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«116th Biggenden Show Saturday & Sunday 16th & 17th May 2015 Inquiries: Secretary – Mrs Allison Chellingworth Email: bgdnshow P O Box ...»

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Forms at the back of the schedule:

 Camping & horse stall application – Page 34  Stockman’s Challenge entry form - Page 39  Horse Health Declaration Form – Page 35  Waiver, Release and Acknowledgement Form – Page 36

–  –  –

Special Classes on completion of Rings One and Two:

Champion Led-In Gelding of the Show. Perpetual Trophy donated by Grand Hotel.

from Registered classes 3,6,9,12,15,18, 25,28,31,34,37,40 Supreme Champion Led-In-Exhibit of the Show – All Breeds (Registered Stallions, Colts, Mares, Fillies only) Ribbons for the WPCS classes are supplied by the WPCS of Australia.

–  –  –

All classes subject to change on day.

The order in which events will be run will be decided by the Judge on the day.



HORSES – JUMPS – SUNDAY 17 MAY, 2015 To commence at 8.00 am sharp.

All Competitors must pay at the gate.

90. Commercial Hotel Open Postcode Jump AM7 Maximum 70cm, NON-EFA Horses only – Perpetual Trophy Entry $3.00 Prizemoney: 1st $30.00 plus replica; 2nd $20.00; 3rd $10.00

91. Open Training Round for any Horse or Rider NOT to have won any class 30cm to maximum of 1m. Entry $3.00. Prizemoney: 1st $12.00, 2nd $8.00, 3rd $5.00

92. Junior Jump – Under 17 Years Entry $3.00 Prizemoney: 1st $12.00; 2nd $8.00; 3rd $5.00

93. Ag Traders Top Score for Juniors Entry $6.00 Prizemoney: 1st $25.00 (with perpetual shield);

2nd $15.00; 3rd $10.00; 4th $5.00

94. D Grade AM5 Entry $6.00 Prizemoney 1st $60.00; 2nd $30.00; 3rd $20.00; 4th $10.00

95. C & D Grade AM6 Entry $7.00 Prizemoney 1st $75.00; 2nd $40.00; 3rd $25.00; 4th $10.00

96. Power & Speed Entry $6.00 Prizemoney 1st $50.00; 2nd $30.00; 3rd $20.00; 4th $10.00 All Jumps except Junior are conducted under EFA Rules.

Money Donor: National Australia Bank CAMPING AND HORSE STALL APPLICATION form is in back of schedule

–  –  –


1. Exhibits must be penned no later than 8.30 am on the day of the Show.

2. Any birds dyed or otherwise interfered with will be disqualified.

3. All eggs laid during the Show will be disposed of as the Society sees fit.

4. Exhibitors may state on the Entry Form the price at which they will sell their exhibit.

5. All applications to purchase must be to the Stewards.

6. The committee has the right to refuse entries without explanation.

7. The name of breeds in A.O.V. classes to be shown on the entry form.

8. Should any dispute arise for which no specific rule is laid down the matter in dispute will be referred to the Committee, whose decision will be final.

9. The Judge shall have the power to withhold the prize if in his opinion the exhibit is not worthy of it.

–  –  –

When Entering – Show as Section 2 and the appropriate class, i.e. Sect 2, Class 2 – 1 Rhode Island Red Hen Trophy Donors: Biggenden Show Society; A & M Brennan; N & P Streeter; M Aitken: T & L Taylor Money Donor: Donated by Edith Ryan in memory of Martin Ridley

–  –  –


1. Stewards and Judge reserve the right to disqualify an exhibit, if, in their opinion it is not up to standard and if any entry is disqualified from a particular class the Stewards may at their discretion and with the owner’s consent transfer the entry to the appropriate class.

2. All cattle will be judged on maturity of age, conformation and evenness of pen, quality and finish.

3. All cattle must be dehorned or polled.

4. The opinion of the Judge is final.

5. Only Stewards and the Judge shall be allowed in the judging ring whilst cattle are being judged.

6. All female cattle must be either spayed or empty.

7. Exhibits may compete in one class only.

8. All exhibits are to be yarded no later than 5.00 pm, Friday 15th May, 2015.

9. All exhibits in weight classes will be weighed between 6.00 - 7.00pm on Friday 15th May, 2015.

10. In classes having teeth restrictions the animals will be mouthed on the day of arrival.

11. Entries close with the Chief Steward, Ashley Trigger, PO Box 125 Biggenden 4621 on Wednesday 13th May, 2015.

12. All bullocks, including pens will be eligible to compete for Champion Bullock.

13. All Champions will be eligible to compete for Grand Champion Beast of the Show.

14. All Exhibits entered must be offered for sale, if not sold an $11.00 (Incl GST) commission on classes 1-4, and a $22.00 commission on classes 5-14 must be paid to Biggenden & Dist A & P Society Inc.

