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«Payments Online Guidance Part of the NHS Business Services Authority Supporting the NHS, supplying the NHS, protecting the NHS Date 01 April 2015 1 ...»

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The Helpdesk will then create the Provider number for you which will always start with a number 1 (to identify that it is an organisation rather than an individual) and e-mail it to you. Use this 1 series number to create a provider contract and attach all dentists to the contract as performers.

6.2. Contract numbers You will need to set up a new contract number for each of the contracts you negotiate. The new

contract number will be in the format pppppp tttt where:

 p = 6 digit personal number of the provider  t = 4 digit contract tag, an automatically generated sequential number identifying the number of contracts that the provider holds

6.3. Creating the Contract  Select Contract, Create from the side bar  Displays Create Contract

–  –  –

 Enter provider personal number, if the Provider is an individual and will not be paying any Superannuation contribution on his earnings on the contract you can select a reason for exemption from Maternity, Paternity or Long Term Sick.

 Enter the start date (end date is optional). Dates are in the format ddmmyyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.

If an end date is entered then a Reason for Closure must also be indicated. The option in the drop down list are; GDC Exclusion, Leaving area, Ceased Practicing, Leaving NHS, Contract Completed, Retirement, Death or Other.

 Enter the location ID.

 Select the contract type (default GDS) and purpose (default General).

You have the option of GDS, PDS or Trust with a sub option of Normal. Or you can select PDS or Trust with the additional ‘Plus’ option which will also collect KPI data. (Please see Annex 1 section 35 for creating PDS Plus Contracts and/or Adding Key Performance Indicators.

There is also a sub option of Pilot to identify that the contract is a Pilot. (Please see annex 2 for details of how to create Pilot Contracts) Select prison if a prison contract.

 If the provider is a single-handed provider/performer put a tick in the “provider will also be a performer box”. Click Save.

 If the provider is not a single-handed provider/performer, click on the New Performers twisty (the arrow) to enter details of the performers. If the contract provider is also a performer, you will need to put a tick in the “provider will also be a performer box”.

Date 01 April 2015 13 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0  Enter the performer’s personal number, start date, and end date if appropriate.

 If the performer will not be allocated Net Pensionable Pay (NPP) on the contract, select the appropriate exemption reason, for example they are only working as a locum in the practice, or are in receipt of maternity pay.

 If the performer is a VDP, enter the trainer’s personal number. The trainer must also be set up as a performer on the contract.

 When a contract is initially set up users have the opportunity to enter 10 performers. If you have more than 10 performers to add you will need to get the first 10 authorised before you can add any more. Once the contract has been set up you can add up to 10 performers at a time  Click Save.

Before you can enter the Total Contract Value and Contracted Activity or update any other associated details, the contract has to be confirmed by another user from Queue Processing.

Date 01 April 2015 14 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

7. How to Confirm a Contract To access the queues select Queue Processing from the side menu and select the queue you wish to enter, this will display the queue search screen. Enter the criteria you wish to search by or just click search to bring up all the results  Click on the relevant contract number to select the appropriate Contract  Displays Contract Details

–  –  –

 Select Queue Action from the top bar (above the screen name)  Select Confirm Action If you don’t want to confirm or reject the action at this stage, click on the back button to exit the screen.

If you not use the back button the queue entry will be locked for 30 minutes.

Date 01 April 2015 16 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

8. Trust based contracts If you do not wish to pay the contract via Payments Online you can create the contract with a type of ‘Trust’ this will enable the contract to submit activity and for you to receive regular reports on the activity but no payments will be made or patient charges deducted.

Once a contract has been created as a ‘Trust’ it cannot subsequently be changed to GDS or PDS.

Date 01 April 2015 17 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

9. Enter Baseline Allocations & Total Contracted Activity GDS and PDS Contracts Only NB. For PDS Plus contracts please see Annex 1 and for Contract Pilots see Annex 2  Select Contract, Search from the side bar  Enter contract number and tag number and click Search  If searching on any other criteria unselect the Current option  Displays Contract  Select Contract, Maintain Baselines, from the top bar (above the screen name)  Displays Maintain Baseline Allocations  Enter New Total UDA Activity and or New Total UOA Activity. The totals entered here should reflect the actual amount of UDAs and/or UOAs that the contract should achieve in the current Financial Year, and will be used when calculating the contracts progress towards achieving these targets. If the contract is not open for a full year the activity should be proratered accordingly.

 If appropriate you can enter the number of courses of treatment including domiciliary visits or sedations that you expect the contract to carry our within the financial year.

 There is a facility to enter a + or - carry over activity figure from the previous financial year.

Enter a minus if the contract over performed and the carry over figure is to be deducted from the current year, and just enter the carry over figure if the contract underperformed, this figure will be added to the current years activity, there is no need to enter a + before this figure.

 Enter New Total Contract Value (TCV) (This figure should be the full annual amount; the system will divide this figure by 12 to make the monthly payment).

 Enter the actual start date (dd/mm/yyyy) format, the end date optional. The system will calculate part monthly payments where the contract starts or ends part way through the month (See section 9.1).

 You will notice that there are 2 data entry fields this is to allow you to make a further change to the TCV in the future, e.g. if it is a stepped contract or there has a been a short term increase that needs to be reduced again in the future, when using this facility the date ranges must be sequential, the start date for the second TCV must be the day after the end date for the first TCV. A zero value can be entered if you wish to record a break in payment.

