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«Bolton CCG Su Long Bolton Council Councillor Cliff Morris Councillor Linda Thomas Margaret Asquith Bridgewater Community Healthcare FT Dorothy ...»

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Bolton CCG Su Long

Bolton Council Councillor Cliff Morris

Councillor Linda Thomas

Margaret Asquith

Bridgewater Community Healthcare FT Dorothy Whitaker

Bury Council Councillor Rishi Shori

Mike Owen

Bury CCG Stuart North

Central Manchester FT Anthony Leon GMCA Andrew Lightfoot Liz Treacy GMCVO Alex Whinnom GM H&SC Partnership Team Rob Bellingham Tom Daines Warren Heppolette Geoff Little Wendy Meredith Claire Norman Nicky O’Connor Richard Preece Jon Rouse GM Interim Mayor Tony Lloyd Clare Monaghan GMIST Julie Connor Lindsay Dunn Emma Stonier Healthwatch GM Network Jack Firth Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG Simon Wooton Manchester CC Councillor Richard Leese Howard Bernstein Manchester Mental Health Trust John Harrop Manchester University Colin Lorne North Manchester CCG Mike Greenwood Oldham Council Councillor Jean Stretton Maggie Kufeldt Oldham CCG Denis Gizzi Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Martin Roe Primary Care Advisory Group (Dental) Mohsan Ahmad Primary Care Advisory Group (GP’s) Chair LMC’s Tracey Vell Primary Care Advisory Group (Pharmacy) Adam Irvine Rochdale BC Councillor Richard Farnell Pauline Kane Salford CC Councillor John Merry Charlotte Ramsden Salford CCG Anthony Hassall Stockport CCG Gaynor Mullins

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SPB 96/16 WELCOME AND APOLOGIES Apologies were received as follows;

Trish Anderson, Darren Banks, Ann Barnes, Chris Brookes, Wirin Bhatiani, Barry Clare, Paul Connellan, Mayor Paul Dennett, Gillian Easson, Anne Gibbs, Ranjit Gill, Chris Duffy, Donna Hall, Harry Holden, Majid Hussain, Ifti Khan, Caroline Kurzeja, Michael McCourt, Silas Nicholls, Dharmesh Patel, Steven Pleasant, Steve Rumbelow, John Scampion, Jim Taylor, Martin Whiting, Carolyn Wilkins, Ian Wilkinson, Leila Williams, Steve Wilson SPB 97/16 MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD 26 AUGUST 2016 The minutes from the meeting held on 30 September 2016 were submitted for consideration.

RESOLVED/To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2016 as a correct record.

SPB 98/16 CHIEF OFFICER REPORT Jon Rouse, Chief Officer, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, provided an update on the programme of work since the last meeting including a summary of the key work streams.

Jon Rouse thanked all the organisations and staff involved in the preparation and the welcome received at the visits he has undertaken across GM. Further induction meetings are due to take place, including one to one meetings with Leaders and visits to neighbouring localities.

An update was provided on the GM Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) submitted on 21 October. This will be circulated to all partner organisations and a summary version of what was submitted will be published within the next few weeks.

The Board were provided with an update with regards to the development of a Memorandum of Understanding with the pharmaceutical industry. They were informed that as part of this work, a proposal for a GM Medicines Strategy Board will be submitted to the meeting in November.

The improvement plan for Pennine Acute Trust has been formally submitted to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the stabilisation of services continues. The Board were informed that 40 new midwives have been recruited and they all started on the same day, highlighting that the plans already put in place have begun to make progress.

The review of Oesophago-Gastric (OG) cancer services in GM is complete and based on the analysis and evidence received, the recommendation was a direct award with one dedicated centre across GM at Salford Royal Hospital. Following feedback from public consultation, Out-Patient appointments will be held locally.

The Board were updated that as part of the implementation of the Healthier Together programme, a new £20million surgical and medical centre has opened at Stepping Hill Hospital.

The Board were informed that over the next couple of months a concerted effort would be made across the partnership to bring forward a consolidated proposal on children’s health services across GM for consideration.

A Member of the Board raised a question relating to the pressures on NWAS and the implications of this for other ‘blue-light’ services; and whether there would be an analysis of existing capacity and any necessary steps for an improved service. It was confirmed that discussions would be taking place to assess whether GM could gain greater control of ambulance services under devolution.

RESOLVED /To note the update provided and progress made.

SPB 99/16 TRANSFORMATION FUND UPDATE Jon Rouse provided an update to the Board on recent developments with the Transformation Fund bids and processes.

The Salford proposal has been finalised and has received formal sign off. A substantive investment of £18.2 million has been agreed and this will form the basis for Investment Agreement templates for other localities in the future.

In respect of the Stockport submission, an investment of £15.8 million has been agreed and it is expected to be finalised and signed by the end of October 2016.

An Investment Agreement is being developed for Tameside and Glossop of £23.2 million, which incorporates the independent assessor’s recommendations. It is expected to be finalised and signed by the end of November 2016.

Wigan’s submission to the Transformation Fund has been received and the assessment and evaluation of their submission has commenced. Submissions to the Transformation Fund from Oldham and Manchester have now been received and assessments of both submissions will commence in due course.

RESOLVED/To note the progress update reported on the Transformation Fund.


Warren Heppolette, Executive Lead, Strategy and System Development, GM Health and Social Partnership, introduced a paper which provided an outline of the process for how the Transformation Portfolio Board will be established following approval of the Strategic Partnership Board Executive in September.

The Board were informed that the purpose of the Transformation Portfolio Board will be to oversee and drive delivery of the GM Transformation Portfolio. Key responsibilities will be to oversee implementation, delivery, alignment and prioritisation of the transformation portfolio and to ensure progress is being made across all areas.

