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The Josef Weinberger, Glocken Verlag and Octava Music Australia

catalogues (all administered by JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD.) offer original and adapted English versions of some the greatest operas and operettas ever written.

Available to both professional and amateur performing companies, these English versions include performing versions from the repertoires of, amongst others, English National Opera and Australian Opera.

This catalogue is a complete listing of the opera and operetta in English available from JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD. Among the composers of opera included here are Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Wagner and Gounod, and their counterparts from the world of operetta include Lehár, Kálmán, Strauss, Offenbach and Sullivan.

Reading copies of vocal scores and libretti are available to directors and producers without charge.

Where applicable, works in their original language are also available from JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD.

These versions are not listed in this catalogue, but can be found at www.josef-weinberger.com i


Concert Library Concert hire for professional and amateur ensembles - worldwide Individual excerpts from our entire catalogue of operettas and musicals are available to hire for concert performance.

Why not create your own concert of operetta highlights?

Popular concert hire items include:

“Vilja” (The Merry Widow), “You Are My Heart’s Delight” (The Land of Smiles), “On My Lips Every Kiss is Like Wine” (Giuditta), Overture from Die Fledermaus, “My Hero” (The Chocolate Soldier), “Love Unspoken” (The Merry Widow) and many other instrumental and vocal selections from the works of - amongst others - Lehár, Kálmán and Johann Strauss II.

The Concert Library also offers a wide selection of small and large-scale classical works: concertos, symphonies, overtures, suites and much more besides.

Alongside the extensive catalogues of Paul Patterson and Malcolm Williamson the Concert Library also supplies works by composers including Mahler, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Berlioz.



www.josef-weinberger.com ii OPERA & OPERETTA i

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Key to terms and Instrumentation


Josef Weinberger and Operetta


OPERETTA – Operatic Society versions

Alphabetical index of works

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The instrumentation in this catalogue is listed in the following format:

(WIND) / (BRASS) / Perc / Pno / Hp / Str

This indicates the number of:

(WIND) Flutes. Oboes. Clarinets. Bassoons.

(BRASS) Horns. Trumpets. Trombones. Tubas.

The following terms also appear:

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The Pilgrim's Progress was commisioned in 1928 by the BBC Orchestra and Choral Society, and is based on the Christian allegory The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come, written by John Bunyan and published in 1678. Christian, an ‘everyman’ character, is the protagonist of the allegory, which centers itself on his journey from his hometown, the "City of Destruction" (this world), to the "Celestial City" (that which is to come, ie. Heaven) atop of Mount Zion.

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Vocal material only Hailed by Stravinsky as a "masterpiece", Chabrier’s 1877 opera L’Étoile (The Lucky Star) is one of the great works in the opera bouffe tradition, including a memorably silly plot, inventive music (among the novelty numbers are a tickle duet, a drunken duo, and a sneezing aria) and many allusions to the conventions of grand opera.

SYNOPSIS: Crazy King Ouf is about to celebrate his 39th birthday the way he celebrates every year – with a public execution. A peddler named Lazuli, in a bad mood because the woman he has just fallen for (Laoula) is otherwise betrothed, insults the King and is designated the sacrifice. But before the execution, King Ouf’s astrologer (Siroco) warns the King that he is to die within a day after Lazuli. So Lazuli is spared and honoured, but he still wants to marry Laoula, and - after much confusion – King Ouf approves and they wed. Jeremy Sams’ renowned and sparkling English translation brings this hilarious, Offenbachian opera to life!

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First performed in 1929, Dohnányi's third and final opera Der Tenor caricatures the petty, narrow-minded, philistine life of a small German principality.

SYNOPSIS: The members of prize-winning vocal quartet wonder how they will win their next competition after the death of their first tenor. Hicketier, their second bass, announces that he has found a tenor – Schippel – but he is unfortunately not a respectable citizen. Schippel declares he will not sing unless his fellow members accept him as their equal. Meanwhile, Hicketier’s daughter Tekla aids an injured Duke, who vows to come back at night to see her. Things grow complicated when Schippel declares he will not sing unless he is given Tekla’s hand in marriage, and Hicketier challenges Schippel to a duel – to be fought only after the upcoming contest….

