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«Nebraska Truck Information Guide Carrier Enforcement 2009-2010 Pro Bono Publico “for the good of the public” Dear Motor Carriers and Agricultural ...»

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Nebraska Truck

Information Guide

Carrier Enforcement


Pro Bono Publico

“for the good of the public”

Dear Motor Carriers and Agricultural Operators,

Welcome to the newly revised and expanded version of the Nebraska

Truck Information Guide. This guide summarizes many of the state laws

(weights and measures, permits, registrations, etc.) and Federal Motor

Carrier Safety Regulations (CDL requirements, hours of service

limitations, vehicle maintenance and inspections, etc.) that regulate the operation of commercial and agricultural vehicles within the state of Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Patrol continually strives to reduce the number of commercial motor vehicle related accidents and fatalities. There is no commodity more valuable than your life, and the lives of your family, friends, and fellow citizens. Please utilize this guide book and the educational and technical assistance it provides to its fullest potential.

Join us in making Nebraska the safest place to travel by obeying all traffic laws, practicing safe driving techniques and keeping your vehicle in optimal operating condition.

Sincerely, Bryan Tuma, Colonel Superintendent of Law Enforcement and Public Safety Nebraska State Patrol


In order to make your travels into and through our state safer and less complicated, the Nebraska State Patrol, Carrier Enforcement Division is pleased to provide this information guide which summarizes many of the rules and regulations concerning the operation of any freight carrying vehicle, truck, truck-tractor or trailer and passenger carrying bus.

This booklet is a guide to help you travel legally in Nebraska. However, it does not contain every rule; if you need more detailed information please contact the agencies shown on page 1.

Disclaimer This manual is intended for information only.

It is not a thorough listing of all applicable state statutes and is not intended to be a substitute for applicable state statutes.

Welcome to Nebraska (402)471-4545 Carrier Enforcement (402)471-0105 Fax (402)471-3295 www.nsp.state.ne.us


Contact Information

Nebraska State Patrol

State and Federal Agencies and Telephone Numbers

Nebraska Commercial Driver’s License

Who must have a CDL?

Restricted CDLs

CDL Endorsements

CDL Restrictions

Testing and Renewal

CDL Disqualifications

Size and Weight


Bridge Chart

Measuring Groups of Axles


Overdimensional-Overweight Permits

Custom Harvest Information

Registration and Licensing

International Registration Plan (IRP)

Nebraska Vehicle Registration

Operating Authority

Uniform Carrier Registration

Fuel and Fuel Permit Requirements

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Untaxed/Dyed Fuel

Prorate and Fuel Permit Stations

List of Permit Station Locations

Nebraska Permit Station Map

General Nebraska Regulations

Regulations for Specific Groups

Rules and Regulations for Nebraska Farmers

Requirements: When Required

Other Activities That May Be Subject to Federal Safety Regulations.......... 32 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Interstate/Intrastate Carriers

Markings on Commercial Motor Vehicles

Regulations Parts

Hazardous Materials Safety Regulations

Hazardous Materials Regulations Parts

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Hazardous Materials Requirements

Hazardous Materials Safety Permit

Weigh in Motion and Prepass Systems

Glossary of Terms


Hazardous Materials


Nebraska State Patrol Offices


PO Box 94907 Carrier Enforcement 1600 Highway 2 3920 W. Kearney St.

Lincoln, NE 68509 Lincoln, NE 68524 (402) 471-4545 (402) 471-0105 Fax (402)471-3295

–  –  –

Is the vehicle designed to carry 16 or more passengers including the driver?______________________________ ● YES NO Is the vehicle required to display a hazardous materials placard? ______________________________________● YES NO

–  –  –

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) means the value specified by the manufacturer as the maximum loaded weight of a single motor vehicle. The gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of a vehicle shall be the GVWR of the power unit plus the GVWR of the towed unit or units. In the absence of a value specified for the towed unit or units by the manufacturer, the GVWR of a combination or articulated vehicle shall be the GVWR of the power unit plus the total weight of the towed unit or units and the loads on such towed unit or units.


1. Farm-plated trucks, except for farm-plated tractor trailers, within 150 miles of the registered owner’s farm or ranch. (If crossing state lines, check with neighboring states.)

2. Recreational vehicles, per NE statute 60-347.

3. Emergency vehicles operated by a public or volunteer fire department.

4. Military vehicles driven by active-duty military personnel.

5. Vehicles driven by members of the military reserves, other than military technicians.

6. Vehicles driven by active-duty Coast Guard personnel.

7. Vehicles driven by members of the National Guard on active-duty including:

a) Personnel on full-time National Guard duty;

b) Personnel on part-time National Guard training; and

c) National Guard Military Technicians required to wear military uniforms.

–  –  –


The Restricted Commercial Driver’s License (RCDL), when accompanied by a Seasonal Permit (SEP), allows Nebraska residents 18 years of age or older to drive Class “B” or “C” Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) for purposes of farm-related or ranch-related service industries within 150 miles of the employer’s place of business or the farm or ranch currently being served.

RCDL holders may only transport hazardous materials requiring placards when transporting:

1. Diesel fuel in quantities of 1,000 gallons or less or;

2. Liquid fertilizers in vehicles or implements of husbandry with total capacities of 3,000 gallons or less or;

3. Solid fertilizers not transported or mixed with any organic substance.

–  –  –


Prior to the issuance of a Nebraska CDL with the hazardous materials endorsement, individuals will be required as per the USA PATRIOT Act to have a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security threat assessment completed. The security threat assessment procedures require individuals to complete a hazardous materials application and be fingerprinted—a fee will be charged. This process will be handled by a TSA third party agent—not the Nebraska DMV.

