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«210-857-7242 jaterry James C. Terry, Ph.D., CPA., RTSBA, CPFIM Professional Objective: To teach, research and publish fulltime as ...»

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210-857-7242 jaterry@dallasisd.org

James C. Terry, Ph.D., CPA.,


Professional Objective: To teach, research and publish fulltime as Academically

Qualified (AQ) (by AACSB, July 2012). After twenty years teaching at night

(Professionally Qualified, PQ) part time and working in the private and governmental

sectors full time, I am looking to teach and research full time at the university level.

Current research interest is modeling a measure for human resource utilization.

Expected Outcome for the PDBP: It is expected after the completion of the PDBP the opportunities to be hired at the University/College level will increase.


Dallas ISD August 2011 – present time Director of Budget Services ($1.6 Billion) - Serve as an advisor and key member • of the financial management team of the Dallas ISD Coordinate and direct the financial planning, budgeting, procurement or investment • activities of all or part of the district. Propose concrete and quantified actions for the current and long-term financial health of the district Analyze the financial details of past, present, and expected operations in order to • identify development opportunities and areas where improvement is needed Develop internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as • budget administration cash and credit management, and accounting Provide direction and assistance to other departmental units regarding accounting and budgeting policies and procedures, and efficient control and utilization of financial resources Determine the information and support systems strategy that meet the district’s • financial planning, budgeting an financial analysis needs. Oversee the implementation and maintenance of these systems.

M.E. Allison Investment Bankers May 2011 - present time Passed Series 7 & 66 Licenses examines North East Independent School District, San Antonio, TX 1987 – May 2011 Executive Director of Finance & Accounting Services (CFO) July 1999 – May 2011 Direct and manage the operation of all financial, business and risk management affairs of the District ($500 million organization), including the Accounting, Budgeting, Payroll, Benefits, Decision Support, Financial Control, Purchasing, Warehousing, eCommerce, Grant Administration, Treasury, Cash management and Risk Management functions.

Handle over $1+ Billion in capital funding and over $650 Million in cash management (developed the cash management function for NEISD). Serves as the Chief Financial advisor to the Associate Superintendents.

Executive Director of Internal Audit, July 1994 – June 1999 Director of Budgets, Investments & Federal Programs, June 1989 – July 1994 Assistant Director for Planning & Budgeting, June 1987 – July 1989 San Antonio Federal Credit Union (SACU), San Antonio, TX 1981 – 1986 AVP Budgeting/Managerial Accounting Manager, December 1981 – April 1986 Established budgeting, capital expenditure procedures and monitoring of budgets.

Created product profitability analysis and volume cost analysis. Responsible for Financial Statements, Developed Advanced Systems Management of microcomputer technology throughout the Credit Union. Evaluated department functions and implemented performance reports.

Coca Cola of the Southwest, San Antonio, Texas 1979 – 1981 Division Controller, January 1979 – December 1981 Inventory control, production cost accounting, monitoring pricing and production costs analysis. Developed procedures to save the Corporation over $500,000 a year.


Maimonides Mental Health Center/Obert Treatment Program, New York, NY & Victoria, TX Responsible for the overall management of the business and treatment program for mentally handicapped persons.


Academically Qualified by the AACSB pending July 15, 2012 University of Florida –Post Doctoral Bridge Program 2012 The University of Texas at Austin, Two Years in MBA Program Saybrook University, Ph.D. in Psychology Sonoma State University, MA in Psychology Allegheny College, BA in Psychology Six Sigma (General Electric Management Training Program) Black Belt Certification (Sept 2007) Certified Public Accountant, CPA (1990) Registered Texas School Business Administrator, RTSBA Certified Public Funds Investment Manager, CPFIM


Adjunct Professor- St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, 2007-2011.

Courses taught: Financial Analysis, Managerial Accounting for MBAs.

Adjunct Professor- University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, 2007-2011.

