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«WEISSMAN SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES GENERAL FACULTY REPORT (Spring 2016) New Positions and Projects The search for the next dean of the Weissman ...»

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New Positions and Projects

The search for the next dean of the Weissman School continued through the winter months with

five candidates visiting the campus, interviewing with a variety of groups, and appearing in

public forums. We are pleased to report that the distinguished biologist Dr. Aldemaro Romero,

former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, will assume leadership of the school as of the first of July. Dr. Romero is the author of more than twenty books and monographs, as well as hundreds of articles on environmental biology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, the philosophy of science, and science communication.

Of the three faculty searches being conducted this year in the departments of Communication Studies, English, and Journalism and the Writing Professions, one has now been successfully concluded, and the other two remain in process with every indication of success. In all three cases, the departments are looking for candidates who can contribute to the college’s strategic goals of developing programs with a global scope and increasing our online and hybrid offerings.

A group of Weissman faculty completed revisions to the minor in Global Studies, and the resulting changes were approved by the WSAS Curriculum Committee and by the Weissman faculty. The minor is the flagship program of the Weissman School’s Global Studies Initiative, which was begun by Dean Jeffrey Peck and advanced under Interim Dean Alison Griffiths.

As part of Baruch’s strategic effort to promote a global approach to learning and increase our students’ global competencies, the Weissman School also invited faculty to submit proposals for three Global Learning Communities, each of which will be designed and supervised by a pair of Weissman faculty members. The three communities that will be offered to incoming freshmen in the fall will be taught by Mary McGlynn of the Department of English and Katherine Pence of the Deaprtment of History, Debra Caplan of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts and Matthew Eatough of the Department of English, and Elizabeth Heath of the Department of History and Rick Rodriguez of the Department of English.

Competitions and Conferences The team representing the Weissman School’s MS in Financial Engineering program took first place in the annual Rotman Trading Competition, winning three of the six events outright and ending the tournament ahead of the second-place team by a point spread greater than that separating the second- and seventh-place teams. Baruch’s final score set a new record against the strongest field ever to participate in the competition, including teams from NYU, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and Princeton. Our MFE program is currently ranked number two in the nation.

The second installment of the Weissman Teaching Award competition is underway. Building on a tradition that began under the sponsorship of the Whiting Foundation for the Humanities, each spring a committee of senior faculty and administrators invites junior faculty members to compete for a full academic year of released time. The objective is to retain excellent teachers by giving them time to complete the research that they need to be awarded tenure and promotion.

The Department of Mathematics organized a three-day Volatility Workshop taught by Presidential Professor Jim Gatheral and Professor Andrew Lesniewski from June 16-June 18,

2015. This cutting edge workshop was geared toward industry professionals; more than 70% of the participants were practitioners from proprietary trading firms, asset management firms, investment banks, and consulting companies, and had come to New York from countries as varied as Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Korea, Mexico, and United Arab Emirates.

Report of the Division of Graduate Studies

Enrollment The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences welcomes 57 new graduate students this spring semester, representing a +78.1% increase in new graduate students from last spring’s entering class. Total WSAS spring 2016 enrollment is 304 students or total graduate FTE of 209.29 (+20.5%), representing a +25.6% increase in WSAS graduate head count from spring 2015.

Spring 2016 applications to graduate study at WSAS increased +62% from spring 2015 applications. Even after omitting the students admitted to the new MA in Arts Administration program (which had not yet begun admissions in Spring 2015), WSAS applications for the remaining two spring-admitting programs increased +32% from spring 2015. The MA in Corporate Communication experienced a +11% application increase from last year and enrolled +300% of its spring enrollment target of new students. The MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program experienced a +27% increase in applications from spring 2015 and met 147% of its new student enrollment target. The MA in Arts Administration program enrolled 20 new students, or 400% of the program’s spring enrollment target.

