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«Bully News Produced by Doreen Sutherland September 2016 Welcome to the September edition of the Bully News. I would like to thank Gordon for his ...»

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Midland Centre

Bully News

Produced by

Doreen Sutherland

September 2016

Welcome to the September edition of the Bully News. I would like to thank Gordon for his continuing help

in publishing this issue.

If anyone has any articles that they wish to be published in the next issue please email them to me

doreensutherland@sky.com or pass them on to me on the rally field and I will gladly add them for you.

There will be a cash prize for the best article in each bully and one for the best of the year which will be awarded at the A.G.M. in October.

We have a winner!!

The winner for ‘best article’ in the June Issue of the Bully was Jason Rosamond for his report on the inter centre rally at Darley Dale. It was chosen by the previous winner Ian Sutherland and awarded at the Canwell Rally. The £10 prize was donated by Jason to the Canwell Rally Donations which went to the Juniors Charity for guide dogs.

Centre Website Over the past couple of years the centre website has had a full makeover to try and it make it easier to read and navigate (and easier for me to maintain!). I hope that you find the site more user friendly and useful in providing the information you require about our rallies etc.

This time last year we gave stewards the option to receive bookings via the website using an online booking form. This has in general been very well received and used and will continue. There have been a few teething problems but I have fixed these as soon as I have been made aware of them. The one remaining problem is that of stewards responding to the online bookings that they receive, which is outside of my control. Can I therefore politely remind all Rally Stewards that an acknowledgement of the booking by you would be appreciated?

Over the past year a few Stewards have sent me details of what is happening on their rally as things do change from the when the forms are submitted at the stewards meet. It is very easy to update the website, so please do send any updates about your rally, especially if you put “TBA” at the stewards meet.

Helen and I have also been trying to include details of local attractions and events that co-inside with the rallies on the calendar. However we would appreciate it if members and stewards could let us know if they are aware of any other events, attractions or activities that could be included.

Thank you for your support of the Centre Website.

Gordon Halfpenny Green Vineyards 15th to 17th July We had arranged to meet my parents at this rally as the venue is roughly half way between where they live and where we live so it’s ideal for a weekend catch up. It felt very continental arriving in glorious sunshine to be pitched among the vines like on some of the sites we have visited in France and was something new that we have not experienced on a Midland Centre rally. Mum and Dad were all organised by the time we arrived – the advantage of being retired.

As we didn’t arrive until tea time, and were waiting for our friends Richard and Sharron to arrive to join us too, we didn’t make it to opening teas and coffees. However, we had a lovely evening catching up with my parents and our friends.

The next day, after a quick visit to the supermarket for BBQ supplies, we had a wander over to the shop and deli for coffee and some wine. A bottle of “Penny Red” was duly purchased to accompany the BBQ later in the evening.

In the afternoon Beth and Kelly (helped? By Mike and Aky) had organised afternoon teas. What an amazing spread of cakes, scones etc. They had even organised gluten free cakes for Sharron. After a lovely afternoon we toddled back to the caravan and Gordon and I decided to go for a short walk before tea to work off some of the cake. While we were out we saw several car loads of club members heading back from the Centre Golf Competition. Apparently we have some members who’d rather mess about with sticks than have afternoon tea! Don’t really understand it myself!

Then it was BBQ time. Lovely fun filled evening with friends and family. Lots of food and plenty of wine, including the bottle of “Penny Red” which was apparently good enough that more would need to be purchased the following day.

Sadly, Sunday Morning arrived all too soon. Fortunately, there was enough time before Flag for a quick trip to the shop to stock up on some “Penny Red” and to get some “Black Country Gold” to try on another occasion.

Many thanks to the Stewards for a great, relaxing weekend at a lovely venue. Looking forward to going back next year.

–  –  –

22nd -24th July Friday We have wanted to attend this venue for the past few years but due to cancellations and other engagements we had not managed to do so until today.