–  –  –

The next area relates to Net Pensionable Pay (NPP) or superannuable earnings, the Statement of Financial Entitlements states that only 43.9% of the total contract value can be allocated as NPP.

Paragraph 2 (2) of Schedule 2 of the NHS Pensions Regulations states that… “a practitioner who wishes to contribute to the scheme he/she must do so in respect of all his/her work as a practitioner” Therefore if a Provider/Performer is in the NHS Pension Scheme they must have Net Pensionable Pay recorded on each contract that they work on with the exception of Trust based contracts where the Dental Service Division is not responsible for making payments to the performers.

 If the provider is superannuable. Enter the Annual Net Pensionable Pay with a start and end date if appropriate. NB the superannuation status of the provider is determined by the entry on the performer details screen.

 If the dentist is a single-handed provider/performer, no more details are required. Click Save.

Enter Providers Annual NPP with the actual start date (dd/mm/yyyy) and the end date if appropriate. The system will calculate part monthly payments where the Contract starts or ends part way through the month.

–  –  –

If you wish to proceed, click OK otherwise select cancel and amend the entries.

If the dentist is not a single-handed provider/performer, you will need to enter Net Pensionable Pay for the superannuable performers and Gross Earnings for the non superannuable performers. If there is a VDP associated with the contract amounts will be pre-populated. See Section 18 for adding a VDP to a contract.

Superannuable Performers If the performer is superannuable a Net Pensionable amount must be entered, unless a reason for exemption has been selected from the drop down list in the contract page. See section 6.3 Reasons for exemption from NPP are listed below;

NB the superannuation status of the performer is determined by the entry on the performer details screen.

–  –  –

On clicking save the system will validate the entries and ensure that they meet the following criteria;

1. The dates for the financial information entered are consistent with the dates for the contract and the individual performers.

2. The total of the Gross Earnings for both superannuable and non superannuable performers does not exceed the Total Contract Value

3. The total of all the Net Pensionable Pay + 43.9% of any gross earnings entered does not exceed 43.9% of the Total Contract Value.

If all these criteria are met then the system will display Contract Details with the message “Updates Accepted”  Ask a colleague to authorise the changes.

 Any changes to the Total Contract Value or the UDA and/or UOA totals will be reflected in the Unit of Activity Value on the Contract home page.

9.1. Part month calculations If the Contract or Provider /Performer start or end dates are part way through the month, you should enter the Annual Total Contract Value and/or Provider/Performer Annual NPP or Gross earnings with the actual start date (dd/mm/yyyy) and end date of applicable. The Payments Online System will automatically apportion the amounts based on the number of calendar days in the month.

–  –  –

If amounts are entered against the provider rather than against the dentist as a performer, they will not get an individual pay statement or superannuation statement.

If the data has been entered for retrospective periods, payment adjustments will be generated and paid in the next available schedule.

11. Amending baseline figures and superannuable amounts

11.1. Amending baseline figures and/or superannuable amounts in the current financial year.

Changes can be made to the TCV, Net Pensionable Pay (NPP) or Gross Earnings as detailed below.

 Display the contract to be amended and select ‘Contract/Maintain Baselines’ from the menu at the top of the page.

 Enter the amended TCV and/or NPP or Gross Earnings as required, together with the start date from which you want the new amounts to take effect. Remember that if the start and or end dates are a part way through the month the system will calculate the part monthly payments.

 If there are figures showing in the left-hand column against ‘New Annual Baseline’, you must amend these figures as well.

 If the amendments relate to a retrospective period, the changes entered will override any later dated entries. You may therefore have to re-enter data relating to the later periods again.

 If the start date is in the past, the appropriate adjustment to the monies paid so far will be made on the next available pay schedule.

11.2. Amending baseline figures and/or superannuable amounts for the previous financial year If the Health Body has received late notification of a performer starting or leaving in the previous financial year you can use Maintain Baselines to make the entries, however the following rules will apply.

 Changes to the Total Contract Value will result in an adjustment being generated to pay or deduct the variance in money.

 Changes to Provider or Performer Net Pensionable Earnings will generate the appropriate adjustments for superannuation for the current Financial Year only.

 No superannuation adjustments will be created for the previous financial year, any changes to the NPP should be reflected the previous years Year End Reconciliation Page.

11.3. How to interpret the baseline and superannuation figures When you display contracts that have baseline and NPP figures added and authorised, the annual total contract value and start date (plus the end date if entered) are displayed in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

The total monthly baseline allocation shows this annual contract value divided into 12 monthly instalments.

If the TCV cannot be divided into 12 equal monthly amounts, a one-off payment will be made for the first month, followed by 11 equal payments for the remaining months. The current figures will appear as two lines of black text.

Date 01 April 2015 22 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0 When displaying the contract without making an adjustment, the Total Monthly Net Pensionable Pay shows the provider’s monthly share of the contract value on which superannuation will be based.

If the share of the contract value cannot be divided into 12 equal monthly amounts, it will be split into a one-off amount for the first month, followed by 11 equal amounts for the remaining months. The current figures will appear as two lines of black text.

Against each of the performers listed, the total annual Net Pensionable Pay amount shows their share of the annual TCV.

When carrying out amendments to the financial information using the ‘Contract/Maintain Baselines’ facility, the screen will display monthly values for ‘Total Monthly Allocation’ and ‘Total Monthly Net Pensionable Pay’, together with the annual values shown in brackets.

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