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«Chapter 3 Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Amir Darehshoorzadeh, Lloren¸ Cerd`-Alabern and Vicent Pla c a Contents 3.1 Introduction ...»

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Our numerical results have shown that using any OR algorithm outperforms the traditional uni-path routing. Furthermore, if the maximum number of candidates is not limited, all of the algorithms obtain almost the same expected number of transmissions. Such assumption is not realistic since the algorithms may choose a large number of candidates, which will introduce large signaling overhead and probably duplicate transmissions. When the maximum number of candidates is limited, our results have shown that the expected number of transmissions required by ExOR is larger than that of the other OR algorithms. This is because of the coarse selection of the CSs of ExOR, which relies on ETX. On the other hand, the performance obtained with OAPF has proven to be very close to the optimal algorithms. We have also observed that the variance of the number of transmissions can be substantially reduced by using OR. This result is specially important in networks with real-time requirements.

Regarding the execution times, the fact that EXOR is based on ETX makes this algorithm much faster than the others. For the optimum algorithms, we have observed that MTS outperforms LCOR. However, both algorithms require extremely large execution times to compute the CSs in a dense network (on the order of hours in a modern PC). On the other hand, OAPF is able to run the candidate selection with execution times orders of magnitude lower than the optimum algorithms (on the order of minutes) while a relatively low degradation of performance was observed. Therefore, we conclude that a fast and simple OR candidate selection algorithm such as OAPF may be preferable in dynamic networks, where the CSs are likely to be updated frequently.

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