacks title page. 147. - Alston

247. P25 BARTER, John. The A.B.C. shorthand reporter... - London: Allman & Son, [1886?]. 150. P2 BARTER, John. The manual of A.B.C. shorthand for colleges, schools, and private study. London: Allman & Son, [1886?]. 148. P2 BARTER, John. The self-instructor in A.B.C. shorthand for colleges, schools, and private study. London: Allman & Son, [1885?]. 149. P2 BARTHOLOMEW, M.M. The stenograph shorthand machine. - New York: [The Author?], [1887?]. 151. P2 BEALE, Charles Currier. Business shorthand / by Charles Currier Beale and Cora E. Burbank. Boston, Mass.: Beale Publishing Company, 1891. 156. P2

BEALE, Charles Currier. Complete manual of simplified phonography. - 6th ed. - Boston, Mass.:

Beale Publishing Company, 1890. 153. P2 BEALE, Charles Currier. Marcus T.C. Gould, stenographer. [s.l.]: Phonographic Institute, 1904. Reprinted from: The Phonographic magazine and national shorthand reporter, 1904. - Presented by the author. 13358. P30 BEALE, Charles Currier. Text book of simplified phonography. - Boston, Mass.: Stenographic Publishing Company, 1887. 152. P2 BEALE, Joseph. Pantagraphy: a perfect system of phonetic shorthand for reporting and general literary purposes... - 2nd ed. - Nottingham: Printed by Stevenson, Bailey and Smith, 1869. 154.

P2 BEALE, Joseph. Pantagraphy: a perfect system of phonetic shorthand and phonetic longhand, for reporting and general literary purposes... - 3rd [i.e. 6th] ed. - Nottingham: Printed by Stevenson, Bailey and Smith, 1873. 155. P2 BEERS, James W. Beers shorthand. - 5th ed. - New York: Beers Publishing, 1910. - 13362. P2 BELL, Alexander Melville. The reporter's manual and vocabulary of locograms. A complete system of phonetic shorthand writing. - London: Hamilton, Adams & Co.; Edinburgh: W. P.

Kennedy, 1857. 157. P2 *BELL, Alexander Melville. The science of speech. Washington, D.D., 1897.

BELL, Alexander Melville. Steno-phonography: a complete system of short-hand writing... Edinburgh: W. P. Kennedy, 1852. 158. P2 BENNETT, John. Elements of stenography: an essay on the principles of that ingenious and valuable art. - London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Browne and Green [etc.], 1825.

162. P3

BENNETT, John. Short-hand explained: being a concise exposition of the art... - London:

Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1825. 159. P3 BENNETT, John. Short-hand explained: being a practical exposition of the art of stenography. nd ed. London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1828. 160. P3 BENNETT, John. Shorthand explained: being a practical exposition of the art of stenography. th ed. Ipswich: S.H. Cowell, 1845. Plates engraved by W. Bartlett. 161. P3 BENSON, William. Universal phonography... - London: Chapman and Hall, 1887. 163. P3 BERTIN, Theodore Pierre. See TAYLOR, Samuel.

BIBLE. New Testament. The New Testament... Printed in an easy reporting style of Pitman's shorthand. - XX. cent ed. London: Isaac Pitman & Sons, [1912?]. P3 BISHOP, George R. Outlines of a modified phonography. - New York: The Author, 1884. 165.

P3 BISHOP, George R.A note to "Outlines of a modified phonography". - London: [G.R. Bishop],

1884. P3 BISHOP, George R. Exact phonography: a system with connectible stroke vowel signs. - New York: The author, 1887. - Inserted: Substituted pages and supplement from new edition of George R. Bishop's Exact phonography. - New York: The author, 1893. Also various items of publicity for the work. 166. P3 BLAKE, G. Ridsdale. Kraipnography: or, type-writer shorthand. - Crewkerne: [The Author?], 1889. 167. P4 BLANCHARD, William J. The complete instructor of shorthand. Upon principles applicable to the European languages... London: Printed for the author, [1788?]. 168. Alston 284. P29 BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER... Printed in an easy reporting style of Pitman's shorthand. - XX cent. ed. - London: Isaac Pitman, [1910?]. 3495. P4

BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER... Printed in an easy reporting style of phonography. - London:

Isaac Pitman, [1910?]. 6503. P4 BOYLE, Augustus F. See: Andrews, Stephen Pearl.

BRADLEY, G. A concise and practical system of stenography, or short-hand writing, with a brief history of the progress of the art. - London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1843. 170. P4 BRIDGE, William, D. A new and rational system of shorthand numbers. - Chicago: G.A. Gaskell, 1886. 171. P4 BRIGHT, Timothy. Characterie: an arte of shorte, swifte and secrete writing by character. London, 1588. (ms. copy). 173. P4 BRIGHT, Timothy. Characterie: an arte of shorte, swifte, and secrete writing by character / invented by Timothie Bright. - Ulverstone: Reprynted [sic] by W. Holmes, 1888. Reprint of edition published: London: I. Windet the assigne of Tim. Bright, 1588. - Article from: The office, 3 Nov 1888, p4-5 tipped in. 172. P4 BRIGHT, Timothy see Pocknell, E.

