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«Payments Online Guidance Part of the NHS Business Services Authority Supporting the NHS, supplying the NHS, protecting the NHS Date 01 April 2015 1 ...»

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This levy will then be recorded against all GDS performers and deducted from all GDS providers with an open contract.

Date 01 April 2015 53 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0 These cannot be back dated and taken retrospectively; therefore if you have not recorded the levy in time for the first payment then you will need to record 2 separate levies. The first for the current month to cover missing months, i.e. double the percentage if you have missed a month to deduct 2 payments in one month. Then record the normal percentage for the following month onwards.

25.2. Fixed Levy  Choose the levies option from the left hand menu and select the create option.

–  –  –

This levy will then be recorded against GDS performers and deducted from all GDS providers with an open contract.

The levy cannot be back dated and taken retrospectively; therefore if you have not recorded the levy in time for the first payment then you will need to either record 2 separate levies. The first for the current month to cover missing months, i.e. double the monthly amount if you have missed a month to deduct 2 payments in one month. Then record the normal amount for the following month onwards.

Alternatively you can recalculate the monthly amount to cover the shortfall over the remaining months.

25.3. Searching for a Levy  Select Levy/Search from the menu at the left hand side of the screen.

25.4. Options for Amending/Updating a Levy If payment of the levy has yet to start then both update and delete functions will be available.

If payment of the levy has already started then only the update function will be available.

If payment of the levy has finished then no function menu will be available.

Selecting the update function will take you to the levy update page.

Selecting the delete function will present you with a confirmation box. If you confirm this then the levy will be permanently deleted then and there.

Please note that deletions do not go into a queue to be authorised.

If you cancel the confirmation you will be returned to the Levy Details page and the levy will not have been deleted.

–  –  –

If payment of the levy has yet to start, type of levy, monthly amount, contract type, start month and end month will be available for update.

If payment of the levy has already started then only the end month will be available for update.

Click on ‘Save’ and get the adjustment authorised.

Date 01 April 2015 55 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

26. Seniority payments The details of all practitioners who were receiving seniority before 1 April 2006 will have automatically been transferred to the Payments Online system with the ‘Eligible for Seniority’ indicator set to Yes on the Performer Search screen. This means they will automatically continue to receive their seniority pay on a monthly basis (paid one month in arrears), split evenly between all the new contracts they have.

The criteria for eligibility to Seniority Payments are defined in the GDS and PDS Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE).

A change to that entitlement was notified to NHS Dental Services by the Department of Health st which specified that from 1 April 2011 performers would no longer receive payments when reaching 55 years of age.

The Welsh Government has not changed the entitlement and performers will continue to receive payments when reaching 55. However, for all new applicants only their Welsh earnings will be used to calculate the amount due.

You should be aware of the following extract from the Statement of Financial Entitlement (SFE) where it clearly states that the HB is only liable to make the payment if it is claimed within three months of being due (paragraph 11.13). I appreciate that paragraph 11.15 allows the HB the opportunity to waive this rule.

Time limitation for claiming payments

11.13 Subject to paragraphs 11.14 and 11.15, contractors are only eligible for payments under this SFE if the payments are claimed within three months of the date on which they could first have fallen due.

11.15 The LHB may waive the eligibility criteria in paragraph 11.13 and 11.14 in any case where it considers it is reasonable in all the circumstances to do so.

26.1. Performers on Contracts in England If a dentist became eligible for seniority after 1 April 2006 and before 31/03/2011 and has applied to the PCT for payments and you agree to make these payments, you will need to contact nhsbsa.dentalservices@nhsbsa.nhs.uk to request that the system is temporarily amended to allow you to make the performer eligible.

Once the system has been amended you should;

 display the relevant performer details  go to ‘Contract/Update Performer’ and change the ‘Eligible for Seniority’ indicator to ‘Yes’.

 Notify NHS Dental Services when the changes have been implemented.

Their seniority pay will be paid on a monthly basis (paid one month in arrears) and split evenly between all the new contracts they have.

Do not enter a separate adjustment for seniority as this will pay another amount of money on top of the automatically calculated monthly payment.

The performer’s eligibility for seniority will also be displayed on the Contracts page as well as in the performer details screen.

26.2. Performers on Contracts in Wales.

If a dentist became eligible for seniority after 1 April 2006 and has applied to the LHB for payments and you agree to make these payments, you will need to contact nhsbsa.dentalservices@nhsbsa.nhs.uk to request that NHSDS calculate a monthly payment for the identified performer.

Date 01 April 2015 56 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0 NHSDS will then notify you of the amount payable each month in order that you can manually record the adjustment under code P56. The reason that this has to be done manually is that only earnings in Wales can be taken into consideration when calculating the payments.

The payment will be paid one month in arrears, and calculated at 21.72% of the performers’ estimated monthly net pensionable pay entered into Payments Online up to a maximum of £662.

Date 01 April 2015 57 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

27. Notes Facility There is the facility to record notes within the contract details and performer details screens. These entries do not have any function other than a place to record information. To enter notes select the contract or performer details screen.

 Select Update Contract or Update Performer and the notes option will be displayed.

 Click on the Twisty Arrow and the data entry box will appear  Enter the relevant notes and click on Save Adding or amending note entries does not go through queue processing, so it does not need to be authorised by a second user.

Once notes have been entered, each time a contract or performer details are displayed the text box will be open to show the information entered.

