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«Veille scientifique sur le thème Santé Environnement intérieur 2002 – 4ème trimestre 133 articles ont été répertoriés pendant la période ...»

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Recherche Santé Environnement INtérieur

Veille scientifique sur le thème Santé Environnement intérieur

2002 – 4ème trimestre

133 articles ont été répertoriés pendant la période du 1er octobre au 31 décembre 2002.

Les articles sont classés selon les chapitres suivants :


I-1. Gaz inorganiques (radon, O3, NOx, CO)

I-2. Composés Organiques Volatils et Composés Organiques Semi-Volatils

I-3. Particules

I-4. Biocontaminants I-5. Pesticides / biocides I-6. Métaux I-7. Fumée de tabac environnementale II- LIEUX DE VIE II-1. Habitat privé II-2. Transports II-3. Autres lieux de vie : écoles, bureaux, espaces de loisirs, lieux publics II-4. Ventilation II-5. Modélisation II-6. Relations air intérieur - air extérieur


III-1. Effets chez l'animal III-2. Effets chez l'homme III-3. Populations sensibles


IV-1. Expologie : mesure de l’exposition et ses outils (indicateurs biologiques, budgets espace-temps) IV-2. Evaluation des risques V- GESTION / REMEDIATION


Chaque article, à l’exception des articles de synthèse qui sont compilés en fin de document, n’apparaît que dans un seul chapitre. Le lecteur est dès lors invité à compléter sa consultation d’un chapitre particulier par une recherche par mot-clé.

Le lecteur est invité à se reporter à la note relative à la veille scientifique pour la liste des revues et bases de recherche bibliographique consultées dans le cadre de la veille scientifique menée par le réseau RSEIN.

2002 – 4ème trimestre I- SUBSTANCES I-1. Gaz inorganiques


1. TI: Relationship between radon concentrations in indoor air and in soil gas AU: Vaupotic, J; Andjelov, M; Kobal, I SO: ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY, 42 (6): 583-587 SEP 2002

2. TI : Radon Studies in the Vertical 15 UD Pelletron Accelerator Facility AU: Sonkawade R.G., Lochab S.P., Ramola R.C.

SO: Indoor + Built Environment 11(4), 221-226, 2002

• O3

3. TI: Development of passive sampler technique for ozone monitoring. Estimation of indoor and outdoor ozone concentration AU: Helaleh, MIH; Ngudiwaluyo, S; Korenaga, T; Tanaka, K SO: TALANTA, 58 (4): 649-659 OCT 16 2002


4. TI: Free radical chemistry and its concern with indoor air quality: an open problem AU : Ingrosso, G SO : MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL, 73 (1-2): 221-236 OCT 2002 I-2. COV, COSemi-Volatils

5. TI: Health hazards from laser printers?

AU: Smola, T; Georg, H; Hohensee, H SO: GEFAHRSTOFFE REINHALTUNG DER LUFT, 62 (7-8): 295-301 JUL-AUG 2002

6. TI: Pollutants in house dust as indicators of indoor contamination AU: Butte, W; Heinzow, B SO: REVIEWS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY, VOL 175: 1-46 2002

7. TI: Formation of organic indoor air pollutants by UV-curing chemistry AU: Salthammer, T; Bednarek, A; Fuhrmann, F; Funaki, R; Tanabe, SI SO: J. OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY, 152 (1-3): 1-9 SEP 20 2002

8. TI: Long-term sampling: Suitable monitoring strategy for determination of semi-volatile PAHs at outdoor and indoor sites AU: Bertoni, G; Cecinato, A; Mabilia, R; Tappa, R SO: CHROMATOGRAPHIA, 56 (5-6): 361-365 SEP 2002

9. TI: Characterization and comparison of three passive air samplers for persistent organic pollutants AU : Shoeib, M; Harner, T SO : ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 36 (19): 4142-4151 OCT 1 2002

10. TI: Coplanar Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) in Indoor Air AU: Martin Kohler, Markus Zennegg, and Roger Waeber SO : Environ. Sci. Technol., 36 (22), 4735 -4740, 2002. 10.1021/es025622u S0013-936X(02)05622-5

–  –  –

11. TI: Modelling of volatile organic compounds emission from dry building materials AU: Hongyu Huang and Fariborz Haghighat, SO: Building and Environment Volume 37, Issue 12, December 2002, Pages 1349-1360

12. TI: Multi-adsorbent preconcentration/focusing module for portable-GC/microsensor-array analysis of complex vapor mixtures.

AU : Lu CJ, Zellers ET.

SO: Analyst 2002 Aug;127(8):1061-8

13. TI: Concentrations of formaldehyde and other carbonyls in environments affected by incense burning.

AU: Ho SS, Yu JZ.

