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«Payments Online Guidance Part of the NHS Business Services Authority Supporting the NHS, supplying the NHS, protecting the NHS Date 01 April 2015 1 ...»

-- [ Page 7 ] --

The page will display the estimated, processed and declared Net Pensionable Earnings for the Provider and each of the performers on the contract.

It is not possible for Health Bodies to update these fields.

If necessary the fields may be refreshed several times, but the final figures must be received by the deadline set by the Secretary of State of 30 June. After the cut off you can see the final declared figures by viewing the Superannuation Reconciliation History pages (section 31.6 refers).

NB. Please note that the SD86C includes the pensionable earnings from all contracts that a performer works on which may even be in a different Health Body area.

Date 01 April 2015 65 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

30.4. Retirement & Opting out of the NHS Pension Scheme All Performers are automatically entered into the NHS Pension Scheme when they are entered onto the performer list and will therefore be superannuable.

Paragraph 2 (2) of Schedule 2 of the NHS Pensions Regulations states that… “a practitioner who wishes to contribute to the scheme he/she must do so in respect of all his/her work as a practitioner” Therefore if a Provider/Performer is in the NHS Pension Scheme they must have Net Pensionable Pay recorded on each contract that they work on with the exception of Trust based contracts where the Dental Service Division is not responsible for making payments to the performers.

If a new performer wishes to they can opt out of the scheme, if they do so within the first 2 years they can also receive all of their contributions back. Any Performer wishing to opt out should notify NHS Dental Services in writing.

When a performer retires they should also notify NHS Dental Services in writing of their intention to retire and the date of retirement.

In both circumstances NHS Dental Services needs to change the performer’s status within the performer details screen in Payments Online to ‘Non Superannuable’, we are unable to do this if there is Net Pensionable Earnings present for the performer in the current month or there are any current superannuable adjustments recorded against the performer. Please therefore ensure that these are ended if you are aware of the performer’s intention to opt out of the scheme or take retirement. If this is not done prior to our notification NHS Dental Services may need to contact you to request that these changes are made.

NHS dental Services also need the performers National Insurance number when a performer retires so it would be useful if you could ensure that this information is available in Payments Online.

Date 01 April 2015 66 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

31. History Pages This part of the guidance is designed to help you to access the Payments Online History Pages within the system, so that you can identify when changes have been made and by whom.

To access this information, display the contract and choose the ‘History’ option from the top navigation menu and then the appropriate option from the drop down menu

–  –  –

31.1. Contract History This area shows any changes that have been made to a contract, from changing of dates to adding and removing performers.

Any changes that have been made to the contract will be highlighted in purple. Details of the user that made the change and confirmed it will also be present.

–  –  –

31.3. Baseline History This area provides details of when changes have been made in Maintain Baselines or when adjustments have been recorded.

The Total Contract Value and Contracted Activity are shown at the top of the page. Current values will be shown in black and deleted values in red. Each change will identify the users who made the change and the date and time when the change was made. All changes made on the same date will be grouped together by a blue or white bar.

The middle of the page shows the Provider’s Baseline Allocation and Net Pensionable Pay, if there is a VDP on the contract their Baseline Allocation and Net Pensionable Pay will be shown next followed by all the performers on the contract.

Date 01 April 2015 68 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0 Current values will be shown in black and deleted values in red. Each change will identify the users who made the change and the date and time when the change was made. All changes made on the same date will be grouped together by a blue or white bar.

NB Where the start and or end dates are part way through the month a fraction will be displayed to show the apportionment of the value. i.e. 25/31 = 25 days out of 31 days.

31.4. Adjustments History All adjustments that have been recorded for additional payments or deductions to the contract will be shown at the bottom of the page along with any system adjustments that have been generated by changes made to the Total Contract Value or provider/performers Baseline Allocation or Net Pensionable Pay.

For each adjustment code details of the date type, status and the user who recorded it are shown.

If you hover over the adjustment code it will provide a full description of its nature.

Adjustments in italics have been cancelled before processing.

All adjustments that relate to the same change to Maintain Baselines will be grouped together by a blue or white bar.

If you click on the Adjustment code it will hyperlink to the adjustment details page for further information.

–  –  –

31.6. Superannuation Reconciliation History On selecting this option you can view the estimated Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) and the Provider Supplied NPE and any contribution adjustments that the change has generated for the provider and all of the performers on the contract.

–  –  –

32.1. Contract Search The contract search now has the facility to search by value, so you can identify contracts by minimum Total Contract Value or No Contract Value at all. You can also search by entering the previous Health Body code if the contract was affected by the boundary changes. Remember to take off the ‘Current’ button if you wish to include closed contract in your search.

–  –  –

32.2. Address Search The search facility for the Address Search has been enhanced to include a ‘Contract Number’ field this will allow you to identify all of the Location Id’s that are or have been associated with a contract.

–  –  –

 Click on the Location ID and this will display the full postal address  Where the address reflects a personal address (type = ‘PE’), then the personal number will be shown. (Format = pppppp.)  Where the address is related to a contract, then the provider’s personal number and contract tag will be shown. (Format = pppppp cccc.)  Where the address is related to a performer then the provider’s personal number and contract tag will be shown, followed by the performer’s personal number. (Format = pppppp cccc (nnnnnn).)