15. All exhibitors will pay 5% commission on consigned cattle, to Biggenden & Dist A&P Society Inc.

16. The “Grand Champion Beast of the Show” must be sold. Biggenden Meatworks has the option to buy this beast.

17. Export cattle being sold will be consigned through the Biggenden Show Society and processed where the best price and grid can be obtained.

18. Biggenden Meatworks have agreed to process all domestic trade cattle on a weight and grade basis

19. Teeth restrictions in classes refer to permanent teeth.

20. Trophies, ribbons and prize money will be presented on completion of the Judging at the Saleyards complex.

21. A Client Information Sheet must be completed and signed by the exhibitor before the Biggenden Show Society will accept entries.

–  –  –

Classes 5 – 14 Pasture Fed Only

5. Heifer showing 0 – 2 Teeth only Trophy donated by Jeff Seeney M.P.

6. Steer showing Milk Teeth only Trophy donated by J & L Zelinski

7. Steer showing 1 -2 Teeth only Trophy donated by GC & HE Proctor

8. Steer showing 3 – 4 Teeth only Trophy donated by DM & MM Proctor

9. Steer showing 5 – 6 Teeth only Trophy donated by RI & ER Aberdein

10. Steer showing 7 – 8 Teeth only Trophy donated by Mrs E White’s Family

11. Pen of 3 Bullocks showing no more than 6 permanent Teeth -Trophy donated by G & A Kelly

12. Pen of 5 Bullocks – 2 Teeth and over - Trophy donated by WA & BA Holzberger

13. Heifer showing no more than 6 Permanent Teeth – Trophy donated by Maitland Bros

14. Cow – 7 Teeth and over – Trophy donated by A & A Trigger Grazing

15. Young Judges. ( Under 15yrs) 1st $25.00, 2nd $15.00, 3rd $10.00. No Entry Fee.

16. Young Judges. (15-25yrs) 1st $25.00, 2nd $15.00, 3rd $10.00. No Entry Fee.

CHAMPION YEARLING & RESERVE CHAMPION YEARLING (From Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4) Trophy donated by Hopewell Grazing.


(From Classes 6,7,8,9 & 10) Trophy donated by G B & J A Summers.

CHAMPION PEN OF BULLOCKS (From Classes 11 & 12) Trophy donated by Highstone Partnership.

CHAMPION FEMALE & RESERVE CHAMPION FEMALE (From Classes 5, 13 & 14) Trophy donated by Trevor & Les Rockemer & Families.

GRAND CHAMPION BEAST OF THE SHOW (From Classes 1 – 14) Trophy donated by Peter & Michelle Andersen Money Donors: GB & TM Campbell; H Dowling & Sons; Maitland Bros

–  –  –


1. The age of cattle to be as 1 April, 2015. Date of birth to be shown on entry form.

2. Judging to commence at 9.00 am Sharp, Sunday 17 May 2015.

3. All cattle to be registered in the Herd Book or Calf Register of the Respective Breed Society.

4. Each exhibitor is to state on the Entry Form, the number of classes intended to compete in and full particulars of each animal entered. Viz: Name in Full; Date of Birth; Colour; Sire and Dam;

also Breeder’s Name and Address.

5. All bovine over four (4) months must have appropriate nose grips and all bulls over 12 months must have a nose ring.

6. All exhibitors or representatives MUST be in charge of their stock at all times.

7. A sash will be given for 1st and 2nd prize animals in each class.

8. All prize winners to parade in the Grand Parade.

9. Exhibitors please note – Biggenden Show Grounds Brucellosis Stature – Accredited Free.

10. Cattle from clean country please enter early, so necessary arrangements may be made.

11. Entry Form to be obtained from the Steward.

–  –  –


Page Sponsor Page 22



14. Led Heavyweight Steer or Heifer (Showing no permanent teeth - will be mouthed) (Sponsored by Truelik Liquid Stockfeed Distributors Bill & Tina Wilson)

15. Led Lightweight Steer or Heifer (Showing no permanent teeth - will be mouthed) (Sponsored by Truelik Liquid Stockfeed Distributors Bill & Tina Wilson)

16. Bred, Fed & Led steer or heifer. (For competitors not having won in other classes) (Prize Money: 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00 Sponsored by Shane and Sonia Johnson)


Young Judges and Young Parader Competitions to be held on Sunday in the Stud Cattle area.

