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«A guide to learning about & promoting tobacco-free parks, playgrounds, and recreational fields in your community Welcome to the Operation ...»

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A guide to learning about & promoting tobacco-free parks,

playgrounds, and recreational fields in your community

Welcome to the Operation Tobacco-free Parks & Trails

Assessment Guide.

This guide is designed to help your coalition and community partners to:

1) Develop a strong understanding of the problem in your local community;

2) Direct you in ways to gather evidence to support your work;

3) Provide you with rich information and photos to put on a tri-fold display which you’ll use when you recruit partners and educate decision makers.

Eventually you will want to use your grant $$ to purchase a tri-fold display to show your evidence. You will bring your final tri-fold to Get R!EAL’s Spring Statewide Tobacco Forum. We’ll provide further instruction on this later.

START - 1) Your youth will begin with the “my experience” sheet where they will list how tobacco has affected them in local parks, trails, ball fields. Discuss their experiences as a group. This needs to be done in your first few meetings. 2) Have each youth complete the GR Coalition Membership form. You will need to FAX these forms to Get R!EAL so we can send you T shirts. Each new member that joins down the road should complete a membership form and send it to Get R!EAL.

NEXT STEP – You and your youth will work through the community assessment checklist. Include your local health agency partner in that meeting so they can help you out. Remember they have lots of information on other tobacco control workers and resources in your community.

AND THEN – Review the 15 Reasons list. You want all coalition members to have a strong understanding of WHY this work is important.

FINALLY – You’ll work on your coalition assignments. You have required activities AND some optional work. Decide as a group what you want to do.

All of this is due by April 2010.

AS ALWAYS – Contact your Get R!EAL TA provider with any questions.

Kristin Kidd 303-724-1257 kristin.kidd@ucdenver.edu Heather Kennedy 303-724-1258 heather.kennedy@ucdenver.edu Sally Casey 303-724-1253 sally.casey@ucdenver.edu GR FAX 303-724-1268 Table of Contents My Experience with Tobacco in Our Parks

Get R!EAL Coalition Membership Form

Community Assessment Checklist

15 Reasons Parks & Playgrounds Should be Tobacco-Free

Researching the Problem and Building Support

What You’ll Need

Community Tobacco Survey

Community Tobacco Survey Summary Page

Photo Voice Activity

Tobacco Litter Collection Event

Tobacco Litter Collection Data Report

The Great Butt Out Clean-up Contest

Letter to the Editor Template

Creating Ideas for your Policy

My Experience with Tobacco in Our Parks:

Have each coalition member fill this out and discuss as a group.

Describe what you have seen or experienced with tobacco in parks, playgrounds, or other outdoor settings like ball fields and fairgrounds.

How do you feel about what you experienced? Was it OK or not OK?

–  –  –

Welcome to Get R!EAL. If you’ve been in Get R!EAL before – welcome back!

Please take a moment to complete the following survey. Give this to your adult sponsor when you have completed it. Thanks again.

Your first name: ______________________________ Last Initial:_______

–  –  –

Do this activity as a group. This will help to know how your community AND elected officials feel about tobacco control and how ready they are for a tobaccofree policy. Your Local Health Agency might need to help with this activity.

1. Does your community have an existing adult tobacco coalition? Yes No (your LHA would know)

2. Does your community have a group of interested citizens who have worked on health issues before like the Kiwanis or a school task force?

Yes No

a. If yes, list some of them:

3. What about local tobacco policies already in place? (check all that apply) We have tobacco-free restaurants, buildings, indoor places policy We have tobacco-free outdoor patios We have tobacco-free schools policy Is it enforced? Yes! Sort of! Not really Don’t know We have tobacco-free government buildings Our youth organizations (Boys & Girls Club, 4-H, Boys Scouts & Girl Scouts, YMCA, and Recreation Centers) have tobacco-free policies We have tobacco-free city-owned outdoor recreations fields (baseball, soccer, and rodeo)


4. It is important to know the areas you are focusing on. List how many city parks,

trails, recreation fields, golf courses, and playgrounds your community has:

# of city parks:

# of trails:

# of recreation (ball) fields:

# of city golf courses:

# of playgrounds:

# of fairgrounds:

# of other outdoor areas:

5. Can you find a mission statement for your city’s department of parks & recreation online? If so, list it below.

–  –  –

1) Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.

2) There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

3) Secondhand smoke leads to many serious illnesses including asthma, respiratory infections and cardiovascular disease.

4) When children see adults using tobacco in family-friendly places such as parks and playgrounds, they see the behavior as acceptable and are more likely to mimic the behavior.

5) A critical part in addressing youth smoking is to create an environment where tobacco use is not considered the norm.

6) Parks and trails are about clean air, natural beauty & engaging in healthy activities.

7) Kids should be able to play without being directly exposed to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

8) Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter & don’t decompose.

9) Cigarette butts are hazardous to children, animals, and the environment:

children who ingest discarded cigarette butts are at risk for toxic poisoning, choking, or burning themselves.

10) Cigarette butt cleanup is costly to taxpayers.

11) In Colorado, 80% of the adult population doesn’t smoke.

12) Colorado kids who become new daily smokers each year = 5,600.

13) Smoking is NOT a Constitutional Right.

14) It is common sense to protect children where they play and socialize.

15) Tobacco-free policies help people quit tobacco use.


Researching the Problem and Building Support This is how you can show policy makers that 1) there is a problem in your community and 2) the community supports tobacco-free parks & trails.