32.3. View Payment Schedules There is a facility to view and/or download PDF versions of the Provider Schedules and Performer Pay Statements for each of your contracts via Payments Online If you wish to view the schedule and /or pay statements for the current month you can use the contract search facility to open the appropriate contract and then select the ‘List – ‘Statement & Schedules’ option form the top navigation menu.

–  –  –

Alternatively you can select the ‘Information – ‘Schedules’ facility from the left hand navigation menu This will provide you with data entry fields in which to enter your requirements and then click on Search. You can search by Contract Number, Performer Personal Number, or Pay Statement or Schedule reference numbers. You can also enter a specified date range if you require more than one.

The search results will list all of the schedules/pay statements that are available for the selected period, you can click on the hyperlink to view and/or download them.

–  –  –

 Displays Update Health Body screen  This screen should be used to enter details of the principal contact for the Health Body in the fields provided  The Additional Information field can be used to list additional contacts and users.

–  –  –

34.1. Which Helpdesk to contact General Helpdesk: Telephone 0300 3301348, e-mail nhsbsa.dentalservices@nhsbsa.nhs.uk Contact this Helpdesk with your enquiries about how to use the Payments Online system, or if you have enquiries about financial matters such as banking arrangements, rates payable for various types of adjustments, retrospective changes to superannuation, and transfer of patient lists.

34.2. What information we need to assist you with your enquiries

When contacting us for assistance please ensure that the following information is to hand:

 Your name and contact details  Provider contract number/tag number  Performer 6-digit ID number if query a relates to a performer, and/or their GDC number  Details of any error message you have received  If you receive an NPS error message:o Details of what you were attempting to do at the time the error occurred o e.g. Contract update, Performer update, o What was the contract ID/performer number, o What data were you adding/changing, o The login ID of the PCT/LHB User o A screen shot of the error page that appeared which can be attached to an email, faxed or posted as a hard copy.

Date 01 April 2015 75 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

35. Annex 1 PDS Plus Contracts

35.1. Creating a PDS Plus Contract Create the contract following the directions in Section 6.3 and select the Contract Type as ‘PDS Plus’ or ‘Trust Plus’. The start date for PDS Plus contracts cannot be prior to 01/01/2010 and an end date must be present.

Save the changes and get the contract authorised by a colleague through queue proceeding.

35.2. Adding Key Performance Indicators Your Administrator will need to give you ‘Work with KPI Rules’ access to be able to carry out this function.

 Select and display the contract  Select Contract, KPI Rules from the Top navigation menu  Select Update – Select the appropriate financial year and the following page will be displayed;

All the fields in blue can be amended

–  –  –

The page has been completed with the National KPIs and the default weightings; these can be amended to reflect your local requirements.

Check the tick box to select a KPI or Uncheck it to remove it.

At the top of the page you must indicate the Total Percentage of the contract value pertaining to performance; this can be amended as required.

Each of the 3 sections below then has a contract weight, which can be amended to your local requirements; the performance weighting of the selected KPIs in each section must amount to 100% The total of the three section’s percentage contract weightings must add up to the total performance percentage of the contract value.

The payment band percentages can also be amended to show your local requirements Remember that if you have local bespoke KPIs the ‘Performance as a % of the Contract’ will need to include any local KPI Contract Weightings Click on Save to confirm the changes.

NB. Only practices will the appropriate software will be able to submit KPI Data.

–  –  –

Select the KPI option from the left hand navigation menu and then select create local KPI You will then be presented with the following page where you can enter details of the KPI and the associated performance bands, payment bands and performance weighting. Once you have entered the details, select Save and the KPI will be created and given a reference number. Creating a local KPI does not go through queue processing and therefore does not need to be authorised by a second user.

Once the local KPI has been created when you then update KPI rules on the contract they will be displayed at the bottom of the page under Bespoke Rules and you can apply the contract weighting for these KPIs. Remember that the ‘Performance as a % of the Contract’ will now need to include any local KPI Contract Weightings

35.3. Maintain Baselines This action cannot be completed until the KPI Rules have been entered.

With a PDS Plus contract the payment entered in Maintain Baselines reflects the Service Payment only; this cannot be less than 51% of the Total Contract Value. The Access and Quality Performance elements of the contract will be paid via adjustment codes. (See section 36.4)

–  –  –

The next area relates to Net Pensionable Pay (NPP) or superannuable earnings, the Statement of Financial Entitlements states that only 43.9% of the Total Contract Value (Service Payment + Access Payment + Quality Performance Payment) can be allocated as NPP.

 If the provider is superannuable. Enter the Annual Net Pensionable Pay with a start and end date if appropriate. NB the superannuation status of the provider is determined by the entry on the performer details screen.

 If you do not know the NPP for a provider and or performer you can enter the gross allocation in the NPP Calculator field and when you click on the Start Date field it will calculate it for you, and pre populate the NPP.

Enter Providers Annual NPP with the actual start date (dd/mm/yyyy) and the end date if appropriate. The system will calculate part monthly payments where the Contract starts or ends part way through the month.

 If the dentist is a single-handed provider/performer, no more details are required. Click Save.

If the dentist is not a single-handed provider/performer, enter Net Pensionable Pay for performers. If there is a VDP associated with the contract amounts will be pre-populated. See Section 18 for adding a VDP to a contract.

–  –  –

NB the superannuation status of the performer is determined by the entry on the performer details screen.

If the Performer is not in the NHS Pension Scheme their gross allocation must be entered in the New Annual Baseline field on the left.

–  –  –

 Click Save.

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