SO: J Environ Monit 2002 Oct;4(5):728-33

14. TI: Determination of formaldehyde traces in fabric and in indoor air by a kinetic fluorimetric method AU: Fan, J; Tang, YJ; Feng, SL SO: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 82 (6): 361-367 JUN 2002

15. TI: Laser-induced fluorescence and UV detection of derivatized aldehydes in air samples using capillary electrophoresis AU: Pereira, EA; Carrilho, E; Tavares, MFM SO: JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 979 (1-2): 409-416 DEC 6 2002

16. TI: Diffusion studies of VOC mixtures in a building material AU: R. Meininghaus, E. Uhde SO: Indoor Air Volume 12 Issue 4 Page 215 - December 2002

17. TI: Sources of formaldehyde, other aldehydes and terpenes in a new manufactured house AU: A. T. Hodgson, D. Beal, J. E. R. McIlvaine SO: Indoor Air Volume 12 Issue 4 Page 235 - December 2002

18. TI: Field survey of indoor air quality in detached houses in Niigata Prefecture AU: J. Sakaguchi and S. Akabayashi SO: Indoor Air Volume 13 Issue s6 Page 42 - January 2003


19. TI : Organic compounds as indicators of air pollution AU: L. Mølhave SO: Indoor AirVolume 13 Issue s6 Page 12 - January 2003 I-3. Particules

20. TI: Analytical solution to change in size distribution of polydisperse particles in closed chamber due to diffusion and sedimentation AU: S. H. Park and K. W. Lee, SO: Atmospheric Environment Volume 36, Issue 35, November 2002, Pages 5459-5467

21. TI: A high volume apparatus for the condensational growth of ultrafine particles for inhalation toxicological studies AU : Demokritou, P; Gupta, T; Koutrakis, P SO : AEROSOL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 36 (11): 1061-1072 NOV 2002

22. TI: Generation and quantification of ultrafine particles through terpene/ozone reaction in a chamber setting AU: Rohr, AC; Weschler, CJ; Koutrakis, P; Spengler, JD SO: AEROSOL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 37 (1): 65-78 JAN 2003

23. TI: Spatial distribution of indoor aerosol deposition under accidental release conditions AU: Sajo, E; Zhu, H; Courtney, JC SO: HEALTH PHYSICS, 83 (6): 871-883 DEC 2002

–  –  –

24. TI: Development and evaluation of a personal particulate organic and mass sampler AU : Pang, YB; Gundel, LA; Larson, T; Finn, D; Liu, LJS; Claiborn, CS SO: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 36 (23): 5205-5210 DEC 1 2002

25. TI : Fine Particles (PM1) in Four Different Indoor Environments AU: Branis M., Rezacova P., Guignon N.

SO: Indoor + Built Environment 11(4), 184-190, 2002


26. TI: Dust: A Metric for Use in Residential and Building Exposure Assessment and Source Characterization AU: Lioy P.J., Freeman N.C.G., Millette J.R.

SO: Environmental Health Pespectives, 110(10), 969-983


27. TI: Chapter two: methodologies for characterisation of combustion sources and for quantification of their emissions AU: A. P. Mitra, Lidia Morawska, Chhemendra Sharma and Jim Zhang SO: Chemosphere Volume 49, Issue 9, December 2002, Pages 903-922


28. TI: Fine PM measurements: personal and indoor air monitoring AU: M. Jantunen, O. Hänninen, K. Koistinen and J. H. Hashimi SO: Chemosphere Volume 49, Issue 9, December 2002, Pages 993-1007


29. TI: Combustion sources of particles. 1. Health relevance and source signatures AU: Lidia Morawska, and Junfeng (Jim) Zhang SO: Chemosphere Volume 49, Issue 9, December 2002, Pages 1045-1058


30. TI: Combustion sources of particles: 2. Emission factors and measurement methods AU: Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, and Lidia Morawska SO: Chemosphere Volume 49, Issue 9, December 2002, Pages 1059-1074


31. TI: Particle deposition indoors: a review (summary version) AU : A. C. K. Lai SO: Indoor Air Volume 12 Issue 4 Page 211 - December 2002 I-4. Biocontaminants

32. TI: Effect of air-conditioner on fungal contamination AU: Nobuo Hamada, and Tadao Fujita SO: Atmospheric Environment Volume 36, Issue 35, November 2002, Pages 5443-5448

33. TI: Isolation and identification of Aspergillus fumigatus mycotoxins on growth medium and some building materials AU: Nieminen, SM; Karki, R; Auriola, S; Toivola, M; Laatsch, H; Laatikainen, R; Hyvarinen, A; von Wright, A SO: APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, 68 (10): 4871-4875 OCT 2002

34. TI: House-dust mites and mattresses AU: Schei, MA; Hessen, JO; Lund, E SO: ALLERGY, 57 (6): 538-542 JUN 2002

35. TI: Validity of detection of microbial growth in buildings by trained dogs AU: Eeva Kauhanen, Mikko Harri, Aino Nevalainen and Timo Nevalainen SO: Environment International Volume 28, Issue 3, July 2002, Pages 153-157

–  –  –

36. TI: Casein, an important house dust allergen AU: Makinen-Kiljunen, S; Mussalo-Rauhamaa, H SO: ALLERGY, 57 (11): 1084-1085 NOV 2002