In the midst of a heat wave we arrived at the venue in sunny Burntwood just after midday. It was the end of our two weeks summer holiday and after being at a near 1000 van steam rally with the Leicestershire centre a fortnight before it was slightly easier getting to our pitch on this 10 van rally.

Graham showed us to our pitch and we were sited next to John Nicholls. Once set up Doreen decided to do lunch and we sat out in the hot sunshine with cheese and biscuits. We were joined by John and had a pleasant afternoon relaxing in the heat as the rest of the vans arrived.

Graham, Stevo, John and Hilary Shuttleworth were the stewards and they put on tea coffee and biscuits on Friday night and we sat out chatting for a few hours as the pleasant weather continued before returning to our vans.

Saturday We made the relatively short journey back to our house to drop off our unwanted holiday equipment to make way for the equipment we would have to get in the car at the end of this rally as we were co stewarding next weeks event at Canwell. When we returned to the site the field was again drowned in sunshine and after taking the dogs for a walk we returned for the afternoon social.

John Shuttleworth is apparently a very good fisherman and along with the co stewards prepared an excellent late afternoon meal. He expertly cooked several Trout. Hilary presented a lovely salad to go with it along with cheese, biscuits and nibbles. We were well fed and had another pleasant gathering.

Rather ironically the only one who missed out on this mini feast was John himself who does not like fish!!

I am not a big lover of fish but tried the trout and must say it was delicious.

Graham and Stevo not to be outdone arranged for an impromptu episode of ‘The Bill’ to be played out between the entrance and the stable yard as several police cars turned up after a slight family altercation took place at the owners farm, nothing too drastic but it kept us intrigued.

After a few hours we returned to our vans and relaxed in the peaceful surroundings.

Sunday As our holiday neared its end the sunshine was out in full glare again and after breakfast we attended flag which was taken by Doreen.

The stewards received thanks for a lovely rally and although the numbers were small it was a really enjoyable end to our two week tour of middle England; Loughborough, Chesterfield and Uttoxeter being our other stopover points.

Once flag had finished I loaded the car and van full of rally equipment and we hitched up in mid afternoon sunshine before returning home.

Our thanks for a very enjoyable rally go to John and Hilary and Graham and Stevo.

–  –  –

Cookoos Corner Nursery 5th - 7th August So near and yet so far. It depends where you live, of course, but this new site is near the very heart of the Midland Centre area, and yet, is set in as rural an area as you would wish to find. When you have caravanned with the centre for "quite a few years" it is refreshing to arrive on a weekend rally, which as far as I know, we have not frequented before.

A real old fashioned weekend. The weather was perfect, which always helps. The aroma of the barbecues, children running around in complete safety and meeting up with old friends. Hens popping around the vans and stewards welcoming everyone, obviously enjoying every minute, all made a very enjoyable weekend.

Jim Kath, Albert and Josie held flag on Friday and invited us to a get together for nibbles, punch and bingo on Saturday afternoon, which although I did not attend I know was enjoyed by all who did. The sun shone until well into the evening, and groups gathered to enjoy the rare chance to sit out until late.

Personal thanks to the Stewards for including me in their group, and making up for the fact I missed the punch in the afternoon !!!

Sunday morning and sunshine again for flag. Even the weekend competition was "old fashioned" the kind which needed brain power, rather than Google power, probably why I did not excel, but it was interesting and did take lot of thought!

With the stipulation being upheld about vans being a safe distance apart small venues might dwindle. I hope this one is used again.

Joan Herbert

–  –  –

We would like to say a big thank you to Graham and Jane Downs and Mick and June Hale for such a good holiday rally at Lytton Lawns this September. I know the good weather always plays a big part in making it so enjoyable, but they were dedicated to making sure there was a good programme of events. We particularly enjoyed the meal out, which was of a high standard and in such a lovely restaurant. We had many trips out to new places in the area which we haven't seen before, including Lymington and Bournemouth.

