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VOLUME 4 • ISSUE 1 (MARCH 2015) Miha Lesjak is a lecturer at University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica in Slovenia. He holds Bachelors of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in tourism. His principal research interests are within the fields of destination management, international mobility, event management, the sustainable development of sport tourism and sport events.

Recently his work has been focused on the field of the impacts for local communities of major sporting events and the sustainability of the events industry. He is an active member of EuroCHRIE organization and currently acts as the area consultant for C&E Europe. Before starting an academic career he was project leader of several Lifelong learning projects, head of the international office and the organiser of many international events and and conferences. His commitment to the internationalisation of the student experience was how to first came to meet his co-authors.

Peter Wiltshier is a senior lecturer and programme leader for Tourism Management at the University of Derby Buxton ensuring that the public and private sectors work together to develop resources and skills for communities to take charge of their own destinies. It is the pursuit of bottom-up planning and policy development that is sought and is to be enabled through his work and teaching. Peter is currently researching small business and lifestyles in the Peak District. He is also working with the Diocese of Derby to identify how tourism can benefit churches and through local government offices evaluating the impact of tourism on host communities. He actively supports the county, the district and parishes within Derbyshire and the Peak District in their endeavours to create a better environment for all through purposeful leisure and recreation.     ÁGNES RAFFAY, MIHA LESJAK, PETER WILTSHIER, & ALAN CLARKE 33


Alan Clarke works at the University of Pannonia, developing the teaching programmes in English and furthering tourism research within the University. He was an invited expert contributor to the European Sciences Foundation workshop in Oxford to develop multidisciplinary perspectives on mobilities and the changing environment to mitigate tourism negative contributions to climate change. He has written widely on sustainability and governance, bringing these interests together to search for new ways of working that can empower and enable local communities. These themes underpinned his work in the UK, especially in Peak District where he was the inaugural chair of the first sustainable tourism partnership and continue to be important as recognised in his recent book, edited with Allan Jepson, Exploring Community Festivals published in 2014 by Routledge.

Ágnes Raffay is the Head of Tourism at the University of Pannonia and has played a central role in the Faculty’s project on climate change. Her work has focussed on destination management and she has worked closely with the Destination Management Organisations in Hungary. This has led to significant debates about sustainability and recently has focussed on stakeholders’ reactions to and involvement in meeting the challenges of climate change. Her work has been presented to the national meetings of the DMOs, international conferences and workshops. Alongside her academic role at the University, she currently also serves as the Deputy leader of the Veszprém Tourism Partnership and is actively involved with the development of local initiatives. Her PhD was awarded by the University of Derby and she maintains close links with her alma mater, a relationship which also underpins this collaboration.



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