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«Annual Report 2004-2005 Mary Jo Welker, MD, Chair Department of Family Medicine 2231 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43201 Letter from the Chair The ...»

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The Family Medicine Leadership Development Program continues to work to support and encourage third and fourth-year medical students that have chosen a career in Family Medicine. Over 70 students participated in the FMLDP during the year and enjoyed the curriculum that centered on the Many Faces of Family Medicine. FMLDP graduates provided insight into the next steps our students will take in their career path and MED IV students provided advice to the MED III students concerning everything from rotation scheduling to professional well being. The FMLDP evenings provide dinner and a program and are sometimes preceded by a Leadership Team meeting that gives all the officers a chance to network over food and a planning session. The FMLDP is sponsored by individual members of the Department of Family Medicine and this year we would like to thank the following faculty for their financial support of the FMLDP: Drs. Brian Beesley, Holly Cronau, Pat Fahey, Larry Gabel, Randy Longenecker, John McConaghy, Fred Miser, Doug Post, Linda Stone, Randy Wexler, Mary Jo Welker, and Vernon Williams. It is a part of the strength of our Department that we find so many faculty willing to sponsor programs for our students from their personal resources. Evaluations of the FMLDP continue to be fantastic and the students have planned the coming year around the Future of Family Medicine Project theme.

The Honors Program celebrated its third year with 12 outstanding projects. Projects spanned the healthcare continuum from international health experiences to technology and health care. The program focuses on personal and professional growth during this month-long elective. Students often start a year in advance to prepare for their elective month. Project titles for this year included: Exploring Patient Centered Medicine, Bridging the Gap in Education and Access to Preventive Health Care in Rural Women, Racial Disparities and Missed Opportunities in the Vaccination of Adult Diabetics, Caring for Patients with MR/DD, Development of Child Safety Educational Materials in Bengali, A Health and Wellness Guide for Teens, Wikipedia Medicine Updated, and Healing Arts Missions – A Journey to Haiti.

The Residency Connection, mentioned above, entered its second year with increasing involvement of FMLDP graduates and the building of the Leadership Library that includes residency interview information and advice. Our vision for the program is coming true as our MED IV students seeking residency interview opportunities can connect with FMLDP graduates from Washington and California to Florida and Rhode Island. We are truly a coast-to-coast connection and the students find FMLDP graduates welcoming them into interviews in Colorado, New York, Washington and many spots across the map.

Our special events for the year included our FPIG Orientation Picnic, the Match Day Celebration, the FMLDP Holiday Party and Spring Cook-out, and the Honors Reception that celebrates the Honors Program projects and bestows the five

Department of Family Medicine Awards for graduating students. This year our awards went to the following students:

–  –  –

The Honors Reception evening honored the many wonderful nominees for these awards and the fact that we continue to have the best and the brightest join the ranks of family physicians.

We have had a busy year and for that we are truly thankful. But the summer brought active planning for the coming year.

With the Leadership Team for 2005-2006 chosen, the invitations out for the FMLDP for the coming year and with our FPIG officers elected and finished with their first planning sessions, we are ready for yet another great year with our students. We appreciate the support of all the Family Medicine faculty and staff, without you we would not have the opportunity to truly be a part of the Family of Family Physicians.

We have our student Leadership Team to thank for this great year and they are all listed as follows:

Family Medicine Student Leadership Team 2004-05 Family Medicine Leadership Development Program CoChairs: MED IV: Cindy Gleit, Amy Walters MED III: Nicola Fynn, Katie Coleman Special Projects (Orientation Picnic, Match Day Celebration; Honors Reception; Leadership Library, etc.) Vice-Chairs, Special Projects: Erin Maynard, Lauren Morgan, Silpa Kilaru, Chiarra Thompson.