Special Regulations for Classes 17 – 20:

To be judged under QCAS rules (available in full from www.queenslandshows.com.au):

 Competitors under 15 can compete at the local level and Sub-Chamber Finals but are ineligible to compete at State Finals.

 Open to persons 15 years and under 25 years of age at 1st May.

 Competitors under 18 years must have approval of parent or guardian to attend and it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to make arrangements on behalf of the competitor.

 All competitors to be a resident in Queensland for at least three months prior to the competition or be attending a college in Queensland.

 Eligibility: National winners & persons on breed society senior judging panels are not eligible.

 A competitor may compete in any show and be awarded the sub-chamber final where they first won.

 A competitor can represent only one show society in any Sub-Chamber Final and only one sub-chamber in the State Finals.


 2015 Sub-Chamber Regional Judging will be held at Gin Gin on Sunday 31st May 2015.

Free Nomination. Prize Money: 1st $25.00; 2nd $15.00; 3rd $10.00 Competitors are asked to report to the Chief Steward on completion of Stud Cattle Judging.

All placegetters are to complete a Sub Chamber Young Judges / Paraders Entry form before departure.


17. Junior Parader (under 15 years) Aaron Aberdein Memorial (Donated by the Aberdein Family in memory of Aaron Aberdein)

18. Junior Parader (15 years to 25 years)

19. Young Judge (under 15 years) (Donated by Graham Henningsen & Coral Sengstock)

20. Young Judge (15years to 25 years) Trophy Donors: Col Barnard, Mark & Trudi Ruge, Alan & Sue Fowler, Rod & Margaret Wilson, Muan Brahman Stud, Athol & Margaret Trigger, Bill & Tina Wilson, Ivan & Linda Fowler, Suncorp.

Money Donor: Biggenden Quarry

–  –  –

Notice to Competitors:

 Forward nominations to Secretary, QAA, PO Box 160, Woodford Q 4514 by Monday, 27 April 2015  Blocks supplied only for those who nominate by this date

–  –  –

Points Trophy: Donated by the Staib Family Money Donor: Jeff Seeney MP DOGS – SECTION 6 – SUNDAY 17 MAY, 2015 Affiliated with the Show conducted under the rules of the Canine Control Council (Qld), a copy of such rules may be perused with the Club Secretary or the Canine Control Council.

Show Status: Championship Location: Biggenden Showgrounds, 13 Walsh Street, Biggenden Judging Starts at 9.00 am Inquiries: Mrs Janet Wall, Biggenden Ph: 07 4127 1765: 0435 223 164 Entries: As per ad in Canine Control Council’s Dog World

–  –  –


1. All exhibits must be produced by the Exhibitor, in own gardens or farms

2. A separate exhibit in each class.

3. Exhibitors may make two or more entries in one class.

4. Where weights and measures are stipulated they are to be taken as approximate.

5. Roots will be judged in accordance with their excellence in the following points, i.e.; perfection of forms, fitness of neck or taproot, as well as firmness and smoothness of skin, solidity, weight and size. Such roots as an experienced Judge would select as the truest and perfect for producing seed for table use, rather than the specimens of the greatest size, are preferred.

6. Exhibits will be cut to be judged.

–  –  –

CHAMPION VEGETABLE EXHIBIT - $10.00 donated by Jeff Seeney MP CHAMPION FRUIT EXHIBIT - $10.00 donated by Jeff Seeney MP PERPETUAL TROPHY IN MEMORY OF STEVE & MAY MURTON – Most points in Section 7 (classes 1-28) and Section 8B (classes 23-49) Money Donor: RG & PM Campbell Class 13: One Bunch Radishes - $10.00 donated by Edith Ryan in memory of Eric Ridley

–  –  –

FLORAL WORK - INFORMAL – SECTION 8 – Division D INFORMAL - Foliage and accessories permitted in each class – dyed and painted are accessories

–  –  –

CHAMPION INFORMAL ARRANGEMENT - $20.00 donated by Mrs Marion Powell Novice – Floral Work

70. Bowl of Mixed Flowers

71. Flower Jug CHAMPION NOVICE - $10.00 donated by Jeff Seeney MP Children & Students Exhibit must be Child’s Own Work Prize Money: 1st $3.00; 2nd $2.00

72. Floral Saucer set in Sand – small, kept to shallow shape of saucer (Under 9 Years)

73. Floral Tray – accessories permitted (girls or boys 9 Years & Under 12 Years)

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