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«E-spoons E-zine June 2011 If you can’t stand the heat, don’t tickle the dragon A little heat on the dinner plate burns calories and mosquito ...»

E-spoons E-zine

June 2011

If you can’t stand the heat, don’t tickle the dragon

A little heat on the dinner plate burns calories and mosquito bellies but heating the room can pile on the pounds.

So instead of burning firewood, fire up the heart battery and move those mouth muscles, but be warned, kissing

can ignite Alzheimer’s disease and mouth bacteria can break your heart. Be sure to employ a little dragon wisdom

but let out the extra heat so you don’t overheat and turn into a fire breathing monster.

The E-spoons E-zine is a monthly compilation of stories appearing on 7 Big Spoons™ blog. The stories are based on the latest science tit bits and will help you become a little healthier, wealthier and wiser by explaining the why. As a friend of Spoonful of Science you have been included on our mailing list – should you wish to unsubscribe follow the link at the bottom of the E-zine.

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Heat on the dinner plate burns calories The way to heat up the dinner plate is to sprinkle a generous dollop of cayenne pepper onto the plate of food. The magic chemical which gives pepper’s their zing is capsaicin.

The higher the quantity the bigger the burn, but you don’t actually need to set your mouth on fire to experience the fat burning capacity. A study from Purdue University suggests the fat burning benefits are achievable at “normal” doses of spice. 1 gram or half a teaspoon of ordinary dried ground cayenne red pepper will do the trick.

But you need to eat it not just swallow it - the power is in the nerve-jabbing taste bud stabbing experience. The consumption of red pepper increases core body temperature which creates the magic because to raise the body temperature a tiny bit requires a bigger fire. A bigger fire consumes more calories. So the weight management formula is tipped to lose weight.

PS. Stay away from the ice cream afterwards – remember, NO PAIN, NO GAIN !

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents Donating your blood to a mosquito causes her a little grief as well Everyone knows – hot food burns. As humans, we wait until the food has reached a temperature that doesn’t burn. But for any insect feeding off a warm-blooded host, waiting until it cooled down sufficiently, would limit your options to eating off corpses. Not a recipe for biological success.

So insects that munch on warm-blooded mammals go from room temperature to “hot”, very hot. The sudden rise in temperature elicits a full blown stress response. Yipeee – its could to know I’m not the only one being stressed by the blood donation.

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents Heating the room can pile on the pounds – so go blue this winter to be skinny and green Most of us manage to put a few extra pounds on over the winter season. Usually the extra weight is attributed to us eating lots and moving little, as we huddle inside. But now researchers suggest that modern man is doing a lot less huddling because we can create tropical island weather inside our homes and offices. Hot houses create fatter people.

–  –  –

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents Burning firewood Sitting round a fire sounds appealing. But take a moment to consider where the wood for that fire came from.

You don’t need a chain saw to enjoy a fire, look for dead wood, there is plenty of it. If the wood comes from a healthy tree, the cost to the environment is huge. A canopy tree cut down for a fire will not be replaced in your lifetime.

Remember, forests provide shelter to people, habitat to biodiversity; are a source of food, medicine and clean water; play a vital role in maintaining a stable global climate and environment. Forests are vital to the survival and well being of people everywhere, all 7 billion of us.

Return to Table of Contents Firing up the heart battery so it pumps in a crisis Everyone knows that exercise is good for your heart, but how huffing and puffing, pushing and pulling makes such a big difference to heart health, is still a bit of a mystery.

Researchers from Emory University School of Medicine think it is because exercise charges up a battery. The charged up battery is able to keep the engine turning over, when the pipes become blocked providing protection to the heart.

–  –  –

Move those mouth muscles - add chewing gum to your to-do-list to lose weight Losing weight is all about getting the Calories in calories out Standard advice to improve the calories out, is to move a bit.

But researchers from University of Rhode Island report that you don’t have to move all the bits, just move the mouth a little more, to get a bit of a calorie benefit. A good way to get those jaw muscles moving is to chew gum.

The very act of grinding the little piece of gum in your mouth is making those jaw muscles burn calories. But there is a further benefit, the nerves in the mouth get excited, believing that the mouth activity is due to mouthfuls (many of them) landing in your mouth. The nerves send a quick message to the brain about all the activity. The part of your brain which controls appetite interprets the signals as “We are full !” So pop a stick (preferably a low sugar variety for maximum effect) and jiggle it up and down until it has no flavour left and feels like a lump of rubber. Dispose of it (nicely, don’t stick it under a chair). And start your next piece of gum.

–  –  –

The herpes virus family never leaves and it’s trying to invade your brain using amyloid precursor protein. The virus disrupts the protein. Disrupted amyloid protein is at the heart of Alzheimer’s Disease.

There is definitely a connection between the herpes invasion of nervous tissue and cognitive decline. So watch who you kiss !

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents Mouth bacteria can break your heart Brushing your teeth regularly is a good idea if you want to avoid turning into a toothless wonder, but it is also a way to avoid cardiovascular disease.

Your mouth is full of bacteria enjoying the left-overs of your latest meal. These bacteria don’t always confine themselves to your mouth, and given an opportunity created by a bleeding gum, will happily escape into the blood stream.

The bloodstream is dangerous and challenging. Free floating bacteria would not last too long, so they hastily set about creating a life raft of sorts. The rafts are created from platelets with the bacteria providing the glue in the form of surface protein called PadA.

The clumping of the platelets provides the bacteria with a floating bunker in which they can lock down inside. Encased in the “platelet vessel”, the bacteria are protected from the immune system, as well as antibiotics that might be used to treat an infection.

Safe and sound, they ride the blood pipes, but as the “platelet vessels” expand in size to accommodate the growing tribe of bacteria, they begin to impede the blood flow in blood vessels forming clots. When a clot wedges inside a coronary blood vessel, the resulting jam can precipitate a heart attack, an obstruction in the brain leads to stroke.

So if you want a healthy heart, keep the number of bacteria clinging to your teeth as low as possible to avoid inflammation and gum disease.

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents

–  –  –

Our crickets (food) is also vitamin D poor – so it’s easy to not get enough.

Practise a little sun worship and spend a little time in the sun. When you get too hot (i.e. start to burn), be a lizard and head for the shade.

If you don’t have the time, energy or enthusiasm to practise sun worship, then take a supplement. But get the vitamin D levels up.

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents Let out some of the heat during a hot flush with acupuncture Hot flushes don’t kill, but the sensation of being on fire inside is really very unpleasant. Researchers in New York demonstrated that acupuncture seems to bring relief to some.

Not going to pretend anyone understands the science behind this, but acupuncture seems to bring relief to some.

It might be worth a try since medical options are limited.

Read full article here Return to Table of Contents A fire breathing monster I have met a few dragons in my travels thought I would share them with you.

Return to Table of Contents

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I love hearing from readers, so drop me an e-mail to let me know which story you enjoyed the most, did you learn something new or do you have a different perspective.

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We will be going a little nutty next month. Look out for it in your inbox on 6 July (the first Wednesday of the month).

Yours scientifically Dr Sandy Phone : +27 (0)11 452 2207 Cell : 083 262 5023 E-mail : drsandy@spoonfulofscience.com The cartoons were drawn by Guy Alain Ngangob – drop him an e-mail if you need a cartoon or two. If you want to access the science articles used to compile the newsletter visit the relevant pages on the blog and follow the link. Photos were all taken by Dr Sandy, fire breathing one is a special resident of Krakow, the other two live in Vietnam. The modern day dragon was snapped warming himself on the top of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.

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