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«Payments Online Guidance Part of the NHS Business Services Authority Supporting the NHS, supplying the NHS, protecting the NHS Date 01 April 2015 1 ...»

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Payments Online


Part of the NHS Business Services Authority

Supporting the NHS, supplying the NHS, protecting the NHS

Date 01 April 2015 1 Payments Online Guidance

Issue: 9 Amendment 0

1. Table of contents

1. Table of contents

2. Introduction

2.1. Getting started

2.2. The stages involved

3. Check / Create Location ID

4. Check / Create Performer

4.1. Performer Status

5. GDC Register

6. Create Contract

6.1. Practice-based contracts/individual provider contracts

6.2. Contract numbers

6.3. Creating the Contract

7. How to Confirm a Contract

8. Trust based contracts

9. Enter Baseline Allocations & Total Contracted Activity GDS and PDS Contracts Only Superannuable Performers Non Superannuable Performers

9.1. Part month calculations

10. How information entered affects pay schedule information

11. Amending baseline figures and superannuable amounts

11.1. Amending baseline figures and/or superannuable amounts in the current financial year.

11.2. Amending baseline figures and/or superannuable amounts for the previous financial year

11.3. How to interpret the baseline and superannuation figures

12. Amending Contracted Activity for the previous financial year

13. Trust Based Contracts - Recording Contract Activity

14. Record an adjustment

14.1. Selecting the appropriate adjustment code

14.2. Recording the adjustment

14.3. Backdating of adjustments

14.4. Checking for adjustments 14.4.1. Current adjustments 14.4.2. All adjustments for a contract/performer

14.5. Updating an adjustment

14.6. Correcting an adjustment

15. Recording a Repayment Plan

16. Making an Advance Payment

17. Queue Processing

17.1. Queue processing - Contracts

17.2. Queue processing - Performer

17.3. Queue processing - Provider

17.4. Queue processing – Payments

17.5. Queue processing – Adjustments

17.6. Queue processing – Rejecting an entry Date 01 April 2015 2 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

18. Vocational Dental Practitioners (VDPs) also known as Foundation dentists

18.1. Check / Create VDP as a performer

18.2. Indicating VDP status

18.3. Adding a VDP to a Contract

18.4. VDP working part-time at different practices

18.5. VDP payments – ENGLAND and WALES

18.6. The end of the VDP year 18.6.1. Ending the VDP Contract

18.7. Adding the dentist as a Performer after VDP qualification

19. Adding a performer to an existing contract

20. Closing a contract

20.1. Closing a contract

21. 24 hour retirement

21.1. Single-handed Provider/Performer retiring

21.2. Performer only retiring

21.3. Provider retiring with other Performers attached to the contract

21.4. New contract number

21.5. Patient Charges

21.6. Contracted Activity

22. Contract is becoming a Partnership, Ltd Company or Dental Body Corporate

22.1. Contracted Activity

23. Contract transferring from PDS to GDS

23.1. Action by PCT in Payments Online

24. Closing a performer record

24.1. Performer details screen

–  –  –

26. Seniority payments

26.1. Performers on Contracts in England

26.2. Performers on Contracts in Wales.

27. Notes Facility

28. Activity Actuals

29. Maintain Address Facility

29.1. Adding extra addresses/location IDs to a contract.

29.2. Transferring a contract to a new location ID

29.3. Adding a copy correspondence address for a performer

29.4. Address database

30. Superannuation and the NHS Pension

30.1. Additional Pensionable Earnings

30.2. Additional Pension Payments

30.3. Year End Superannuation Reconciliation

30.4. Retirement & Opting out of the NHS Pension Scheme

–  –  –

32. Enhanced Search Facilities

32.1. Contract Search

32.2. Address Search

32.3. View Payment Schedules

33. Health Body Details

34. Contacting NHS Dental Services

34.1. Which Helpdesk to contact

34.2. What information we need to assist you with your enquiries

35. Annex 1 PDS Plus Contracts

35.1. Creating a PDS Plus Contract

35.2. Adding Key Performance Indicators 35.2.1. Adding Local KPIs

35.3. Maintain Baselines

35.4. Recording Access and Quality Performance Payments

35.5. Minimum Income Guarantee

36. Annex 2 Dental Contract Pilots

36.1. Maintain Baselines

36.2. Additional Payments

36.3. Additional Payments Date 01 April 2015 4 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

2. Introduction This guidance will take you through the various stages involved in entering contractual and financial information into the Payments Online system.

When you first log in to the Payments Online system the ‘Home screen is displayed This screen will be used to make user/system announcements so please check for these before proceeding. The page will also show the number of contracts awaiting queue processing and the next processing date for your PCT(s) or LHB(s).

–  –  –

At the bottom of the page is a list of ‘Alerts’, these are contracts or performers that may need some action taken. The types of alerts are;

 Contracts with no current Total Contract Value (TCV)  Contracts with superannuable practitioners with no NPE/Contributions  Contracts Due to close in the next 3 months The contract numbers are hyperlinks and will take you directly to the contract concerned. Where performers are identified that have no Net Pensionable Earnings (NPE) the user can use the radio buttons to assign themselves the task of investigating, thus informing any other users that log into POL that they are dealing with the case. They can also be marked as completed or remove the performer from the list as required. If a listed performer is removed they will not show up in the list again.

2.1. Getting started Before you enter contract and financial details into the system you should make sure you have all the necessary information to hand. This will prevent you from having to look up the various pieces of information you need to enter into the system.

