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«Measurements of Trackways as a Method for Assessing Locomotion in Dairy Cows Evgenij Telezhenko Thesis (Licentiate) Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet ...»

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I am grateful to the following people:

Christer Bergsten, my supervisor, for belief for my capability, for bringing me to the department, for keeping me in spite of no funding, for making possible the whole work was done, for given to me freedom and responsibility, for the whole bunch of other things and for being such incredible optimist.

Jan Hultgren, my unofficial tutor from my first days at the department, for offering his time to listen my offensive interruptions, for having right answers on the most of questions and for being such a good person.

Lena Lidfors and Christer Nilsson, my assistant supervisors, for good advice and positive attitude.

Madeleine Magnusson, co-worker, co-author and friend, for all her selfless help, for plenty of practical things managed during my beings in Alnarp, for all the right cows found, for enthusiasm, humour and friendship. I am going to thank her even for more things in the future.

Thomas Manske, perhaps one of the best orators I ever heard, for shearing ideas, computers and rooms, for sarcastic humour and friendship.

Jan-Eric Englund, for the best statistical help and for treating me as a person who understands what he wants.

Jenny Loberg, co-author and friend, colleague in “young-parents club”, for listening and understanding, for shearing time and good advice.

Michael Ventorp, colleague in “golvprojektet”, for being such an enthusiastic person, for intensive discussions and for trust for my ideas.

Sergey Knyazev, my teacher and friend, for making me believe that almost everything is possible, for lessons of honour, for helping me with my early publications and for Sukhanov’s book.

Gudrun Norrman and Ulla Vass, for helping me with all this bureaucracy, for being such kind and positive persons and for solving my unsolvable problems.

Per Liberg, for sophistic proof reading of my papers, for making my stile hopefully better understandable and for nice attitude.

Catarina Svensson, for being such a careful section chief, for enthusiasm, positive mode and a lot of encouragement.

Jan Nilsson and Irina Nyberg, computer gods, for supplying me with computers, statistical software and for all these “know how” things.

Carina Johansson, Gunilla Jacobsson and Per-Olov Guldbrand for the help with a great deal of practical things.

Beata Akersten and Britte Lindegren, librarians, for their kind help with literature and for remembering how my name is spelt.

Olof Andrén, “den bästa kovetaren”, for his invaluable help, kindness and hospitality and for being such a wonderful person.

Henrick, Peder, Sven and other workers at Kårtorp, without your good will and helpfulness a lot of things would not be done.

Janssons brothers, owners of Kårtorp, for allowing me to occupy your farm with all this rubber.

Nisse, Marina, Susanne, Björn, Kjell and other workers of Mellangård in Alnarp, for letting me do my “strange rituals” for not disturbing me and for helping me with the cows.

Kraiburg Gummiverk for providing me with the rubber mats and Günter Schlaiß for the help with the ordering and for good advice.

All other people at SLU in Skara, for friendly and encouraging atmosphere, making my working time really enjoyable.

All easy-walked cows which tried to produce their natural walk as good as they could.

Malin Larsson, my wife, friend, mentor in Swedish and proof reader, for taking me to Sweden, being near all the time I need, for tolerance for my never-ending trips to Skåne and for feeling my problems as her own.

Pavel Larsson, my lovely son, for making my home evenings more diverse, for lessons about life’s more important things and for showing me incredible

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