BROOKES, H.C. Brooke's easy shorthand. - New rev. ed. Kendall: H.C. Brookes, 1916. 37490, presented by the author. P4 BROOKES, H.C. Brooke's figure shorthand. - New rev. ed. Kendall: H.C. Brrokes, [1915?].

37480, presented by the author. P4 BROOKES, H.C. Course of instruction in Brookes's easy shorthand. - Windemere: H.C. Brookes at the English School of Shorthand, [1915?]. Presented by the author. P4 BROOKES, H.C. Shorthand bases. - Kenilworth: H.C. Brookes, [1915?]. Presented by the author. P4 BROWNE, Alfred H. Legible phonography: a new system of phonetic shorthand. - London; [The Author], 1883. Paper read at the Shorthand Society, 6th June, 1883. 174. P5

BROWNE, Alfred H. Notices of Mr. A.H. Browne as a traveller and special correspondent. - [s.l.]:

[A.H. Browne?], [1881?]. 177P30 BROWNE, Alfred Magenis. Browne's phonetic shorthand: or legible phonography based upon the syllabic & phonetic principles of the English language.... - London: A.M. Browne, 1887. 175.

P5 BROWNE, Alfred Magenis. Browne's shorthand manual. - 2nd ed. - London: A.M. Browne, 1893.

176. P5 BUCK, J.H. The stenographic standard: or, a practical system of shorthand etc.. - [2nd ed]. London: Darton and Clark, 1842. 179. P5 BURBANK, Cora Elisabeth. Complete manual of the Beale shorthand... - 9th ed. - Boston, Mass.: Beale Press, 1896. 157, presented by the author. P5 BURBANK, Cora Elisabeth. See also: Currier, Charles.

BURNS, Eliza Boardman. Burn's phonic shorthand. - New York: Burns & Co., 1874. 181. P5 BYROM, John. The universal English short-hand; or, the way of writing English in the most easy, consise, regular and beautiful manner. - Manchester: Printed by Joseph Harrop, 1767. 182.

Alston 246. P27 BYROM, John. An abridgement of Mr. Byrom's universal English shorthand; or, the way of

writing English in the most easy, concise, regular, and beautiful manner. - 2nd ed. - London:

Printed for the editor, and sold by H. Lowndes, 1796. Alston 308. P29 *BYROM, John. An introduction to Mr. Byrom's universal English shorthand...by T. Molineaux. rd ed. - London, 1804 *BYROM, John. An easy introduction to Byrom's universal English shorthand etc...by an eminent Professor [C. Walker]. - London, 1825.

*BYROM, John. A chatechism of shorthand, upon the system of J.B...by R. Rolfe, sen. - London, 1834.

BYROM, John. See also: Gawtress, W.; Molineaux; Walker, C.

C CALLENDAR, Hugh L. A primer of cursive shorthand. The Cambridge system. - London: C.J.

Clay, 1889. 184. P5 CALLENDAR, Hugh, L. A manual of cursive shorthand. - London: C.J. Clay, 1889. 183. P5 CALLENDAR, Hugh L. Reading practice in cursive shorthand. London: C.J. Clay, 1889. Facsimiles of actual writing in three parts. 185. P5 CALLENDAR, Hugh L. A manual of orthographic cursive shorthand. The Cambridge system. London: C.J. Clay, 1891. 186. P5 CARPENTER, William. The handbook of stenography. - 5th ed. - London: William Strange, 1843. 187. P5 CARPENTER, William. The handbook of shorthand: being a complete guide to the art and practise of stenography. -13th ed. - London: William Strange, 1862. 188. P5 CARSTAIRS, J. Carstair's practical system of shorthand...- London: Effingham Wilson, [1829].

189. P5 *CHANCERY BARRISTER. The minute etc... - London, 1842.

CHARACTERISME, or a system of such rules as might be best for ye writing of short-hand... Manuscript copy from Sloane Mss. in British Museum made by Exward Pocknell, 2 Nov. 1886.

190. P5 CHAUVIN, L. P.L. Noveau systeme de stenographie. - Paris: G. Pissin, 1836. 191. P5 CHILDERSTONE, Frederick. A study on Pitman's phonetic shorthand...- London: [F.

Childerstone], 1884. 192. P6 CLARKE, Edward. Easy shorthand. - London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., 1907.

13364. P6 CLIVE, I.H. Mavor abbreviated...being an entirely new and complete book of shorthand... Newcastle-under-Lyme: [I.H. Clive], 1810. 193. P6 CLIVE, I.H. Mavor abbreviated by the application of a new principal to his system of universal stenography... - 3rd ed. - London: Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, 1821. 194. P6 CLIVE, J.H. The linear system of shorthand... - [4th ed. - London: Whittaker, Treacher and Co., 1830. 195. P6

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