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«OFFICIAL STATEMENT DATED JUNE 20, 2013 NEW ISSUE NOT RATED In the opinion of Bond Counsel, interest on the Bonds will be excludable from gross income ...»

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“Actual Cost(s)” means, with respect to a Segment, the Owner’s demonstrated, reasonable, allocable, and allowable costs of constructing such Segment, as specified in a Payment Request that has been reviewed and approved by the City and the Project Engineer and in an amount not to exceed the amount for each Segment as set forth in the Assessment Plan (subject to cost overruns in Section 5.02). Actual Cost may include (a) the costs incurred by or on behalf of the Owner (either directly or through affiliates) for the design, planning, financing, administration/management, acquisition, installation, construction and/or implementation of such Segment, (b) if the Owner has acted as general contractor with respect to such Segment, or a portion thereof, a contractor’s fee of 5.5% of the costs incurred by or on behalf of the Owner for the construction of such Segment or portion thereof, (c) the costs incurred by or on behalf of the Owner in preparing the Plans for such Segment, (d) the fees paid for obtaining permits, licenses or other governmental approvals for such Segment, (e) a construction management fee of 4% of the costs incurred by or on behalf of the Owner for the construction of such Segment if the Owner is serving as the Construction Manager, (f) the costs incurred by or on behalf of the Owner for external professional costs, such as engineering, geotechnical, surveying, land planning, architectural landscapers, advertising, marketing and research studies, appraisals, legal, accounting and similar professional services, taxes (property and franchise) related to the Segment receiving the benefits of the assessments and the Public Improvements (g) all labor, bonds and materials, including equipment and fixtures, by contractors, builders and materialmen in connection with the acquisition, construction or implementation of the Public Improvements, (h) all related permitting, zoning and public approval expenses, architectural, engineering, and consulting fees, financing charges, taxes, governmental fees and charges, insurance premiums, and miscellaneous expenses, and all payments for Administrative Expenses after the date of a resolution authorizing such reimbursement, plus Interest, if any, calculated from the respective dates of the expenditures until the date of reimbursement therefore.

F-28 Actual Costs shall not include general contractor’s fees in an amount that exceeds a percentage equal to the percentage of work completed and accepted or construction management fees in an amount that exceeds an amount equal to the construction management fee amortized in equal monthly installments over the term of the appropriate construction management agreement. The amounts expended on legal costs, taxes, governmental fees, insurance premiums, permits, financing costs, and appraisals shall be excluded from the base upon which the general contractor and construction management fees are calculated. Actual Costs also may be paid to the Owner only in the capacity of construction manager or only in the capacity of general contractor but not both.

“Administrator” means employee or designee of the City who shall have the responsibilities provided for herein and in the Assessment Plan.

“Administrative Expenses” means the administrative, organization, maintenance and operation costs and expenses associated with, or incident to, the administration, organization, maintenance and operation of the District, including, but not limited to, the costs of (i) legal counsel, engineers, accountants, financial advisors, investment bankers or other consultants and advisors, (ii) creating and organizing the District and preparing the assessment roll, (iii) computing, levying, collecting and transmitting the Special Assessments or the installments thereof, (iv) maintaining the record of installments, payments and reallocations and/or cancellations of the Special Assessments, (v) issuing, paying and redeeming the PID Bonds, (vi) investing or depositing the Special Assessments, (vii) complying with the PID Act with respect to the PID Bonds, (viii) paying the paying agent/registrar’s and trustee’s fees and expenses (including the fees and expenses of its legal counsel), and (ix) administering the construction of the Public Improvements, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

“Agreement” has the meaning given in the recitals to this Agreement.

“Appraisal” means the Appraisal of Estancia Hill Country Phase I dated effective March 16, 2013 prepared by Paul Hornsby & Company.

“Assessed Property” means for any year, Parcels within the District other than NonBenefited Property.

“Assessment Ordinance” means each ordinance adopted by the City Council approving the Assessment Plan (or such amendments to the Assessment Plan) and levying the Special Assessments, as required by Article II of this Agreement. The Parties hereby acknowledge that the Assessment Plan will be amended from time to time as additional PID Bonds are sold and Improvement Areas are developed.

“Assessment Plan” means the Estancia Hill Country Public Improvement District Service and Assessment Plan (as such plan is amended from time to time), to be initially adopted by the City Council in the first Assessment Ordinance for the purpose of assessing allocated costs against property located within the boundaries of the District having terms, provisions and findings approved and agreed to by the Owner, as required by Article II of this Agreement. The Parties hereby acknowledge that the Assessment Plan will be amended from time to time as (i)

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“Attorney General” means the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

“Bond Issuance Costs” means costs relating to the authorization, sale and issuance of the PID Bonds including, printing costs, costs of reproducing and binding documents, closing costs, filing and recording fees, initial fees, expenses and charges of the Trustee, including its first annual administration fee, expenses incurred by the City or Owners in connection with the issuance of the PID Bonds, Financial Advisor fees, bond (underwriter’s) discount or underwriting fee, legal fees and charges, including Bond Counsel, charges for execution, transportation and safekeeping of the PID Bonds and other costs, charges and fees in connection with the issuance of the PID Bonds.

“Bond Pledged Revenue Account” means the separate and unique fund established by the City under such name pursuant to the Indenture where the portion of the Special Assessment Revenue allocated to the payment of debt service on the PID Bonds shall be deposited as set forth in Section 2.05 hereof.

“Certification for Payment” means the certificate so defined in the Initial Indentures.

“City” has the meaning given in the recitals to this Agreement.

“City Council” means the duly elected governing body and council of the City.

“City Manager” means the City Manager of the City or his designee(s).

“Co-Owner” has the meaning given in Section 4.01 of this Agreement.