GAY, John (1685-1732) The Beggar’s Opera Performing version by Richard Bonynge and Douglas Gamley Ballad Opera in 3 acts.

2(2 dbl Picc). 2(2 dbl Ca). 2. Asax. 2. / / Timp / Perc / Pno dbl Cel / Hp / Str Written and premiered in 1728, John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera was the most successful theatrical work of its day. The opera satirises Italian opera (which had become popular in London), politics, poverty and injustice, and focuses on the theme of corruption in all levels of society. Richard Bonynge and Douglas Gamley’s excellent arrangement - made for Australian Opera’s 1981 production and subsequently recorded with Joan Sutherland and Kiri Te Kanawa – brings the musical language of the opera into the present day, and parodies a wide range of 18th, 19th and 20th Century styles.

SYNOPSIS: The story tells of Peachum and Mrs. Peachum, and their daughter Polly, who has secretly married notorious highwayman Macheath. Keen to kill Macheath for his money, the Peachums arrange for him to be jailed in Newgate prison. The prison is run by corrupt jailer Lockit, whose daughter Lucy had agreed to marry Macheath, which causes problems when Polly arrives and claims him as her husband! They help Macheath to escape, and Lockit and Peachum decide to split the highwayman’s fortune. Lucy unsuccessfully tries to poison Polly, but when Macheath is recaptured, it transpires that four more women – all pregnant – are each claiming Macheath as their husband! In the end, bowing to the audience’s desire for a happy ending, Macheath is reprieved, and he marries Polly.

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Vocal material only At one time during the 19th Century, the Metropolitan Opera came to be known as the Faustpielhaus, such was the frequency with which Gounod’s 1859 opera was performed there! The opera’s fame is due in large measure to its wonderfully lyrical principal numbers, particularly Marguerite’s ‘jewel song’. Edmund Tracey’s translation, the standard version used by English National Opera, brings vigorous new life to Goethe’s Faust story.

Romeo and Juliet English translation by Edmund Tracey Opera in 5 acts. Libretto by Jules Barbier and Michael Carré after Shakespeare Vocal material only Gounod’s hugely popular setting of the Shakespeare tragedy opened in Paris in 1867, and contains some of the composer’s finest lyrical music. Following Shakespeare’s text closely, Edmund Tracey’s translation is Enlish National Opera’s standard performing version.

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Vocal material only Set in southern Italy in the late 1860s, Pagliacci (Players, or Clowns) recounts the tragedy of a jealous husband (Canio) in a commedia dell'arte troupe. The opera premiered in Milan on 21 May 1892, and was an instant success. It contains one of opera's most famous and popular arias, "Recitar!... Vesti la giubba" (literally, To perform!... Put on the costume, often known in English as On with the motley), and in 1907 it became the first opera to be recorded in its entirety. Pagliacci has appeared as number 14 on Opera America's list of the 20 mostperformed operas in North America.

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Vocal material only Jules Massenet’s telling of the Cinderella story was first performed in Paris in 1899. Written at the height of his success, Cendrillon is amongst the most frequently performed of the composer’s twenty-five operas.

Don Quichotte English translation by Edmund Tracey Opera in 5 acts. Libretto by Henri Cain.

Vocal material only Massenet's 1910 Don Quichotte (Don Quixote) relates only indirectly to the great novel by Miguel de Cervantes. In this version of the story, the heroine Dulcinée, who never appears in the original novel, is a flirtatious local beauty inspiring one of the infatuated old man's exploits. Conceived originally as a three-act opera, Massenet started to compose Don Quichotte in 1909 at a time when he - suffering from acute rheumatic pains - spent more of his time in bed than out of it. As such, the composition of Don Quichotte became, in his words, a sort of "soothing balm."