Do BOTH of the following activities:

1) Conduct a Community Survey: A survey can provide you with some statistical data and personal stories from community members that you can share with policy makers. Go to local parks, playgrounds, and ball fields and ask community members to complete your survey. In your kit you will find a clip board you can use for the surveys. Once the person fills out the survey and gives it back, give them a small Get R!EAL gear item as a thank you. The do not need to put their name on the survey. Try to get at least 50 surveys done.

2) Photo Voice: Use photographs to be your voice! This allows youth to capture and show your community's tobacco problems in outdoor settings (parks, playgrounds, etc). Use a digital camera to photograph people smoking/using tobacco in your local parks. Also capture who typically hangs out in your parks (parents with small children, families, sports teams, etc). Be creative with your photography. Remember you are capturing evidence of a problem for policy makers. You can artistically arrange these photos on a tri-fold display with statistics from your survey.


Choose ONE of the activities below:

Conduct a Tobacco Litter Collection Event: A litter clean-up (BUTT PICKUP) is a great way to show policy makers that tobacco litter is a problem in your parks. Your coalition youth and their friends/family can use the clean up kits provided by Get R!EAL.

Instructions are inside the kit. You are limited to 3 outdoor areas. Afterwards, your coalition will educate the community about your activity by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. We’ve provided a template for that. It is so important to get some press!

OR Conduct a BUTT CLEAN UP Contest: Your coalition can announce a campaign and competition to inform and challenge local middle school and/or high school students to think about the unhealthy effects of cigarette butt litter and to do something about it. Limit this contest to 3 schools as we have limited supplies (they each do 1 location). The Great Butt Out will give students a chance to make a difference in their community by collecting cigarette litter - the number one form of litter in the U.S. - and compete with other schools for citywide recognition. Promote this event in school papers and school announcements.

Afterwards, write a letter to the editor of your local paper to promote your work.

What You’ll Need

1) For the Community Survey: We’ve provided you with 10 copies in here – make more – we’d like for you to shoot for 40-50 surveys so you have a good number.

Take the clipboard provided by Get R!EAL in your kit Have plenty of pens or pencils for your survey takers Bottled water, hat, sun block for your coalition youth members Get R!EAL hackey sacks – give them to the survey takers when they are done with the survey A folder to hold all the completed surveys

2) Photo Voice: It might be a good idea to do the photo voice activity on the same day that you do your surveys (it may take multiple trips to the parks to get good surveys and photos).

Bring a digital camera or two.

Assign 2-3 youth to take photographs.

Youth who have digital cameras can be in charge of the photos – remind them to focus on people smoking/using tobacco in the local parks. Also capture who typically hangs out in your parks (parents with small children, families, sports teams, etc). Encourage everyone to be creative with their photography. Remember they are capturing evidence of a problem for policy makers.

Note pad - They may want a note pad to write down any observations that go with the photos they are taking. This will help them craft the story about each picture.

Community Tobacco Survey Please tell us what you think about tobacco-free recreational places for our community (like parks & trails) by answering the following questions.

1) What is the zip code or name of the city you live in now? __________________________

2) Do you think tobacco litter is a problem in our parks/playgrounds? Yes No

3) Would you favor a ban of tobacco products in all park areas? Yes No Which outdoor areas should be tobacco free? (no smoking/no spit tobacco)

–  –  –

Community Tobacco Survey Summary Page Once you’ve collected ALL your surveys. Look them over and total up each response on this summary form. Get R!EAL can help you create some statistics with this information! Fax this summary sheet to your TA provider and we’ll help.

TOTAL # of surveys your coalition collected: ________________

1) How many respondents live in your city? (based on their zip code)________________

2) How many thought tobacco litter is a problem in parks/playgrounds? #___YES # ____ No

3) How many favor a ban of tobacco products in all park areas? #___YES # ____ No Which outdoor areas should be tobacco free? (no smoking/no spit tobacco)

–  –  –

15) What would help maintain tobacco-free parks? (check all that you like) #____ Signs #____ Fines #____ Patrol #____ Media #____ Public education

–  –  –

What is photo voice?

Photo voice is an approach to social action. It helps people to record & reflect their community's problems. It promotes conversation about important issues through photographs. Most importantly for our work, it can engage policymakers.

Why conduct a photo voice activity?

The photo voice activity allows youth to do some investigation of tobacco products in their community and reflect on what they captured. The youth will take photos of tobacco litter and tobacco behaviors found in your local parks, trails, etc and write a short description of their photograph.

Where do we get the materials for the photo voice?

Materials are included in your assessment kit. Use your own digital cameras for really nice pictures.

How do I facilitate this?

1. Introduce the project and the general concept of photovoice

2. Let them know what to capture and why. Remember they are capturing evidence of a problem for policy makers. Capture tobacco activity and tobacco litter in city parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, ball fields, etc. Capture who they see using parks (kids on playgrounds, seniors, athletes, families, etc).

3. Discuss the process for taking the pictures – how will they download and will they turn them all in to you, the adult sponsor?

4. Allow time for all of you to reflect on and talk about the pictures. Have them storytell a little about each one and take notes – you’ll put some of these notes on paper with the corresponding photograph.

5. Eventually they’ll arrange these photos on a tri-fold display. Down the road you may create a PowerPoint presentation to share with potential partners and other community members.

These photos and their story will come in very handy!

Tobacco Litter Collection Event A litter clean-up (BUTT PICKUP) is a great way to show policy makers that tobacco litter is a problem in your parks. Your coalition youth and their friends/family can use the clean up kits provided by Get R!EAL. Instructions are inside the kit.

Afterwards, your coalition will educate the community about your activity by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. We’ve provided a template for that.

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