“Construction Manager” means initially the Owner, and thereafter subject to change in accordance with Section 3.03 of this Agreement. The City acknowledges and agrees that (i) the Owner intends to subcontract out the duties of Construction Manager to a third party and (ii) Owner’s hiring of the initial subcontractor to serve as the Construction Manager shall not be deemed a change in the Construction Manager pursuant to the terms and conditions of Section 3.03.

“Construction Management Fee” means 4% of the costs incurred by or on behalf of Owner for the construction of each Segment.

“County” means Travis County, Texas.

“Debt” means any bond, note, or other evidence of indebtedness incurred, entered into, or issued by the City related exclusively to the District.

“Designated Successors and Assigns” shall mean (i) an entity to which Owner assigns (in writing) its rights and obligations contained in this Agreement pursuant to Section 8.03 related to all or a portion of the Property, (ii) any entity which is the successor by merger or otherwise to all or substantially all of Owner’s assets and liabilities including, but not limited to, any merger or F-30 acquisition pursuant to any public offering or reorganization to obtain financing and/or growth capital; or (iii) any entity which may have acquired all of the outstanding stock or ownership of assets of Owner.

“Director” means (i) the Director of Austin Water for water and wastewater related infrastructure and (ii) the Director of Public Works for all other infrastructure, or the designee of such applicable Director.

“District” has the meaning given in the recitals to this Agreement.

“Effective Date” has the meaning given in the recitals to this Agreement.

“Feasibility and Market Study Analysis” means a new study or update to a prior study that is prepared by a third party consultant acceptable to the City prior to each PID Bond issuance that analyzes the pricing and absorption assumptions included in the Assessment Plan for a particular Improvement Area in order to determine that such assumptions are consistent with the proposed assessments that will be levied against the property located within that particular Improvement Area. It is hereby agreed that the Appraisal shall serve as the “Feasibility and Market Study Analysis” for the PID Bonds for Improvement Area #1.

“Finance Director” means the Chief Financial Officer of the City.

“Financial Advisor” means PFM Group.

“Improvement Area” means one or more Parcels that are anticipated to be developed in the same general time period. The Parcels within an Improvement Area will be assessed in connection with the issuance of PID Bonds for the Public Improvements (or the portion thereof) designated in an update to the Assessment Plan that specially benefit the Assessed Property within said Improvement Area, but any Parcels outside of the Improvement Area will not be assessed.

“Improvement Area #1” means the land within the Project more particularly described on Exhibit “F” attached hereto and generally shown on Table II-B of the Assessment Plan.

“Improvement Area #1 Parity Bonds” any special assessment revenue bonds secured by Special Assessments levied on Assessed Property within Improvement Area # 1 other than the initial PID Bonds for Improvement Area #1.

“Indenture” means collectively, the Initial Indenture and any other trust indenture by and between the City and Trustee related to the Property, as it may be amended from time to time.

“Initial Indenture” means that certain Indenture of Trust dated as of June 1, 2013 between the City and Trustee covering the initial PID Bonds for Improvement Area #1, as it may be amended from time to time.

“Initial Owner Contribution” has the meaning given in Section 4.02(e) of this Agreement.

–  –  –

“Interest” shall mean the interest rate charged for the PID Bonds or such other interest rate as may be required by applicable law.

“Issue Date” means the date of the initial delivery of the PID Bonds.

“Landowner Improvement Account” means the separate and unique fund established by the City under such name pursuant to the Indenture wherein the Initial Owner Contribution will be deposited as described in Section 5.02 hereof.

“Landowner Pledged Revenue Account” means the separate and unique fund established by the City under such name pursuant to the Indenture where the portion of the Special Assessment Revenue allocated to the repayment of Actual Costs not reimbursed with PID Bond proceeds shall be deposited as set forth in Section 2.05 hereof.

“Maximum Annual Assessment” means for the first year assessments are levied for any particular Parcel within the Project, an amount that does not exceed 125% of such Parcel’s anticipated buildout value (as determined by the Feasibility and Market Study Analysis) times the City’s tax rate in the fiscal year the assessment is determined. For each year after the first year assessments are levied for any particular Parcel, the Maximum Annual Assessment for that particular Parcel cannot increase by more than two percent (2%) annually.

“Non-Benefitted Property” means Parcels within the boundaries of the District that accrue no special benefit from Public Improvements, as determined by the City Council, including Parcels owned by an Owner’s Association or a public entity. A Parcel is not assessed if the Parcel is identified as Non-Benefited Property at the time the Special Assessments (i) are levied or (ii) are reallocated pursuant to an amendment to the Service and Assessment Plan.

“Notice” means any notice, writing, or other communication given under this Agreement.

“Owner” has the meaning given in the recitals to this Agreement.

“Owner’s Association” means a homeowner’s association or property owner’s association.

“Parcel” means a property identified by either a tax map identification number assigned by the Travis County Appraisal District for real property tax purpose, by metes and bounds description, by lot and block number in a final subdivision plat recorded in the Official Public Records of Travis County, or by any other means determined by the City.

“Party” means the Owner or the City, as parties to this Agreement, and “Parties” means collectively, the Owner and the City.

“Payment Request” means the document to be provided by the Owner to substantiate the Actual Cost of one or more Segments.

–  –  –

“PID Bond Issuance Request” means written request made by Owner to the City Manager and City’s Chief Financial Officer in good faith as evidenced by the Owner’s expenditure of necessary amounts for market studies, financial analysis, legal counsel, and other professional services and due diligence necessary to support the request.

“PID Bond Ordinance” means and refers to the ordinance or ordinances of the City Council that will authorize and approve the issuance and sale of the PID Bonds and provide for their security and payment, either under the terms of the Bond Ordinance or a trust indenture related to the PID Bonds.

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