Well done to you all.

We would also like to thank Andy and Jane Reynolds for "dog sitting"' so we could have a day trip to Guernsey.

Dave and Lesley Palmer Centre Equipment The Centre has a mains powered portable music system suitable for playing music off any device with a mini jack connection I.e. laptop, iPod or mobile.

We also have a selection of sports equipment including a variety of balls, light weight football goals and cones, volleyball nets.

If you wish to use any Centre equipment above, listed in the rally book or would like more information, please contact a member of committee.

–  –  –

A message from the Stewards Thank you to everyone to attended our rally at Catton Hall. I'm sure you will all agree the fireworks were fantastic and although the stewards and helpers got soaked through to their underwear putting the event shelters up, the weather remained kind to us for the fireworks event itself, right up until the very last few minutes!!

Just to make everyone aware, we have £35.50 left over after covering the cost of the hot dogs, buns and hot chocolate etc. and we have donated this to the Junior Committee's Charity which is Guide Dogs for the Blind.

On a personal note, a special thank you to Steve & Gill Preston for helping my dad out in his hour of need by providing the power for his overnight breathing machine when his battery ran low - a slight miscommunication in that he thought we had bought a generator with us and we thought he'd bought his

- oooops!! Steve & Gill saved the day - Thank you! It's fantastic to know that even though we don't all know each other well, we will still help each other out when the chips are down! That's the Midland Centre spirit!!

Thank you all once again!

–  –  –

Congratulations go to Brian & Jenny McGivney on the birth of their new grandson and also to Paul and Julie Doolan who were blessed with a new granddaughter recently.

–  –  –

We regret to advise that the Caravan Club credit card scheme will close at the end of July. Regulatory changes in the credit card market mean it is no longer viable for credit card companies to sustain such schemes. Club members who hold a Caravan Club credit card have received personal notification of the closure, We are sorry it has been necessary to take this step after many successful years and we thank all of those who have supported the scheme.

–  –  –

As the two cats approach there 2nd birthday with us, all has settled down........not!

We noticed the smaller one of them, Maisie, wasn,t quite herself. Her nose was whiter and she was drinking more. So 2 days before we went on holiday we took her to the vet, after some blood tests and an overnight stay they said she had acute kidney failure!

She was referred to a specialist vets for ct scan and ended up on antibiotics for 6 weeks...the outcome was most likely poisoning from something she ate....possibly over the fields.

With all the blood tests, and scans she ended up with a fetching poodle style of shaved neck, leg and midriff.....very cool.

She has increased her hunting capacity to 3 voles a night...kindly deposited in the utility room in a neat pile...a cat with ocd! If not she swaggers into the living room...trying to meow through a mouthful of vole....here it is!! And promptly dumps them under the table.

Thank goodness for insurance with a vets bill near £2000.......and only 15 years of fun to go!!

–  –  –

Above is a collection of logo’s, they are in alphabetical order from left to right, top to bottom. How many do you know?

Fire Bucket’s, Generators & Flying Flags The Committee would like to remind all members who fly flags and other objects that they must be lowered during hours of darkness on the rally field, Generator’s can only be used for 2 hours between 10 A.M. & 6 P.M. (Silenced & Smokeless units only please).

Also they have asked that Fire Buckets must be placed by the A frames while on Midland Centre Rallies as it is now mandatory.

Here is a guide to assist with spacing:

A recommended minimum distance of 12 metres is to be left between spaces, this may be reduced to 9 metres where no awnings are being used (i.e. winter rallies). A distance of 18 metres must be left between each row. There must be at least 6 metres clearance between caravans and at least 3 metres clearance between awnings / tents or any other part of the outfit and any part of the adjoining outfit.

There must also be at least 3 metres clearance from any buildings.

Tote Winners.

–  –  –

If anyone wants to have there own regular numbers please contact Mick Hale.

We have following numbers available.

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