37. TI : Microbial Volatile Organic Compound Emission Rates and Exposure Model AU : Menetrez M.Y., Foarde K.K.

SO: Indoor + Built Environment 11(4), 208-213, 2002

38. TI : Determining the Growth and Validity of Micro-Organisms in Carpets and Mattresses in NonProblem Dwellings by Measuring CO2 released during Respiration AU : Kemp P.C., H.G. Neumeister-Kemp, Koch C., G. Lysek, F. Murray SO: Indoor + Built Environment 11(4), 214-220, 2002

39. TI : Monitoring Indoor Airborne Fungi and Bacteria in the Different Areas of Trakya University Hospital, Edirne, Turkey AU : Sarica S., Asan A., SO: Indoor + Built Environment 11(5), 285 - 292, 2002

40. TI: Short-term versus long-term filter cassette sampling for viable fungi in indoor air: comparative performance of the Sartorius MD8 and the GSP sampler AU: Engelhart, S; Exner, M SO: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, 205 (6): 443-451 OCT 2002

41. TI: House dust mite allergen levels in German day-care centers AU: Engelhart, S; Bieber, T; Exner, M SO: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, 205 (6): 453-457 OCT 2002

42. TI: Volatile metabolites from microorganisms grown on humid building materials and synthetic media AU: Claeson, AS; Levin, JO; Blomquist, G; Sunesson, AL SO: JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING, 4 (5): 667-672 OCT 2002

43. TI: The prevalence of mouse allergen in inner-city homes AU: Stelmach, I; Jerzynska, J; Stelmach, W; Majak, P; Chew, G; Kuna, P SO: PEDIATRIC ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY, 13 (4): 299-302 AUG 2002

44. TI: House dust mite allergen levels in carpeted sleeping accommodation are higher in private houses than public places AU: Mamoon, HA; Henry, RL; Stuart, JE; Gibson, PG SO: JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRICS AND CHILD HEALTH, 38 (6): 568-570 DEC 2002

45. TI: Effect of liner and core materials of plasterboard on microbial growth, spore-induced inflammatory responses, and cytotoxicity in macrophages AU: Murtoniemi, T; Nevalainen, A; Suutari, M; Hirvonen, MR SO: INHALATION TOXICOLOGY, 14 (11): 1087-1101 NOV 2002


46. TI: An update on pollen and fungal spore aerobiology AU: Burge, HA SO: JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, 110 (4): 544-552 OCT 2002


47. TI: The fundamentals of fungi AU: Armstrong, S; Liaw, J SO: ASHRAE JOURNAL, 44 (11): 18-+ NOV 2002

–  –  –

I-5. Pesticides

48. TI: Indoor pyrethroid exposure in homes with woollen textile floor coverings AU: Berger-Preiss, E; Levsen, K; Leng, G; Idel, H; Sugiri, D; Ranft, U SO: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, 205 (6): 459-472 OCT 2002 I-6. Métaux lourds

49. TI: Lead in candle emissions AU: Shirley J. Wasson, Zhishi Guo, Jenia A. McBrian and Laura O. Beach SO: The Science of The Total Environment Volume 296, Issues 1-3, 16 September 2002, Pages 159-174 I-7. Fumée de tabac environnementale Aucun article

–  –  –

II- LIEUX DE VIE II-1. Habitat privé

• Appareils de chauffage

50. TI: Chemical and physical characterization of emissions from birch wood combustion in a wood stove AU: Emma Hedberg, Adam Kristensson, Michael Ohlsson, Christer Johansson, Per-Åke Johansson, Erik Swietlicki, Vaclav Vesely, Ulla Wideqvist and Roger Westerholm SO: Atmospheric Environment Volume 36, Issue 30, October 2002, Pages 4823-4837 II-2. Transports

51. TI : Ocular, nasal, dermal and general symptoms among commercial airline crews AU : Lindgren, T; Andersson, K; Dammstrom, BG; Norback, D


475-483 SEP 2002

52. TI : Commuter exposure to particulate matter in public transportation modes in Hong Kong AU : L. Y. Chan,, W. L. Lau, S. C. Lee and C. Y. Chan SO : Atmospheric Environment Volume 36, Issue 21, July 2002, Pages 3363-3373

53. TI : Exposure level of carbon monoxide and respirable suspended particulate in public transportation modes while commuting in urban area of Guangzhou, China AU : L. Y. Chan,, a, W. L. Laua, S. C. Zoub, Z. X. Caob and S. C. Laib SO : Atmospheric Environment Volume 36, Issue 38, December 2002, Pages 5831-5840

54. TI: Cabin air quality: indoor pollutants and climate during intercontinental flights with and without tobacco smoking AU: T. Lindgren, D. Norbäck SO: Indoor Air Volume 12 Issue 4 Page 263 - December 2002


55. TI: Analysis and implications of aircraft disinsectants AU: C. van Netten, SO: The Science of The Total Environment Volume 293, Issues 1-3, 3 July 2002, Pages 257-262 II-3. Autres lieux de vie

–  –  –

56. TI: Indoor air quality assessment of daycare facilities with carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity as indicators.

AU: Ferng SF, Lee LW.

SO: J Environ Health 2002 Nov;65(4):14-18, 22


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