As indicated above, total graduate enrollment at WSAS for spring 2016 experienced significant growth. The MA in Corporate Communication program enrollment increased by +18.9% from spring 2015. The MS in I/O Psychology program enrollment increased +11.7%. The MS in Financial Engineering enrollment decreased by -24.6%, due largely to a higher completion rate and increased applications for February graduation. WSAS met 219% of its incoming graduate student enrollment target and 106% of its total spring 2016 target. 56.6% of Weissman graduate students are either enrolled full-time or pursuing course work of nine or more credits.

Women make up 65.1% of the graduate student body. Of the 230 students reporting ethnicity data, 54.3% identify as White, 13% Black, 13.5% Hispanic, 10.9% Asian, 2.2% Other, and 6.1% chose not to respond. International students represent 22.4% of the WSAS graduate student population. Ethnicity data for new, incoming graduate students is 34% White, 14% Black, 18% Hispanic, 10% Asian, 2% Other (22% chose not to respond). WSAS’s first-time graduate student population is comprised of 67% women and 33% men. International students represent 12.3% of the WSAS spring 2016 entering class.

Program Admissions Summary Report – Spring 2016

MA Arts Administration

-Accept rate = 95.8 %

-Yield rate = 87%

-Average undergraduate GPA of applicants = 3.27

-Average GRE of applicants: NA

-Average undergraduate GPA of enrolled students = 3.30 Over sixteen different colleges and universities are represented in the spring 2016 applicant pool including Baruch, Columbia University, Brandeis University, U. de Brasilia, Curtis Institute of Music, School of Visual Arts, Parsons – The New School of Design, New York University, U. of Oklahoma, Shenandoah University, Sofia University, and Ivan Franko National University.

MA Corporate Communication

-Accept rate = 94.7%

-Yield rate = 83%

-Average undergraduate GPA of applicants = 3.05

-Average GRE of applicants: V=148; Q=144; A=3.3 (n=8)

-Average undergraduate GPA of enrolled students = 3.06

-Average GRE of entering students: V=149; Q=144, A=3.4 (n=5) Sixteen different colleges and universities are represented in the spring 2016 applicant pool including Adelphi University, Baruch, Dickinson College, Howard University, Malmo University, New York University, SUNY Stony Brook, and the University of Kentucky.

MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology

-Accept rate = 54.5% (58%)

-Yield rate = 73.3% (76%)

-Average undergraduate GPA of applicants = 3.43 (3.28)

-Average GRE of applicants: V=151; Q=149; A=3.9 (n=54)

-Average undergraduate GPA of accepted students = 3.59

-Average undergraduate GPA of enrolled students = 3.6

-Average GRE of admitted students: V=153; Q=151; A=4.1 (n=30) Twenty-nine different colleges and universities are represented in the spring 2016 applicant pool, including CCNY, Queens College, Hunter College, Florida State University, Georgetown U, Howard University, Rutgers, SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Stony Brook, Towson State Univ, University of Alabama and University of Montana Graduate Career Services Weissman Graduate Career Services takes pride in providing individualized career services and resources for our students and alumni. We meet with students and alumni on a one-to-one basis throughout their careers to research opportunities, explore areas of interest, identify skills, hone presentations, and build strong professional networks. We examine the big-picture and carefully study the career search process with the aim to sustain or reignite all students’ career development. We’ve had a particularly busy and successful year.

We employ Symplicity to post jobs and internships for students and alumni, and to track

interactions and outcomes. To date we have:

Registered Employers 890 Registered Employer Contacts 927 Registered Students & Alumni 1775 Current Active Job Postings 65 Internships WSAS Career Services assists current graduate students with obtaining internships. To identify internships we utilize Symplicity, alumni, various job search engines, and have on-going relationships with companies including the New York City MTA (14-paid interns since 2013), Retensa (interviewed 15 students and hired 3 for their competitive internship program), City-Pro Group, Inc., among others. Sarah Dunn, Program Supervisor for Applied Behavioral Interventions, and Alexandra Pinckney, Human Resources – Applied Behavioral Interventions of City-Pro Group, Inc., were invited to visit the current MA in Mental Health Counseling (MHC) Cohort on Sept 29, 2015. Ms. Dunn and Ms. Pinckney presented on the organization which provides services to 3-26 year olds with autism and their families. MHC students were invited to apply for practicums (part of their degree requirement), which several students did on the spot.