FPIG Officer: Lisa Dias Finance Committee Vice Chairs, Finance: Sarah Boehmer, Rayan Ihle FPIG Treasurer: Donald Graneto, Kathryn Dalton Department of Family Medicine Annual Report 2004-2005 Leadership Roundtable/Mini-Module and Brown Bag Series FPIG Officer: Scott Rogers Advisor: Kristen Gentry Communications and FPIG Newsletter Editorial Board MED IV Editors: Laurie Eisengart, Jen Woyach MED III Editor: Erin Maynard FPIG Officers: Mike Klatte and Rebecca Steiner Web Master: Julie Zweiser Resident Advisor: Eric Prenger, MD Premedical Initiative Vice Chairs: Susan Bettcher, Lauren Morgan, Vivien To MED II Co-Coordinator: Elise Sadoun Resident Advisor: Eric Prenger, MD John D. White Scholarship Committee In collaboration with the OAFP Foundation Community Service MED IV Vice-Chairs: Susan Bettcher, Nafisa Islam, Julie Zweiser MED III Vice-Chairs: Emily Smith, Silpa Kilaru Tar Wars Advisor: Erin Maynard FPIG Officer: Rebecca Steiner FPIG Officers: Jared Miner and Katrina Kerns Resident Advisor: Kelly Fleming, MD Mentorship Program Vice Chair: Laura Dengler FPIG Officer: Domenico Pietropaolo FPIG Meetings and Workshops Meetings: Cate Olson and Eric Williamson Workshops: Sangeeta Jain, Erin Prewitt, Martha Tzou Project Professionalism Collaboration Vice Chairs: Laura Dengler, Katie Coleman, Kristen Gentry Residency Connection Vice-Chairs: Penny Baker and Hugh O’Neill Advisor: Jennifer Silver, MD Resident Representatives: Sarah Bonza, Kara Chidester, Christen Coyle, Susan Crist, Kelly Fleming, Megan Frank, Derek Garbellini, Jennifer Hartman, Ryan Kauffman, Mary Krebs, David Lee, Frank Moskos, Eric Prenger, Tim Rowland, Jennifer Silver, Julia Stokes, Michele Walsh, Michelle Zimmerman.

Sports Medicine Interest Group President: Jared Miner Vice-President: Ashlee Warren Treasurer: Erin Prewitt Department of Family Medicine Partnership Predoctoral Education Committee: Cindy Gleit, Amy Walters, Rebecca Steiner, Mike Klatte, Emily Smith.

Family Medicine Strategic Planning Committee: Cindy Gleit Student Subcommittee/Family Medicine Development Committee: Sarah Boehmer Organized Medicine AAFP: Liaison: Jessica Evert OAFP Student Affairs Committee: Sarah Boehmer and Carrie Cooper-Fenske OAFP-Foundation: Board of Trustees: Laura Dangler; Program Champion: Princess Gaitawe Collaborations Project Professionalism Pediatric Interest Group IM Interest Group AMSA: Carie Cooper-Fenske National Primary Care Week: Erin Prewitt, Mike Klatte Department of Family Medicine Annual Report 2004-2005 Family Medicine Residency University (Core) Residency Program Residency Administration The administration of the residency completely changed during the academic year.

Dr. Doug Knutson became Program Director in April 2005, with Dr. Katherine Balturshot taking over as Assistant Director of the Program. Ms. Joni Rehner accepted new responsibilities within the Department, and Ms. Holly Peterson joined the Department as Residency Coordinator. Ms. Donna Knisley has taken the role of Residency Secretary. Dr. Mary Jo Welker (Chair), Dr. Larry Gabel (Academic Vice Chair), and Dr. Milisa Rizer (Clinical Vice Chair) provided guidance through their leadership roles. Dr. Rizer was appointed Acting Medical Director of the Rardin Family Practice Center. Continuity for the program has been maintained, as the prior Program Director, Dr. John McConaghy (Mac) continues to play an active role as an outpatient preceptor and inpatient attending physician for the residents. Additionally, Dr. Leon McDougle continues in his role as Associate Director for the Urban Residency at University Hospitals East. Dr. Randy Longenecker continues to provide leadership as Director of the Rural Residency. Dr. Olusegun Osinbowale, Chief Resident, led the residents.

The following members of the Residency Committee provided direction and leadership in the residency:

–  –  –

The Residency Graduation Dinner was held at the OSU Faculty Club on June 26, 2005, and included a fine dinner with a comical roast of the faculty by the departing graduates. The graduating residents, their families, and significant others were honored for their accomplishments and contributions. Olusegun Osinbowale, MD was commended for his outstanding

performance and contributions as Chief Resident. There were special recognitions through special awards:

–  –  –

The core Maternity Care Group consisted of Drs. Doug Knutson, John McConaghy, Leon McDougle, and Milisa Rizer. In addition, Chris Nyirati, CNP, PhD, Family Nurse Practitioner, continues to recruit and provide initial prenatal services to our pregnant patients and coordinate the care of prenatal services with the residents.