To complete the hazardous materials endorsement application go to www.hazprints.com For question regarding the application contact the TSA toll free at 1-877-429-7746.

Fingerprint locations can be found on the Nebraska DMV website:


–  –  –


Significant driver’s license security initiatives have been implemented at the Department of Motor Vehicle offices statewide which affect how licenses are issued.

Individuals applying for an original (first time) CDL will be required to pass the knowledge and skills tests. Individuals renewing their Nebraska CDL will not be required to take the knowledge tests, except for the hazardous materials portion, if the renewal is for the same class of commercial motor vehicle. The knowledge and skills tests, except for the hazardous material test, may be waived if the applicant surrenders to Nebraska a valid CDL from another state and is applying for the same class of license. Skills tests are given on an appointment only basis.

A knowledge test is required for:

 the class of vehicle  each endorsement  removing the air brake restriction  pre-trip vehicle inspection

For further information contact:

Department of Motor Vehicles at (402)471-3861 or http://www.dmv.ne.gov CDL manual available at http://www.dmv.ne.gov/examining/pdf/cdlmanual.pdf Other licensing manuals available at http://www.dmv.ne.gov/examining/index.html  Pupil Transportation - manual for school bus drivers to study in preparation for the School Bus Driver’s permit test  Driver’s License  Motorcycle


Disqualification is the loss of your CDL that will occur if you lose any driving privilege in this or any other state through suspension, revocation, cancellation, administrative determination or upon conviction of certain offenses. Refer to following sections.

–  –  –


When applicable, if any of the below offenses occur while the CDL holder is operating a non-CMV and the court conviction results in the license being revoked, cancelled, suspended or impounded by the court, it will be considered a serious offense and count towards disqualification.

Operating ANY CMV

–  –  –

Any violation of any law or ordinance related to motor Driving a CMV without the proper class or vehicle traffic control arising in connection with an endorsement for the specific vehicle being operated.

accident or collision resulting in a fatality.

–  –  –

The following vehicles are always required to stop at railroad grade crossings:

 Buses transporting passengers for-hire and ANY school bus  Exceptions include: a peace officer or flag-person directing traffic to proceed,  Or an abandoned or exempt crossing when it is clearly marked.

 Vehicles required to display hazardous materials placards  Exceptions include: a peace officer or flag-person directing traffic to proceed,  Or an abandoned or exempt crossing when it is clearly marked.

 Heavy Equipment including: crawler-type tractor, steam shovel, derrick, roller, or any equipment or structure having a normal operating speed 10 mph or less or a vertical body or load clearance of less than 1/2” per foot of the distance between any 2 adjacent axles or in any event of less than 9”, measured above the level surface of a roadway.

 Exception: if a flag-person is provided by the railroad, movement over the crossing shall be under his or her direction.



Maximum allowable weights:

Any Single Axle - 20,000 Lbs.

Any Tandem Axle - 34,000 Lbs.

Maximum Weight on State Highways - 95,000 Lbs.

(refer to bridge chart) Maximum Weight on Interstate - 80,000 Lbs.

95,000 Lbs. with Conditional Interstate Use Permit (refer to bridge chart) A Tandem Axle is defined as any two consecutive axles whose centers are more than 40” and not more than 96” apart, measured to the nearest inch between any two adjacent axles in the series.

The maximum gross load on any group of two axles, the distance between the extremes of which is more than 8’ but less than 8’6”, shall be 38,000 pounds.

The distance between axles shall be measured to the nearest foot. When a fraction is exactly one-half foot, the next larger whole number shall be used, except that any group of 3 axles shall be restricted to a maximum load of 34,000 pounds unless the distance between the extremes of the first and third axle is at least 96” in fact.

In all cases gross weights are subject to all wheel and axle load restrictions indicated in the table on the following page, except if you have two consecutive sets of tandem axles that measure a minimum of 36’, 37’, or 38’, you may carry 34,000 pounds each on such consecutive sets of tandem axles.

Sliding Fifth-Wheel: It shall be unlawful to reposition the fifth-wheel connection device of a truck-tractor and semitrailer combination which is carrying cargo and on the state highway system, except for fifth-wheel repositioning done pursuant to Section 60-6,301 of the State Statutes.

Weight Tolerance: None. There is a 5% weight shift if overweight on only one axle, one tandem axle, or one group of axles when the distance between the first and last axle of such group of axles is 12’ or less.

Dummy Axles shall be disregarded in determining the legal weight of a vehicle or combination of vehicles if the dummy axle does not carry the lesser of 8,000 lbs or 8% of the gross weight of the vehicle, or vehicle combination including the load.

Idle Reduction Technology or APU: The maximum gross weight limit and the axle weight limit for any vehicle or combination of vehicles equipped with an APU may be increased by an amount necessary to cover the additional weight of the APU. The additional weight shall not exceed 400 lbs and shall not be in addition to the 5% shift tolerance.

–  –  –

Correct Method for Measuring Groups of Axles (Refer to bridge chart page 11) (Not all measurements shown on all combinations)

–  –  –

Width - Maximum Legal Width on All Highways - 8'6" Exceptions for width only: (exceptions do not apply to Interstate Highway System)

1. Farm equipment in temporary movement during daylight hours, or hours of darkness when the clearance light requirements are complied with in the normal course of farm operations.

2. Combines 18' or less in width, while in the normal course of farm operations and while being driven during daylight hours or during hours of darkness when the clearance light requirements are fully complied with.

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