After the class visit, Ms. Dunn accepted six graduate students into paid practicums to provide direct support to clients under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA).

In addition to many program-specific panel discussions and professional development opportunities, this semester we organized and hosted three career and internship fairs for the I/O Psychology and Mental Health Counseling programs, which we will continue this spring. We will also continue our very successful Lunch with the Dean or Meet the Dean events, where a group of between 5-10 graduate students across programs had an opportunity to have an informal discussion with the Dean about school, concerns, interests and goals.

The M.S. Financial Engineering program continues to secure outstanding outcomes for current students. This information is publicized on their web site at http://mfe.baruch.cuny.edu/employment-stats/ A recent survey of 2015 WSAS graduates and recent placements are posted for the M.A.

Corporate Communication, M.S. Industrial/Organizational Psychology and M.A. Mental Health Counseling programs at http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/wsas/graduatecareers/Where_are_they_now.htm Workshops/events coming up Professional Free Photographs for LinkedIn Profile – Feb 26 Site Visit to Peppercomm - April Sharon Danzger, I/O Productivity Consultant Workshop, coproduced with the I/O Club – April LinkedIn Workshop from an Employers Perspective (Late Spring) Corp Communication Networking Social (Late Spring) Weissman as a Center of Cultural Life This spring’s Sidney Harman Writer-in-Residence is the distinguished Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh. Mr. Ghosh will read from his work on Tuesday, March 22nd in the Asriel and Marie Rackow Conference Room of the Library Building.

The Baruch Performing Arts Center offered thirty-seven rich and diverse cultural programs this fall, including dance, music, theatre and film. Through the CUNY Dance Initative, BPAC hosted three New York City choreographers—Eva Dean, Jennifer Weber and the DecaDance Theatre, and Brendan Drake—in the creation of new work. In addition, Baruch audiences saw the work of Dawson Dance from San Francisco; the 10th Annual Reverb Dance Festival, showcasing the work of 20 young choreographers and their ensembles; and two South Asian dance recitals.

Musical performances spanned genres from the French Baroque of the 1730s by Repast Baroque Ensemble; the week-long residency of the Alexander String Quartet, playing Shostakovich and Beethoven; and the Aaron Silberman Concert Series, featuring the sixteen-year-old virtuoso Anastasia Rizikov in a program of Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Albeniz. The Milt Hinton Jazz series presented the Billy Strayhorn Orchestra in a concert honoring the great pianist/composer’s centennial, and pop songstress EQ premiered her latest album. Baruch Students played a facultycurated program that filled Engelman Hall, and the Baruch Chorus offered its annual concert for the holidays.

Theatre productions included Teatro Circulo’s award-winning production La Caida de Trujillo, about the life of the famous dictator of the Dominican Republic; the Sanskrit masterpiece Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection was featured as this fall’s Joel Segall Great Works reading; and Fine and Performing Arts students performed a memorable Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams.

BPAC and the Wasserman Jewish Studies Center co-presented two documentaries: Watchers of the Sky, telling the remarkable story of Raphael Lemkin, the man who created the term “genocide”; and The Return, about four young Jewish women living in contemporary Poland. In addition BPAC hosted a talk by video artist Jenny Perlin, whose work was the focus of a New Media Space exhibition this fall, and the annual Berkin Freeman Forum featured a panel of experts discussing the balance of the nation’s security and personal freedom.

In December, the Mishkin Gallery’s Andy Warhol exhibition opened at the Tan Guobin Contemporary Art Museum in Changsha, China. Sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Museum, this exhibition featured Baruch’s Warhol photographs and silk screen prints. The photographs were awarded to the College through the Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program in 2008, and the prints were awarded in 2013 by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

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