The membership of the Transformation Portfolio Board was highlighted and members were thanked for their nominations of Senior Responsible Officers (SRO) in their localities. It was updated that the first meeting of the Transformation Portfolio Board will be 18 November 2016.


1. To note the content of the report;

2. To confirm the name of the Board;

3. To confirm the scope of the portfolio approach;

4. To approve the Terms of Reference for the Board;

5. To approve the identified next steps to establish the Board; and

6. To approve the locality SRO and transformation theme SRO role description and note the task to be undertaken within localities to identify the locality SRO to be a member of this Board.



Rob Bellingham, GM Health and Social Care Partnership, introduced a report which outlined arrangements for the development of the Theme 3 Programme and Governance to ensure it is fit for purpose to drive delivery of the Theme 3 priorities.

Detailed recommendations were covered within the body of the paper. In summary it provided recommendations to reset the governance of Theme 3. It outlined how Theme 3 proposes to deliver and highlighted and made recommendations to resolve some identified issues.

The Board were asked to receive the paper, noting the support and feedback of the SPB Executive and the Joint Commissioning Board and to note the suggested approaches to resolve the issues raised by the Executive.

It was proposed that the formal reporting arrangements for the Healthier Together Programme were shifted into the Theme 3 delivery board to make clear the connections between Healthier Together, and the wider programme of acute and specialised care reform and redesign.

The continued commitment to the co-production of this programme of work, both in terms of the leadership from clinicians and management and working with commissioners and providers, was highlighted to the Board as being essential for driving the programme forward and the delivery of the work across GM.


1. To approve the proposed governance changes as outlined in section 2.

2. To endorse and provide feedback on the proposed approach and high-level phasing of work and suggested gateway review points to deliver Theme 3.

3. To endorse the approaches suggested to resolve the issues outlined in section 4.0.

SPB 102/16 QUALITY UPDATE - PRESENTATION Dr Richard Preece, Executive Lead for Quality, GM Health and Social Care Partnership Team, provided a presentation that highlighted how the quality and improvement of care was being refreshed across GM.

The Board were informed of the key areas which were being considered in relation to the quality of care, such as the timeliness of diagnosis and a focus on personalised care, and highlighted work already underway towards this. The specific areas which had been identified as presenting opportunities for improvement this year were after care plans for cancer patients; paediatric urgent care; functional recovery after stroke and mental health care closer to home.

The Board were informed the Quality Surveillance Group was being relaunched as the Quality Board, with revised membership to reflect a wider range of stakeholders, with addition of more soft intelligence to hard metrics, and to have adjusted reporting to focus on shared learning to ensure that good practice is disseminated and embedded across GM. Clinical effectiveness will also be emphasised by the involvement of NICE and other clinical networks.

The Board asked what engagement had taken place with the workforce to develop quality. They were informed that providers had their own mechanisms in place and that as the programme goes forward this is something that will be developed.

RESOLVED/To note the presentation.

SPB 103/16 ESTATES MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Geoff Little, GM Health and Social Care Partnership, introduced a report which provided an update on the progress on the development of two Memorandums of Understanding (MoU). The final MoUs were attached as appendices to the report.

The report proposed two minor amendments to the MoUs to enable them to be approved by Ministers; these were related to capital resource limit and dispute resolution. The Board were informed that following approval the final versions of the MOUs would be circulated to all GM parties.

Following comments from members it was confirmed that the Estates MoUs were specifically focused on Health and Social Care. Public bodies across GM are connected in through the governance arrangements for the Land Commission; under proposals for GM under devolution and through the Estates Board.


1. To approve the final amendments to the Estates MOU between national and GM bodies as set out in section 5.4 of the report.

2. To agree, subject to the Executive approving final amendments and to the MOUs being approved by Department of Health Ministers that Jon Rouse would write to all GM parties to the national MOU to recommend that they accept the final amendments.

SPB 104/16 ASSURANCE FRAMEWORK (INCLUDING PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD) Jon Rouse introduced a paper that provided an overview of the proposed scope of the Assurance and Delivery Framework, delegated to the Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to undertake.

It was updated that NHS Improvement and the Partnership whilst committed to operating their statutory performance functions, would also place this in a much wider place based assurance framework.

The Board were informed that the Assurance Structure is intended to create a balanced scorecard which focused on the key areas of system performance, finance, transformation and quality. It was updated that effective assurance and delivery of the Partnerships’ objectives will be provided through the assurance structure outlined.

Members asked how the assurance framework would report into this Board, to enable a clear view of what is happening across the system to be provided to the Board. The Board were informed that it is proposed to bring a quarterly report to this Board, through the Strategic Partnership Executive, specifically related to performance. Performance issues which were identified as more pressing would be brought to the monthly meetings of this Board, as and when they arose.

Members asked how the performance dashboard will be aligned with the quality measures included within Healthier Together. The Board were informed that the performance dashboard would be an aggregation of measures which have been identified as those that best show progress against the devolution plan.

RESOLVED/To note the report and Assurance Framework.

2. To endorse the Framework as the basis for undertaking assurance on behalf of the Partnership.

SPB 105/16 2017-2019 NHS OPERATIONAL PLANNING & CONTRACTING Warren Heppolette introduced a paper which highlighted the nationally driven process for NHS operational planning. It affirmed the principles and actions mandated nationally within which GM will continue to comply.

The report also described aspects of the process where specific consideration needed to be given to changes or developments to the national process. Proposed amendments are either related to GM’s devolved status or the state of development and implementation of the Strategic Plan.

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