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«J. Chem. Ecol., 1975, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 91-99 SEX PHEROMONE COMPONENTS OF THE OMNIVOROUS LEAFROLLER MOTH, Platynota stultana 1 A D A S, H I L L a n ...»

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Should synergism of the type described here for OLR, with compounds emitted at very low rates relative to the primary pheromone component, be a general phenomenon, it will add another factor to the task of defining these systems. Compounds found to be inactive or inhibitory for male attraction in the field at a level greater than 5 ~ could be disregarded as pheromone components, however they could well be an integral part of the pheromone system at a very low level. These subtle components could provide the fine tuning used in species recognition, similar to individual recognition reported for higher animals (Miiller-Schwarze et al., 1974; Thiessen et al., 1974).

Acknowledgments--We thank Dr. R. T. Card6 and T. Baker for most of the EAG determinations, Dr. R. T. Cardd for helpful advice, the Zoecon Corporation for supplying the original laboratory culture of this insect, and F. Wadhams for maintaining the culture.

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1974. Identification of a ventral scent marking pheromone in the male mongolian

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