–  –  –

 Search for and display the contract  Select the ‘Activity Actuals’ option from the top navigation menu This will display the following page;

–  –  –

Date 01 April 2015 59 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

29. Maintain Address Facility The maintain addresses facility is used to add a number of separate practice addresses/location IDs for one provider contract. You can also use this feature to remove an old location ID, transfer a contract to a new location ID, add a performer copy correspondence address or indicate the practice name. The type of address can be chosen from the following five choices: Principal practice and correspondence address  Principal practice address  Practice address  Correspondence address  Copy Correspondence

29.1. Adding extra addresses/location IDs to a contract.

Display the relevant provider contract.

Select ‘Contract/ Maintain addresses’ facility to add the contract name and various location IDs.

There is no limit to the number of location IDs that can be added to a contract.

–  –  –

29.2. Transferring a contract to a new location ID Use the ‘Address Create’ facility to generate a location ID for the new address.

Select ‘Contract/ Maintain addresses’ and enter the new location ID in the box at the foot of the page.

This will display a new screen that allows you to specify the type of each location ID so that a particular location can receive all the correspondence, copy correspondence, for example, whilst other location IDs can be shown as practice addresses (see list above).

Put a tick in the box marked ‘Remove Address’ against the old practice address.

Once you have added all the location IDs for the new addresses/clinics involved and indicated the type of address, save the changes which do not require to be authorised.

29.3. Adding a copy correspondence address for a performer Firstly you need to create a Location ID for the performer’s home address. (See section 3) Display the relevant provider contract.

–  –  –

Select the appropriate performer Select ‘Update Performer addresses’ Enter the new Location Id in the appropriate field and select ‘Save’ You can then select the address type as ‘Copy Correspondence’ Save the changes.

29.4. Address database The Royal Mail address file used by the Payments Online system is periodically updated however if you become aware that a surgery postcode has changed, you must use the ‘Address Create’ and the ‘Maintain Addresses’ facility to create a new location ID for the changed postcode.

The Maintain address facility can also be used to enter details of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Date 01 April 2015 61 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

30. Superannuation and the NHS Pension The NHS Pension Scheme changed with effect from 01 April 2008 and Provider/Performer contributions rates vary according to their Pensionable Earnings in the financial year 2 years previous.

The tiers for 2013/14 are as follows;

–  –  –

NHS Dental Services will calculate the appropriate tier from the information held in Payments Online.

Current active members of the NHS Pension Scheme will automatically be in the ‘Updated NHS Pension Scheme’ and new performers joining from 01 April 2008 will be in the ‘New NHS Pension Scheme’ The performer details screen will show whether the performer is in the Updated Scheme or the New Scheme and which contribution tier the performer is in. If you hover over the tier it will expand to show the earnings band and superannuation contribution rate.

–  –  –

If a performer is newly added to Payments Online and therefore entered into the ‘New Pension Scheme’ but they have previously been making contributions into the old scheme you can use the Update Performer option to amend the scheme details to show ‘Updated Scheme’. You cannot, however, change performers from the Updated Scheme to the New Scheme.

30.1. Additional Pensionable Earnings The contribution tier is based on pensionable earnings; it may be that your performers have additional pensionable earnings that are currently being paid to them outside of the Payments Online System.

You can record these earnings in order that they are taken into account when calculating the tier each year.

–  –  –

NB. You can only enter Additional Pensionable Earnings if you have the correct User Access rights ‘Work with money’, ‘work with performer’ and ‘work with provider’.

–  –  –

30.2. Additional Pension Payments Performers can purchase additional pension payments and this process will be administered by NHS Dental Services, however Health Bodies can view details of additional pensions via Payments Online.

Additional pensions can be purchased and the costs deducted from the monthly payment or they can be paid for by cheque, BACS, credit/debit card or standing order.

To view the details select the performer details screen and then select the ‘List’ – ‘Addl. Pension’ Option NB. You can only view these details if the performer’s ‘home’ Health body is the one in which you work and you have the appropriate user access rights ‘Work with additional pensions’.

–  –  –

Date 01 April 2015 64 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

30.3. Year End Superannuation Reconciliation At the beginning of each financial year, contract Providers notify their Health Body of the estimated annual pensionable earnings for themselves and their performers based on their anticipated performance. This figure is used to calculate superannuation contributions throughout the year.

At the end of the financial year there is an Annual Reconciliation process where NHSDS ask for the actual pensionable earnings for each provider and performer for the period 01 April to 31 March. Once the figures are received any changes are processed and any additional or refunded contributions are reflected in the next payment schedule and each dentist receives an SD86C Pension Statement for the year.

In previous years a paper Annual Reconciliation Report (ARR) has been sent to the Provider for him/her to complete and return for all dentists in the practice. The performer has had no input into the process, for 2012/13 for the first time the Annual Reconciliation process will be carried out via the new Dental Portal and both Providers and Performers will have to agree the actual pensionable earnings being submitted. This will make the process more transparent and should reduce the number of queries and ensure more accurate earnings are declared.

On receipt of the information the Superannuation Reconciliation pages for each contract in POL is populated with the Provider’s declared figures. This information is available for you to view in POL.

To access this page use the Search Contract facility to call up the appropriate contract.

Click on the ‘Year End’ option from the top navigation bar and select ‘Superannuation Reconciliation’ from the drop down options.

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