Manon English translation by Edmund Tracey Opéra comique in 5 acts. Libretto by Henri Meilhac and Philippe Gille, based on the 1731 novel by Prévost Vocal material only Manon (1884) is Massenet's most popular and enduring opera, having maintained an important place in the repertoire since its creation. The opera is set in 1721, during the reign of French King Louis XV, and based upon the novel by the Abbé Prévost. Edmund Tracey’s new version was first performed by English National Opera in 1974, and The Times reviewer wrote that “the charm of the score…and the underlying appeal of Prévost’s novel must commend it to any opera company.” SYNOPSIS: Manon, a beautiful young girl, is destined for a convent, but she elopes with the Chevalier des Grieux. The lovers are traced to Paris by Manon’s brother Lescaut and De Bretigny, who also loves Manon.

Aware of a plot to abduct Des Grieux, and informed that he has little money, Manon is persuaded to accept De Bretigny as her lover, since he has the means to provide her with anything she wishes. Later, on hearing that Des Grieux is about to take the vows of a priest, Manon’s love for him resurfaces, and she hastens to the church of St. Sulpice, where he has become a preacher. Des Grieux yields to her will, and the pair return to their old, indulgent ways. In a gambling salon, Des Grieux wins a considerable sum from Guillot, who – in revenge for being repeatedly spurned by Manon - accuses Des Grieux of cheating and denounces Manon as his accomplice.

They are both jailed, and while Des Grieux is released through his father’s influence, Manon is condemned to transportation. Des Grieux and Lescaut make desperate efforts to rescue her, but when they succeed it is too late. As Des Grieux clasps Manon in his arms she implores pardon for her past follies and errors, avows her real love for him, and dies.

–  –  –

Vocal material only One of Mozart’s last and most popular operas, the farcical Così fan tutte, ossia La scuola degli amanti (Thus Do They All, or The School For Lovers) premiered in Vienna in January 1790.

SYNOPSIS: Don Alfonso, an old philosopher and cynic, is determined to prove to his two young friends, Guglielmo and Ferrando, that their fiancées, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, are not to be trusted - like any other women. With the help of Despina, the ladies' maid, Alfonso lays his plot. First he tells them that as officers, their lovers have been called up on duty; and as a part of the old man's plan, he introduces the sisters to two Albanians, who are, of course, Guglielmo and Ferrando disguised. After inner conflicts the two women succumb to the advances of the "Albanians," forcing Guglielmo and Ferrando to concede defeat. However, Don Alfonso reveals the plot to the two deceived ladies and they are reconciled with their original lovers.

The Marriage of Figaro English version by Jeremy Sams Comic opera in 4 acts. Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte after Pierre Beaumarchais.

Vocal material only One of Mozart’s later operas, Le nozze di Figaro premiered in Vienna on 1 May 1786, and became one of the composer’s most successful works. The Overture is especially famous and is frequently played as a concert piece in its own right. The opera was the first of three collaborations between Mozart and librettist Lorenzo Da Da Ponte; their later collaborations were Don Giovanni and Così fan tutte.

SYNOPSIS: The action of the opera is a continuation of the plot of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, and recounts a single "day of madness" (la folle giornata) in the palace of the Count Almaviva near Seville, Spain. Rosina is now the Countess; Dr. Bartolo is seeking revenge against Figaro for thwarting his plans to marry Rosina himself; and Count Almaviva has degenerated from a romantic youth into a scheming, bullying, skirt-chasing baritone.

Having gratefully given Figaro a job as head of his servant-staff, he is now persistently trying to obtain the favors of Figaro's bride-to-be, Susanna. He keeps finding excuses to delay the civil part of the wedding of his two servants, which is arranged for this very day. Figaro, Susanna, and the Countess conspire to embarrass the Count and expose his scheming. He responds by trying to legally compel Figaro to marry a woman old enough to be his mother, but it turns out at the last minute that she really is his mother. Through Figaro's and Susanna's clever manipulations, the Count's love for his Countess is finally restored.

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