Courses taught: Governmental and Non-profit Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Principals of Accounting, and Cost-Accounting Lecturer: University of Texas San Antonio– Faculty Appointment Courses taught in MBA program: Controllership, Performance Management & Cost Accounting, Government Accounting 1989-91, 1997-99, 2005 - 2008 University of Texas at Austin – Assistant Instructor 1987-88 taught undergraduate Cost Accounting Long Island University, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn, N.Y. Fall 1974 Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y. Spring 1974 Adjunct Lecturer Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, N.Y., Fall 1973 thru Spring 1974 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Behavioral Sciences California State College at Sonoma, Rohnert Park, Ca. Fall 1971 and Spring 1972 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology Courses Taught Controllership (U. of Texas San Antonio) Principals of Accounting Introduction to Accounting Advanced Managerial Accounting (St. Mary’s U.-School of Business BA7355) (U. Incarnate Word-School of BusinessA6341) Introduction to Cost Accounting(U. Incarnate Word-School of BusinessA3313) Managerial Accounting Cost Accounting Financial Analysis (St. Mary’s U.-School of Business) Governmental Accounting (U. of Texas San Antonio) Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Entities (U.

Incarnate WordA6342) Community Service San Antonio Family Mediators Association – Past Board member Texas Association of Mediators – Past Board member Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center - Trainer and Mediator 1984 -1999 Alamo Area Mediator Association– Founding Board Member College of Texas Mediators – Founding Board Member & Treasurer San Antonio Family Mediators Association – Past Board Member Fellowships & Grants Gardner Murphy Fellowship 1973 Parapsychology Foundation Grant 1974 & 1975 for experimental research Awards Certificate of Merit, Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center; 1985, 1986, 1991, 1996 Who’s Who of South and Southwest Superintendent’s Award


“Senate Bill 1543: Corporate Bonds for School Districts” Submitted for Publication.

TASBO Report – Official Magazine of the Texas Association of School Business Officials.

“The Blueberry Metaphor” TASBO Report – Official Magazine of the Texas Association of School Business Officials. Vol. 36 Issue 2, December 2010 “Investments: What Do We Do Now” TASBO Report – Official Magazine of the Texas Association of School Business Officials. Vol. 34 Issue 3, June 2009

Research Publications in Psychology:

with Helmut Schmidt., “Search for a Relationship between Brain Wave and Psychokinetic Performance.” Research in Parapsychology-1976, (1976) Terry, J.C. & Honorton C., “Psi Information Retrieval In the Ganzfeld: Two Confirmatory Studies.” Journal of the Society of Psychical Research (JASPR) (1975) Terry, J.C., “Precognition In Water Deprived Wistar Rats.” Psychoenergetic Systems, Great Britain, Gordon & Breach (1975) Terry, J.C., Rogo S., & Smith, M., “The Use of Short-Duration Ganzfeld Stimulation to Facilitate Psi-Mediated Imagery.” European Journal of Parapsychology, Utrecht, Parapsychology Lab; (1975) Terry, J.C., ‘The Medium The Mystic & the Physicist.” Review, Psychoenergetic Systems. Great Britain, Gordon & Breach 1975.

Terry, J., Tremmel, I,., Kelley, M., Harper, and Barker, P., "Psi Information Rate in Guessing and Receiver Optimization." Research in Parapsychology 1975, Metuchen, N.Y.; Scarecrow Press. 1975.

Terry, J.C., "Continuation of the Rodent Precognition Experiments." Research In Parapsychology 1975. Metuchen, N.Y.; Scarecrow Press. 1975.

Terry, J.C., "Comparison of Stimulus Duration In Sensory and Psi Conditions."

Research in Parapsychology 1975. Metuchen, N.J.; Scarecrow Press. 1975.

Terry, J.C., & Honorton, C., "Psi Information Retrieval in the Ganzfeld.Two Confirmatory Studies." Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. New Jersey. (1975).

Terry, J.C., & Honorton, C., "Psi-mediation of Imagery and Ideation in the Ganzfeld: A Confirmatory Study." Research in Parapsychology 1974. Metuchen, N.J. ;

Scarecrow Press, 1975.

Terry, J.C., "A Multiple Session Ganzfeld Experiment." Research in Parapsychology 1974. Metuchen, N. J.; Scarecrow Press, 1974.

Terry, J.C., & Harris, S., "Precognition In Water-deprived Wistar Rats." Research in Parapsychology 1974. Metuchen, N.J.; Scarecrow Press, 1974.

Terry, J.C., & Levy, J., “Further Study of the Wheel Testing Cage in the Rodent Precognition Work." Journal of Parapsychology, 1973.

