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«2000 – 2003 University of Queensland School of Economics, Brisbane QLD 4072 Australia Diploma in Legal Instruments of International Economic ...»

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University of Nairobi

School of Economics

P.O. Box 30197-00100

Nairobi: Kenya

Phone +254 20 318262/88/70/65 Ext 28122

Fax: +254 20 243046

Mobile: 0721757665

E-mail: tkiriti@mail.uonbi.ac.ke or tkiriti@yahoo.co.uk

PLACE OF BIRTH: Nyeri, Central Province

DATE OF BIRTH: 10th October 1959


 Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (PhD) 2000 – 2003 University of Queensland School of Economics, Brisbane QLD 4072 Australia Diploma in Legal Instruments of International Economic Relations  and Regional Integration September 2010 – December 2010: University of Barcelona Master of Arts in Economics (MA)  1986-1987 University of Nairobi: Nairobi Kenya Bachelor of Education (BED) in Business Studies and Economics Upper  Second Class Honors 1980 – 1984 University of Nairobi P.O Box 30197 Nairobi Kenya East African Advanced Certificate of Education (EAACE) 3  Principles, 1 Subsidiary 1978 – 1979 Kangaru High School Embu Kenya East African Certificate of Education (EACE)  1st Division 1974 – 1977 Kabare Girls High School P.O. Box 69 Kerugoya Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) 30 out of 36 points  1967 – 1973 Gititu Primary School P.O. Box 519 Nyeri Kenya


Associate Professor: University of Nairobi: 13th April 2012 to present Senior Lecturer: University of Nairobi: February 2005 to 12th April 2012 Lecturer: University of Nairobi: 1988 to January 2005 Tutorial Fellow: Kenyatta University: 1987 to 1988 Graduate Assistant: Kenyatta University College: 1984 to 1987 Secondary School Teacher: Lugulu Girls High School: July 1984 to September


International Economics; Household Economics; Poverty Issues; Gender Issues;

Microeconomic Theory; Macroeconomic Theory; Development Economics;

Environmental Economics, Public Finance, Agricultural Economics and Comparative Economic Systems.

Subjects currently teaching: Applied Macroeconomics, 4th years, Poverty and Development, 4th years, Economics of the World Trading Systems, Masters Level, Micro and Macroeconomic Analysis (PhD) and Principals of Macroeconomics, 1st Years. I have been teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates including PhD for most of my academic life.


International Health Policy Program 1997 African Technology Policy Studies 1998 AERC Research Grant 1997 and 2001 DPM Scholarship 2000 Senior Scholars Research Grant by the Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA on the 15th January 2008.

UNTAD Vi Research Grant 2009 WTO 2009 IDRC 2010 WTO Chairs Program 2011 Australian Leadership Awards 2012 UNCRD 2013


Visiting Research Scholar: Cornell Food and Nutrition Policy Program; Cornell University, June/July 98.

Visiting Scholar- Makerere University of Business School - January 2010.


Carried out research and consulted for African Economic Research Consortium, (AERC), and the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA), Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR), Society for International Development (SID) and the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UNDESA), UNCRD, UNCTAD Virtual Institute, Public Sector Reforms and Performance Contracting in Prime Minister‟s Office. Ministry of Regional Development Authorities, World Bank, African Women Studies Centre (AWSC) IDRC.


1. Trained Rwandan Members of Parliament on Skills of Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting at the La Palme Hotel in Musanze on the 15th and 16th March 2014.

2. Lead Researcher in Cost Implications of Gender Gaps in the Agriculture Sector at the African Women‟s Studies Centre at the University of Nairobi.

3. Lead Researcher in Documenting Women‟s Experiences in Food Security in Kajiado County in Kenya under the African Women Studies Centre at the University of Nairobi

4. Lead Researcher in Food Security Baseline Study under the African Women Studies Centre at the University of Nairobi

5. Was a facilitator of a five-day (six-module) course on Gender Analysis for Social Science Researchers that took place from 28th January to 01st February, 2013 at the Laico Lake Victoria Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda.

6. Food Security and Trade Liberalisation in Kenya under the World Trade Organisation Chair‟s Program at the University of Nairobi

7. International Trade Processes and Tax Policy under the World Trade Organisation Chair‟s Program at the University of Nairobi

8. Non Tariff Measures in Kenya: A Case Study Revisit under the World Trade Organisation Chair‟s Program at the University of Nairobi

9. Facilitated a Short Course on Gender and Trade at the Trade Law Centre at the University of Cape Town funded by the University of Adelaide from 18th November 2012 to 21st November 2012.