To successfully enter the contract and financial data you will need the following pieces of information:

 The dentist’s name Date 01 April 2015 5 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0  The dentist’s date of birth  The full postal address of the surgery relevant to the contract you’ll be setting up  The personal numbers for the providers and performers for that contract  The GDC numbers of all the providers and performers  The total contract value  The total superannuable allocation for the contract  The total number of units of dental activity for the contract  The vocational training numbers for the providers and performers.

2.2. The stages involved To be able to enter all the elements of each contract into the system there will be several stages you

will have to work through. The stages are:

 Check / create location ID  Check / create performer  Create contract  Confirm contract  Enter baseline allocations

3. Check / Create Location ID You need to create a Location ID for the practice address which will be used when creating the contract. You can also create a Location ID for a performer’s home address if they wish copies of their pay statements to be sent to this address.

 Select Address, Create from the side bar to display Retrieve Address  Enter postcode and click Retrieve  Displays Create Address with the addresses for that postcode listed in numerical and then alphabetical order

–  –  –

Date 01 April 2015 7 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0

4. Check / Create Performer If a dentist has a current contract, their details will already be on the system as a performer/provider.

This means you can set up a contract for them as a provider (for which they may also be a performer) or attach them to another contract as a performer.

If you want to check whether a dentist is on the system and whether they have been set up as a

performer/provider or performer:

 Select Performer, Search from the side bar  Enter search details and click Search  If the search finds more than one match, displays Performer List. Select personal number required to Display Performer details

–  –  –

If a dentist is not on the system, you will need to create them.

 Select Performer, Create from the side bar  Displays Retrieve GDC Details screen  Enter the dentist’s GDC number and click Retrieve to display Create Performer screen (If you get a message saying the GDC number is not available for use please contact NHS Dental Services.)

–  –  –

 Select Performer or Performer/Provider. A dentist must be a Performer/Provider to hold a contract.

 Add date of birth  Add location ID for the principle practice that the performer will be working at or their home address.

 Select VDP if the dentist is a vocational dental practitioner. This ensures that when the VDP is attached to a contract, the system checks that a vocational trainer is set up.

 Add the contact telephone number for the performer  Click Save  Before you can enter other associated details, the performer has to be confirmed by another user.

4.1. Performer Status The setting of a Performer’s Status is automated within the POL System. No manual updates will be allowed.

The range of status are as follows;

 New Performer – Newly created performer not yet added to a GDS or PDS contract  Current GDS/PDS – Performer currently working on a GDS and/or PDS Contract Date 01 April 2015 9 Payments Online Guidance Issue: 9 Amendment 0  Retired – Performer has taken retirement and is no longer active on any contracts. “Retired” performers can be added to a later contract provided there is gap of at least 24 hours, the status will then automatically change to “Current GDS/PDS”  Deceased - Performer has died  Ceased Practicing GDS/PDS – Performer is no longer active on any GDS or PDS Contracts.

This will not prevent the performer being added to a contract, when this happens the status will automatically change to “Current GDS/PDS”.

On creation of a new performer, the status will be set to “New Performer”, unless a Date of Retirement is entered when it will be set to “Retired” from day after Date of Retirement, or a Date of Death is entered when it will be set to “Deceased” from day after Date of Death.

If a performer has only worked on a trust contract their Practitioner Status will not be updated to “Current GDS/PDS” or “Ceased Practicing” GDS/PDS but will remain as New Performer.

If the practitioner’s status is “Ceased Practicing GDS/PDS” or “Retired”, the Performer Update page will allow NHS Dental Services and/or the Performer’s home Health Body users to optionally apply one

of the following:

 Removed – NHS Erasure  Removed – GDC Erasure  Removed – National Disqualification  Suspended – from GDC Register  Suspended – from Performer List If one of these is selected, the user will also have to enter the date on which the removal or suspension took effect. When one of these situations no longer applies, the user will be able to remove it and enter the date the dentist was re-instated. While the additional status is present, it is not possible to add the performer to a contract.

The performers status history will be removed from the Performer Details page, only the current status will be displayed on this page. All status history can be viewed via Performer History page.

NB. Performer Status does not represent a performer on 'The Performer List’ as POL has no concept of 'The Performer List'.

5. GDC Register The Payments Online system is updated monthly from the GDC register and contains a function to search this database. If you do not have the GDC number for a performer you can use this facility to retrieve it.

 Select the GDC Register Search option  This will display the GDC Search page

–  –  –

6.1. Practice-based contracts/individual provider contracts

There are two options available for setting up dental contracts:

Individual provider contracts If you have negotiated with the practice for each dentist to have their own contract, create separate provider/performer contracts using their 6-digit personal numbers.

Each provider should have their allocated total contract value, total contracted activity and Net Pensionable Pay (NPP) as appropriate. This would be the same for a single handed practice.

Practice-based contracts Check to see if a Provider number already exists for the company/ Body Corporate or partnership, if it doesn’t contact the NHS Dental Services to set up a provider name and 6-digit personal number.

To request a Provider number please e-mail nhsbsa.dentalservices@nhsbsa.nhs.uk with the following information;

Company or Partnership name, the date on which it will start and the location id of the practice together with the following information;

Provider’s Legal Status – ‘Limited Liability Partnership’ (LLP), ‘Limited Company’ (LC) and ‘Other’.

If the company type is an LLP or LC then the company’s name and number (plus the parent company if appropriate), should also be provided.

If the company type is ‘Other’ then a full description of the company must be provided (max 25 rows of 80 characters.

All company types require at least one dentist to be present on their board: the personal numbers of up to 5 of these ‘responsible dentists’ will be needed to be recorded.

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