Advisors for the residents included:

–  –  –

Curriculum The curriculum underwent further “fine tuning” during the year. The Family Medicine Inpatient Services at OSU East were consolidated to one service to improve the opportunities for teaching during the month. The Wednesday afternoon didactic conference schedule continues to be refined. Most topics now are presented in a case-based and evidence-based format.

Dr. McConaghy’s InfoMastery/Evidence-Based Practice (IM/EBP) curriculum continued to be a resident favorite, as was Dr.

Knutson’s Case-based Learning series. Dr. McConaghy also implemented a quality improvement initiative that led to presentations from each residency group on quality of diabetic care in our residency practices.

Our residents continue to excel in scholarly activities. We had our 5th Annual Resident Research Symposium in May 2005.

Senior resident presentations included:

–  –  –

Recruitment The Residency Program continued to work on enhancing its recruiting success. In the face of the continued decreasing FP applicant pool nationwide, our program matched four residents in the University Program, two residents in the Urban Program, and two residents in the Rural Program. Our past Chief Resident, Dr. Anna Petrova, decided to pursue her MPH degree, helping to pave the way for future residents choosing our Academic Track.

Department of Family Medicine Annual Report 2004-2005 Students and the Family Practice Interest Group (FPIG) The faculty and residents continue to be very involved in medical student education. The residency provided the annual phlebotomy workshops for the FPIG students in September 2004. Faculty were involved in the FPIG group and leadership group seminars and round-table discussions. Finally, our residents and faculty continued to be actively involved in medical student teaching in the areas of physical exam, doctor-patient relationship, didactics, third-year ambulatory care clerkships, and fourth-year sub-internship experiences.

Rural Residency Program

The Ohio State University Rural Program and Mad River Family Practice have come into their own as an “Ohio Rural Health Professions Campus” and a “rural practice with a residency.” There were no graduates this year because there were no entering interns in 2002. In fact, during that year a disappointing match prompted the innovation that we believe is now one of the keys to our success.

As the first “2-2-2” integrated rural training track of it’s nature in the country, the program is close to graduating its first threeyear resident with the graduation of Dr. Harpreet Arora next summer. Medical students, who are exposed to the program through the Rural Health Scholars and the Family Medicine Interest Group, through involvement by program faculty in the Rural Medical Educators group of the National Rural Health Association, and through clerkships in all four years of medical school, are coming to recognize the Rural Program as a place of rigorous and relevant community-based medical education.

This was evident this year in matching two Ohio State University medical students, Dr. Penny Baker and Dr. Amy Gust, who matriculated as first-year residents in late June. Our increasing recognition continues to be demonstrated by the level of inquiry and applications from rural-interested students from around the country.

The program continues to be blessed by continuity in program faculty, excellent support from our community hospital board and other community leaders, and increasing opportunities for advocacy in rural medical education and rural health regionally and nationally.

Significant Achievements Administration A successful RRC review in February resulted in full accreditation for the next 4 years.

Teaching and Curriculum Development The rural residents’ first-year experience in hospital practice has been combined into five months of Hospital Care at Mary Rutan Hospital. This innovative longitudinal experience in hospital-based practice, from ED to OR to ICU to L&D, prepares residents for the generalist task of practice across hospital environments.

–  –  –

Recruitment Implementation of the “2-2-2” option has seemed to spur interest in the Rural Program in spite of a continuing downward trend in student interest in Family Medicine, particularly among graduates of U.S. medical schools. This year we filled both of our PGY1 positions in the national residency match program with excellent candidates, and are optimistic about this coming recruitment year. Mad River Family Practice is also actively recruiting additional core faculty to assist with clinical practice demands, obstetrical coverage, procedural training, residency administration, and curriculum development.

–  –  –

State and National Leadership Longenecker, RL o Planning committee, State Rural Health Conference May 2005, sponsored by the Ohio Rural Health Partners and Ohio Department of Health, State Office of Rural Health o Immediate past chair of the Rural Medical Educators, a special interest group of the National Rural Health Association, as a member of its executive committee Tara Wagner, Residency Coordinator, continues as a board member of the national Association of Family Medicine Administrators.

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