10. Food Security: Definition and Policy Considerations for the African Women Studies Centre 11th October 2011.

11. Gender and Agriculture in Kenya and the East African Region at Large for the World Bank 6th -27th June 2011.

12. An Inventory and Assessment of Non -Tariff Measures in Kenya for the World Bank, March- July 2010.

13. Citizen-Government Dialoguing: Evaluating Policies for Poverty Reduction for United Nations Economic and Social Affairs, 2005

14. Experiences and Challenges of Performance Contracting in Regional Development Authorities for the Ministry of Regional Development Authority February- March 2011.

15. Regional Integration Agreements: Case Study of Kenya UNCTAD Virtual Institute, 2009.

16. Sector Performance Management Standards for the Public Sector Reforms and Performance Contracting (PSR&PC) in the Prime Minister‟s Office 7th July 2009 to January 2010.

17. Sector Performance Standards Framework for the Public Sector Reforms and Performance Contracting (PSR&PC) in the Prime Minister‟s Office 6th April to 30th June 2009.


1. Kirori, Gabriel (2009), “Social Capital and Livelihoods in Rural Kenya”, PhD Thesis (Graduated in December 2009).

2. Odhiambo, M. Oleche (2009), Health Care Spending and Overall Mortality level in Kenya. PhD Thesis. (Graduated in December 2011).

3. Nyabuto (2013), “Capital Inflows and Economic Growth: The Case of Kenya”, PhD Thesis. (Graduated in December 2013) Kenyatta University.

4. Mugendi, Charles (2010), “Inter-sectoral and Intra-sectoral Spill-over Effects of FDI in SSA: A Case of Kenya‟s Domestic Firms”, PhD Thesis (Graduating in December 2014) Kenyatta University.: Kenyatta University.


1. Wambugu, N. (2009), “The Macroeconomic Effects of External Shocks on Kenya‟s Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis”, PhD Work in Progress stage.

2. Kitonyo, P. (2011), Foreign Direct Investment, Determinants and Economic Growth in Kenya”, PhD work in Progress.

3. Scholastica Achieng Odhiambo (2011), “The Effect of Health Case Spending on Heath Outcomes in Sub- Saharan Africa”, PhD work in Progress.

4. Christopher Hugh Onyango (2012), External Shocks, Income Distribution and Adjustment Policies in Kenya”, PhD work in Progress.

5. Gatauwa James E. (2013), The Relationship between Economic Conditions, Macroeconomic Factors, Economic Policy and Public Expenditure in Kenya”, PhD work in Progress.


1. Peninah Njunge (2013), Gender and Household Savings Behaviour in Kenya, MA Thesis thesis (Graduating December 2013).

2. Denis Ogwel Okungu (2012), “Analysis of the Extent of Capital Flight due to External Debt: A Case for Kenya (1990-2010). MA thesis (Graduated).

3. Dickson S. Sikuku (2012), “The Role of External Aid on Kenya‟s Economic Growth”. MA thesis (Graduated).

4. Mokua Phanice, N. (2012), Determinants of Exports in Kenya: An Empirical Analysis. MA thesis (Graduated).

5. Anthony Muriithi Njeru (2012), “Determinants of Kenya‟s Textile Exports to the USA under the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA)”. MA thesis (Graduated).

6. Angelique Umutesis (2012), “Trade Creation and Diversion in East Africa: The Effect of EAC on Multilateral Trade Flows:, MA thesis (Graduated).

7. Victor Mose (2012), „The East African Community: How Ready is it for a Monetary Union by 2012”. MA thesis (Graduated).

8. Okumu, J. Odhiambo (2011), An Analysis of the Effects of ACP-EU Trade Relation on Kenya‟s Exports between 1960 and 2010, MA thesis. (Graduated).

9. Mbaluku G. Ndunge (2011), The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Capital in Kenya, MA thesis (Graduated).

10. Ayieko, B. O. (2011), Competitiveness of Kenya‟s Manufactured Exports to the East African Community, MA thesis (Graduated).

11. Kipkech, R. J. (2011), “Effectiveness of the Recovery Function of Students Loan Default: A Case Study of Higher Education Loans Board”, MA, Thesis (Graduated).