Terry, J.C., Levy, J., & Davis, J., "Two Possible Sources of ESP Information in the Rodent Precognition Work." Journal of Parapsychology, Durham, N.C.; 1973.

Terry, J.C., Levy, J., & Davis, J., "A Precognition Test with Hamsters." Journal of Parapsychology, Durham, N.C.; 1973.

with Ken Kobayashi and William Thompson, “Left-Right Hemispheric Differences Between a Psi and Non-Psi group.” (monograph) “The Challenge of Chance: A Mass Experiment in Telepathy and its Unexpected Outcome.” Book review for Psychoenergetic Systems (1976)


15th. Annual Summer Conference of Texas Association of School Business Officials, Allen, Texas June 14th-15th 2012. Educational Session – 6/14/2010, 1:15 - 2:15 pm Title: Control Reports for Management. Presenters: James Terry, Ph.D., CPA, RTSBA, CPFIM - Director Budget Services TASA/TASB Convention 2010 Houston Texas. Title: Saving Money: Are you willing to change the way you do Business?

Presenter(s): James Terry, Ph.D., CPA, CTSBO, CPFIM - Executive Director Finance & Accounting Services 14th. Annual Summer Conference of Texas Association of School Business Officials, Kerrville, Texas February 17th-18th 2010. Educational Session – 6/17/2010, 1:15 - 2:15 pm Title: Saving Money: Are you willing to change the way you do Business?

Presenter(s): James Terry, Ph.D., CPA, CTSBO, CPFIM - Executive Director Finance & Accounting Services 64th Annual Conference of Texas Association of School Business Officials, Fort Worth, Texas February 15th-19th 2010. Educational Session C – 2/17/2010, 3:15 - 4:15 pm Title: Investment Due Diligence: What does it mean? How Do You Do It?

Presenter(s): James Terry, CTSBO, PhD D, CPA, Executive Director Finance and Thomas Ramos, District Treasurer, North East ISD.

Others too numerous to list, will furnish on request


Elected to the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of School Business Officials, 2010-2013 (TASBO), an independent, not-for-profit professional association, TASBO is dedicated to being the trusted resource for school business and operations in Texas. TASBO is one of the state and province affiliates of the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO Intl.) which serves members from the United States, Canada, and more than 20 other nations. Established in 1946, TASBO began as a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing information about school business operations in Texas. The Association’s center of operations is located in Austin, Texas. TASBO headquarters is located at 2538 South Congress Avenue. Currently, TASBO has approximately 5,600+ members and 29 regional affiliates, representing more than 900 public school districts in Texas.

Advisory Board member for the Institute of Public Investment Management, Salt Lake City, Utah.

North East Administrator Association – President 1996-97


Creation of:

• Budget System(Buds)- Includes the additional allocation requests(AARs) and request for resources(RRs)

• Treasury Function – includes cash management/cash budgets and investment policies and procedures

• Decision Support Function – as a result of Hackett study developed four comptroller positions to provide data for data drive decisions

• Performance Measurement Books – developed performance measurements for each division collected, analyzed & published Controlled Resource Management System (CRMS)- standardized inventory • tracking to prevent loss/theft of electronic devices Establishment of the centralizing SAF/CAF (Student & Campus Activity Funds) • accounting saves hours of labor at each campus.

Retention Supplement – Christmas/Summer Pay retaining incentive • Attendance Supplement - 401(a)/457 incentive performance retirement plan;

• saving $, increase student & staff attendance Bookkeeper mentoring program – Selected Bookkeepers and accountants to • mentor campus bookkeepers Accounting Resource Guide(ARG) for Principals & Budget managers •


• Changed fiscal year to July 1st to coincide with the school year resulting in an increase of $15 million in fund balance

• GASB 34 – 2002 early implementation

• GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program” (first 1993)

• Infor ERP accounting package

• Established Data Processing as an Internal Service Department which allows a fund balance to meet capital needs

• Established the Grant Writer as a contractor who has produced $69 million in requests with $13 million awarded for a total costs of $291,000 since 2002

• Utilized the concept of a Secretarial Pool for all professional staff use saving 3 FTEs.

• Established five (5) Enterprise Funds – Business activities have grown from a ($19,000) loss for FYE 2000 to a profit of $1.4 million for FYE 2008. These business-type funds are not supported by taxes or State funds.

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