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«Lists of figures, plans, tables and appendices ii Glossary vii Executive Summary viii 1 Introduction 1 2 Undertaking the Study 9 3 Strategic Context ...»

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6.45 As stated, Parks and Countryside are intending to conduct a more detailed assessment of the quality of children and teenagers/young people facilities, focusing solely on the equipment provided. The assessment will compliment this study.


6.46 The majority of respondents from both the household and on street surveys stated that they would choose to walk to a facility (87% and 86% respectively). A walking distance of 480m (10 minutes) was the most frequently given survey response to how far people expect to walk to a facility.

6.47 Plans 6.6 and 6.7 show the existing locations of facilities across Leeds and their catchment based on both a 10 and 15 minute walk.

Setting the standard – Accessibility

6.48 The following table sets out the percentage of Leeds households that have walking access to existing facilities within 10 and 15 minutes.

Table 6.7 Accessibility of Households within 10 and 15 Minute Walk of a Children’s/Young People Play Facility

–  –  –

6.49 The above table shows that the percentage of households with access to a facility within 10 minute walk is between 43% and 60%, with a Leeds average of 51%. The percentage of households with access to a facility within a 15 minute walk is between 72% and 82% with a Leeds average of 74%.

6.50 The desire to access a play facility within a 10 minute catchment of every household is not realistic. Previous experience demonstrates a conflict between users of facilities and those who live adjacent. Generally, people do not want to live immediately adjacent to facilities. In addition, the level of provision could resurrect the previous problems where a proliferation of facilities resulted in vandalism and petitions to the council for their removal, as referred to in the introduction to this chapter.

6.51 Based on the table and the above factors the recommended standard is to provide a facility within a 15 minute walk of households.

–  –  –

6.52 The overall standard proposed for children and teenager/young peoples facilities is based on the three components of quantity, quality and accessibility to enable a meaningful assessment of where additional facilities are required.

6.53 The application of the recommended standard for quantity is set out in Table

6.8 below:

Table 6.8 Provision of children's and young people's equipped play per 1,000 population based on the three population growth scenarios

–  –  –

6.54 Table 6.9 uses the provision ratios from table 6.8 to calculate the number of facilities required to meet the recommended standard of 2 facilities per 1,000 children.

Table 6.9 Application of the Quantity Standard for Children and Young People’s Equipped Play Provision to show Deficits and Surplus by Analysis Area

–  –  –

6.56 In terms of quality, it is recommended that sites that fall below a score of 7 are improved prior to the provision of new equipment, with the exception of areas that are significantly devoid of any play facilities.

6.57 Plan 6.8 demonstrates a hypothetical situation identifying where new facilities could be located to gain the maximum number of households with a 15 minute catchment. A target of 90% coverage of the Leeds area has been recommended to ensure that the whole urban area is covered. The rural area of Leeds is not included, as providing facilities within 15 minutes of every household would result in a proliferation of facilities throughout the rural environment, which in some cases may only provide a facility for just a handful of residents.

6.58 The key outcome of plan 6.8 is that an extra 17 facilities in optimum locations (assuming green space sites are available) would increase the number of households in the urban area with access to a facility within 15 minutes from 79% to 90%.


6.59 The provision of children’s and young peoples play facilities is important to residents of Leeds. Respondents indicated that there are not enough facilities, in particular for teenagers/young people across Leeds and the condition of existing facilities are largely considered to be poor.

6.60 The application of the quantity, quality and accessibility standards highlighted a need to improve facilities across Leeds to meet the recommended standards, in particular the quality of existing and quantity of additional facilities to cater for growth.

6.61 The distribution of facilities also needs significant improvement as Plan 6.7 shows that there are urban areas of Leeds which have no access to facilities within the proposed 15 minute access standard.

6.62 The following key priorities for the future delivery of children and

teenage/young people facilities in Leeds are recommended:

• Improve the number and distribution of facilities;

• consult the community on the type and location of facilities;

• seek to improve the quality and the variety of facilities available.

Chapter 7 Outdoor Sports Introduction and definition

7.1 This section considers the provision of outdoor sports facilities. There is a separate chapter that deals with the various indoor sports facilities.

7.2 Outdoor sports facilities are a wide-ranging category of open space which includes both natural and artificial surfaces for sport and recreation that are either publicly or privately owned.

7.3 Facilities included within this category are:

–  –  –

7.4 Outdoor sports facilities often function as a recreational and amenity resource, in addition to a formal sports facility. This is particularly true of public grass pitches, which often have a secondary function for walking and kick about area. Many recreation grounds double up as local parks. Taken together, the large city parks of Roundhay and Temple Newsam provide 27 public grass playing pitches, while Roundhay provides five public cricket pitches. When these pitches are not in formal use, which is for most of the week and over the summer months, they are available as open parkland, although this does impact on quality, as will be discussed later in this section.

7.5 Private facilities and sports clubs play a crucial role in the provision of outdoor sports facilities and several large clubs provide opportunities for player progression from a young age through to veterans.

7.6 The effective provision of formal and informal facilities for sports will be instrumental if participation in sport is to increase in line with national Sport England and local Active Leeds targets at a rate of 1% a year. This will place greater demand on the facility stock and emphasises the need to ensure that facilities are fit for purpose.