12. Muguchu, J. W. (2010), Strategies to Poverty Reduction in Mwea Division, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

13. Lwamba, M. A. (2010), Effects of Corruption on Economic Growth in Kenya”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

14. Orindi M. Night (2010), Determinants of Kenya‟s Exports: A Gravity Model Approach. MA Thesis. (Graduated)

15. Kubai J. (2010), Effectiveness of Education Resources on Performance of Distance Education: Case Study of University of Nairobi”, MDE Thesis.


16. Katumo, J. M. (2009), “Status of Poverty in Kenya: The Case of Machakos District”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

17. Barasa, N. L. (2008), “Assessing the Impact of Relocating Hawkers from Nairobi Business District to the New Ngara Market”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

18. Kabubo, Francis Mwangi (2008), “Determinants of Poverty in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Mathare Valley in Nairobi”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

19. Wangalachi, S. (2006), “The Effects of Financial Constraints Faced by Small Scale Women Entrepreneurs and Factors that Impede Expansion of Business: A Case Study of Nairobi”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

20. Njuguna, P. Muthoni (2006), “Gender Inequality in Rural Kenya: Evidence from Muranga District in Central Kenya”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

21. Anyona Francis (2006), “An Assessment of Government Credit in Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Vihiga District”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

22. Okwiri Benson (2006), “The Relationship between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Kenya: 1970-2004”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

23. Njuguna F. Mburu (2005), “Poverty and Inequality in Kenya, 1994-1997: A Stochastic Dominance Approach”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

24. Odhiambo, M. Oleche (2005), “Analysis of the Impact of Health Expenditures on Key Health Indicators in Kenya”, MA Thesis (Graduated)

25. Litha Musyimi Ogana (2004), “Understanding Gender Imbalances in National Budgets: The Case of Sanitary Towels in Kenya”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)

26. Odhiambo J. Ochiewo (2004), “Sustainability of Marine Fisheries in MalindiUngwana Bay in Kenya”, MA Thesis. (Graduated)


1. Kimeu Martin Sikuku (2013), Effects of External Debt on Kenya‟s Economic Growth, MA Proposal Stage.

2. Peterson M. Njenga (2012), Migrating out of Poverty, MA Proposal Stage.

3. Ngubia Mwangi (2011), An Evaluation of the Impact of Economic Partnership Agreements on East African Community Output and Welfare, MA Proposal stage.

4. Chabari Peter Kiano (2013), Determinants of Inbound Tourism to Kenya, MA Research Proposal Stage.


1. Managed to secure a Scholarship for Caroline Jebitok for Masters in International Economic Law at the University of Barcelona, Spain in 2011.

2. Has helped most of the students that I have supervised such as Gabriel Kirori, Salome Wangalachi, Purity Njuguna, Njuguna Mburu, and Martin Oleche, to publish their work in Journals or Book Chapters.

3. Managed to secure a job for Gabriel Kirori at Catholic University of Eastern Africa after graduating with a PhD in Economics

4. Been a referee for more than 40 students from the University of Nairobi and elsewhere seeking placement in Universities locally or abroad and also those seeking employment.

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1. Kiriti, T. (2003), Gender Inequality in Agricultural Households in Kenya: An Economic Analysis, Unpublished PhD Thesis. The University of Queensland, Australia.

2. Kiriti, T. (1986), "Earnings in the Urban Informal Sector: A Case Study of Mechanics in Nairobi " Unpublished Master of Arts Thesis, Department of Economics, University of Nairobi


1. Kabubo, J. and Kiriti, T. (2001), “Macroeconomic Adjustment, Poverty and Economic Growth: An Analysis for Kenya”, African Journal of Economic Policy, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 42-58.

2. Kabubo, J. and Kiriti, T. (2002), Structural Adjustment, Poverty and Economic Growth: An Analysis for Kenya: African Economic Research Consortium, Research Paper 124. Nov. 2002.

3. Kabubo-Mariara, J. and Kiriti-Nganga, T. (2007), “Human Trafficking in Kenya: Is Poverty and Sex Discrimination to Blame? International Journal of Women, Social Justice and Human Rights, Vol. 2, No. 1. pp. 65-84.

4. Kiriti, T. and Tisdell, C. (2004), “Commercial Agriculture, Marital Status and other Influences on Food Availability: A Kenyan Case Study”, Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment, Vol. 2, No. 3&4, pp. 140-147.

5. Kiriti, T. and Tisdell, C. (2004), “Commercialisation of Agriculture in Kenya:

Case Study of Policy Bias and Food Purchases by Farm Households”, Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, Vol. 42, No. 4, pp. 439-457.

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