Strategic Context

Active People Survey

7.7 The Active People Survey 2009 is a survey of adults aged 16 and over, living in England. The survey gathered data on the type, duration and intensity of participation in different types of sport and active recreation, as well as information about volunteering, club membership (member of a club where they play sport), people receiving tuition from an instructor or coach, participation in competitive sport and satisfaction with local sports provision.

7.8 Leeds falls within the West Yorkshire Partnership, which is in the Yorkshire Sport England region. Table 7.1 shows the results of the 2009 Active People Survey to allow comparison between the city, neighbouring local authorities, county, regional and national averages.

Table 7.1 2009 Active People Survey Results

–  –  –

7.9 Leeds was recorded as having a participation (3 x 30 minutes sport and active recreation in a week) rate of 24.1%, which, is above the regional average of 22% and national average of 21.6%.

7.10 The Active People survey results indicate that the proportion of adults in Leeds that participate in physical activities on a regular basis is above the England average, the county (West Yorkshire) and Sport England region (Yorkshire). Locally, the survey reveals that residents of Kirklees are more active and residents of Bradford substantially less active. The participation rates, excluding recreational walking, place Leeds as the most active authority locally.

7.11 Leeds has marginally lower satisfaction of local sports provision than England and Yorkshire, but higher satisfaction when compared against West Yorkshire.

Generally, the results appear to paint a similar picture for Leeds as for the county, Sport England region and England.

Sport England - National

7.12 Sport England is the government agency responsible for building the foundations of sporting success, by creating a world-leading community sport system of clubs, coaches, facilities and volunteers.

7.13 Their focus is around three outcomes - growing and sustaining the numbers of people taking part in sport and improving talent development to help more people

excel. Their work is aimed at delivering against five targets:

–  –  –

Health - National

7.14 The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has brought out a number of guidance notes on the promotion of physical activity. Of particular relevance to this PPG17 study is the guidance on the promotion and creation of physical environments that support increased levels of physical activity (January 2008).

7.15 To encourage a greater level of physical activity amongst children, young people and adults, it recommends that public open space should be accessible by walking and bicycles and that spaces are maintained to a high standard, safe, attractive and welcoming to everyone.

7.16 It goes on further to state that local communities should be involved during the development control process to ensure the potential for physical activity is maximised.

7.17 ‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives, The Marmot Review, Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post 2010’ was carried out on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health by Professor Sir Michael Marmot into health inequalities in England. It seeks to increase awareness of the importance of good quality and good access to green spaces, in improving people’s mental and physical health, social interaction, play and contact with nature through recommendations to improve access and quality of open and green spaces available.


7.18 Our Region, Our Health - A consultation report on the state of the Region's health in Yorkshire and the Humber by the Regional Director of Public Health 2004

7.19 The report aims to support the Yorkshire and Humber regional framework for health, providing recommendations and suggestions for action to improve health and to reduce inequalities.

7.20 The report and associated recommendations reinforce the importance of physical

activity. Recommendations of particular relevance include:

• to promote the benefits of physical activity on a regional basis

• to create a regional strategic partnership to ensure a co-ordinated approach to attract and retain more public and private sector investment in physical activity

• to implement regular monitoring, including levels of smoking, diet and physical activity

• to focus investment on increasing physical activity in the region

• to develop a coordinated approach to attract and retain more public and private investment in physical activity.

West Yorkshire Sports Partnership Strategy 2009 - 2012

7.21 The West Yorkshire Sports Partnership (WYSP), comprises many sport delivery agencies and organisations, including the city council. By collectively working together, the organisations will be striving towards the following three headline targets as set out in the West Yorkshire Sports Partnership Strategy and Business

Plan 2009-2012:

–  –  –

Active Leeds 'A Healthy City' - A Physical Activity Strategy for Leeds 2008 - 2012

7.22 This presents a vision for the future where, by ‘2012 the people of Leeds will enjoy the health benefits of having a physically active life’. Individuals and families should be able to take part in regular activities and stay healthy throughout their lives.

7.23 In order to aspire towards the vision, Active Leeds will work towards achieving an average increase of 1% year on year in adult participation.

7.24 An increase in participation will enable individuals and families to take responsibility for their everyday living, travel, recreation and sporting opportunities. To make this step change possible, a greater level of investment is required in the development of this strategy.

7.25 The key issues arising from a review of the strategic context which influence the

provision of sports facilities include:

• there are national and regional targets to increase participation at a rate of 1% per annum – these will impact on the supply and demand for facilities

• increase the contribution of sport and active recreation to overall levels of physical activity – this includes maximising the roles of parks and other open spaces as well as building on formal sports participation

• reduce the participation gap and increase voluntary and community sector involvement.

7.26 The provision of outdoor sports facilities is essential to the achievement of the above priorities, as well as contributing to the delivery of wider local and regional objectives.

7.27 More recently, Leeds City Council’s Scrutiny Board for Health proposed to embrace NICE recommendations and The Marmot Review in council policy. This is to be reflected in the updated Vision for Leeds.

Consultation – Assessing Local Needs

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